Christians prefer Christmas feast over Easter

Christians prefer Christmas feast over Easter
For the Christian Church, Easter is the biggest feast because it marks the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is therefore the foundation of the Christian faith, that Jesus sacrificed Himself and died for the sins of humankind, but as He is the son of God, He resurrected.

However, there are many Christians who do not fully value the importance of Easter, and they even tend to place more importance and feel happier at Christmas time. This could be due to the various festivities related to this time of year, as well as the beginning of a new year a few days later. It could be mainly due to the fact that paganism takes over their moral principles and beliefs. It is however a pity that there are many who when asked which feast they prefer, they answer that for them Christmas is their choice as the biggest feast, rather than Easter. What do you think? If you are a Christian, what is your opinion in this regard?



True, but sad

That's kind of concerning, considering Easter is the celebration of his victory over death, while Christmas is celebration of his birth. For a Christian, both events would be important but I'd think the celebration of resurrection from the death would be more momentous. Millions of people are born every day, but how many can you say actually come back to life from death? One cannot control his own birth, that happens when it happens. But to be able to bring yourself back to life from death? That is truly an event worth celebrating. Another thing that would concern me about this situation, if Christians are truly valuing the Christmas feast over Easter feast is that Christmas is based on paganism and pagan tradition. So while it's said this is a celebration of his birth/life, that's not actually true. Many agree now that he wasn't even born then. Though for practical reasons, a day was picked that everyone could agree on, as no one really knows Jesus true birth date. I'm only taking this side of the argument as I believe many Christians are celebrating more at Christmas with the big turkey dinners and lavish family gatherings, more so than Easter dinners.
Posted by Beverly on 03-17-2017

Yes I think so too

I totally relate with the argument that you are making. Deep down Christians know that Easter is the most important feast, but despite this many still enjoy Christmas more, and keep it close to their heart. It could be due to the fact that New Year is so near, and it could also be due to the many decorations that fill up homes and shops and streets, making you get into the Christmas spirit more. However during Easter you only get to see some basic decorations and it is like this in every country as far as I know. I think that this is the main reason why most people prefer Christmas to Easter.
Posted by sspi on 03-17-2017

I agree with you

Yes, I am a christian and i understand the angle you are coming from. Most christians think christmas is just the most important among the two and that's why some even forget to participate in the preparations for Easter. Maybe the reason is that during the Easter preparations like the lenten period is not a happy moment as opposed to the christmas time when people celebrate many things, buy new clothes and go for different outings and so on. However, the two are very important but if there is a case to pick the most important, then , it would be Easter. How would it have looked or sounded that Jesus, after all the miracles, teachings and so on couldn't defeat death? After anyone can be born into this world but not no resurrects the way he did.
Posted by wiiky28 on 03-16-2017


Easter is not even a Christian celebration. It is a pagan celebration. Christians have, Last Supper Thursday, Crucifiction Friday, Good Saturday, Resurrection Sunday and Good Monday. As a Bible believing Christian, I treat the two equally. But when you say Easter, yes, I prefer Christmass anyday!!!!!!
Posted by Lethal63 on 05-04-2017



Easter is important

As far as I know Easter is the most important Christian holiday, even more, important than Chrismas. Easter is the day when men kind got "saved".
Here in Romania easter is hugely celebrated by the majority of the population, a lot of them actually feasting before Easter.

Posted by Cristian on 03-21-2017

I disagree

I believe they celebrate them both the same way, but the fact that Christmas coincide with end of the year holidays and feasts makes the Christmas celebration look profound. The easter is really important because it marks the completion of the work of Christ which is very very important.

To judge both it will be good to consider the perspective, because it help throw more light on the subject at hand. The two celebrations has similar acceptance.

Posted by Jeshurun on 03-16-2017


Yes i believe that Christians still prefer Christmas period than that of Easter. The reason why it is so is because the christmas feast has been made more popular worldwide as the greatest thing that ever happened to human kind when God sent his only begotten son to save the human race from the power of sin that leads to hell fire. Easter has not been made popular though it is even more important than christmas because some see the resurrection has not really something special than the birth of Christ, and Easter celebration is not well covered by the media like that of Christmas time.
Posted by babyright on 08-18-2017