Desktop PC

Desktop PC
Many people today still use the desktop computers , You see them when you are out and about maybe job interview or career's appointment in the local town centre they all use them. You get people using computers for programming or for other word documenting you can even tell some members on youtube use these for filming there gaming experiences to share online.

As these desktop pc's are much more powerful for the gaming experience. You can easily upgrade on your own if you know what you are doing. But these day's it is so easy to upgrade your desktop pc. For example say you need to boost memory or a newer graphics card depending on your system can take newer cards it is always best to check your specs first. You can buy your graphics card or other parts and just screw off the tower panel and replace parts reading the instructions and so on. The desktop pc as been around many years , my first pc was a 486 :( these was very slow but these day's they are a lot more powerful to date and can handle a lot of the newer games which are coming out but be sure to keep the system and parts up to date.

Can have bigger screen and relax at a desk and use a mouse.
Upgrade parts a lot more easier and replace parts

Too much room taken up by the whole PC To many wires



PC is better

I use PC and I love to use it. I have also used Laptop for several months but I will go with PC. Because you can change any kind of parts of your PC within cheaper price. On the other hand you will need to pay much money to change Laptop's parts. For Laptop you will need to use USB mouse and keyboard to work comfortably.
Posted by NomanProdhan on 04-30-2017


For me PC is much better and easier to use than laptops.In PCs we can keep the keyboard and mouse at a comfortable position,but in a laptop the keyboard is fixed,unless you connect another USB keyboard which would look totally lame.Also upgrading and repairing PCs are much cheaper and easier.If you are playing games,then I don't think laptop is a good idea.So my choice is PC....
Posted by achi007 on 04-29-2017

You can UPGRADE!

Desktop PCs have more power. The desktop's processors are faster than laptop's models, you have better power supply units (PSU), you have more airflow, the processor will cold down quickly, you can have bigger screens. Another fact is that you can actually upgrade Desktop PCs, you can change the whole processor (for example i5 to i7) you can upgrade your RAM memory, install liquid refrigeration (no dust and better temperatures), add more internal Hard Drives or SSDs. Laptops are great because you can travel with them but if I have to choose I would go with Desktop PC all the way!
Posted by wezegan on 05-01-2017

More power and upgradable

Because I am a gamer, I like desktops. They are upgrade able, you only need to change the component that has been outdated, unlike laptop where if you processor is high end but GPU is low-end you gotta change whole laptop not just CPU or GPU. And also desktop tend to give more for less price, Even if you are building from scratch you can actually get all of PC together cheaper than buying a laptop with same or near specifications.
Posted by contracterboss on 05-06-2017

More power for the cost

I find you can get more power for your dollar if you build a desktop. I think the driving force behind this is that PC's give you the option to upgrade individual parts as they become outdated. This is significantly cheaper than having to purchase a completely new laptop after it has outlived its usefulness.

Don't get me wrong, I love my laptop as it lets me work on the go when I can't lug my monstrosity of a desktop around, but in terms of cost and power, my desktop will always outperform my laptop.

Posted by TheArticulate on 05-05-2017

I'm a gamer

I'm a gamer so I must vote for the desktop PC. It's just, hands down, the better option. The desktop is much stronger than laptops. If you know how to build a desktop PC yourself they can also be really cheap to make. Gaming laptops are ridiculously overpriced and nowhere near as good as proper desktop PC. Also, desktop computers have more hardware available than laptops.

I feel more comfortable sitting in my big comfy chair, having a nice wide monitor and playing or doing work on desktop PC.

I just don't see how I could do it on a laptop with a small screen and plug-in mouse.

Your preference will, of course, depend on what you use your computer for.

Posted by Mehano on 05-21-2017


I have grown up playing PC games since I was 5 or so. You can place keyboards and mouse in a more ensconced position than laptops. Upgrading can be easier done on PC than on laptops. I am a gamer, and PCs are suitable for gaming, but laptops aren't.
Posted by dap1900 on 05-10-2017

Desktop PC for those who work at home

Apart from the fact that one needs to remember to charge a laptop one needs a comfortable place to work on a laptop. On the other hand a desktop pc is kept in one place where one can sit comfortably and do their work. Since it is directly connected the bother of remembering to charge it does not arise. There are cases where a laptop is left behind in a taxi or a train and that will not happen with a desktop.
Posted by iamawriter on 05-15-2017

I'm a gamer so Desktop

Laptops are great because of their flexibility, but desktops can handle much more in the way of processors, graphic cards, and much much more RAM. The space that a PC takes up is definitely worth it. As a gamer, I won't deny I'm pretty biased on the subject. Still, I choose desktop.
Posted by AlexHarris on 05-15-2017

As a laptop user, I prefer desktop.

