Churches should pay taxes.

Churches should pay taxes.
Churches in countries such as The United States do not have to pay any taxes. Do churches deserve the tax break, because they are providing social services? Or not, because the tax break forces all taxpayers to pay religion, even if they are not religious? But what about churches abusing that privilege? What is your opinion on this?



I agree they should

In the history I thought it was ok for churches not to pay taxes. But now I think they should pay it or at least pay some percentage of it. I don't see why would they still be free of tax paying it just doesn't make any sense.
Posted by Anonymous on 06-13-2017

And so too all other religious places

Here in India with stricter measures it is not easy for cash transactions any more. Hitherto churches and other religious bodies enjoyed money and gold given to them with no record at all. Any huge withdrawals come to the notice of the government.

The only option now available is to pay by cheque and when that happens automatically these Bodies will be taxed.

Posted by iamawriter on 06-13-2017


Considering the fact that they are extremely present within a society, and especially the fact that they are extremely influential in the most varied ways (and history proves my point easily) it's clear that churches have to pay taxes.

Churches can't continue to benefit themselves from the advantages gained over time.

Posted by WildSpirit on 06-14-2017

I agree

I support this idea that churches should pay taxes, it should pay taxes at least like all non governmental organizations they get lots of money even if they make good use of it but still they need to pay taxes after all it would be considered as a good action to contribute in country development right?
Posted by Clara1993 on 07-04-2017

Separation of Church and State

When it comes to whether or not churches should pay taxes, many people immediately start the debate with "It will infringe on our religious freedoms!" However, in the churches I've been around, the churches are places of business. The church has employees. Yes, some donations go to charity, but most go to the upkeep of the church (almost like a paid membership to a country club goes towards being allowed to attend and the upkeep of the club).

If the church is being run like other businesses, why should it be exempt from taxes? Plus, people are abusing the rule. We've got people setting up "religious" places to avoid taxes. I think if churches or other religious buildings truly want to be exempt, they are going to have to be required to legally provide documentation about charitable donations and where any money earned goes.

Right now, churches are granted automatic exemption without having to file a tax return. At the very least, a tax return should be required and then if requirements are met, the exemption applied. But if the church is earning money and the "employees" are getting income, then it's only fair it be taxed.

Posted by megaanmaarie on 06-12-2017


Being an agnostic, I believe that science has now taken place and is being studied at schools and is being taught to the next generation. With people still being religious though science coming into society, plus church being separated from government, churches should pay taxes though not the full taxes which normal residents pay as it's not a legitimate workplace/job.
Posted by timstargraal on 06-13-2017

I totally agree

I totally agree like churches to pay taxes. I'm paying taxes, and if I don't pay, I get penalized and even worse. I love God and I believe in Him, but I have started to hate the church. I am sorry to say this but I don't feel welcome in a church anymore because I must pay everything, candle, baptize, a funeral etc. Do you know that here in our churches they ask us 200 dollars for a funeral but they give us a receipt for 100 dollars, so the rest of 100 dollars go as a bribe to a priest, and at a funeral, we must pay the people who sing in the same way without a receipt. So if the churches want to stay for free in my country and not pay taxes they should not take money for baptizing, funeral, wedding, etc.
Posted by wallet on 07-25-2017

That's for sure.

If the church struggled to establish itself for society as an institution, why does it not pay taxes like any other type of institution?

For me, that's a very simple question, after all... The church is a business that unfortunately uses religion to shield itself from paying taxes.

Posted by wiseagent on 09-12-2017


Back then it was probably more plausible to allow churches to go tax free because churches were used to serve the public like feeding and housing the homeless but nowadays churches are more like clubs for the members they recruit and therefore they have become less of a charity and more like a country club. Not only that but a lot of them have started turning into real businesses and are selling their own books and music, and all of these profits are just going to the leaders. I'm not saying all churches are scammers but a lot of them certainly don't make it difficult to seem like one.
Posted by Wubwub on 09-28-2017

I agree

I am not a not a believer but I feel like they should oay tax because it is unfair to the other people who don
Posted by allyn2017 on 11-13-2018



I don't think so

I'm not even Christian and I don't think religious institutes should pay taxes. Mostly because of the fact that they are non-profit organizations that are there to help the community. Having to pay taxes when they aren't running a genuine business isn't right. Like would you tax Jesus for teaching in your vicinity? Didn't think so.
Posted by AlexHarris on 06-13-2017

I disagree

The church is being run by priests who rely on donations. They didn't actually earned those donations but were freely given by parishioners. And these donations are being used to renovate the church or do things to improve the church and its operation. They also have to pay some helpers who clean and maintain the church. What if the donations could hardly run the operating expenses of the church?
Posted by Anonymous on 06-13-2017

I am not agree for church tax

Hello Have a wonderful day.

