Country living

Country living
Nothing like waking up to the beautiful sounds of birds singing or smell of the fresh country air. Plant a garden, feel the dirt between your toes. Savor the sweet, slow life.

All these benefits can be yours when you live in the small country town. You'll enjoy more privacy and space for yourself, which is a good thing if you don't like the bustling crowds of the big city.

And while you might be ten miles from the nearest grocery store, you'll always enjoy more peace and quiet.

Though on the down side, all your neighbors know your darkest secrets in a small town and you just know some busy-body will be more than happy to share it around town to anyone that will listen.

Not to mention how everyone in the world will automatically assume you are a country bumpkin just because you choose to live away from the comforts of city life.

  • Housing is cheaper - get bigger house or land for less money.
  • More room to move around.
  • Long winding country roads to drive on.
  • Fresh air to breath.
  • Grow your own garden.
  • Safer place to live.
  • Very natural/rural scenery.
  • Likely to see deer and other animals in your yard.
  • Small town atmosphere; your neighbors actually care about you.

  • So far away from family and friends.
  • Long commute to work.
  • Limited delivery areas: UPS or FedEx might not deliver to where you want.
  • Bad internet signal.
  • Infamous clan wars type neighborly feuds
  • Takes forever for cops to get to your house in an emergency
  • Intrusive neighbors, everyone knows about your dirty laundry.
  • No way to run from a scandal, no anonymity for your bad deeds, rumors or gossip
  • Fewer churches if you choose to worship
  • Country folk are often backward thinking, too traditional (old-timey sterotypical) or set in their ways
  • No one around if your car breaks down on the road.
  • Dealing with ticks and other country pests.



Country all the way

I have lived in a small town all my life. And I love it. I would never want to live in a big city. Our crime rate is pretty much non-exitant. We could leave our doors unlocked and no one would ever break in. We can leave our car running while we pop into the gas station really quick. Everyone knows my name at the bank and post office, and when I see people on the streets, I know who they are. I love small town living and the country feel. I live right on the edge of town, within city limits but have cows from the neighbor farm in my backyard. I would not trade this living for anything.
Posted by angie828 on 11-20-2015
I wouldn't leave my doors unlocked even in the country. You could still get robbed and shot.
We live just outside a small/medium sized town (about a mile down the road) and it's always felt safer here. On at least one occasion, our back door was left unlocked by mistake over night and no one came into the house when we were sleeping. With that being said, criminals are opportunists and look for any advantage, so leaving my door unlocked on purpose, is not something I'd ever do.

Country for sure

Definitely would love to live in the country, though not too far away from where shops are located. It is simply awesome to enjoy that quietness and the lack of pollution. The beauty of nature can be appreciated to the full if you live in the country. You can get to enjoy the birds chirping, rather than the sound of cars speeding by or honking. You can smell the pure air, rather than the oppressive smell of smoke and dust from the city. Moreover, there is surely nothing like the natural scenery. In the city you only get to see buildings, malls, shops, and countless cars. And when it comes to the type of buildings it is well known that the apartments, condos and other real estate options in the city have a tendency to be really smallish. In the country you can have more land at your disposal and so houses tend to be much larger. Obviously the main drawback of living in the country is the fact that you would be quite far away from shops, but other than that I just wish I had the possibility to have a house in the country! It is one of my dreams actually.
Posted by EliteWriter on 11-21-2015

Country life is the dream for me

I would love to live the country life. I think that it is very peaceful and relaxing out there. City life can be fun, but there is nothing like that of being out in the country. I often imagine sitting on a porch just watching the stars at night, being with family. That sounds good to me.
Posted by Mystic on 11-23-2015

Country living

I love the life of country living. My grandparents have lived out in the country since the day I was born. I remember spending summers with them on the farm. It was so peaceful and relaxing. So quiet too. I loved walking along their pond during the day and working out in the garden with grams at night. The beauty is so true. There is nothing like it.

I have lived in big cities, and while it is convenient and exciting at times, country life would be better suited for me.

Posted by BrowniePoints on 11-21-2015
That sounds so great being able to enjoy nature on the farm. You are lucky that you experienced this.

Country Living FTW!

