Civilization series

Civilization series
Sid Meier is one of the biggest names in videogame history: autor of many innovative pieces of art, he created many incredible games that are still played today. The most popular one is probably Civilization, a turn based strategy game that basically created the whole concept of 4X. This is a term used by gamers to indicate the four major aspect of those kind of games: eXplore, since it's the first thing you are gonna to; eXpand, since in those games you want to have a pretty big empire; eXploit, since the world give you some resources, but it's up to you to use them properly; and eXterminate, since there will be enemies, there will be wars and there will be only one standing.

A normal game of Civilization is set on a randomly generated map - the player can choose a different type of map, from islands to a continent, very customizable. With him, there will be other civilization, all neautral at the beginning, usually, but soon becoming enemies and (temporary?) allies. Everything is turn based, with a lot of stuff to do in each turn: move every unit on map (explorers, warriors, etc...) and build stuff on cities, as recruiting new troops or creating buildings. There is a lot of strategy involving, and without some good planning your Civilization isn't going anywhere, expecially at the highest difficulties. This is the base concept on each game, with different win conditions avalaible such as building a wonderful building, destroying everyone, etc... And it's just the first. After the first Civilization came out in 1991, it immediately gained a lot of success. After a few years, in 1996 Civilization II came out. But it's in 2001 that the series become very famous, with one of the most beloved chapter, Civilization III. After that, 2005 was the year of Civ IV, 2010 of Civ V and finally 2016 was the earth for the sixth and (for now) last chapter. There is also a spinoff, Beyond Earth, but it wasn't really appreciated.

Civilization is a series with a great depth, that require effort to play. But after starting it, you will say to yourself "Just one more turn" to realize you were up all night playing it.

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  • One of the most popular series ever
  • Very deep in its gameplay
  • Dozens of civilizations avalabile, with different leaders to choose from
  • A unique sense of humour
  • It's impossible to stop playing!

  • Again, it's impossible to stop playing - seriously!
  • Some of the recent chapters removed some features beloved by fans
  • The battles are not spectacular
  • Lack of logic in some of its aspects



The best

I love both of these games and they are indeed highly addictive but thw best strategic game has to be the Civilization series!

I have been playing them for years and they are absolutely genius. I often find myself just forgetting about the time and getting completely immersed into the gameplay. A great game.

Posted by Mehano on 01-12-2018

Good Game

You can see that civilization is very interesting game. It's just like rise of nation. Though it has some of the good improvement. And it seems like a good progress that such games have good plot. And lot of interesting twists and turns. And on that note I'd say that it can be a good series on that.
Posted by overcast on 01-13-2018

Civilization For Me

I've only played Total War once or twice, and it was ok, but I totally prefer the Civilization series and have been playing it for decades. I remember the first time that I really got hooked on this game! I indulged in hour after hour of gameplay there, and it was always satisfying and fun. It gets a little rough after a nuclear holocaust, however, but I really enjoy building the early civilizations at the beginning of the course and building things like the Seven Wonders of the World, etc.
Posted by JoeMilford on 01-17-2018


Total War series

Total War series
If you like turn based strategy games, there are a lot of options avalaible for you. If you don't like them, there are some options as well. However, if you like them but you find that a whole match just revolved arund turns without any action at all, you might like the Total War series. The series started in 2000 with Shogun: Total War, set in feudal Japan. While the graphic was ancient and on a technical level the game might have aged badly, the entire premise of it was the same as today. A map of the world where the player build his cities, move his armies and make a lot of planning, all turn based, and battles, very huge battles, in real time. Chapter after chapter, the battles of Total War became big, immense, and were even used in some TV documentaries for how accurate and cool they were. Every troop have its own animation, and it's different from each other.

Unlike Civilization, however, the player doesn't experience the whole history of the world up to the future, but just a single age be it Ancient Rome, Medieval Ages or the time of Napoleonic Wars. They also made a game for those who doesn't like history, based around the Warhammer universe, with orcs and mech and all that typical stuff of the franchise.

Total War is immediate to play, and easy to learn, but like Civilization is hard to master and it might take a while to actually win a match against your AI controlled enemies. Or real player, of course, but the online scenario is full of experts! Total War series totally lives up to his title: it's about war, and it's total! In any other game you won't find armies as detailed, as spectacular as cool as those! The music that accompanies the battles, the speech of the generals before them, everything will make you feel like you are in a war movie. Amazing.

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  • Both in real time and turn based
  • The battles are amazing!
  • Multiple spinoffs avalaible, with different game genres and kinds
  • If you don't like history, there is even a Warhammer Total War

  • Every chapter is set just around a single time period
  • If you prefer just the turn based system or the real one, you won't like the other one
  • The older games aged a bit badly
  • Some of the recent ones had some major bugs at their release



Total War

Total War sounds ike a great series, and is something that I might want to work on. This is something that I am looking forward to. It is one of the options that I need.
Posted by kgord on 01-12-2018

Total War

While both games are good on the strategic map, with Civilization series having a slight edge, Total War battles are so much better. In the end it's simply a better balanced game, with a decent empire building/managing system and a very good battle system.
Posted by alexd on 01-12-2018


I think the civilization series game is much better because you have a lot of different civilization series to choose and play and it becomes more exciting when you continue playing for long.
Posted by babyright on 01-11-2018
There are also a lot of different empires and time periods in Total War. If anything, Civilization gets more tedious as the game progresses.
Posted by alexd on 01-13-2018
I think total war series is good. And it has some really good options and the weapons. But the civilization is a good game. I have found out that both the games are good. But some of the time you have to just pick one. And for me I think civilization is a good game. And I'd push for that game. And my vote goes for that game.
Posted by overcast on 01-13-2018
Yea, civilization game is very popular and addictive too, my brother almost burnt down his house while playing this game,He totally forgot he left a little pot of stew on fire and by the time he realizes what was happening the whole kitchen had been engulfed with smoke,it wasn't funny for him.One would be so interested in this game that one wants to get to the end before standing, up it an interesting game with great humor.
Posted by lovely on 01-13-2018
I have never played strategy games and I also do not know much about Civilization series and Total War series. In this discussion, bit of these games has two supporters. based on the votes, I think bioth of these games are good, however, I do not have any first hand experience. Do they have a trial version. I want to try my hands.
Posted by vinaya on 01-15-2018