Comic Books : Archie Was One of My Faves. Did You Have a Favorite?

Comic Books : Archie Was One of My Faves.  Did You Have a Favorite?
Comic books cost 10 cents an issue when I was a kid. They were cheap to buy and fun to read. Needless to say I read a lot of comic books when I was growing up. Had I been wiser I would have bought each issue wrapped in a sealed plastic bag, never read them, kept them for decades, and then sold them for a fortune on eBay! But I was a kid. Without the gift of prophecy, I really didn't know any better. :)

Anyway! The comic books I read crossed a wide range. Super heroes were tops on my list. In particular, Superman. Then there was Archie. Not a super hero. Just your average American red-haired teenage kid.

Did you used to read comic books? Do you read comic books now? Did you or do you have a favorite?

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I grew up reading folk tales and fairy tales from Grimm Brothers, Hans Christian Anderson, Asoep and Panchantantra (Hindu tales). During my teen years, I read abridged versions of David Copperfield. A tale of two cities, Kidnapped, Treasure Island. When I was in college, I began reading classic literature. I never read comics. MY father did not allow comic books instead he handed me moral tales and young adult literature.
Posted by vinaya on 06-20-2017
It looks like you are a voracious reader of books when you are young. You may not believe that I still buy Archie comics until now. There is a store that sells throwback copies for only $2 each for a double digest. It is my way of getting sleepy because reading comics would get my eyes tired. Beside my bed is a pile of Archie comics that I have read and haven’t read. Some other comics I had given to my nephew.
Posted by Corzhens on 11-06-2018
Archie is one of the comic books i love to read to read. I find the comic amusing and a good time killer especially during stormy days. Another is a local that we have the name is komiks , which is literally comics spelled in tagalog. Marvel and DC comic are also one of them but its too expensive when your just in middle school and your in the Philippines. It's like next to impossible to have one. Good thing I have rich friends who let mevread their comics in exchange I'm letting them play my top.
Posted by Neiltarquin on 06-20-2017
I've read plenty of comic books throughout my childhood. Even now, I still have them stored and when nostalgia hits me I bring them out and give them a read. I just love comics! I had plenty of the superhero kind - my favorite was always Spiderman ones. I've had Archie ones in the past.... and the Adventures of TinTin, if anybody remembers it? I really enjoyed that one because it was original and unique.

Some others that I still own are Captain America, Asterix, Garfield, and X-Men. I don't plan on selling them though. I am too attached to them and still enjoy rereading.
Posted by Mehano on 06-20-2017
I have read Archie comics, however, I did not read Archie as a child or teen. I read only when I was walking into adult hood. Due to my age and change in interest, I did not like the Archie's content. I did real a lot of children books, and I remember Tin Tin.
Posted by vinaya on 01-26-2018
I really loved the BabyMouse comics. The main character, BabyMouse, was so cute. Reading these comics defined my childhood. I used to go to the library and wait for the new books to come out. I remember the feeling of disappointment I had when I found out the new books were not yet in the library.
Posted by RedVelvetCupcake2009 on 06-20-2017
I remember Archie Comic books and I liked them. I think it was one of my favorites. I also liked Batman Comics. As a girl, I wasn't really a huge comic book fan, but I did enjoy some of them. I think when I was a kid comic books cost 12 cents, and later they were 25 cents.
Posted by kgord on 06-20-2017
My favourite was beano and dandy comics does anyone remember those. Use to love reading them as a kid wish I still had them they got lost in a house fire they probs would have been worth something if I still had them,.
Posted by moneybags82 on 06-20-2017
Oh yes, I used to read Enid Blyton's series of storybooks, Amelia Jane, Brer Rabbit and many more. I also read Garfield and Friends, Archie and Friends but I don't any of these books or comic books because my mom can't afford to buy them. So, she brought me to the library and bookshops to read or rent them. Until now, my kids are reading Archie and Friends too. These books are knowledgeable, my son's vocabulary and grammar had improved too.
Posted by peachpurple on 06-20-2017
Golden Geek
I've read a lot of good comics and think that comics today have evolved into a great medium that have something for everyone. My top recommendation (for mature readers) is Brian K. Vaughan's "Saga" series, which is perhaps best described as an epic "Star Wars meets Game of Thrones" story. Vaughan has gone out of his way to make the story something unique that will never be adapted into a television/film series, making reading the comics the only way to experience it.
Posted by Golden Geek on 06-20-2017
Archie was my best and I liked each and every character in there. Now with Archie gone I have stopped reading those comics. I have also read Bringing up father, Little Lullu, Peanuts............ the works There was a library close by and we would grab them the moment they were brought inside, each one picking up one and there used to be pin drop silence but a giggle here and there and sometime a loud laugh would be heard.
Posted by iamawriter on 06-21-2017
English comics are expensive here. I remember my older brothers saving money to buy Superman and Batman comics in the olden times. When I was in college, imported comics were popular. I was buying Archie comics and I had a small collection. Unfortunately that collection was stolen by a relative to be sold for liquor money. You may not believe but I am 54 now and still buying Archie comics. In fact, I just bought 20 pieces in the used book store. They are on sale at $2 for the double digest and 50 cents for the regular.
Posted by Corzhens on 06-21-2017
Same, but my favorite Archie comic book is Jughead. It's a fun comic book and kept me entertained for hours. I'm not a fan of comics, but Archie comics is addicting. I bought a lot of Double Digest and I'm trying to collect them all.
Posted by BeardedMamba on 06-25-2017
Archie was also one of my favorites as well. I used to read Archie on Sunday Comics in the newspaper and my mom's Archie comics. Aside from Archie, I also love several more classic comics like Hagar the Horrible and Andy Capp. I thought all those comics had good humor and deserved all the fame they had. There's not a lot of classic comics that I'm fond of, but I always skin through the Sunday Comics just to see my favorite ones up to this day.
Posted by arachnophobik on 06-29-2017
My parents did not really allow us to read comic books when we were young. We grew up reading story books with all the words. I did read those comics once in a while on the newspapers.
Posted by kaka135 on 06-29-2017
I liked DC comic books, Charlie Brown and not forgetting my all time favorite Asterix and Obelix! What an adventure with those two as they battled the Roman legionaries and occasionally some pirates to rescue the village from the Roman empire! I read every volume that came out and then I introduced it to my friends and they were hooked as well. That nostalgic appeal is still quite prevalent today as it was the very first day I discovered the adventure series.
Posted by Joteque on 07-06-2017
My favorite comic books were definitely Tintin and Asterix comic books, though Archie certainly comes up close! There's really no specific reason for those three being my top choices for comics other than the fact that my father was really into all of them when he was a child, so I was given all of his old comic books when I was old enough to really enjoy them. Even now that I've moved out I keep his collection with me, and every so often he'll send me another one that he's purchased and read to add to the collection. Maybe one day my kid will be reading them too.
Posted by Eggy216 on 07-12-2017
This might be a bit obscure, but I really loved the Marvel Comics series, Alpha Flight, while growing up as a comics collector. I loved the character, Guardian, and I really loved the art by John Byrne on this series--her inspired me and made me want to become an artist myself, which I did, and I have been able to create comics and sell some of my own work because of this.
Posted by JoeMilford on 07-21-2017
My favorite Comic books were the batman adventures and Spiderman when I was a kid I loved spider man I used to think that what he was doing in my imaginations was real I thought I could be like hime too Lol :-( I no longer read Comic books but I think they are still good for intertainining kids.
Posted by Clara1993 on 07-23-2017
I love Archie, Dennis the Menace, and Peanuts but I only got to read them on Sunday newspapers. My parents weren't keen on buying comic books for us when we were young but they let us read the newspaper issues with comics. The last comic books I bought and read were the Doraemon series in the local language. I find them fun, easy to read, and entertaining. They're not just for kids but also for adults who are young at heart.
Posted by chatbox on 07-27-2017
The Sunday funnies? You just brought back a blast from the past! Comic books and the Sunday funny papers. I miss them! :)
Posted by cmoneyspinner on 07-31-2017
Ah, the good old times. I loved reading the X-men comics when I was a child. I first remember seeing an X-men comic book displayed at a store. The art style caught my attention so I asked my mom and dad to buy it for me. From that moment on, I was hooked. X-men became my favorite comic book series and they also became my favorite superheroes. When the cartoon Uncanny X-men aired on TV, I watched it religiously.