I have to go with country living on this one. I've lived in the suburbs of Chicago my whole life and couldn't imagine moving into the city. The town I live in is pretty large, roughly 150,000 people, and I still don't like it. There's too many people and cars out and about for me to just sit outside on my porch in my underwear while drinking a beer... lol :D

I love that you can get a 3,000 square foot house on 20 acres in the country but for the same price you can get a 1,000 square foot condo with no yard in the city :(

Country Living > City Living

Posted by Razzy on 06-22-2016

He lives in a house, a very big house in the coun

When I was younger, in my teens and into my 20's, I loved the big city life. But I also used to like visiting the country but didn't want to live out in it. Too much wide open space and too many cows for my liking! But I've lived in the city so much that I wanted to live in the country side! Now I am fortunate enough to live in a fairly smaller city that is close to the countryside and the sea as well and I don't ever look back and wish I could live in a big city again. No sir! I used to be able to hear cars driving around late at nights doing burn outs, people shouting and screaming and bottles smashing outside my window at night when I'm trying to sleep (happens when you live near a pub). Where as now all I hear is the sea waves crashing against the shore at night and I give thanks for that each time. Still like going into the big city (London) from time to time though but only if I'm shopping! :D
Posted by idealmikey on 06-04-2016

I love being out in the country

Ok so I am in a little town not exactly in the country... we live in a very quiet area with a dirt road and we are right on the beach.

I could never move back to the big, noisy, overcrowded city again.

Bringing up children here is amazing.

Posted by LynneHuysamen on 07-26-2016

Peace and serenity

I've lived in both, and the countryside wins. There is a tourist town not too far away, where there is a magnificent castle, museums, theatre, decent cafes, restaurants and shops plus lots of things going on all year round. I've got beaches within a mile. I've got the hills which I can see from where I live with rolling countryside in between. And if I need the city then it's half hour away on the train.There is just so much more to appreciate in life when you live in the country side.

That said, right now I'd like to remain in the city till I am rich enough to afford living in the country because as ironical as it sounds, it is in my opinion expensive to live in the country except you're there because you're poor.

Posted by Jon on 07-26-2016
Yes and the beaches aren't overcrowded outside of a town. I detest going to a crowded beach. I currently live right on the beach. I literally open my back door and walk onto the beach. The best part of it is that it is my beach. Yes my neighbor and her dog might be there but that's it.

There is nothing better than such calm and serenity on your doorstep.

Yes, for country life!

I love country life, the fresh air and less people, but sometimes a person needs to live in a city, which is my case. But a person can always dream!
Posted by jseyfferdt on 09-04-2016

Country has more to offer for me.

I now live in a smaller city because I am older and not in good health; so I need to be able to get to a doctor or hospital ast if I start having problems with my heart. However, for most of my life, I have lived in the country, raised livestock, and had a garden, and I would much prefer to still be living in the country. I see that people have said that thereis more to do in a big city; but I think that is depending on what you like to do. I am more of a homebody, so working out in the yard, taking care of the animals , and riding my horses was what gave me more pleasure than anything, and there really would not be anything that interested me in living in a large city.
Posted by Happyflowerlady on 11-17-2017


Nothing like breathing fresh air and being able to take a step back from the stress that is to live in a big city. In that sense country life is perfect!
Posted by Marvadaum on 11-13-2017

Country for me

I have always dreamed of settling down in the country side after my youthful age. I love nature and its alluring ambience. You just won't find this in the big cities without blemish.

Well for the cons of country living, I think I can manage. Everything with an advantage has got a disadvantage too. It all depends on which you hold in high esteem. "Whatever rocks anybody's boat".

Posted by jeiss on 11-13-2017


Big City Living

Big City Living
From shops and movies to groceries and services, you'll have everything you want within a few minutes drive when you live in the big city.

And unlike someone who lives in the country, you can choose walking or biking or taking the bus to work as an option. If your family lives in town, they'll be able to drop by and visit on a moment's notice. Or, is that a bad thing?

While metropolitan living is often seen as the ideal, the main downsides to city living are lack of privacy; high rental and real estate rates; lots of crime and traffic jams.

And, of course there is that little thing we call smog and air pollution and all the harm that can cause to your lungs over time.

