Co-Ed Education

Co-Ed Education
Some countries favor co-education whereas others prefer single sex education. Needless to say both have their pros and cons. It is difficult to decide whether co-ed education is better than single sex education or if the later scores over former. But there are advantages as well as disadvantages in respect of both these education formats. Even these advantages and disadvantages differ according to many factors such as the socio economic environment of the child, and parental attention towards the child’s education.

People think that the presence of students from opposite sexes in the same classroom can be a distraction from studies. There could be disturbing behavioral patterns such as ogling, or trying to talk to the person, which, even though are normal behavioral patterns for a teenager, are unwelcome in an educational institution. Obviously, both genders are expected to be disturbed with such behavior. It is even suggested that there would be a feeling of “intimidation”, which could prevent the student from participating in activities and avoiding discussions even on subject matter.

There were various studies conducted on whether co-ed is better or not. However results cannot be said to favor neither one nor the other. The only observations applicable to co-educational environment would be that girls dress up well, and boys tend to go overboard with their “macho” behavior. It is argued that these behavioral differences are not likely to have any effect on their academic performance. The same students from co-education institutions would have scored similar marks even if they were in single sex education institution, and vice versa, if a timid person was in a single sex education institution, his or her inability to participate in activities would remain the same.

Students would be more aware of the other gender’s academic way of “thinking” and feeling. This leads to dynamic approach to the subject. Students develop the ability to communicate well with students from the opposite gender and this improves their interpersonal interactions in all walks of life later on as well, especially if they have less contacts with members of the opposite sex in their social environment; Isolation can lead to shock later on about the opposite gender’s humor and likely behavior.

Girls seem to focus more on how they dress rather than studies; Students may feel “intimidated” by the members of opposite sex and therefore their participation in activities and discussions may decrease; Presence of students from the opposite sex can be a distraction from studies, and lead to ogling and other types of behavior, all of which distracts students from both genders. It can, however, be argued that there can there can be distraction even in the case of same gender.


Jonathan Solomon


Well, when it comes to choice, I don't mind either way. Personally, I grew up homeschooled, but if I had to choose between Co-Ed or Single Sex, I'd go with Co-Ed. Students, in my opinion, are learning key socializing and interacting skills between one another while in school. I feel it's also import for students to get used to dialoguing with the opposite genders. So they're reasons I choose Co-Ed. Overall, I just feel it produces a healthier, well-rounded school environment.
Posted by Jonathan Solomon on 08-15-2017

Co Ed Is the way to go

Some may say that you have less problems when you offer a single sex education, but I think its important to teach our children how to behave in as many varying types of situations as possible. Specifically when it comes to the opposite sex. In addition, when you deprive people of something they are much more likely to go overboard when it is around.
Posted by Anonymous on 08-15-2017

I can never be in support of single sex

The problem of sodomy act that the world is facing today came from single sex. We human usually get affinity to what we see all the time. Seeing same sex all the time brings about sexual arousal when the opposite sex is not available. To me, single sex education should be abolished
Posted by Anonymous on 08-16-2017


I think that co-ed is better. Students need to understand that they live in a society wher ethey are going to meet both males and females. So what use is it to restrict them to a school where there is just their gender? I used to go to a single sex school between the ages of 11 and 15. When I went to college I had quite a shock to mingle with students of the other sex as it was so strange to me. I must say that it thus affected me negatively.
Posted by sspi on 09-26-2017

I love co education

Hello Have a wonderful day.

From the school starting day to final day of the university I had been with co education. I think co education is mostly necessary for every people. Co education give some great sense on every people about to honor female, about their facility in this world and about their personality also in this world.

Thanks Centurion

Posted by centurion on 08-16-2017

The better option

I think that both can be good forms of education but just based on the fact that I've been the part of the co-ed education, I have to vote for it.

In my country, we really don't even have any single sex education schools. Literally zero. We have always been in favor of educating girls and boys together and there haven't been any issues due to it.

I really enjoyed my school years and I'm glad that I had boys in my class. I always preferred hanging out with them over the girls because I just wasn't so interested in the whole ''makeup talk''.

