Did Ramos injure Salah on purpose in champions league final

Did Ramos injure Salah on purpose in champions league final
If anyone watched the champions league final match between Real Madrid and Liverpool, there was a major debatable incident that took place in the match, which was the encounter between Ramos and Salah that left the Egyptian with a dislocated shoulder.

Some people are of the opinion that Ramos intentionally injured Salah on purpose in order to eliminate a major threat against them in the match.

What is your opinion on this?


I watch the match and I never saw that fall.as a premeditated thing I know as humans our minds will always play tricks with us especially with it concerns an opponent even it,it was just a coincidence we wouldn't want to believe or look at it that way.Well,I wouldn't still rule out an intentional act of this nature by an opponent but from.what I saw on.my.screen I think Sarah wasnt intentionally injured by Ramos.it was just an unfortunate encounter that someone badly got injured. My opinion though.
Posted by lovely on 05-29-2018
I share your with your thoughts as well in regards to this issue. It was a very tense match between two teams looking for the chance to save their season with a silverware. Even though Ramos has been known to be a dirty, rough and tough defender to go against, I believe that his tussle with Salah wasn't intentionally done to injure him. Moreover, it was actually Salah's right arm that got entangled with Ramos's hand but it was Salah's left shoulder that got dislocated.
Posted by Martinsx on 05-29-2018
Agree, both teams and players are professionals, and the match was really hard, because they both played really well. People tend to make this opinion, due to the fact Ramos has shown his rude side before, so when this happened it was considered intentional. However, when you watch it again on replay, it looks completely accidental, or at least to me. I'm so sorry about Salah, because he's one of my favorites, but accidents happen, especially on very intense matches like these where there is so much on it.
Posted by ballyhara on 06-04-2018
I agree with you. Especially if we have our bias, our favor would always turn to the ones that we support. It's hard to tell if it was done on purpose or not.
Posted by theresajane on 11-13-2018
The only thing that is going against Sergio Ramos after the case with Salah is all because Sergio has always been a struggle defender that uses every possible means to get results for this Madrid team that he is the captain for. However, I am still not clear on why some people will feel that he intentionally wanted to injure Salah for that is not the way that some great football players think. I am so sorry for Salah and wishes him a quick recovery as he recovers from the injury.
Posted by Barida on 05-29-2018
Injuries can come at any time in all sports and soccer is definitely not excluded from such cases as well. It's true just as you said that Ramos has been known as a mean rough player, at least for the record, he is highest red carded and yellow carded player in Spain but in the case of his encounter with Salah, I believe it's as a result of his past behavior that makes people feel that he wanted to injure Salah on purpose.
Posted by Martinsx on 05-30-2018
Well I was rooting for Liverpool and I'm not really a fan of Real Madrid, but in this case I would say that it was accidental because there's no reason for Ramos to hurt Salah, let's face it, it's a very physical sport and sometimes accidents happen. With Ramos stature, hurting Salah would be the last thing in his mind. I made a bet in that game and I lost. But it shows that Real Madrid is really a powerhouse.
Posted by Kakashi2020 on 05-30-2018
When you looked at the success of Real Madrid in European competition, they are practically the king of Champions league for having won it 12 times before meeting with Liverpool in this year's encounter. It was definitely going to be a tough game and no player was going to be giving its opponents any opportunity to intimidated them. So therefore, it was bound to be a tough game. From the incident between Ramos and Salah, it appeared that Salah was the one who grabbed Ramos arm first while trying to run past him, but Ramos held back and still managed to kick the ball away as they both fell and Salah landed on his left shoulder which led to his injury. If Ramos was trying to injure him, I doubt he would be looking to still kick the ball in the process of their battle.
Posted by Martinsx on 06-03-2018
Well I did not watch even a single match of the Champions League. I love watching football (we don't call it soccer like the Americans) and football is one of my favorite games. When I was young, I enjoyed football. However, I only like to watch football when it is played between the two countries. Therefore, I like world cup, euro cup, asia cup, copa america etc.
Posted by vinaya on 05-30-2018
Well, I would categorically put it as a big shame that you didn't get a chance to watch the heated champions league final match between Real Madrid and Liverpool, it was actually a great match encounter but you missed it all.