  • Very conveniently located near shops and popular tourist destinations
  • Easy access to police or hospital in case of emergency.
  • Better internet signal; more free Wifi cafes, almost every store in a city has free wifi
  • Easier to find a job in the city in whatever profession you choose
  • Endless worship options, whatever faith or believe you choose to practice. There is a church on every corner.
  • Progressive thinkers live in the big city
  • Get to your destination faster without a lot of driving.
  • Public transportation, buses, cabs, Uber
  • More movie theaters, parks, concerts, entertainment options
  • Endless 24/7 fast food restaurants to choose from, and a lot of them deliver
  • More bars, clubs, parties (if you're into that kind of thing) the night life is amazing in a big city

  • Crowded stores.
  • High crime rates.
  • Real estate prices (rentals/land) costs more
  • More auto wrecks.
  • Higher prices on groceries and gas.
  • Less personal living space.
  • Everyone is too busy, always on the go.
  • Constant noisiness, cell phones ringing
  • High risk of poverty due to high living costs
  • Unsafe schools are a risk
  • Impersonal communities, no one cares about you or knows your name



City serves right

From my own point of view looking at the noisiness, population and expensiveness of city living I came to realize that this is still where the money is generated and circulated and is seems close by to its residents.

The most important thing to me is that i feel that it is possible to create you country home in the city depending on the money you have, for example you can buy a big house, with everything the country house can offer as well as control the noise made around with modern devices made available. all depends on you income but the good thing is that the money is around and available just for you to go, work and get it, but for those living in the country house , they can never make it a city because it will always be far away and of course with its advantages. So I see that with living in the city I see one stone killing two birds more possible than when living in the country side.

Posted by prosperevergreen on 08-05-2016

Big City

I have always lived in the country and thought it would be so cool to live in the heart of a city. Not even a large city, just one big enough that it has things to do. My office was in the city once and I could walk everywhere. Need lunch? 5 or 6 restaurants within walking distance.

Need to take a minute off? Walk to a coffe shop or even a bar! I imagine this except for not just at work but all the time. Just walk out of your condo on Main Street with your family and get dinner or have a cold beer or whatever, anytime!

Posted by Lop on 11-21-2015
That is one of the great things about a moderately sized city. Once you get into a huge city, it isn't as appealing.

I want to live in the big city!

I long to live in a big city. I do feel that it would be an adventure. I have only lived in smaller towns that do have a country feel to them. I want to be able to have options to shop at rather then just one or two gas stations or only a handful of restaurants to eat at. Big city living would feel like a dream to me.
Posted by Taffyapple on 11-20-2015
Yes options would be nice. However, I feel that after a while, it would all feel the same and I would still long for country life.
Options are always good. It is nice to have a choice to pick where you want to give your service to.
But with so many options in a big city, it would feel amazing.

Just outside the big city is great

I live in Manchester which is the 3rd biggest city in the UK... I dont live in the centre but instead on the outskirts which means housing is miles cheaper, still close to family and friends and still got access to all amenities. I am only 15 mins from the airport and about 10 minutes to the centre. On the Outskirts you will also find that you will most likely have a garden whereas directly in the City you won't. Saying all this if I had the choice to live in the city centre or in the countryside I would still choose the City Centre due to it being more active as well as being close to everything. In the countryside it can be a pain travelling miles upon miles to get basic items that can often be a 2 minute walk away in the city. On top of that Big City living is also good for being able to do sports and activities as leisure centres tend to be closer thus having a healthier lifestyle than in fact in the countryside. Of course the argument can be put that countryside living is cheaper but it might not be in fact as you will spend a lot more in petrol/fuel travelling to get stuff that you really need on a day to day basis.
Posted by neilbhabuta on 07-24-2016

Convenience would be missed

Personally I would prefer to live in a reasonable sized town by the sea but if I had to choose I think I am a City person at heart. I would miss the convenience of everything I take for granted ... finding shops open at any time, transport options, choices of places to eat, sports centres etc. etc. The country is great to visit for a relaxing break but much too isolated for me. A problem cities do have is maintaining the green spaces they do have.
Posted by monab on 08-27-2016

City is exposure

Living in the city gives you the opportunity to see life in its advanced and technological form, When you live in the country side, you don not get exposed, you are secluded from what is in vogue. People who live in the city have the opportunity to know what is happening around them and in their environment. Life is so beautiful for us to be neglected, let us all flow with the rhyme of this new technological world and expose ourselves to its mysteries
Posted by Selfrevealing on 08-05-2016

A place for all

I love big cities, amongst all availability of commodities which we can deen as scarce can always be found in big cities. The level of awareness in big cities is high, information is power, so staying in the big cities gives one the advantage of access to information. Life in the big city help in creating mutual understanding between people from different race , tribe and ethnic background, its so cool to stay in big cities, you'll learn alot
Posted by Jeshurun on 10-29-2016


I just could not imagine having to live in the country away from everything really. It's just so much more convenient living in a city and it just feels better as well. I know that a lot of people don't like how crowded it is but it's one of the things that I love about living in London really.
Posted by kingcool52 on 11-13-2017

Grew up in the Country, Prefer the City

Having spent the first 20 years of my life growing up in the country, I can attest to some of the positives of living away from the city. I really enjoyed the seclusion and privacy my family had. There was no noise pollution any time of the day, and it was always very peaceful around our land.

