Clickteam Fusion 2.5

Clickteam Fusion 2.5
Who doesn't love to play videogames? There are so many different kind of games out there! Some great, funny and good, other bad and ugly, but even if we play the worse game ever our love for videogames never cease to be a part of us. However, sometime there are people that wish they could do something more than just playing a videogame: people that maybe are creative, that have a incredibly amazing idea, but have no programming skill at all. People who would like to create a game, to make their dreams come true. Luckily for them, there are a lot of softwares avalaible to do that and one of the most popular ever is Clickteam Fusion 2.5.

Like the name itself suggest, it's a software developed by Clickteam, a natural evolution of very old gaming creation software (probably the first ones) pretty popular in the 90s, like the original Klik & Play and the very popular at the time The Games Factory. With time, the program changed name and became slightly more advanced, but without losing his simplicity and user friendly interface. There is a storyboard editor, where the player can see at all the different levels of his game, the level editor, where with a simple drag and drop system the player can build any level he can think of, from simple one with just the title of the game to elaborated huge places for the player to explore. And of course there is the main heart of the program, the event editor, the place where anyone can forget about any programming skill and just tell the program what to do: it's a table where the creator of the game can select various stuff that happen. For example, if object A touches object B, then the creator can decide what happen: anything! Maybe a sound effect play, one of the objects get destroyed... There are limitless possibilities.

Clickteam Fusion, on its base version, allows you to create Windows game but there are multiple export modules avalaible for purchase (sadly with pretty high prices): with those you could create even game for Android or iOS systems, or games to be played on browser in Flahs or HTML5.

If you still think this is just a kid program that can be used only to make some lame Pong clones, think again: many professional developers used this to create their game, and there are some very popular games avalaible for purchase that were created with Clickteam Fusion. For example, The Escapists, a very popular indie game about prison escapes, or the extremely famous Five Nights at Freddy's. So, if you look at those game you can have a idea of the results you could achieve with a software of this kind! Just get your best ideas, and start creating!

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  • Easy to use
  • Very supportive community
  • Constant uptades
  • One of the first game making software (with a different name)
  • There is a free version (with some limits) avalaible

  • To export in other formats than Windows you need some expensive extensions
  • Some parts of the program are a bit outdated
  • The Event Editor is just focused on a single level/frame, you'll need to recreate or copypaste it in every other
  • Altough the free version exists, the limits in it are pretty heavy


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Game Maker Studio 2

Game Maker Studio 2
It was 1999, and a professor called Mark Overmars created a small little software called Game Maker. The name of it can easily make you guess what was the purpose of the program: creating indeed games. Since then, the program evolved and is now owned by YoYo Games. It's not called just Game Maker anymore, but after a few major changes it became known as Game Maker Studio - currently the only version of the program still supported and produced. On the surface, it might seems very similar to Clickteam Fusion, and while you might achieve similar results it's actually a pretty different program, still very simple to use. You have two choice about how to create a games: with icons, that with the typical drag and drop system of this softwares allow you to create your levels, and assign to each of them properties and behaviors. However, if you wish to do something more advanced and cool, included in Game Maker there is a programming language, called with the very appropriate name of Game Maker Language. It's something unique, that mix together different other languages like Java, Pascal, C++ and others.

The results you achieve with this program can be very advanced, whatever your level and skills are. Even a beginner can produce something good and cool with patience and effort, and if you know something about programming you could be a succesful amazing little game. This happened in the past, and there are some very, very popular games made with GameMaker studio! A example would be Spelunky, that extremely difficult platform roguelike set in caves and jungles. Maybe you haven't heard of it, but the other game made with GameMaker is probably the most popular indie game ever: Undertale. If you look at the success of Toby Fox's rpg, you can easily understand how good use you can make of a software like Game Maker Studio.

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  • Good for beginners and more advanced programmers
  • Powerful programming language
  • Can have very professional results
  • Easy to use

  • The level editor could be better
  • Some bugs still unsolved since years
  • Very expensive
  • The recent updates were just focused on the cosmetic interface rather than the software



This one

I think that it seems that it would appeal to a variety of users. It would be good for those who are beginners and also those who have more experience.
Posted by kgord on 01-07-2018

Game Maker Studio

I have found that new game maker studio is lot better. And the features are interesting. So in that context I'd surely choose the game maker studio. There are some of the games made through it are really good. I'd say that app such as this is very much needed.
Posted by overcast on 01-08-2018


Lot of game development tools are out there. And we have to be understanding of the part where we can choose the game making options. I meant to say some options such as the android and the PC export are different in that case. And you can make use of those options for game maker studio. There is also Unity game development studio. So that's another point worth thinking about there as well.
Posted by overcast on 01-08-2018
I have never used any of this but from the description, in this debate, I think Game studio maker2 would be a better gaming software since it easier to use, which means it would be hassle free even for a novice.The needed professional result would be achieved and the programming language will be great.
Posted by lovely on 01-08-2018
I am not into playing games, however, I take interest in creating games. My interest os not about creating my own game but learning what it takes to create an interesting game. I don't know anything about Clickteam Fusion or Game Maker Studio because I have never used these programs. However, I am interested in learning Game Maker Studio. I might someday make a game.
Posted by vinaya on 01-10-2018
YoYogames Game Maker and the Unity is one of the popular. The reason being top games out there are made from those platform. It seems like a good framework and also the game development seems to be easy there. So hopefully that could be a reason many people use it. I have tried some of them while working online for some forums.
Posted by overcast on 05-01-2018
You are right with the question who doesn’t love to play video games. And that’s what I see among the young adults and children of today that they are so fond of playing video games to ignore their companions. Isn’t it nice to see people talking in the restaurant while waiting for their order? But as I had witnessed, young adults were busy with their phones of tablets in playing video games in public places. It seems like they are addicted to it. I admit that I also play video games but it should be in the proper time and place.
Posted by Corzhens on 04-01-2018