Coffee/tea mugs with or without handle

Coffee/tea mugs with or without handle
Nothing like a warm cup of tea or coffee early in the morning but how warm it is one can get to know by either sipping it or feeling the mug. Japanese coffee/tea mugs have no handle. Their argument is that by feeling the mug one would know if the tea or coffee is hot enough for consumption. While there is some logic in it it is not always that what is just right for the hand may not be right for the mouth. I have always liked a mug with a handle. It is more convenient.

What is your take on this?


If something is hot then you get a cup with a handle unless you like to hurt yourself. If it is cold then you get a handle-less cup unless you want to pretend to be classy with a handled cup. It's about that simple not much to be said here.
Posted by AlexHarris on 05-19-2017
I wonder if there are still the cups without handle because for a hot drink it is not practical to use a cup or mug that has no handle. Your hand may be burned when the drink is steaming hot. My usual morning drink is hot chocolate and I have a mug for that which has a handle and can protect my hand from being burned. But I use a glass when I drink cold orange juice.
Posted by Corzhens on 11-14-2018
I don't think that you need a handless mug to know if the drink it too hot to drink. It's not hard to tell. Plus you can put your fingers inside the handle and feel the mug regardless.

I don't use handless mugs. I wouldn't like to burn myself with my hot coffee or tea. I never drink my tea/coffee cold because it loses the true taste and proper aroma.
Posted by Mehano on 05-19-2017
I'm okay with either, but if I had to pick I'd say a mug with a handle is better. It's easier to grip and you don't have to worry about burning yourself when you have a hot drink. I guess the only problem is the handle might fall off eventually.
Posted by kataomoi on 05-19-2017
I need a handle. For more than one reason. Firstly, the reason the Japanese give for not having handles doesn't fly. A cup can have handles AND one can place their hands around the cup to feel for temperature. So there's that but the reasons FOR handles are simple - one - IF the cup is indeed very hot, your fingers are protected by using a handle which remains cools. Two - if you are right-handed using your left hand to hold a cup by the handled will allow you to place your lips on the other side of the cup that right-handers use. This means that your chances of catching anything from drinking behind someone are greatly reduced as left-handers only make up 10% of the general population.
Posted by DeeFree on 05-19-2017
I need a handle on my coffee mug. The weird thing is, I don't even really use it. I grab the mug with my hand and slide my thumb through the handle's hole. I guess I don't like the way it looks without the handle. Weird. I never really thought about it until now. Definitely with a handle!
Posted by JeffHart on 05-20-2017
I prefer a handle although I'm not sure why. I don't remember ever having a handleless mug so maybe it's just what I've been used to. It's easier to pick up as the handle doesn't retain the heat so we are less likely to burn our hands. I think it's British to hold it by the handle and stick your little finger out!
Posted by littlewitch66 on 05-20-2017
I prefer a mug with a handle as I always use it but on the other hand I also use those mug who don't have handle. It is one of the best ways to feel the hot coffee or tea in cold regions. It was one of the best experiments done on my travel tour with friends and family. It actually helps you to be warm. So for me it does not matter at all. In terms of comfort for handling it I would go with Mug with handle.
Posted by Rutpan on 05-20-2017
We were raised with the coffee cup that has a handle and later on the mug. My mother said that children should be taught the proper way of handling hot liquids like coffee and tea. And I agree because it us common for kids to be burned by hot coffee due to mishandling of the cup. But once you get used to holding the handle of the cup then you are safe from getting burned.
Posted by Corzhens on 05-20-2017
Handles on coffee mugs are great. You can pick the cup up without being burnt if it is too hot. Without a handle you can run the risk of burning yourself. Without a handle you'll have to wait for the liquid to cool down before it can be handled.
Posted by AidenBear on 05-20-2017