That being said, however, for the past three years I've lived in the largest city in Kansas while I attend college, and I love it. There is certainly more noise, but I like being around so many people, and having so many things to do on any given day! I've made so many more meaningful connections during my time in the city, that I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Posted by TheArticulate on 05-06-2017

Both have perks, but city for me

I admit, noise is not something I am fond of. However, for my needs, I would much prefer the city, as that's where both my education, and the jobs that I'm getting said education for (as I'm going into a STEM major), remain. The country has its perks, especially for someone who's generally a bit more of a loner like me, but I find the long commutes I've had to take to get to and from classes both stressful and wasteful. I'm not going to pretend traffic or congested public transportation aren't things, but I'm going to deal with traffic regardless of whether I'm traveling from an hour and a half away, or 20 minutes away. Plus, being in a city at least means public transportation exists to some degree compared to the rural areas here.

Also, as I live in an area that gets lots of lake effect snow in the winter, I think I'd have an easier time as far as road maintenance goes in a busier, urban area as compared to a rural area. Cities are not perfect and I refuse to pretend they are, but it's very hard to argue with some of the conveniences of city living, conveniences I sorely need at this point in my life.

Posted by Linen on 12-09-2017

Big City Life

I currently live in a small town and while it does have its advantages, the cons outweigh the pros. There is little competition therefore customer service suffers. While it may be safer to raise your kids in, they are set at a disadvantage when going to University and they have only competed on a rural level. Employment as well as earning potential is limited, however cars, groceries and services cost the same as in the big cities.
Posted by Rhombus on 12-17-2017

CIty living by a mile

Big cities have it all. Everything you need for entertainment, food shopping, transportation, gathering spots, retail shopping, interesting things to do, leisure, etc. Also they have people. I could never live in a place where there's literally no people for miles. It's too quiet, weird, dead - lifeless. Not to mention the quality of technology is far better in cities. Once you hit city limits your phones and digital devices often die or lose connectivity for long periods of time.
Posted by NickJ on 11-16-2017