Churches has been built in this world for religious purpose. I think it will be bad if you try to get tax from churches. The religious places should be free from every cost. They are serving for society every time. So they will be tax free.

Thanks Centurion

Posted by centurion on 06-13-2017
I agree. That's a valid point and that is why Churches shouldn't pay taxes.

Collections due to the practice of your religion s

One of our rights is the freedom to practice our religion. That is why the government does not tax the church or other forms of religion if they collect donations in relation to a person's faith.

What people don't understand though is that the churches are not 100% tax exempt. The government actually charges the church and other religions with regards to their collections from other activities. For instance, if a church opens up a canteen at the corner, the government would charge the revenue of the canteen. If a certain religion purchases land and leases it out to another corporation, the lease collections will be subject to tax.

You might be thinking that the church can get away with collecting money without being taxed. That's just simply a very wrong notion.

Posted by limberg on 07-27-2017

Good Question! But no.

Churches aren't built for the purpose of profit, and whatever they have in their pockets are donations from people. Whatever that is considered as a donation shouldn't be taxed. If a church was a business then yes, definitely.
Posted by missionreport on 06-14-2017


Why should churches be taxed, after all they are worship places where people go to find peace and god. Churches do not run any business to make profit, instead they help people to connect with god, So it is not right to taxes the Churches.
Posted by wikifarmer on 06-14-2017
Jonathan Solomon

I personally don't think so

I don't think a church should pay taxes. Especially smaller churches that are struggling just to keep the lights on. If any, more money from the taxes we pay should go to the church.

But to tax, the church just really doesn't seem right. Even in today's struggling economy.

Posted by Jonathan Solomon on 06-13-2017

I have to disagree

The government already has their hands in our our food, beverages and diapers. I believe if someone wants to give from their heart for a cause, why should the government get a piece of that money? When has the government done a better job at investing our money than we can?
Posted by JeffHart on 06-12-2017


Since many churches fill the role of a NGO they should get the tax break of a NGO. Communities need help and sometimes the church is the only place that people can go.
Posted by mattmattics on 06-13-2017

I disagree.

Generally, I'd have to disagree. Churches are meant to be religious institutions and as long as they operate like one I don't see a reason for them to pay taxes. The vast majority of churches are kept open thanks to the donations of the community and other contributors, people who want to keep a sacred place open within their community. If these buildings can remain open thanks to the kindness of others alone, then I don't think that money should be taxed.

However, if a church begins to operate more along the lines of a business, that is another question entirely.

Posted by Denis_P on 06-17-2017

I disagree with churches paying taxes

Churches should not have to pay taxes. A lot of churches struggle to keep their doors open. There are many that go to church and do not donate because they cannot afford to. Churches having to pay taxes may limit their ability to grow and maintain the building they are using.
Posted by Jimmy38 on 06-12-2017

They're just as much non-profits too

There are plenty of churches that actually provide legitimate social services, such as free meal days. Even if I don't personally participate in any of the services a church provides (either worship, or utilizing those services) I do feel that many of them do have a place in the larger community on a secular level.

For arguments regarding "a lot of authorities simply profit off donations" this really isn't a matter of churches specifically abusing power so much as non-profits as a whole abusing power, which while concerning in general, is not the focus of this debate.

Also, considering separation of church and state, at least where I live (the US)... I imagine that there'd be a massive political mess in multiple regards if this was even attempted.

Posted by Linen on 06-15-2017

It Shouldn't be for Religious Institutions

Nope, Churches or temples or Gurudwara's ( Sikh Temple) or any other religious institution shouldn't pay any tax as they are for social service and don't charge people to visit there and also they are dependent on donations and charities. Also most of the Religious Institutions in Indian run Charitable Hospitals and Even schools which took very nominal or even no fees from students.
Posted by HARPREETSINGH on 06-14-2017

i totally disagree

You say the church should pay tax? this is a matter i need some space to laugh over. The church is a non profit organization, that get his well being from stipend contributed by it church members. The members are working in their various place of work, their place of work pay tax from the money the church member earn from their place of working.

So asking the church to pay tax is like collecting double tax from the citizens.

What will the Government say to those that do not attend church?