I own a laptop and I love it, it's portable, easy to carry, and I can get my work done just about anywhere. But that's mainly what it's for, working/surfing the web anytime, anywhere you want. But you are limited to your laptop's specs when it comes to gaming, since most laptops have their GPU embedded to the motherboard, so it's basically irreplaceable. And even if the laptop has the highest specs it can get for gaming, it will still not match a custom desktop build for gaming. To top it all off, desktops are cheaper.
Posted by arachnophobik on 06-15-2017

I prefer PC

Don't get me wrong laptops are great, but when we get down to the nuts and bolts its PC all the way. When you compare price and performance a $400 PC will have roughly the same performance of a $700 laptop.

And if you're a gamer the leap is even greater. A $900 gaming PC has the same performance as a $1800 gaming laptop. Which is why I only buy desktops!

Posted by Soulwatcher on 08-20-2017

The laptop is essential for the business man or woman. You see many walking around these day's and catching trains and so on with there laptops. There are great for business and keep all your work with you at all times.

They are small in size and do not take up any room at all , and easy can be put away when not at use. So weather your a business person and need to keep up to date with the stock markets with the wifi in may places the laptop is essential for your needs or for work documents pdfs and more.

A lot of people today have laptops and even my self have a great laptop . Easy to use and relax with it on your lap while sat on the couch and been comfy. You can also use them for gaming but this depends on your specs which will relay on which kind of games for example new releases which may much be better on a gaming pc. But laptop's a currently a great way on the go how about relaxing in a cafe with your laptop checking twitter or facebook. Many places have wifi these days and some are free. Even most the buses have wifi so you can check in online mostly anytime.

Can sit on the sofa with it on your lap and watch tv at same time and feel more comfortable. No wires only when charging

depends on the laptop but some have smaller screens. Some need charging very quickly .



It's difficult to choose between the two

I like using both, but most of the time, I'm using my laptop. It's because I'm not always at home. Portability is the best thing about a laptop computer. You can bring it anywhere you want if you need to, and you can use it while in any position you're comfortable with. It's convenient to have one especially during times when I get too lazy to get out of my bed but need to finish a research or something. Desktop computers are good to have too. What to use really depends on a person's need. If you're a gamer, a desktop pc is preferred because it gives you a better performance and better graphics than using your regular laptop. There are really good gaming laptops out there, though. If you're using a lot of large programs, you will need a computer that can take more RAM. The upgradability of a desktop pc is also something to consider, too. There is no denying that a desktop computer is more powerful than a laptop, but there are a lot of good laptops out there that can be as powerful, too. So my suggestion when buying is that if you can have both, then do so (LOL :P), but if you have to choose only one, then take great consideration in choosing and don't just pick based on popularity or appearance.
Posted by Anonymous on 05-10-2017

Tough one for me!

This was a tough decision for me as I love my laptop. I love to be able to have the freedom of being able to sit anywhere I want to in the house or out of the house and be able to work without worrying about wires or it being too big to move around. As much as PC's are great because you can upgrade them and such they are too big to be taking around with you and often have to stay in one place and always be plugged in. I am someone who likes to be moving around and not always be stuck in one spot when I am working, having a laptop gives me that option with it being light enough to carry around and having the battery so I can be in any room of the house depending on what suits me at the time.
Posted by Shortie on 05-02-2017

Laptop is my cup of tea

I love my laptop. In this age of wireless technology, I am not going to be tied down by the wires from the desktop. Having the freedom and option to bring my laptop wherever I go is a huge plus for me which I can’t do with the desktop.

Having the laptop with me when im out is like having a personal assistant beside you whereby you can get things done or retrieve information in a jiffy wherever you are. Of course, I can do that with my smartphone too but I would definitely prefer not squinting my eyes reading off the phone. This has to be one of the best piece of technological equipment that was ever created.

Posted by ry78an on 05-02-2017
Arturo Jr. Pereyra

My Handy Buddy

Laptops are easy to carry, portable and way more convenient.
Posted by Arturo Jr. Pereyra on 05-03-2017

I love working on the go

Desktop supporters will often talk about its power and customizability. Laptop supporters brag about its portability. I tend to go for the latter. I like to use the computer on the bed, on the couch, on a table, or wherever I feel comfortable. I also use it at the office, on the train, and wherever the heck I am. I don't really care about power. If I can't bring it wherever I go, I can't use it.

If all you care about is playing the latest games that require high end specs, then the desktop is for you. For pretty much everything else, the laptop wins.

