There are many different kind of creatures in scifi stories. Some of them are biological creatures, like aliens or monster or similar stuff. Others are artificial, like robots and almost sentient machines. Others are half and half, biological creatures with some artificial parts - a creature of this kind is what is usually referred as a cyborg. Like many other popular elements of fictional culture, cyborgs actually had their origins in the medical field, since during the '60 it was developed the idea of humans modified to survive in other dangerous environments. Actually, we might even have actually cyborgs in today world: after all it's never really stated how many artificial parts should a cyborg have to be defined like that, and a for example a person with a pace-maker could easily be defined one, in some sense.

In various stories a human could have different reason to be transformed into a cyborg. Maybe he or she just wanted to become more powerful, or had to be saved from death, or any other reason in the millions of avalaible examples. Speaking about them, there are for example a few good examples in movies. Robocop, the character from the titular movie, is a cyborg, and one of the most popular one ever. Or in the Star Wars universe, even if the word cyborg is actually never used there are a few: the General Grievous is actually a cyborg, a alien that rebuilt his body with some mechanical parts. And of course there is Darth Vader, that since had parts of his body rebuilt is considered a cyborg. Or, moving from cinema to television, we have some of the most popular enemies in Doctor Who, Cybermen and Dalek, that are cyborg, since they aren't completely artificial creatures. Even in cartoons and anime we have a good amount of cyborgs: it might sound like a silly example, but the popular kid investigator Inspector Gadget is totally a cyborg, with all the stuff that he had installed on his body. Speaking about a popular anime, Dragon Ball had various cyborgs in it - even if they are mistakenly called androids. Or, in the Disney movie Treasure Planet, based on Treasure Island, Long John Silver is actually a cyborg with a mechanical eye and arm.

So, as you can see, there are plenty of cyborgs to be found anywhere. They are powerful, sometimes dangerous, and open up to phylosophical questions about their humanity. Are they still humans, or are now completely machine? Hard to tell, but maybe this is what make them so cool.

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  • Powerful
  • Lots of famous androids in movies, books, etc...
  • Still have some biological parts that make them more human
  • Some actual use in real word medicine inspired by them could make life easier or safer

  • Often confused with androids
  • It's hard to define if they are still human or not
  • Some might become insane unsure of their identity
  • They are annoying at metal detectors



looks cooler to me

I think I like cyborgs a lot more in my science fiction because they have always looked cooler to me. Androids are okay too but they just look a bit too much like humans for me to give them a more pronounced distinction in my head. When I see a cyborg I like seeing all the mechanical parts while with androids usually a lot of it is hidden and more blended into a human form.
Posted by Wubwub on 07-13-2018
JB Fernandez


I choose cyborg because I use to watch Robocop when I was still a child. I really love the movie, and how he was able to remember everything before he being a cyborg.
Posted by JB Fernandez on 03-26-2018


I am a 90's guy so i will choose cyborg. I grew up watching lots of cyborg fils and one of my favorite is robocop. They are way cooler than androids.
Posted by MomoStarr16 on 10-18-2018

They Exist

Cyborgs do exist. The parts they have range in different people. Somebody said that cyborgs are an indication of evolving of man. Somebody may have a leg which is machine controlled or hand or pacer.

A cyborg has cyber parts. They are supernatural in nature.

Posted by stbrians on 09-23-2018



Let's imagine that you are watching a sci-fi movie, playing a videogame or reading a book... and you end up in front of what appears to be a human. It might be revealed immediately or saved for a plot twist, but that human is front of you.. well, it's not human at all. There are no biological part on it, all of that supposed human is composed by artificial part. It's a robot, and more into specific is what is called a android. The word itself describe perfectly those kind of creatures, since it's from the Greek words andros, meaning "man", and eides, meaning "similar". So, creatures similar to men (there is also a specific term used for robot women, gynoid, but it's very rare and unknown and almost never used).