Posted by Goshen26 on 08-16-2017

No to taxes

No taxes for the churches, churches collect a lot of revenue from the communities and they should not pay back the taxes to the government. But, they should give back to the same community that they get the offerings from. New age churches have made churches to look like a business for the rich and forgetting that they should be giving back to their communities and missionaries in spreading the gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ.
Posted by williamk on 09-13-2017


Churches should not have to pay taxes. The government needs to stay out of church business, they have a say in everything else in our lives. The money that churches have come from the members of the church. Donations should not have to be taxed.
Posted by BigDreamer on 06-12-2017
There is an ongoing debate here about taxing churches but it is mainly political because our president is of a different religion and he seems to be averse with the Catholic church which is the most dominant religion in our country. If ever the church would be taxed I guess there will be a problem with the government’s leadership because it is already a long time tradition that is not good to break.
Posted by Corzhens on 11-08-2018
I am not sure about this. Some churches are greedy. I think if a church can afford to they should make a donation to the government. I realize they have their own charitable programs but this is just one of the things that they should be willing to do.
Posted by kgord on 06-12-2017
As far as the church is concerned, if the law requires “rendering unto Caesar” you won't get any argument. The taxes will be paid. However, bear in mind that “churches” are not THE ONLY organizations that don't pay taxes because of their benevolence and charitable works. While the church may not complain about paying taxes, the organizations that are NOT churches but that also have that tax exemption might raise a BIG STINK if the laws are changed.

Or were you just planning to rewrite the laws just to EXCLUDE the church?

