You are watching a movie, cartoon, playing a videogames, reading a comic... Any visual media, and you see a small flying figure. It's a small almost naked baby, with white wings and a bow, that shoot some particular arrows to people. With a description like this, it might sound like a murderous little angel, killing off guys and girls for no reason, but popular culture have pretty clear in its mind the identity of this little fellow: he's Cupid!

Almost everyone knows that Cupid is basically a rapresentation of love, or at least it was in the Roman and Greek mythology, and almost everyone is wrong. He wasn't really a god with a cult in ancient Rome - sometime he appeared alongside his mother Venus, indeed goddess of love, but the popularity of the winged baby is due to poets and arts in general. There are various ancient poems about him, and there are many famous paintings, vases and expecially many excellent statues portraying Cupid. This is probably why his image is so clear in our mind, so much that we easily recognize him anywhere we see him. Like I said, in cartoons or movies he shoots arrows to make people fall in love: they aren't harmful arrows (unless in some cases where they actually hurt someone, but it's mostly done in a comedic humoristic way, just as a gag). Most of the time the point of the arrow is heart-shaped, to make things even clearer, and it disappears as long as it touches its target.

Of course Cupid might also be annoying, because in most cases he is the one deciding who fall in love with who, and as many people know falling in love with someone you dind't intend to is not exactly funny. But he have the keys of love in his hands, he decides, and there is almost nothing we can do to oppose him. Cupid controls love, and controlling love he control us: this little winged baby sure is a popular figure, but oh boy he is mischievous!

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  • Immediately recognized by everyone
  • A flying baby with a bow is pretty cool, after all
  • Never miss a shot with his arrows
  • One of the most popular figure about love

  • Wasn't really present in the Greek and Roman myths
  • Can be mischievous and annoying
  • Sometime you might feel he forces people to fall in love
  • There is not really a "Cupid's Day" or something similar




For me Cupid is far more iconic and well-known all over the world.

I am not religious so I didn't even know much about Saint Valentine of Terni.

I have always associated love and Valentine's Day with the cute Cupids.

Posted by Mehano on 01-20-2018


I think the cute character development. I think this has origin in the Greek mythology. And that being said, there are some of the really hard things that are going on around. I have found out that cupids are indeed fun in that case. That's what I have learned to love through animation and the TV.
Posted by overcast on 01-21-2018

Cupid Is Cool

I have to go against the crowd and beg to differ here. I must confess that my decision is most likely based upon my love of Greek mythology, but I lean towards the Classic myth of Cupid. Eros, I think was his other name, and if one of his lovely arrows were to strike you, well, you were in TROUBLE--you had fallen in love. There is something beautiful to me about this idea. I think it also a bit sinister, so it appeals to my love of horror and my curiousity regarding fate, etc. I know that St. Valentine was most likely a real person, but I am a "recovering" Catholic, so maybe that is why I gravitate towards the Cupid idea, lol.
Posted by JoeMilford on 01-20-2018


We're talking about the most iconic love character, so it's pretty obvious that the cupid wins. We can see it in any representation of a love story, be it a cartoon, movie or even a video game. There is really no place for comparison here.
Posted by manmad on 01-21-2018


Saint Valentine of Terni

Saint Valentine of Terni
I won't bother you with a quiz about what day it is the 14th of February, since everyone (I think?) knows it's Saint Valentine's Day. But the majority of people think about this day just like the day of love and lovers, and ignore the true identiy of Saint Valentine himself. Like any other Saint, you might feel free to believe or not the most religious facts about him, but there is a part of truth that today is hard to tell. After all there are almost 2000 years of distance between us and him, and the resources we have are mostly Church-related.

You can easily guess how religious was his life just by looking at the age he became bishop: he was only 21 years old. In Rome, he was busy converting people into Christians, thing that the emperor Claudius II Gothicus didn't really appreciated. The following emperor, Aurelian, arrested Valentine as well, and this time the things didn't end well. The popularity of Valentine was increasing day after day, and the romans had to do something to oppose him. He was deported and scourged. Then, the 14th February of 273 (yes, meaningful date) he was beheaded by a soldier, Furius Placidus, by orders of Aurelian. According to stories, Valentine was 97 years old by then. The cause of this extreme punishment was probably the celebration of a marriage of a dying couple (a Christian girl and a roman legionary). Apparently the couple even died during the marriage.