Posted by Mehano on 08-17-2017


Single sex almost anything makes you socially awkward when you go out to work in a mostly co-ed world. Now if the only justification for having single sex classrooms is that it causes a distraction, there is a 0% chance that the kids will not run into the opposite sex outside of class so there is just as much room for distraction elsewhere. I've been in both co-ed and single sex schools and after I left the single sex school I found myself rather awkward when dealing with the opposite sex in general since I was in a Muslim country at the time and opposite genders do not often interact with each other.
Posted by AlexHarris on 08-16-2017

I prefer co-ed

I grew up in a co-ed environment and don't see the big deal. I mean, the only guys and gals who starting at each other have problems anyhow. But it's nothing which should force the whole school to segregate on the basis of gender.

Anyway, as we see in prisons, same-gender environments are often a lot worse.

Posted by jyy on 11-12-2017

Co Ed

I don't think there is any reason why people of the opposite sex can't learn in the same classroom. Out in the workforce you will be working with members of the opposite sex, you might as well get used to it.
Posted by BigDreamer on 08-16-2017


The real world is co-ed so I think it's best to let kids interact with people of the opposite gender while they are still in school. I have known some people who were quite awkward with people from the opposite gender because they went to a single gender school and this created problems in their dating life later on. I don't think that going to a co-ed school created any sort of distraction for me. Instead, I'm very glad I went to one because I realized it's hard to make friends of the opposite gender when you're older. Everyone seems to only be interested in finding a partner and not becoming friends, so both my female and male friends from school are still very important to me.
Posted by lilac123 on 08-17-2017

I prefer Co-Ed

I think it's good for kids to grow up in an environment where there are boys and girls around. They will learn how to interact with peers in both genders and learn from each other too. Moreover, I think school should be a place for kids to learn how to prepare for future, but not only to study the academic subjects.
Posted by kaka135 on 08-15-2017

Mixture is the best

Although my school was a single sex girls school, ( it was a Convent school, ran by the nuns ), I would still vote for co-ed education because it is best to mix males and females students from age 7.

This way, students are able to adapt to different environment, different sex dos and donts. Although teachers and headmasters may face difficulties with the mischievous boys always disturbing the girls, you don't have to worry much because the girls are way much stronger and fiercer than the boys. They know how to defend themselves since young with the teachers guidance and same sex girls classmates.

Getting involve with relationship does not happen in primary school as the teachers are very strict but it is hard to control feelings when puberty reaches at age 12 years old.

Posted by peachpurple on 08-16-2017

I attended Co-Ed Education

I do not think it is normal to force a child to attend a school of the same gender.

So they go to school with the same gender and, in reality out in public they will come across other genders (opposite sex) will they know how to react?

It is like trapping them in the same gender atmosphere for how long. Quite frankly, I like to have a balance of male/female friends or else drama can occur as well.

It is not really practical for a single gender school.

Posted by simplym on 08-16-2017
Not to mention, some would feel rebelling if they were in a single sex school.

I think by segregating genders is just a money tactic.

It's the best

I am in favor of co-Ed Education. This will enable both genders to learn more about each other. There have been cases where children who actually went to single sex schools find it difficult to interact with those from the other gender. Normally you will have to work with those from the opposite gender at the workplace and we can say that co-Ed Education are preparing the children to succeed in the future.
Posted by Pixie on 08-16-2017

The Co ed code works

I believe that co ed education is the right formula. Some specialists argue that school is preparation for adult life. In our adult life our ability to interact and work with each other be it the opposite sex or otherwise is often a very important factor in our professional and personal life. Although in some unique areas single sex admission does prove to have some advantages, as a whole success and social maturity is primarily achieved by our diverse ability to coexist with everyone no matter race gender or otherwise. I suppose in some respect this is one of those grey areas that we have to continually research and provide updated results with regard to change cultural outlook, social norms and even the economy as time goes by.
Posted by Joteque on 08-16-2017