Posted by limberg on 05-04-2017

Laptop is my choice

Whether on my computer desk or not, i can have access to anything, be it online or offline I like laptop because it is potable.
Posted by Joelnexus on 05-05-2017

Laptops are more convenient

I prefer having a laptop because it's a lot easier to transport, its lightweight, and if I ever need a larger monitor, I can easily just plug it into my laptop. I dislike the idea that i'll be tied to my desk whenever I need to use my computer, like with a PC. I can go out to coffee shops and work on my computer, move around to different places in my apartment for a change of scenery, and more importantly, I can easily bring my laptop to class and work!
Posted by krystyltbh on 05-06-2017

Laptop is trendy

Laptop has got trend and style unlike a desktop which is a big box in our houses. Comparing a Laptop against a desktop is like comparing Led tvs with those big old, black and white tvs of stone age. Its incomparable.
Posted by mayorsunky on 05-15-2017

Portable/well crafted / up-gradable

I prefer laptop because of the ease of use and portability . Modern laptops can be upgrade to an extent and hardware ,technology and software don't have rapid growth as we have seen in first decade of 20th century.
Posted by BRC814 on 05-15-2017

I'll have to say Laptops

Laptops are just easy to access and get up and running. Not to mention it is absolutely portable. People might think laptops aren't powerful enough machines to complete certain task but take a look at Amazon the see there best laptops and you can choose the specs you would like in your laptop.
Posted by camshaq23 on 05-15-2017

Laptops are easier to carry

I have a Mac book pro and I love it, laptops are just as powerful as desktops computers now a days, and much easier to travel with, and since I work online, I can travel and work with my laptop, but I can't do the same on a desktop. back in the day desktops where on top because laptops had less features and capabilities, but that has changed a lot over the years.
Posted by kamar19 on 05-18-2017

Laptop is better

I own both, but I prefer Laptop, since I can take it anywhere I want. If I have unfinished work, and need to go someplace, I can take my laptop with me and continue it, while on my desktop, you can't do that. Desktop PC has greater power, storage, faster CPU than Laptop, but convenience is number one priority for me. so Laptop is the winner.
Posted by BeardedMamba on 06-08-2017
EJ Burg

only laptops for me

I always used to build and use desktop computers one after another and never thought I would ever turn to laptops, then I had to start moving from city to city for work and after the couple of moves I have to say having only a desktop computer became quite a hassle. I decided to turn to laptops and I am really glad I did. It saves me time, it's portable and always ready to use.
Posted by EJ Burg on 06-10-2017

My Kids Converted Me to Laptops

I used to think desktops were fantastic until my desktop finally died. My kids replaced it with a laptop. I thought that I wouldn't like it because of the built-in mouse. But then they bought me an old-fashion mouse and gave me a mouse pad. I'm happy happy!! May never go back to desktops again.
Posted by cmoneyspinner on 06-22-2017


I find laptops more practical for whatever you need to do. I had before a PC, but it got broken so I got my first laptop like three years ago, and it was a right choice.
Posted by reginafalange on 07-05-2017

Less space

It is portable and so I can carry around but it depends with the size of the laptop. A laptop doesn't emit a lot of energy compared to a desktop which does.

A laptop doesn't even need space compared to a desktop which will need some special space in your house.

Posted by mildredtabitha on 12-27-2017


With laptop, it is very convenient and easy to carry unlike PC's that it is nearly impossible to bring anywhere. Also, it could be use for presentations and reports that requires you to bring a computer. It's a work friendly, I could say.
Posted by ajahcuizon on 11-29-2018