I prefer coffee tea cups with handles. Cups with handles on them were placed there so that you can avoid being burned depending on if you are drinking something very hot. In my opinion, it would be wise not to drink from a non-handle tea cup since you are just risking your chances of hurting your hands or breaking the cup due to your reaction of the hot cup. Also, this is common sense since we all don't use non-handle cups when it is carrying something hot.
Posted by AWPEK on 05-20-2017
Jonathan Solomon
To me, it doesn't really matter as a preference. If I'm at home, I'll usually have mugs with handles. However, if I'm out and order coffee, it'll generally be a to go order. In which case, there is no handle. Of course, I'm well aware the handle was put on the mug to prevent burns. Nowadays, however, you can find different type materials for coffee mugs to prevent burning. Basically, for me, it depends on the scenario.
Posted by Jonathan Solomon on 05-21-2017
I never saw a mug without a handle. Why would anyone use one without it? They are useful! They can save our hands from the hottest beverage ever! If you like to drink something super ultra extra hot, fine... but how are you going to hold the mug without an handle? I don't think drinking with kitchen gloves would be very confortable. Handles are essential, in my opinion.
Posted by Xilkozuf on 05-21-2017
I just prefer mugs with handles. Not only does it protect you from the hottest part of the cup, it also gives you something to hold onto. I have been in Japanese restaurants and had hot beverages without handles, and it is a little disconcerting. However, part of this is what you get used to.
Posted by kgord on 05-22-2017
john franklin
It feels good to have a hot cup of tea in your both hands without a handle but it is a bit stylish to have a cup with handle in your hand. I think the containers for cold drinks are mostly without handle and containers of hot drinks are with handle. I am comfortable with both. I would prefer to drink something delicious rather than worrying about the handle.
Posted by john franklin on 05-22-2017
I need a handle because it distances your hand from the hot liquids. It also insulates the drink better because you hand isn't near it. Plus it's more comfortable to hold.
Posted by Anonymous on 05-23-2017
Personally, I always use a handle just because it's what my cup that I always use has. It also helps so I don't burn myself which is helpful, lol. Without a handle you have to wait for it to cool down or wrap something around and that's to much just to drink some coffee or tea.
Posted by Sino989 on 05-24-2017
I like tea and coffee mugs with handle. however, when I am sipping tea or coffee, I don't use the handle. I catch my mug with thumb and forefinger. People say irt does not look decent not to use a handle, however, I don't care what people say.
Posted by vinaya on 09-03-2017
I think most of those countries do have a longer periods of a very cold weather even if its sunny. And yeah they prefer drinking or eating on a cup with no handle I think because of the heat is not enough to make them warm. Not only tea or coffee but soups and noodles that are really spicy just to make themselves warm. Not to mention they always wear jacket or thicker clothes especially at night time.
Posted by narutos3nn1n on 09-28-2017
I'm such a clumsy person. I have to have a cup with a handle for hot liquids.
Posted by cmoneyspinner on 12-18-2017
I am not a regular drinker of coffee because our usual breakfast drink is either milk chocolate drink or fruit juice. But when I drink something hot, I prefer a cup with a handle. It is elegant and using it makes me feel a bit classy. Besides, it protects my hand from the hot cup particularly when the hot drink is sizzling that can burn my fingers.
Posted by Corzhens on 01-31-2018
i have never thought about mug without handles in that light,I thought it was all about being stylish or producers just want a different form of a mug,well,for me handle or no handle i still feel the body of my tea cup,can risk my tongue with hot tea,so even with or without handle I still hold the body of the cup.
Posted by lovely on 03-10-2018
I like mugs /tea cups with handles, I like feeling comfortable while sipping my coffee and those without handle hurts my hands because my tea/coffee is always hot not warm, I don't like it warm so I sip my coffee/tea like that. mugs/tea cups without handles are of a disadvantage to me, I wonder what the person who invented was thinking, maybe he/she wanted to bring in another society homemade trend, lol.
Posted by Adesuwa08 on 04-01-2018