Androids aren't necessary robots, they just have to be artificial. This is why examples can come even from very ancient times, like from the myths of Haephestus, who created various mechanical creatures, like the most famous, the giant man Talos. Or the jewish legend of the Golem, a clay statue that can come to life with magic. Even Leonardo da Vinci, the genius artist and inventore, developed a android-knight. Maybe it was just a project and it was never realized, but it's something really incredible. And of course we have thousands of androids in literature, with the major example being stories from the greatest scifi writers, Isaac Asimov and Philip K. Dick. The first one created the three laws of robotic that he commonly used in his books, but he never use the word android. It's Philip Dick the one that used them the most, mostly in creepy and disturbing ways, as substitution for humans. A famous example is "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?", a book that was later transformed into a well known movie that you might have seen - Blade Runner. Speaking about movies, beside Blade Runner there are a few interesting examples: there are many in the Star Wars universe, for example, and the kid protagonist of the Kubrick/Spielberg movie AI - Articial Intelligence is a android. Or, in comics, there are some famous androids in the Marvel universe, like Ultron and Vision, that appeared also in movies for the first time a few years ago.

Androids might not be something exclusive of science fiction, since the main rule to be considered a android is just to be made of artificial parts, and therefore we might even consider Pinocchio as a android, but they are mostly used there. They are interesting characters which maybe lack personalities, but this is probably what make them interesting.

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  • Very realistic in some stories, often confused with humans
  • Since they are no humans they are basically immortals
  • In most stories they are actually useful and helpful to humans
  • The Philip K. Dick books about them are masterpieces of science fiction

  • Often confused with cyborgs
  • No human or biological parts at all
  • They mostly lack emotions
  • It's hard to empathize with them




Because an Android looks more like us, the implications are more threatening. I think for fear factor I would be more afraid of an Android. This is something I would fear!
Posted by kgord on 01-05-2018

Bishop was an Android

It's been a while since I watched “Alien”, the 1979 movie with Sigourney Weaver. Couldn't remember if it had a cyborg or an android. I Googled it. Bishop was an android. I liked Bishop. I like androids. DONE!
Posted by cmoneyspinner on 07-12-2018


I think they are more efficient. And they seem to be doing lot better in terms of the working. And if handled properly they can take care of humans. Though chances of they getting out of hand exists. But we have to think of it in that context and manage them properly.
Posted by overcast on 04-01-2018

Androids Are Scarier To Me

I have been a huge fan of sc-fi for years, and I am familiar with cyborgs and androids. To me, however, androids are much more scary, in some ways, because of how well they can infiltrate society based upon their "normal" appearance. A cyborg, from what I understand, has noticeable mechanical and robotic elements which are visible to the eye. However, androids, like the ones in Blade Runner, or other sc-fi movies and stories, could be hiding in plain site. A.I. like this is a bit more insidious and worrisome for me, to be honest.
Posted by JoeMilford on 01-01-2018

Amazing to look at.

One thing is that the way androids are made gives anyone looking at it the mindset that it is purely human while in the actual sense, it is not. We have got to look at it with a brave heart each time we watch some movies.
Posted by Barida on 01-03-2018

Comfortable with Android

Cyborgs are more of war robots and that spooks many people out. But when it comes to androids, it's more human like in nature, so most people are comfortable being around it unlike cyborgs. Also most of the gadgets we use today are made of android than cyborgs, so I believe people prefer androids more over cyborg. Now in Nigeria, there is increasingly chatters on sex doll which I believe is made of synthetic android robotics and not cyborg because I seriously doubt if anyone would be comfortable buying cyborg sex doll.
Posted by Martinsx on 01-29-2018


Android is better for me because it is more technological than cyborg, cyborg looks like part human and it really creep me out.
Posted by nrnlss on 11-02-2018