I find that Desktop PC suits what my activity consists of more than a laptop. They also cost less compared to laptops due to the laptop having a higher cost on its display and miniaturized features. Laptops are also more prone to accidents and are pricier to repair compared to Desktop PCs. I would recommend PCs more than laptops, although they both have balanced pros and cons.
Posted by viries310 on 05-04-2017
The votes here are very fun to red. I love laptops.
Posted by Joelnexus on 05-05-2017
I can't make a choice because I love both my desktop and my laptop. In the day I am usually on my desktop and I must admit I love a manual keyboard and mouse because I make fewer typos but I like to lie on my bed at night on my laptop when I'm relaxing and of course it's portable. It's a tie for me as I wouldn't want to be without either.
Posted by littlewitch66 on 05-06-2017
Desktop computers? Do they still exist? I thought they were stone age now. I will prefer a laptop a million times over. They are portable, stylish and come in different shapes and sizes. Who would choose a desktop over that???
Posted by mayorsunky on 05-15-2017
Great debate, very interesting points on each side . I prefer laptop because of the ease of use and portability . Modern laptops can be upgrade to an extent and hardware ,technology and software don't have rapid growth as we have seen in first decade of 20th century.
Posted by BRC814 on 05-15-2017
I sure prefer the laptops. The big reason is mobility. I can use the computer wherever I want, in the bed, in the living room, on the sofa, and I will not be held hostage by the table and chair. For me, this is priceless :)
Posted by hermessantos on 06-07-2017
Surely I choose the Laptop, I already use mine is several years and for me it is the best option, because I can take it anywhere I go. With my Laptop I can work in my office, in the living room, in the kitchen, in the garden, anywhere. For me the Laptop is very practical and meets my needs.
Posted by Cauohashi on 06-15-2017
I use a laptop. Even when I go to work, I carry my laptop and don't work in the office desktop. Since my working files are on my laptop, I always work on my laptop. I began using a laptop because it was not only portable but also had inbuilt power back up. If I worked on desktop, I could not take it to the garden if I wanted to work there. Furthermore, I need to install back up power incase there is a cut in power supply.
Posted by vinaya on 08-21-2017
I really prefer having a Desktop computer as its more convenient and very easy to use for me. I think most of the people who are dependent on computer for their work will be more productive using desktop in terms of reliability and speed of the system. And its much cheaper too having a high end specs for your desktop rather than a laptop. The only advantage I can think of on having a laptop would be its portability and flexibility to move around anywhere you want and lesser space compared to a single Desktop unit.
Posted by narutos3nn1n on 10-01-2017
I agree with your point of view. the laptop is portable, you can take it anywhere you want and continue working on it. The only drawback of a desktop computer compared to the laptop is portability, You cannot carry your desktop to your kitchen when you want to, however, you can take your laptop to the garden and work on it.
Posted by vinaya on 01-29-2018
If you're hard-core gamers or a programmers/developers where you need a great graphics card, I suggest for you to use Desktop PC. But like me, I'm just using my Laptop mostly for my online jobs. A laptop is way more convenient to use especially when you travel, you can bring it wherever you go and can still do anything you need to do using your laptop. There are some laptops that are now as powerful as a desktop. Between those two, I will simply choose laptop than a desktop. It's also better to use laptops just in case of a blackout where you don't need to worry about losing the files/data that you're doing for hours.
Posted by ColdFlameChris on 11-30-2017
I have always prefer the laptop because of its portability. With laptop you can work anyway just carry it along pack to anywhere you are going to.I love the fact that it is re- chargeable just charge it and use it for a long while unlike desktop.
Posted by lovely on 12-09-2017
I prefer the laptop to the desktop because it is more portable and it does not consume too much space and you can work with it any where.
Posted by babyright on 12-13-2017
We have an old desktop that we bought in 2009. And although it is still running okay, I bought a new laptop last year to have a backup for that old desktop. In fact, that desktop is running on Windows XP and had twice experienced a broken system disk. The laptop is portable and convenient to use anywhere. However, my husband still prefers the desktop although he is now using the laptop regularly in alternate with the desktop. By the way, the laptop is running under Windows 7.
Posted by Corzhens on 01-30-2018
For gaming nothing beats a PC more so if it's configured as a gaming PC. Laptops in my opinion are not as powerful as PCs and I have issues about it's battery life. More and more people nowadays are exchanging their laptops for tablets because it's more energy efficient and easier to use and it's also not as bulky as a laptop. For overall performance I have to choose the PC.
Posted by Kakashi2020 on 10-16-2018
I actually prefer laptop as it's portable so I can just use it anywhere I want, even places without the power sockets as there is built-in battery for laptop. Besides the portability, it saves space too. I just need a space on the desk to put the laptop, but not on the floor. But since desktop PC is usually less expensive with the same specifications, I am working from home and not likely to carry my computer anywhere, so I chose to buy a desktop PC. If budget is not a concern, I would actually choose a laptop.
Posted by kaka135 on 10-30-2018
In the Convenience and Portability department, it's definitely Laptop but when it comes to Reliability and Usability, I'll vote for PC. Between the two I would choose PC simply because it's more powerful. I think laptops would soon be obsolete because people will all be using smartphones, phablets and tablets which are smaller and lighter than a laptop.
Posted by Kakashi2020 on 11-06-2018
I’m a PC gamer so I’m going to generally prefer desktops. This is because not only do they come with better performance at a cheaper price than laptops, but they’re easier to modify and customize. Once you buy a laptop, you’re pretty much stuck with the hardware that you got. That being said, here I am stuck with a gaming laptop that I bought over four years ago. It’s not that it hasn’t served me well, but the time has come for an update but I just can’t convince myself to get something new while this one still works. For the $2000 I paid for it, I could’ve gotten a really fantastic desktop setup, but I got the laptop more out of necessity than desire.
Posted by Denis_P on 11-12-2018