Coastal Fishing

Coastal Fishing
Coastal fishing or inshore fishing refers to catching fish that are closer to the coast. To be precise these fish live anywhere in an area that stretches almost to the end of the landmass near the shoreline. Fish exist to the depth of almost 200 meters even though coastal fishing is about those fish that are found within 30 meters. The list of fish includes Tuna (mackerels), herrings, sardines, hilsa, sprats, salmons etc. These fish require sunlight to an extent, and feed on nutrients available around the shoreline. Many of them move in groups or schools. Since water is calmer around shores, smaller boats are enough for catching them. The tools needed to catch these fish are also somewhat primitive, i.e., sophisticated equipment is not needed to catch these fish. Most of the coastal fish are small fish. Such fishing may, however, require moving a few miles away from the shoreline.

  1. Plenty of fish exists in these parts;
  2. Sophisticated equipment is not needed to catch fish or store them because they can be found very easily;
  3. Small boats can be used

  1. Fish are smaller.
  2. People have to be very quiet to manage to catch such fish.




I prefer coastal fishing even if the fish tend to be rather small.
Posted by EliteWriter on 05-09-2016

Coastal fishing

I am not a fan of being on a boat far away from the coast. I am not much of a fish or sea lover and thus coastal fishing appeals more to me than offshore fishing.
Posted by sspi on 05-10-2016

Love coastal fishing

I have been coastal fishing for years and love it. Yes the fish are often small but you can catch quite a few in a trip, so this does not bother me. And there are always fish here. Plus my boat is the perfect size for coastal fishing.
Posted by Debater on 05-03-2016


I have to go with the coastal fishing because it's simpler and easier. You really don't need any fancy equipment since most of the time fishes that swim near the coast aren't that large.

I still have really nice memories of when me and my family went to the seaside. We always brought our old fishing poles with us and often went coastal fishing for fun.

Posted by Mehano on 12-20-2017

Coastal Fishing

In my country which is composed of 7100 islands give or take, coastal fishing is one of the most prevalent fishing option and many families living in our coastal areas gets their livelihood from fishing in the coastal waters. Although fishes caught here are smaller than caught in the middle of the sea, it's also much safer and the taste of the fish and other seafoods which are caught near the coast are uniquely delicious and tastier than those caught in the middle of the ocean.
Posted by Kakashi2020 on 05-29-2018


I prefer coastal fishing because it's much easier to do and doesn't require boats just to get the fish.
Posted by treecko142 on 04-12-2018


Offshore Fishing

Offshore Fishing
Offshore fishing refers to all those fish that reside beyond the depth of 30 meters near the coast. Again, such fish may extend to any region till the land mass extends horizontally into the sea. It is the depth that differentiates it from inshore or coastline fishing. Such fishing requires more sturdy equipment, and the catch is usually much larger. The skills in pulling up such a catch are also necessary. The number of fish at that level is low, and so it may be necessary to wait for the fish for two to three days. In general, fish found at a distance from thirty to a hundred and thirty miles from the shore line at a depth exceeding 30 meters, are referred to as offshore fish. Mackerel, Tuna, marlin, amberjack, and dorado are some examples and all of these fish are larger than those which are typically caught in coastal fishing.

  1. The fish are large.
  2. There are sophisticated equipment such as sonar or radio equipment available to identify the presence of fish in some parts;
  3. Since noise does not travel that low, it is not necessary to be very quiet.

  1. Knowledge about this type of fishing is necessary.
  2. As the fish tend to be bigger, catching them is not that easy.



Nothing beats being on a boat.

I have to go with offshore fishing in 99% of the scenarios. The only 1% is when we're doing a certain tactic in order to sport fish and you need to be on shore during a few weeks in the fall.

I've been an avid fisherman for years and know that you can't catch everything from the shore. You definitely can't catch sport fish from the shore unless you're lucky or you're targeting a tiny sport fish.

Don't get me wrong, I have shore fished plenty of times, but that's only when I'm waiting for everyone to stop lolly gagging and get in the boat :D

Posted by Razzy on 06-16-2016

Going Out With Friends

Although it can be quite fun to fish on the coast I personally do not think that anything quite beats getting a couple of mates, hiring a small boat and going out for a day of fishing and drinking. You can pack your food and have a whale of a time and the best part is that if you catch anything you can bring it back and cook it up. Fish caught out at sea tends to be a lot bigger and a lot more tasty than fish caught just off shore. Not to mention it is a lot more comfortable to fish from a boat where you can sit down and relax with some friends than probably alone on a beach.
Posted by Natty on 08-01-2016

More challenging...

If I get a chance to select to go on coastal fishing and offshore fishing, I'd definitely choose to go on offshore fishing.It is so exciting and adventurous to go far away from the land to fish.We can never get that experience from fishing near the beach...
Posted by achi007 on 04-14-2017


I prefer offshore mainly because most of the fishes are there and you'll have plenty of options to choose from not unlike in coastal fishing where you're not sure whether you'll catch one or not and there's no way to catch big fish since the water is shallow. If you want to fully enjoy your fishing, might as well bring your boat to offshore and start catching bigger fishes.
Posted by ColdFlameChris on 12-20-2017

I prefer large catch

Offshore Fishing makes it more easy to catch big fishes and I do love bigger fishes than the little ones caught in costal areas. I have gone with my friends on few occasions for offshore fishing and had quite good catch.
Posted by Martinsx on 11-09-2018


I have never done offshore fishing, however, I think offshore fishing is very exciting. You are on a boat with a fishing rod in your hand. You have chances to catch big fish. However, if you are doing coastal fishing, you may not be able to catch big fish. Coastal fishing is too prosaic.
Posted by vinaya on 09-20-2017
In one of our vacation in beach resorts, I had experienced coastal fishing. But it’s not really using the reel and rod. The natives were using a long net that they spread in the water, about 10 meters away from the shore. And then the net is pulled towards the shore to show the catch mostly of small fishes but there are big ones too. It’s fun to pick up the jumping fishes from the net. I don’t think I will enjoy fishing offshore because it is boring especially when there are only 2 of you on the boat. But I know some men enjoying that with their beer on the boat. That’s fishing while drinking.
Posted by Corzhens on 01-08-2018