Because uuuhhh … Mosque and State is cool! Right? Synagogue and State is cool! Non-profits and State is cool! Hindu or Buddhist Temples and State is cool! The Church of Satan and … Oh no! Wait! The Church of Satan is a church. Oh well! They will have to pay taxes. But all of those others tax-exempt organizations that are NOT churches? It's OK for them to be tax-exempt. Right? No objections to them being tax-exempt. Right?
Posted by cmoneyspinner on 06-12-2017
Churches are of course providing social services, however, there is a wide gap between the spending on social services and donation received. In many Church authorities are living a life in luxury from the money received from the believers. Therefore, I believe Churches should pay taxes. Church do not represent God,Church just interprets God and we don't have to fear Church.
Posted by vinaya on 06-12-2017
Churches as in genuine ones shouldn't pay taxes, however as the OP has used the US as an example one should know that not all churches in the US are exactly religious. I volunteered at a place that was affiliated with a church and they got out of paying taxes because of it, but they were not a church, but it was a spiritual retreat that the pastor ran. Having seen it first hand, I can see that this gets exploited, therefore, those registered as a church but that doesn't hold services should pay taxes IMHO.
Posted by Alexa on 06-12-2017
This is a very complicated issue, since most churches live on donations and even help people in need. However, in some places there is a mafia behind this tax exemption and in this way, many churches are born simply because of the financial motive. My opinion is that churches in general should not pay taxes, but there should be government oversight.
Posted by Anonymous on 06-12-2017
I'm too torn to vote, to be honest. I have seen churches that devote so much time, effort and funds to helping the community. These churches are much too busy doing good works to involve themselves in politics or government. These churches not only should NOT pay taxes but should also be eligible for funding since they operate in an apolitical way. At the same time I have seen churches where they collect millions from the congregation yet barely do anything to help others and ignore requests for help even from their own members. At the same time you see the church leadership posting photos on social media of trips to theme parks and going on cruises and the like. Those are also the churches that preach politics from the pulpit and direct members how they should vote. Those churches should pay taxes and not be eligible for funding.
Posted by TheDiscerningGranny on 06-12-2017
I actually think that churches should pay taxes since they are receiving a ton of money from their followers every week. Most of the times people take the role of the priest or speaker of churches just to gain a few changes into their pockets, so it would be safe and reassuring to make sure that they are using the money to support their country. Churches paying taxes also provides evidence to the people that it is a positive kind of church and actually cares for the people/country.
Posted by AWPEK on 06-12-2017
When I learned that religious organizations are exempted from taxes, I was wondering what's behind that privilege. We can say that "all" of us have a religion so it is only fair if all religion should pay taxes because it is the taxes that make the country alive. From what I know, a religious organization needs at least 200 bona fide members to be legally considered as a religion which can be exempted from paying taxes. So if one liked to be tax exempt then all you need to do is gather 2,000 people who are willing to go with your gimmick (of not paying taxes).
Posted by Corzhens on 06-13-2017
In the past, the Church was very wealthy and had many donations made from people who wanted to secure a good place in the afterlife. Nowadays though, the Church is poor. It still relies on donations from patrons who no longer give monies to secure a place in heaven. Churches give a service to the community and they don't get help or any Government funding. Yet, they still have to pay bills and wages. I don't think it is fair in this day and age for Churches to pay taxes.
Posted by JMS on 06-13-2017
Churches should be paid from taxes by the government according to the number of members they have, possibly smaller churches might receive more money per member. Church members should not be taxed for being members of a certain church nor should they pay compulsory fees to churches because it would mean they are taxed for their confession or faith. If these conditions are met, I don't see a reason why should churches be free of other taxes.
Posted by Mole on 06-13-2017
My personal view is that people regardless of what they are should pay taxes. Unless they are broke, it's not good idea to avoid taxes. Because that is how our government works. And we develop into beautiful cities and states only with that. I think it takes time but many religious places get lot of donation. They need to use it for something better. This may not apply to all but it should be considered this way.
Posted by overcast on 06-13-2017
The intentions behind actions are far weightier than the action. If the intention is not to spite the church I think Churches should pay taxes.I used to think it shouldn't be, but a close look at scriptures will reveal that even Jesus in company of some of his disciples was not allowed into a city because they hadn't paid taxes.Peter was the saviour of the day acting on the command of the master.He went fishing to get money to pay before they were allowed in.Churches should pay taxes. The only condition of exemption could be ensuring that all members pay their taxes individually and then the church shouldn't again to avoid some kind of double entry.
Posted by Xperienced on 07-07-2017
Yes I totally agree that churches and religion establishments should be paying taxes. Reason be that they are making huge money in the name of tithe. Collecting 10% tithe from the masses without contributing back to the society is an economy fraud. And many of the private jet owners in the world are religious leaders. Heads of all these religion institutions are filthy rich and they are not doing any job a part from being a priest. So yes they deserve to be taxed just like every other money making venture. More so all these religions establishments have some commercial ventures and all these ventures are equally under charity.
Posted by Laiportal on 07-13-2017
I believe that churches should not pay taxes, because they only receive what people give them, but if there is a legal problem they will not have another option but to pay the taxes because it is a good choice in order to show the world that they want to fulfill the world law and honor the one in authority, showing the longing of peace that church wants .
Posted by Rebelssis on 08-19-2017
Religions, like most things, nowadays have become a business. Although, to be honest, I'm not completely sure they were ever anything other than being a business, so yes, I do believe they should be taxed. I do recognize that this issue is very complex and probably almost impossible to untangle, though, so I understand why the system has remained unchanged until now. Additionally, I would also say that some churches are way less capitalistic and should be exempt, and despite my lack of belief in religion I can recognize that, but it would be impossible to tell which ones are which. In my opinion, there should just be an earning cap on all of them to remain tax free.
Posted by Wubwub on 08-22-2017
I totally disagree with churches paying tax .I think churches have their social responsibility to carried out.They should be more into caring for the needy in the society and under-privileged.moreover,I think taxes should be paid by business ventures and a church is not one.
Posted by lovely on 09-03-2017
Churches who rely on donations to continue operating should not be taxed. Church members pay tithes or offerings to churches to enable the church to perform their mission and spread God's word. With the amount that people are giving nowadays, I don't think that they're enough to support substantial charity work. Mega churches with strong tithing drives are expected to do more charitable work as they have the funding to do it. It's wrong to assume, though, that churches don't pay taxes on everything. If they operate a business like a bookstore, school, canteen, or building rental, they are taxed like other businesses.
Posted by chatbox on 09-12-2017
Churches are not supposed to pay taxes to the government because they are not running commercial enterprises. In the church, we learn the deep things of God and are expected to apply those things we are taught. In the tax laws, there shouldn't be room for church taxes because there are no buying and selling activities. The only way churches make money is through offerings and free-will giving. So, it isn't normal for churches to be taxed.
Posted by potentialwriter on 10-09-2017
A church should not pay taxes because they are existing due to people who is giving to the Lord. Not all people have a generous heart and they only go to church and use everything for free while some people consider giving to God so that a church will continue to be operational. If these the tithes and offerings of the church will be taxable, the church will no longer exist but it will be like a home-based church only which will be limited to people who wants to worship God.
Posted by Scarlet on 01-14-2018
Since the church itself is a charitable organization and they also aim to see how their members can be able to make heaven on the last day, they also rely mostly on the donations given to them by the members. Then i think the best way the government can support the church to continue to help the less privileged among their members is to prevent them from paying taxes, and it will go a long way to help the church to have more funds to help the needy and to have more funds to win more souls for Christ.
Posted by babyright on 04-12-2018
Churches are non-profit. Also, the money that is given has already been taxed (i.e. income tax). So I'm not quite sure why you would want it taxed. Furthermore, if we would tax churches they would just dissolve there legal name and meet together and pool their money to avoid tax. The government shouldn't be able to tax a group of people who make no profit and use their money for humanitarian efforts. The pastors and staff pay income tax, isn't that enough?
Posted by Caguioa747 on 12-16-2018
I do agree that religious organizations should pay taxes because a lot of so called religions and churches are amassing a lot of wealth without sharing it with the government, and to me that is unfair.
Posted by Kakashi2020 on 12-18-2018