Interpersonal skills are not optional

There's just no getting around the link between being properly socialized and how you function in society. I am generally opposed to any form of social segregation taken to an extreme and I do think separating the sexes this way is absolutely extreme. They need to know how to deal with each other. You cannot be learning this on the job after school. Your boss is not your baby sitter and if you can't handle intersex communications you will be fired.
Posted by JaiGuru on 08-16-2017

Co-Ed For Me

I think that co-education is a must because our children need to grow up socializing with one another and learning about gender together in a unified culture. Also, I can't imagine my development and education without my female counterparts in the classroom over the years--I learned so much from interacting with them and from their perspectives which were so much different than mine.
Posted by JoeMilford on 08-15-2017


I believe co-ed education is important. It actually prepares students to mingle and cooperate. Socialization is important with regards to education. In reality, we would need to work with everyone when we finish education so this will help students to get along with others and learn proper communication skills and respect other people.
Posted by fishmonk on 08-15-2017

Is the best

Actually, this is the type of school system I went to and I can say it's better.Going to Co-Ed education will ultimately make you have a better understanding of your opposite sex, learn from each other, think outside the box, etc. But if a child is brought up in a single-sex school, it will affect their psychological state as they will be found only with themselves and find it difficult to socialize, adapt and understand their opposite sex later in life because they will have the perception that the world only revolves around the character their mate's exhibit. It normally affects marriages.I believe we are created for each other, to learn and do things together but not to be far away from one another.The primary reason people want their children to go to single-sex school is that of "concentration". But excelling and achieving success in academics depends on your passion for that subject or course.
Posted by Gettingmile on 08-21-2017

Never will i support single sex education

Co-sex education has many advantages over single sex. Talking from character perspective, when you see opposite sex around you will comport yourself. This usually helps the teacher teaching the pupils, unlike in the single where you do not care who is looking at you.

Another advantage co-sex education has over single sex is that it disallow sodomy. seeing same sex as you all the time will one time give some the affinity toward the person, because of the unavailability of opposite gender.

Another advantage of co-sex over single-sex is ability to relate with the opposite sex in the society. Take it or leave it, seeing same sex as you all the time will make you feel that all sex behave the same.

My conclusion is this, single sex education should be discouraged.

Posted by Goshen26 on 08-16-2017

Definitely Co-ED

Co-ED seems like the most logical options. Kids are educated when they're in their growing stages of their lives and I feel like that's the time period where they should learn the differences between the sexes. Having both males and females to interact with would be a great decision for their development.
Posted by Fuzyon on 08-16-2017

Improve our social skills

When we go to school, high school or college we don't need to learn academic stuff only, we also need to learn how to coexist with other people and it's better if we spend time and share moments with the opposite gender because, on day, we're going to want to be married and we are going to live together with her/him.
Posted by cubo on 08-25-2017

I don't get single

I don't get the point of single sex education even though I'm sure there are advantages present in it that aren't in co-ed. I've had friends from single sex schools before and some didn't seem to mind while some wished they had been placed in co-ed schools so I can't really say which would be better in general but I myself just prefer co-ed as I don't see much benefit in the other option while being in co-ed probably will prepare me better for adult life since in modern times women and men are a lot more mixed in the work place and daily life in general.
Posted by Wubwub on 07-12-2018

Better Better Better

I think Co education is very much preferable to me and it's very more better for kids development in order not to encourage such children to be more comfortable with the same sex. This will enable the kids not to take to gay or lesibian lifestyle. But if it's single sex education, it really has a negative impact on kids lifestyle and behavior.
Posted by Heatman on 10-01-2017


This will help students to respect other genders. Also they will be taught on how to work well with other people and refrain from discriminating other gender. I prefer Co-Ed as this will develop students to respect other people.
Posted by ajahcuizon on 11-20-2018


I was in all girls school when I was in Elementary, and when i turned into a school student my parents enrolled me in co-ed school. It was really weird because I don't know how to socialize with boys and I am so awkward around them because I am not used to having boys around me.
Posted by nrnlss on 11-20-2018


Single Sex Education

Single Sex Education
In so far as single sex education is concerned, people think that there is likelihood of the students remaining within a confined outlook because they do not have the perspective of the other gender. Because they do not have access to the academic way of “thinking” and “feeling” of the other gender, they are also not likely to have their thinking abilities triggered. Another problem attributed to this type of education system is that those students, who do not socially interact with the opposite gender, may be in for problems with their social interaction later on. In contrast, the communication skills of a person from a co-education environment are expected to be better. Segregation is also expected to lead to shock relating to the opposite gender’s humor and behavior.

