Current and future generations are moving towards spiritual ignorance

Current and future generations are moving towards spiritual ignorance
At this time of year when we go through Lent and move on to Good Friday and Easter Sunday, there are a good number of people who spend some time pondering about their spirituality. Thanks to spiritual exercises that are still being organized in Christian communities, and special services which are carried out in churches, this at least draws people towards the real value of Lent, Good Friday and Easter. But is it drawing the majority of the Christians, or are there many who are still thinking about bunnies, egg hunts and such commercial items and activities mainly?

There are many people who are in truth being quite oblivious to the true meaning of Easter. Most parents place more importance on making this a fun time of the year for their kids, rather than explaining to them the why and how Jesus died and about his subsequent resurrection. Simply taking children to the Easter Sunday mass is not quite enough, as if you were to ask children what they understand by Lent, and Easter, they are most likely going to say that it is that time of year when they get many delicious chocolate eggs and go on egg hunts.

All in all I feel that we are in the process of having a current and future spiritually ignorant generations, mainly due to the fact that commercialization is taking over this time of year, and parents are not taking the time to help their children understand the profound meaning of Easter.



Sadly yes

It has become difficult to find people who are truly appreciating the beauty of religion. Young people and even children are not being taught well enough in many societies nowadays, and they are indeed moving towards spiritual ignorance. I feel that the world has changed so much in the past decade or so in this regard and it is shocking to see how certain fundamental aspects of religion, ethics and morality are not being given heed to, let alone followed properly.
Posted by sspi on 03-20-2017

I agree

Modern generation is moving towards spiritual ignorance with such an alarming rate, people act as if their is no God. Some feel they've known God for so long that their is no need to keep serving him, achievement is now believed to come by only working smart. Often, attempts to emphasize on the importance of spirituality is being played down.

Things shouldn't continue this way, all those with the ministry of revival should speak up and enforce change by preaching and reaching out to backsliding souls. The world needs serious revival.

Posted by Jeshurun on 03-22-2017

I Agree

I have to agree with you on this one. The world is really changing so fast and many of our youths today are becoming faithless and spiritually ignorant. Some of them don't even want to have anything to do about religion. The ones being forced by their parents end up becoming have baked christians. They can't defend or even explain whatever they it is that they believe in. I don't know who exactly to blame but I feel that yeah, with what it going on now, there might even reach a time when every other christian celebration just becomes a time of merriment and a kind of social feast or gathering.
Posted by wiiky28 on 03-20-2017


I have noticed this trend in the current generations yes. It seems to me that they value not so important things and are often more concerned with material things. Sad overview on the future
Posted by Marvadaum on 10-13-2017



Well not really

Sure in the West Christianity is losing ground, fast, more and more people stop believing in God or going to church.

But this is not about the West, Islam is winning ground and is actually expanding every day and in a couple of years will be the world's biggest "religion". A religion that holds political views, social views, and war type ideology all merged into one dangerous mixture to man kind.

Posted by Cristian on 03-21-2017

depends on your definition of spirituality

I do not agree. If you define spirituality strictly as knowledge of the Judeo Christian faith, then yes, many Americans are more ignorant of the tenets of this faith currently than in years past. However, I think it's too general to say that all spirituality has been lost. It seems like America is in a great spiritual shift. I see many positive things about our current generation. They have a strong interest in social justice, equality, fairness, freedom, kindness, and love. These are all spiritual ideas.
Posted by Mahshiemonalisa on 03-20-2017


Matthew Aroh
The onus of standing firmly on what we believe lies on us,In the world today people are more engrossed with worldly things rather than things of the holy spirit,spiritual things that gives food to the soul and nourish it. Young people today are showing recalcitrance towards worshiping God and obeying his words.The high rate of immorality and indecency have eaten deep in the affairs of the current generation and young ones are showing ignorance and failing to prescribe in the teaching of the old.Parents should be seen as an example.Teach a child how to cultivate on a piece of land and he will not go there and eat sand
Posted by Matthew Aroh on 03-28-2017
I don't think the current and future generations are moving away from spirituality. In fact, people are becoming more spiritual, more religious. I will exemplify this with my personal experience and observation. When I was a child, there were no temples in my neighborhood, today there are three temples. When I was a teenager, there were few people who followed Gurus and religious leaders, however, today gurus and religious leaders have hundreds of thousands of followers.
Posted by vinaya on 06-20-2017
The current and future generation of the present and in the future are moving towards spiritual ignorance because of the way things are in our present world. The world will live in is becoming more materialistic, whereby people only love to acquire most of the material things of this world that will not last forever . They neglect their spiritual growth in Gods word by not reading the words of God again and they prefer their flesh to influnce them easily thereby making them to commit sin against God. I will advise them not to neglect their spiritual growth totally as they try to earn their daily living, but they should try their best to read Gods word and allow the spirit of Christ to direct them so that they can have eternal life on the last day.
Posted by babyright on 08-20-2017
I think people are less spiritual today because they're not scared enough. It seems like human beings need a gun to their head to get them to do anything. However, today with all the natural disasters might be waking people up to the fact something bad is happening and they're going to have to get right with God.
Posted by jyy on 09-26-2017
Apart from those who just make Easter the fun time of the year for their kids, there's no point celebrating Easter as it's not written anywhere in the bible that it should be celebrated. People find it so easy now to commercialize Easter without facing any implication for doing so. People should rather go back to the bible and read stories that have to do with Jesus, His life, His mission on earth, His death and resurrection from the grave. It will never be found anywhere that Easter should be celebrated.
Posted by potentialwriter on 10-13-2017
Maybe the modern society is having a fast paced life such that the youngsters are focused on the technology and had forgotten the spirituality. In the olden days, it is customary for families to go to church. Parents see to it that their children are raised with the learning of their religion. But in this modern time, the family goes to the church but the children’s minds are focused on the mall. It’s always the mall, the store, the restaurant that are occupying the minds of the children. So what happens to spirituality? You can check your social media. It’s probably there.
Posted by Corzhens on 01-22-2018
I disagree with you,where did you get your statistics from, is it just the ew people around you and moreover,are do you know spirituality of are shifting away from spirituality of easter,I think you want everyone to be like the Pharisees putting sackcloth and pouring ashes on our head to show we are really set for Easter worship, why it looks that way is because commercialisation is an outward thing is more pronounced than spirituality, which is how it should be.
Posted by lovely on 02-04-2018