Dark Knight Deluxe Joker Costumes

Dark Knight Deluxe Joker Costumes
Amazon is offering a Jokers costume from Rubie's for $23.98 with free shipping on orders over $25. This Dark Knight Deluxe Joker Costume comes in sizes small, medium, and large. It is synthetic and features a jacket with an attached vest and tie. It also includes the mask and pants.

I love how colorful this costume is. It appears to be a great costume. However, just looking at the image, the mask is off to me. The eye area looks very odd.

  • officially licensed product
  • from Rubie's, a trusted company
  • bright and colorful
  • includes mask
  • fair price
  • free shipping on qualifying orders
  • thick material
  • arrived nicer then expected
  • fits amazing
  • quality material
  • will last for a few years
  • comfortable
  • stretchy material
  • delivered as expected
  • arrived on time
  • all pieces were included in the shipment
  • washes well

mask has a strong rubber smell to it
  • eye area looks odd in mask
  • mask had creases where folded
  • looks cheap
  • itchy
  • hard for a small child to dress himself in this
  • arrived with strings hanging all over it
  • sizing is off
  • poor quality
  • arrived without the pants
  • pants and jacket did not match- jacket was purple and the pants were blue
  • mask is a bit too big
  • gloves are not included in this costume
  • pants are a bit too long
  • arrived with holes in the collar and under the arm
  • paint job on mask is horrible




I was never too big on Batman so this is an easy choice. I definitely prefer this Dark Knight deluxe Joker costume. Not only is it far better looking I always really enjoyed the Joker character in the comics and movies.

The price is very affordable, it's great that the costume even comes with a mask. That makes it even better since you get everything that a real Joker would have. I love these bright colors that always make you stand out.

Posted by Mehano on 09-24-2017


It is better to wear joker costume on halloween, cause i think batman is better costume on childrens birthday party or other parties like christmas. Joker costume suits the theme of being a villain on halloween. I really like the look of it cause they got the perfect look of the real joker. And knowing it is officially licensed means it has a great quality. The material used is really good and thick and looks really comfortable. The price is a good deal too, so i would definitely choose this one.
Posted by zheh on 09-25-2017

Joker is better

Joker is just better, batman wouldn't even exist without the joker and it has an overall better look. If you're buying this for Halloween, it is also a lot more Halloween themed than a batman costume which is something everyone will wear during Halloween days.
Posted by Tania997 on 09-24-2017


One of my favorite movie villain is joker , the greatest of all villains, and I have some of his characteristics in my character and behavior, that's why most of my friends call me trickster. So this will be the perfect wear for me, very cool and awesome, with a a touch of craziness
Posted by Authord on 10-09-2017

Joker is in the town!

We all know that joker is a bad guy. And batman is always to the rescue when he comes. But if I'm going to choose which costume I wear, that must be joker. I'd like my costume colorful and attactive. Even though it is expensive, I will buy it.
Posted by blank629 on 09-24-2017

Joker for Halloween!!..

joker is great for party costume too i love joker because i found i'm so funny and somehow scary and the costume price is affordable so for me this thing is great scaring kids and so cool to wear.
Posted by tophew on 09-24-2017

A touch of crazy

My love for crazy stuffs can never ceases to increase on daily and it's why Dark Knight Deluxe Joker Costumes are my preference between those two options. If you have had the opportunity of watching the movie Gotham or even the rise of the Dark Knight, you would really appreciate the craziness Joker brings to play.

Another movie that Joker was used and he had a good performance in bringing the craziness to the party is Suicide Squad. I

Posted by Heatman on 09-23-2017


atman Deluxe muscle chest costume

atman Deluxe muscle chest costume
Rubie's is offering this Batman Deluxe muscle chest costume for only $22 with free shipping on orders over $25 on Amazon. This comes in sizes small, medium, and large and is also available in a toddler size. It is imported and is 100% polyester. The costume includes a jumpsuit, cape, belt, and headpiece.

I love this costume for so many reasons. First off, it is Batman. Need I say more? Secondly, it is bright and colorful. And third, it has muscles. Tell me that any child that puts this on is not going to love that? Looking big and muscular like a superhero has got to make many little boys' day.

  • decent price
  • free shipping on orders over $25
  • bright colors
  • built in chest muscles
  • fits as expected
  • mask fits well
  • breathable mask
  • mask is attached to cape
  • comfortable
  • easy to see out of mask
  • vintage Batman
  • from a trusted company
  • feet are secured so tripping is not an issue
  • cute
  • makes little boys feel like a superhero
  • fast shipping
  • excellent quality
  • highly recommended
  • will receive many compliments
  • true to size
  • a coat or hoodie can be worn underneath on cool nights if a size bigger is ordered

  • little boys will not want to take it off
  • belt is a bit heavy
  • has overwhelming smell
  • is bulky and big in the chest area
  • may be uncomfortable for some to move around in
  • arrived with no cape or belt
  • looks cheap
  • arrived with a snag in it
  • headpiece is small
  • ears on the mask are floppy
  • arrived with a stain on chest
  • armpit arrived ripped
  • arrived late


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Sounds like the lesser of two evils here as both costumes were horribly criticized. I am a fan of Batman so I would probably choose the batman costume but reading the reviews with so many things out of whack, I would probably just settle for the movies or the mask and not the whole costume. The price is good for a costume that would probably be worn once to a halloween party or some dressup gimmick. Other than that I would pass on both outfits as they have some quality issues that would not make the grade in my book.
Posted by Joteque on 09-23-2017
I will go with the joker costume it a kind of constume my husband would like that looks a bit crazy and the price is quite affordable. This will make a nice costume on him with the matured colour.
Posted by lovely on 09-23-2017
I personally prefer the joker costume just because I love the fact that I justification to act a little bit more crazy than I really am :D
Posted by Genryodan on 09-23-2017
I will go with the Joker costume. I think that is just weird enough to be appealing. I think it is an amazing costume that would appeal to many people. I like the bold and dramatic colors in this costume, and I think it will have lots of fans. After all who doesn't like Batman?
Posted by kgord on 09-24-2017
Batman is a hero and Joker is one of the Villians the Batman has to face in his life. If I want something for Halloween, I will choose to have Joker costume because it looks creepy with wide red lips and white face. Even for theme parties, Joker costume will be a nice idea.
Posted by vinaya on 09-26-2017
I am amused with the line in the description of the Batman costume that little boys will refuse to take it off. That means the Batman costume is a hit with the little boys that maybe they will trade their soul for it. Anyway, the cost is not too expensive and the downside when the item is not expensive, every Tom, Dick and Harry might be wearing the same costume and it will not be fair to the little boy.
Posted by Corzhens on 04-09-2018