The American Psychological Association and some universities have conducted studies on this subject, and while in some studies, odds do seem to favor single sex education, the results have in general remained inconclusive. Arguments put forth are that students can also be attracted to, or fear people from their own sex. That obviously means that distraction does not necessarily come from co-education institutions. Likewise, students are socializing outside college with people from the opposite, then they would not have “hang ups” even if they are educated in any single sex educational institution.

Students tend to focus more on studies. Fewer problems relating to relationships and issues arising between teens.

Being confined with students of the same sex is not beneficial as one needs to learn how the other sex thinks, behaves etc. There might also be communication problems when interacting later on in life.



I support single sex

I think there are fewer distractions involved with single sex education that is why I support this method of teaching and education. It is a way to make sure that students learn what they need to know and are not daydreaming of the opposite sex in class.
Posted by kgord on 08-15-2017

Single Sex Education

After seeing what Gender studies and social science is adding into the education. I'd prefer kids to be changed to single sex education. I don;t mind with co ed. But the way things are going around with the liberals. It's better to have kids raised in single sex schools. That's something I'd bet for as well.
Posted by overcast on 08-16-2017
I agree with your first sentence. Gender studies are destroying our society. Still, I don't think switching to single sex education is the solution. It will add up to the paranoia and contribute even more to the so called "empowerment". Basically, we will give them what they want a homosexual society.
I think of it as a measure to keep the gender studies and the liberals education. In the name of so called atheism, they are teaching made up facts. And nothing about their education is real. Single sex education only proves to be discipline nothing more than that.

It's Just a Preference

I attended an all-girl school during my high school years. I liked it! No pressure to always look like a picture perfect model because boys were around. Because silly high school girls worry about stuff like that! (O.o) I could focus on my studies. Figured when I got to university I'd be more prepared and more mature to attend for co-ed classes. After all, at university, I was being prepared to face the work world where both men and women would all be in the same crab barrel clawing and fighting to get to the TOP!! :)
Posted by cmoneyspinner on 08-16-2017


I believe that co-education is better at University level because students are more mature and know the moral values of opposite sex. Letting kids mingle with each other at such a young age is generally dangerous. Dangerous in the sense that they not only exploit their boundaries because they can't control their feelings at that time. I think co-education at schools and colleges is the reason behind teen pregnancy. As far as the research is considered one can get much more confidence at the University level before going into the real world . So single sex education should be mandatory uptill high school or 12th grade.
Posted by muaaz.93 on 08-16-2017
Oh yeah! Teen pregnancy. I didn't think about it. That's something to consider as well.