I no longer read comics as much as I did in the past, but I do have fond memories of the times when I regularly did.
Posted by limberg on 07-30-2017
I liked Archie the most as well. I don't know what it was about this comic that appealed to me, but I guess it was just that the characters were very well made and even though sometimes the stories and dialogues were a bit silly or cheesy, the overall effect was still very pleasant. I also read a few superhero comics but not many really connected with me all that much. I liked X-Men and Venom a lot but that was about it, which is why up until this day those are pretty much the only movies I went to and watched, and I'm still waiting for a Venom standalone movie which hopefully will come out soon and will be done well.
Posted by Wubwub on 09-04-2017
My favorite comic book growing up was Tintin, but in french not English, the creator was from Belgium and it was a huge thing in all francophone countries.
Posted by joey98 on 10-21-2017
When I was a kid, I used to read Archie since the story is so good and it's about the life of a typical teenager where there are two girls who have a crush on him. We used to collect every comic of it. This is what my aunt used to purchase and nothing more so this is the only comics that we always read.
Posted by ColdFlameChris on 11-26-2017
Don’t be surprised. I am 55 now and I still read Archie Comics together with the affiliate comics of Betty and Veronica and also Jughead. I buy the comics by the bundle, they are sold in one supermarket here. And although those comics are not the new edition, it doesn’t matter to me. I read those comics at bedtime and reading it helps me fall asleep. This is not to brag but I have more than 100 of those Archie comics.
Posted by Corzhens on 12-27-2017
I grew up on comic books literally. I've collected thousands of them but sadly I sold my collection . Biggest mistake I've ever made. My favorite Comic Books are Sand Man because of its surreal graphics and unique stories, Groo The Wanderer because it makes me laugh a lot, Elf Quest because it has too many words to read, The Punisher because it taught me a lot about Guns, Detective Comics because I love The Bat, Captain America because his a real American Patriot.
Posted by Kakashi2020 on 04-14-2018
I grew up listening to folk tales and reading stories embedded in school textbooks, so i really don't know about comic books while a kid. It was as i grew that I got to read some of them, and they don't really interest me —guess that's why i don't have a favourite.
Posted by mosesoscar on 11-04-2018
My all-time favorite comic book was Groo The Wanderer, it was really funny and I enjoyed it the most. I had read tens of thousands of comic books throughout the years and it's one title that I'll always read again. It's creator Sergio Aragones is truly a master of comedic writing.
Posted by Kakashi2020 on 12-11-2018