Bigger scientific achievement

The concept of augmenting an already human body with technology, for the most part, already exists. Maybe not to the extent of a Robocop or something, but it isn't even remotely as impressive or intimidating as creating a completely independent, fully functioning, conscious entity that thinks and feels just as a human would but is for all intents and purposes, not human. There are so many deep philosophical concepts behind such a phenomenon and it would be such a huge paradigm shift that we could never really come back from. It could be one of the greatest things to ever happen, or it could trigger the end of all humanity as we know it. Or both... Those are huge implications that take a lot of deep thought, whereas keeping a human body alive with technology...I mean we already do that to some degree. It does come with it's own debatable issues, but it's really not such a far reach as an independently thinking and feeling entity, unconnected completely from humanity.
Posted by t3rryf0ldz on 11-01-2018


Both of these concepts are new to be perhaps because I do not watch sifi movies or play sifi games. having said that I am also interested in knowing more about these fictional characters. based on what I have read here, I believe cyborgs are better character because they have some human elements.
Posted by vinaya on 01-02-2018
I don't know if there are differences between cyborgs and androids aside of they're half human, half machine. I guess I've seen some android in the movies/anime that is partially human so I'm not sure that an android has no human or biological parts at all. But between those two, I still prefer Androids since they're renowned and popular in every movie.
Posted by ColdFlameChris on 01-02-2018
I am not a science fiction fan but I had seen some movies with cyborgs and androids. Terminator is one such movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger playing the role of the cyborg. In Bicentennial Man where Robin Williams was a robot, he wanted to be a human so he was slowly transformed into an android with the changing of some body parts. Pardon me if this is not correct but what I understand of a cyborg is practically the same as an android. They are both part human and part robot.
Posted by Corzhens on 02-06-2018
I think both have their strengths and weaknesses. Of course, as a human... I think I'd prefer the one (cyborgs) which have atleast some semblance of humanity residing with them.
Posted by NickJ on 02-12-2018
I think cyborg concept sounds strange. And it can be scary some of the time. But it seems like only plausible that people may in future invest into it. And there are chances that things may go out of control. So we have to watch out in both scenarios. So things can be much improved if you ask me.
Posted by overcast on 04-01-2018
For me, cyborgs and androids came from the same concept of robot and personally I do not like either of them because as the time comes for super computers to become powerful then those robots eventually replace humans in any field. But I like how useful they are in the industry especially in technology world but constantly upgrading them to become similar to humans, that's really alarming to me.
Posted by mitan143 on 04-11-2018
For me, cyborgs and androids came from the same concept of robot and personally I do not like either of them because as the time comes for super computers to become powerful then those robots eventually replace humans in any field. But I like how useful they are in the industry especially in technology world but constantly upgrading them to become similar to humans, that's really alarming to me.
Posted by mitan143 on 04-11-2018
In my opinion they are just the same in concept and function. I really don't know the difference of an android or a Cyborg. But what i know is this two have the same function, just like any robot. These two are supposed to help or make our life much easier. After all they are both made by humans.
Posted by fishbate on 05-22-2018
I think that the concept of androids is generally cooler. Cyborgs are just mechanically enhanced people, which is not that far off from stuff we can do today. They still have human intelligence and other natural, human parts that are simply enhanced by technology. Androids, on the other hand, are much more technologically impressive as they are completely original in their design. From start to finish, they are 100% artificial but with the same (or even enhanced) capabilities of a human, making them a one of kind species.
Posted by Denis_P on 06-30-2018
Both of them are just there to assist humans to get things done. So, i think that making an outright choice between them is not the best move to make. Robots assistance to man has made the life a better one and despite the fact that we look at the fears of them taking the whole job that we do, I believe that they are still necessary in our lives.
Posted by Barida on 07-13-2018
When you say they are the same I guess they are not because from what I know an android is human and part robot which is what we call bionic while a cyborg is a robot that is disguised as a human. I think the purpose of the cyborg and the android are not the same although they may do the same work but it depends on the situation. Right now I am waiting for the robots to be available in commercial quantity.
Posted by Corzhens on 12-16-2018
My support may favour all the two. All these are artifial intelligence. They assist the being to Gp over his work
Posted by stbrians on 10-16-2018
I like both technology, both are really hightech and very interesting. However, I choose andriod because it looks more like a human than a cyborg.
Posted by nrnlss on 11-02-2018