It's alright that you are more into world cup tournament, so therefore in less than 10 days, the world cup that is hosted in Russia would kick off and you will get to enjoy it.
Posted by Martinsx on 06-04-2018
Though most people say it is not intentional but he had it in mind to tackle Salah in a crude way to get him injured easily, Ramos has been known for rough tackles against top strikers in the spanish league and in the El classico matches. He got away with it now but at the world cup he will get yellow and red card for his dangerous tackles.
Posted by babyright on 05-30-2018
Let me correct an impression, if you did watch the match, Ramos never looked to try and have any contact with Salah but it was Salah who raced up to him who is already in front of him and grabbed his arm trying to pull him back and run past Ramos before Ramos had to protect himself by pulling back as well and still went for the ball. So how was it that he wanted to injure Salah?
Posted by Martinsx on 06-05-2018
Unfortunately, we will never know whether or not Ramos really did mean to injure Salah. The thing for me is that Ramos is definitely the type of person to try something like this so I'm not surprised that this happened. The thing is he has done something like this before, there was actually a video online that compiled every single event where something like this has happened where Ramos has been involved.
Posted by kingcool52 on 06-01-2018
In football, when you are playing against a known aggressive player, it's important to play safe and not trying to engage the player in a power tussle because you are definitely going to be on the receiving end of his aggressive play. Ramos is known to be a very aggressive mean player and even dirty player as well, so Salah first engaging him in arm drag in the process of running after ball was his first major mistake and it's what got him injured.
Posted by Martinsx on 06-21-2018
I'm not a football fan, and honestly, I don't know them. But I think in sports generally, there always some player who plays dirty during the game. Is part of the game, but I'm not tolerate them. I think the game official should be strict to the dirty player and be banned forever in sports if they're intentionally wants to injure the opponents. It's not a good sports anymore might ruin the career of some player because of this unprofessional dirty player.
Posted by ion on 06-06-2018
You are very correct my friend, in all sports there are always dirty players and in the case of Ramos and M. Salah, Ramos seemed to be the aggressor with how he fell with M. Salah's arm locked in his arm. It's true that Ramos happens to be an aggressive player but I wouldn't classify him as a dirty player. If it was to be his former teammate Pepe of Portugal, I would agree that he is a dirty player and must have intention of harming M. Salah.
Posted by Martinsx on 07-14-2018
As I watch the world cup, my thoughts are is that game looks more like rugby and wrestling then football. If you watch the matches of any league you realize that players literally fight for the ball. I wonder why they are allowed to be so rough.If you can be so rough as to dislocate a players shoulder, I don't think its worth it, especially because they are some injuries that can slow down or even end you career.In this case I don't think that this tackle was done to hurt, but he should be held responsible for being careless. Why grab the ball from him like that, it is never really that serious.
Posted by jaymish on 06-20-2018
To be honest with you, it wasn't Ramos that first grabbed M. Salah's arm, it was Salah who when he was trying to run past Ramos who was already ahead of him in chasing the ball that Salah stuck out his arm to grab and drag back Ramos. Ramos been the aggressive player that he was pulled him as well, kicked the ball and fell dragging him down. So, I can't really say he planned to hurt him but it's the event that led to M. Salah getting injured.
Posted by Martinsx on 07-15-2018
I think that there's quite a high chance that it was on purpose and most people will agree with me, just because Salah is one of Liverpool's best players and he was the key to victory, take him out and you can take the game. There have been speculations afterwards that Salah himself is responsible for the fall, but I'm not quite sure about that, because Ramos was doing some joint locks and so on.
Posted by manmad on 07-13-2018
I can agree that M. Salah was Liverpool's best player but I can't really say that he getting injured and leaving the match was the reason why they failed to beat Real Madrid and lost the final.

Remember that the score was 0-0 when he went out and Real Madrid scored one goal but they responded immediately through Mane. It was their goalkeeper that gifted Real Madrid the win. So the injury of M. Salah had zero impact on the match in my opinion.
Posted by Martinsx on 07-15-2018
No one can answer that question except the player himself. Things like this happen. Though there are falls and accidents that look like they were planned, we really don't know, all we can do is assume. However, as we all know, players can be so aggressive during the game. As much as we want them to observe sportsmanship, there is really no stopping them and for a player, nothing is more important than winning the game.
Posted by theresajane on 10-17-2018
Contact sports such as this one is really expected to have injury cases. Especially if the stakes are high, adrenaline rushes more than ever. Key players would do everything in their capabilities because that is what is expected to be the ace in the field. So whether it was unintentional, or unconsciously it is, the truth of the matter is not we may never know. It happened in the heated moment and even the players may never know their actions well. For we know there may be no lawsuits if the other team won.
Posted by emiaj55 on 10-21-2018
Well, as a football player, I can only say some mistakes are don either intentionally, while others are not planned. Ramos had no plans to injure Salah, but the tactic was so hard the end results were bad.
Posted by Focusedwriter10 on 11-08-2018