I believe that co ed education would be the right way to go with children. When you keep them with the same sex they grow more and more curious about the other gender. Therefore in my opinion they will start sneaking out and doing things there not supposed to be doing just to see what that is like. When children grow into adults there are no same sex jobs every job is co ed as long as you can meet the requirements of the job. Interacting in a co ed school while you are younger will prepare you to deal with the opposite gender when your older and also while your still a child, When you go so a Same Sex school you are missing out on school dances, prom, and going to sports games after school. I was a cheerleader in school and im sure it was better when the guys had girls on the sidelines cheering for them or the girls even actually being able to be a cheerleader in the first place. Furthermore at a certain age kids become curious and they like to do kid dating and going to the movies or to the park with the other gender i think that is really important for learning about yourself .
Posted by Anonymous on 08-15-2017
That is the finding now based on studies that being co-education is good for the child because they learn to socialize with the opposite gender in the right way. We live in a society of mixed gender. Think of a student who grew up being with the same gender all his school life and suddenly he is let out in the society that is a mix of gender. It will be difficult to adjust to the environment.
Posted by Corzhens on 10-10-2018
Both have their good points but I really do believe that letting a child grow up in a what should be normal surrounding is appropriate. It is normal for people of their age to befriend people of opposite sexes and it is fine, since they will not only learn academically but also grow up socially. It is rather constricting on the children to be put on single sex schools as they will have the mindset of focusing only on studies and it can be really discouraging for their learning.
Posted by giovanniiiii on 08-15-2017
I think that co ed schools are better because they reflect the diversity of our society. They prepare students to succeed in post- secondary education and to eventually enter the workforce. students at independent co - educational schools feel comfortable about who they are and have a healthy and positive attitude and self-image. I think they can easily find groups they fit in with and not compete against one another on who has longer hair or plays basketball better than than other. The children are also exposed to both male and female role models in teachers and older students.
Posted by Ty412 on 08-16-2017
I went to an exclusive school for girls when I was in high school. It was good because we really have no distractions like the boys. Unlike today's generations, these co-ed schools produce the teen pregnancy. I can say this, because in our times during high school we didn't have the teen pregnancy. HOwever, when I went to college which is a CoEd one, I felt so shy when passing by a group of boys. I had a hard time adjusting to having boys but eventually, I gained a lot of male boys. So far, that's the only disadvantage of formerly being in a co-ed school. You seem not to know how to act when around boys.
Posted by SimplyD on 08-16-2017
Single sex education is better, with the way the society is going now, very soon kindergarten kids will start dating each order , because the society is already contaminated and many dumb parents are not helping matters, having sex in front of their kids and when the kids get to school they will like to practice what they have learned. and this a big blow on the child's intellectual ability, because his head will already be clouded with sex , I support single sex education .
Posted by Decypher on 08-16-2017
I never went to a boys school. I have always been in co-education institites. Therefore, I don't have high opinions about single sex education. I believe single sex education will spoin boys and girls. In have seen boys educated in single sex education with no regard for girls, and girls from single sex education no respect for boys.
Posted by vinaya on 08-16-2017
I was also into the co-ed. I think co-ed does not always help out. I guess single sex colleges and schools are lot better. And some of the time that can be lot better for the people who are into thinking that education can be easily managed. But then again times are changing and we have to open up for new types of the educational methods. That's what I think some of the time.
Posted by overcast on 07-08-2018
I believe the danger of the co-ed form of education is very much exaggerated. In opposite, i think co-ed education promotes a helthier way of thinking, as students of opposite sexes can freely communicate and participate in common activities. I had co-ed school, later college and I never ever had any issues with that. The presence of boys in my class didn`t distract me from studies. I had friends both females and males, and no sex scandals or teen pregnancies happened with me or my co-eds. Perverted thinking happens due to many many factors and most of them come from family and environment where a person exists, no matter what form of education (single sex or co-ed).
Posted by RosieCheeks on 08-17-2017
Co-ed education! why? basically its not about sex or gender preferences if we want to learn from school. Its part of growing process where we need to mingle with other people. We should not be afraid of failing because we consider our opposite sex as hindrance for us not to achieve our goal. Its our choice whether we want to attach ourselves to someone or focus more on studies. Remember this!! if you have the desire and passion towards your studies everything falls into right place. Use your opposite sex as an inspiration to perceiver for you to motivate yourself towards your studies.
Posted by rogel07 on 08-17-2017
I'd go with co-ed. Students need to understand each of their opposite gender. They should know how to develop trust and coordination specially at times with cooperation is needed. They have to learn how to work as a team because not all the time in the world, they would be with people who has the same gender as them. It would then be awkward if they would finally get to meet their opposite gender and they'll have a hard time catching up.
Posted by galegatling on 08-21-2017
I'm never a fan of single sex school,I prefer the co-educational school where you get to study and interact with both sexes.A lot of atrocities happen in a sigle sex school and the environment is somewhat boring for learning.Single sex School tend not to understand the opposite sex because they are used to staying a long time with just a single sex
Posted by lovely on 08-23-2017
With single sex education, there is less distraction, although children can control themselves better then adults, cause they don't have as much liberty, I have chosen Co-Ed education, for it helps develop the emotional intelligence of the student, something they going to need in the real world.
Posted by joey98 on 08-24-2017
Co-ed is better. I mean, the worst that could happen is some sort of sexual harassment, but I haven't seen that to be the case, usually. Also, as others have stated, males and females have to learn to socialize with the other gender. That's just part of life.
Posted by jyy on 08-27-2017
It sounds funny that when parents try to protect their kids from the opposite sex by not putting them in a co-educational system, they won't know they are doing more harm than good to the kids. This is because these kids will grow up not being familiar on how to interact freely with the opposite sex, and they will also have nervous moods when in a chat with the opposite sex which is not a good way to train your kids.

