Chrome will implement its own Add blocker

Chrome will implement its own Add blocker
Yesterday some rumors started flowing the Chrome will implement its own default add blocker in a future update. I personally don't understand this move. Sure there is a huge percentage of people that use ads blocker, I can understand why those people don't want to be influenced in any way by ads, they know what they want and they don't want some searches about certain products they made to follow them months in a row on every website they visit. Remarketing campaigns are messy and can be very annoying.

But Google owns Chrome and the main source of Google's profit comes from ADS! From advertisers spending their money on Adwords. Why would Google want to implement an Ad blocker on its own browser so that users won't be able to see their ads? Make no sense unless you want to control what is being blocked and what isn't. I believe Google is trying to push their party ads blockers extensions and plugin out of the business and I'm not sure it is capable of doing that.

What do you think? If Google does indeed implement a default ad blocker to Chrome, what is their end goal?


It would make no sense for Google to implement their own ad blocker. As you said they do rely on ads for things such as adwords which is how they make a profit, with them implementing their own ad blocker they will be hurting their own cause. If it is a case of they want to push out 3rd party apps then this would probably be a bad move on their part unless they wanted to lose any kind of money from making that decision. I am quite happy myself to use Ad Blocker, it works well enough for me and I can control what I can and can't see.
Posted by Shortie on 04-21-2017