This is the story that is officialy told by the Church, and like I said with so many years of difference, with the amount of power that the Church had back then, it's impossible to know what is true and what it's just a myth. What is certain is that the cult of Saint Valentine is growing every year, not just for the day of lovers. In a lot of different churches in the world you can find relics of him, and there are various legends about miracles from him.

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  • Have a whole day dedicated to him
  • True or not, his story can be pretty interesting
  • Have a cult increasing in popularity
  • Many relics and miracles attributed to him

  • It's hard to distinguish reality from myth
  • It's mostly a religious figure, you might not like that
  • Valentine's Day celebration, while originated from him, are a bit unrelated to his actions
  • People usually remember just the day forgettin the original person



St Valentine

I prefer this representation because it seems like he was a real person. I just had no idea of his history so this was very interesting to read about. The whole theory of Cupid shooting arrows at people is pretty silly anyway.
Posted by kgord on 01-19-2018

Saint Valentine

Though I am not a religious person, I told the story of Saint Valentine to my children during Valentine's Day, as I think it's a good story to tell them and good lesson for them to learn too. I think the origin of the day should be told and not forgotten.

I don't know much about Cupid and haven't find out the story of it yet. Perhaps I will find out more about it and tell my children too, if it's a good story to tell.

Posted by kaka135 on 01-19-2018

Saint Valentine

I like this story a lot more than the concept of a kid who shoots arrow at people and makes them fall in love. I didn't know about a lot of things I read here, it looks a lot more realistic and the concept is very interesting.
Posted by Tania997 on 01-20-2018

I grew to like it.

St. Valentines Day was always celebrated wherever I went.

People love talking about love. It's so funny when couples are so obvious with their affections for one another. Like kissing in public. Not everyone likes the sight of sickeningly sweet couples.

But I'm okay with it. I prefer Valentines Day because it's a tradition rooted in religious celebration of a saint who lived a life of purpose. While we all know the holiday as a time for couples to celebrate romance, it's more than that.

It's a universal day for commemorating the love of friends, family, and everyone who made life worthwhile.

Posted by Steve5 on 01-21-2018


St Valentine is readily seen as a symbol of love when once one talks about st valentine love is all one thinks about.This has been accepted the world over and people are really celebrating the St Valentine's day and a day is even set aside for as been known, recognized and practice by both young and goes beyond language, race or color.Everyone as embrace this symbol and I don't see it going away in a very long time.
Posted by lovely on 01-20-2018
Cupid belongs to Greek and Roman mythologies, and now adopted as a God of Love by the entire western civilization. I belong to Hindu culture and in Hinduism, the God of love is not a child but an adult man who is married to a girl, usually associated with sex. Interestingly, Hindu God of love also shoots arrow to make people fall in love.
Posted by vinaya on 01-20-2018
I think cupids are indeed good for the watching in the animation. And you can mostly see them as symbol of those who make you fall in love. And another thing is that saint valentine is not much known. Apart from the Valentine day there does not seem to be much of the understanding of the day. That's what I have learned there as well. That's for sure.
Posted by overcast on 01-21-2018
Cupid is obviously the most well-known and often mentioned of the two. But I don't believe either one holds a serious place in the universe. Love is a word made up by capitalists to sell stuff on Valentine's day. It's not real.
Posted by NickJ on 01-22-2018
Well, what I understand of Cupid is that little angel who is sometimes mischievous. I know that it is just a myth but Cupid is in our culture already that there are times he would be blamed for a failed relationship. Well, Cupid is a good symbol for at least there is inspiration among lovers. And if Cupid is responsible for making people in love then he is a pretty good character because as the song goes, love makes the world go round and we should keep on loving.
Posted by Corzhens on 01-22-2018
I don't know but they are different but they have one particular mission and that is to spread love. I guess I have to choose from both as they may be differ from each other but what's more important here is that they value love and they speaks about love.
Posted by nekonieden on 12-13-2018