The co-educational system builds an understanding of both sexes by your kids when they play and talk with opposite sex. So, it is healthier to use the co-educational system.
Posted by Barida on 09-05-2017
Well said @Barida that we should let kids mingle with opposite sex as part of growing up. And not to create a stigma to some children that is afraid what opposite sex brings to their life. It is not a problem at all because the biggest responsibility is made and under by guardians of those kids. So no reason for the parents to stop children from going to school that promote Co-Ed-Education.
Posted by rogel on 09-11-2017
The issue of homosexuality, gay, lesbianism today is as a result of single sex education. This should better be put to an end in my own personal opinion because it's not doing the world any good. If one tend to stay with the same sex for a very long time why wouldn't they start getting feelings for one another? So therefore in order to prevent this, say no to same sex education is the best way to go about this.
Posted by Heatman on 10-01-2017
I don't think the current educational system is all that great anyway so I'd much rather that the kids would just be able to enjoy themselves while they are in school wasting their time which is why I think being in a co-ed class would be better. I have had friends who went to a single sex school and they say it wasn't all that enjoyable and I myself being from a co-ed school, I would imagine so since I did find my time a little more enjoyable having the opposite sex around me and being able to interact with them easily and freely helped me a lot.
Posted by Wubwub on 11-13-2017
I was schooled in an all-girls academy from the 1st grade up to high school. Being in an exclusive school gave us students the comfort of concentration since there was no inhibition on the part of students. I can imagine the pretense when there are boys in the school grounds much more in the classroom. And although I entered a co-ed university in college, I was able to easily adjust since I was already matured somehow.
Posted by Corzhens on 12-22-2017
I have experienced both types of education. I agree to the pros and cons on both sides. I can't say which is better but it can depend on the stage of life and if you are willing to learn in either type of education. In my country, campuses is a mixture of both genders. But it is common to find highschools for single gender.
Posted by mildredtabitha on 04-16-2018
I also vote co-ed.You should teach children that gender is natural and should be respected. I think separating girls and boys sexualizes them. That's why schools where both genders are separated have a lot of sexual activity going on. I've heard stories of sex in those schools more then I have heard in normal schools. You also teach kids how to socialize with the opposite sex, they don't become a novalty. Have you ever heard that the forbidden fruit tastes sweeter, in this case I 100% agree. Don't make the opposite sex a mystery because you know kids, they will want to find out more about it.
Posted by jaymish on 07-12-2018
In my opinion, one sex school are really great but it makes them awkward on their opposite sex.
Posted by nrnlss on 11-20-2018
What's wrong about being in a co-ed education? I prefer co-ed education than single-sex education, in that case, I will be familiar and be accustomed to the differences between boys and girls and not be shocked in the real world. Some people say co-ed education is just a source of distraction, no. It is up to the child if she/he will be distracted by girls/boys, besides love is just a normal thing in school, let the kids enjoy it.
Posted by vivalavanda on 11-30-2018
Co-ed education is the most practical and Natural process of receiving education in the school and colleges. Getting educated in a co-ed school gives you an opportunity to interact with the members of the opposite sex right from childhood. Once you are able to communicate well with girls right from your childhood, you don't encounter any problems like a lack of confidence while talking with girls in the future when you become older.
Posted by jpk0007 on 12-15-2018