country living... i love the life of country living, i am living i USA but i still remember my childhood i was living country n i loved those days.
Posted by jeffmccoy on 03-21-2016
What did you love so much about the country?
Posted by Taffyapple on 04-14-2016
I like both. Country living is so peaceful but city life is so exciting. I do not think that I would be able to pick just one of these as it is just way to hard to do so.
Posted by Batsy on 06-13-2016
I think it depends on a lot of factors. Often you can buy a much bigger house in the country for the same price as you could buy a small apartment in a city and for some people, that is the main attraction. Other people work in the City, so living there also is the logical thing. Personally, city life appeals to me, and I would like to live in a 'condo' for the first year of my working life, upgrade to a family home in the 'suburbs', as you Americans say, and then retire in a large country home.
Posted by hasa1015 on 07-26-2016
Yes it does depend on a lot of factors. I love living in the country because of my young kids. It is safer here and they can explore the outdoors right on our doorstep. It is so much better for bringing up my little family!
Posted by LynneHuysamen on 07-27-2016
As I think both options seems great but its best to have the two types of home because they are quite ideal for different seasons of the year. There is time for everything, a time to work and a time to rest so we should understand and utilize these two options
Posted by prosperevergreen on 08-05-2016
Elin Dotsya
This is another one of those things that depends on the situation. I would say if there was an outbreak or a war of some kind then the countryside is the better place to live. The city has more opportunities, however. For me, the biggest factor is if visit the upper class vs lower class part of the city. In the ghettos - I would never want to live, but in those places where actors live, hell yes please. I would choose country for the peace and quiet and then when I want to get out a while I would visit some smogless city, or the least amount of it.
Posted by Elin Dotsya on 08-08-2016
In the end, it all depends on the choice of the person. For people in developing economies like my country, countryside which over here are rural or developing areas can be good business opportunities for visionary investors and retirement habitats for writers or retirees while on the other hand, big cities like Lagos, Calabar, Ibadan which are very overpopulated are an admixture of consuming and producing industries for salary earners and entrepreneurs.
Posted by Boladale93 on 08-27-2016
Perspective is very important
Posted by Jeshurun on 10-29-2016
After living in a big city for many years, I came to live in a countryside couple of years ago. Countryside living and city living both have pros and cons. If you have an income source, country side living can be really good. However, if you need immediate health care services, or buy some sophisticated thing you will be in problem. Country side living is also very cost effective. In the city yu will find all kinds of services and amenities, including immediate health care facility. However, city life is very expensive.
Posted by vinaya on 09-13-2017
Big city living is good because of the easy access to whatever you need or want and you have the chance of getting a good job to do.
Posted by babyright on 11-13-2017
I would really love to stay in country, as I think I would really enjoy the lifestyle in countryside, but I have always been staying in the city since I was young. It's easier for my husband and me to make a living in the city due to our job function, hence I don't think we will be moving to the country in near future. Moreover, it's really inconvenient and the facility is not so nice in the villages in my country. When I studied in Australia, I stayed in a very small suburb, but there are big stores and it's quite convenient staying there too, so I really enjoyed staying there though it was just for a year. Those are really the places I would like to stay.
Posted by kaka135 on 11-17-2017
Living in the big city is very convenient because one gets to have easy access to important facilities. It also offers more employment opportunities for more people so one can really understand the congestion. For families who are raising kids, the city provides more options for their education as the best schools are usually located in big cities. I love country living though as I lived in the countryside when I was a child. Time seems to run slow in the countryside and there is no rush for anything. It's the type of lifestyle I would like to have when I retire and it's probably the more logical kind if one would choose to rely on pension and retirement savings.
Posted by chatbox on 11-25-2017
I am a city girl at heart. I love the city. I love the fact that it never sleeps. I love the fact that you can go out at 3.00am and have a cup of coffee or go grocery shopping. I actually love the noise and the lights at night. However the older I get my mind is changing. I crave long walks in the countryside on the weekends, growing my own fruits and vegetables, going to a village party or dance. I also would like to rear my own chicken and turkey, as I hate the meat we get from hormone feed meat. I want fresh milk and the sun on my face. I really am confused I don't really know which I prefer. Lol.
Posted by jaymish on 11-27-2017
Geez, I love the smell of Country living. It's incomparable. Nature it brings personally makes me feel closer to God. It signifies humility and simplicity. I feel at peace with calmness when I am in a place like that. Tranquility and a healthy feeling are its best when you're with nature. I get relaxed and forget about the cares and woes of money and selfish ambitions of men in the urban environment.
Posted by tiffiecute on 11-30-2017
Well, I have always prefer the big city living though I also love the country living because of it cost effectiveness but I prefer City living in all ramification the Acess to good life.I love good life though it might be expensive but I don't mind. It life that can be memorable.
Posted by lovely on 12-03-2017
I've done both. Cities do have more amenities and conveniences, but country living has its benefits too. It's a slower pace, a friendlier atmosphere. The scenery rocks. I just don't like living too far out in the country. I like having reasonable access to everything I want and need. Less traffic is also a plus.
Posted by Zyni on 12-05-2017
AS long as the amenities are available, living in the countryside is the best experience one can have in his/her life. However, countryside living can be hard because of the absence of many amenities. It becomes really hard if you have to drive 50 kilometers to buy basic supplies.
Posted by vinaya on 01-03-2018
For now, I prefer to live in the big city where all of the things I needed is within our reach. You're near to almost everything that you could ask for like hospitals, malls, your office, and many more. I will only want to live in a country living when I retire and just want to relax and enjoy my remaining life besides a farm and a lake.
Posted by ColdFlameChris on 12-22-2017
I was born and raised in a city apartment which gave me the yearning to be in the rural area. Country living is my dream ever since I was a girl. In our vacations to the provinces, I always enjoy roaming around the countryside with the trees and nature. However, thinking about the commerce in the country living, we are dependent on the big city since my job is in the city and all our circle are here as well. If ever I retire in the countryside, I might be isolated. And that’s a disadvantage. Perhaps a vacation house in the rural area will do.
Posted by Corzhens on 01-08-2018
I would definitely prefer living in the countryside, but unfortunately I have to live in the city because of my job. As it is I have to settle for spending my annual leave days in my countryside cabin. It's much more peaceful than living in the city, not to mention healthier.
Posted by alexd on 01-17-2018