Digital textbooks

Digital textbooks
Digital textbooks have become a norm these days. They can be viewed on different devices and they help to strike the right balance between the uses of technological equipment for educational purposes. The device can be multipurpose, and so different tasks can be handled and various skills may be taught as a result. It is easier to make the most of time that would otherwise be not that well utilized. It is also possible to access different references from it, because of links and meta links, which is not possible with hard copies. It is also possible to copy the links and store them, without using another note book and pen or pencil. Likewise, it is possible to share the content online more easily with friends, students, or teachers, making discussing or getting clarifications much easier and quicker. It is possible to highlight and remove the highlight as needed. Digital textbooks do not get spoiled or torn. The major drawback is that they are often read on small devices, though the size of the script can be expanded as much as needed. Another drawback is that they require batteries or a power source. Another disadvantage is that having to constantly stare at a screen may not be good for the eyes. However when considering how convenient, portable and multipurpose they are, there is surely going to be an increase in their use over the coming years.

a. Long lasting textbooks which are not prone to wear and tear; b. It is easier to do references, ask for clarifications, share the links or part of the content, c. There is no device restriction. Therefore, they can be accessed on anybody’s device or different devices. d. They are also portable, since they have no weight per se, other than the weight of the device which is already being carried around for other purposes too. Several textbooks can be accessed on the same device too. e. The devices usually have an inner light so the student does not really need an external light. f. It is easy to copy and paste without having to note down anything.

a. Battery power or other power source is necessary for using this type of textbook. b. If the content is being read on a small device one may tire out his/her eyes. c. Sometimes data can get corrupted.



Easy choice for me

I've been A long supporter of physical textbooks. But the more I use digital textbooks, the more I love them. We are moving towards a paperless society. Yet peeps still like to have physical books?

Digital books are the way to go. You can carry them anywhere as long as you have a phone or a tablet. Your digital book collection won't take up several bookshelves unlike physical books. Having physical books is like having your own library in your pocket. Aside from portability, you can also do lots of things with ebooks like copy texts, make annotations, and the like.

Ebooks all the way.

Posted by limberg on 11-30-2017

DIgital books are easy to handle.

I am not a person who was born in the digital era of things that is 2000's. So I know how a book feels and why most people prefer reading an actual book. But the thing is, I had harsh memories while carrying 6-10 kgs of weight behind my back. While I think if I had digital books than all those years of carrying so much weight could have been easier. Other than that carrying a single tablet like a kindle with all my stuff either in PDF's or basic digital membership is way better. Then comes the reading part of all this where one can read in any font size his eyes feel comfortable at. That are some perks which make me feel great about the tech world.
Posted by muaaz.93 on 01-16-2018


Personally when I was in college I was having a hard time in time management. I was not able to have enough time to read books because I commute from home to school and from school to home 4 hours a day. Indeed, traffic in our country is a great time waster. I go home and different household chores were needed to be done and I barely have time to study and do my homework. Good thing is that digital books are there. Unlike traditional books, I don't have to turn the page and carry a very heavy book while in a ride which I find bothersome. I just have to tap or swipe to turn a page.
Posted by Vinsanity on 03-31-2018


Although traditional books are aesthetically pleasing and is much more healthier for the eyes, I still prefer ebooks/soft copies because they're portable and could be accessed in just one device and is totally environment friendly. Although, you still need electricity to access them which is definitely a problem in times of power shortage.
Posted by jaybee19 on 11-07-2018


Traditional textbooks (hard copies)

Traditional textbooks (hard copies)
Hard copies of textbooks are slowly becoming obsolete. They are heavy and can get ruined when they are accidentally torn, or some liquid falls on them. Any highlighting on them is permanent and as a result scribbling can easily ruin them. It is not easy to do references on any topic. Likewise sharing the content of the textbook is not easy as one will need to resort to copying. A source of light is essential to read such textbooks. Unlike digital textbooks, which can be accessed on different devices anywhere, these textbooks have to be carried around, and they are quite heavy. The plus points of hardcopies are that they do not require the purchase of a device, and so they can be more affordable. But if one needs several textbooks, then it may be more cost effective to have digital textbooks which can be made available on the same device. Also, they do not require power.

a. They do not require power source. b. They do not get corrupted.

a. They are voluminous and not easy to carry around. b. They require a light source. c. They are easily destructible and prone to wear and tear. d. They cannot be used easily for reference work, or sharing.



Hard Copies

I think most schools tend to still use traditional textbooks and it will be like this for a while because of the fact that schools just cannot afford to get tablets for each child so that they can have their own digital textbook. It's just not worth the investment as yet so most schools will find traditional textbooks to be a lot better
Posted by kingcool52 on 11-29-2017


I think it is nice to have an actual copy to read and to study from. I am all for the traditional way. There is a lot of information online and not all of it is real or true. Textbooks are filled with facts that are true and have been researched. I prefer a rral book over a digital copy.
Posted by Sue on 11-30-2017

Old way

Since I'm still from the older generation, we all used normal traditional textbooks every day of education... even when we went to the university, it was the same. One or two people had laptops but the rest of us didn't bring any technology such as tablets.

Also, if the schools are supposed to be providing these tablets and the digital textbooks, most of them couldn't afford it. Just imagine how expensive it would be.

Besides, having a book in your hands is a completely different feeling than on a screen.

Posted by Mehano on 11-30-2017
Jonathan Solomon

Old Fashioned

Well, I like the principle of digital textbooks. This is a case where technology can be used to truly make your life more efficient. As well as the purpose of data storage too. Despite having access to digital textbooks, I still prefer the tradition hard copies with paper and all. Personally, between my smartphone and laptop, I stare at enough digital screens on a daily basis. During my study time, I prefer to be away from a device and staring at an electronic screen, altogether. Yes, tradition hard copies can be worn over time, so modern technology does win there. Even though I'll still need a source of light to read these hard copies as well, I'll take the old-fashioned way on any given day.
Posted by Jonathan Solomon on 12-01-2017

I'm tired of computers.

I like the feel of a good paper book. It's easy on the eyes, especially when you spend most of the day on computers. Also, as some have noted, you don't need a power source. However, though, I can understand why some people would prefer the opposite. The electronic stuff is often cheaper (but not always) and many books can be placed on one device.
Posted by jyy on 02-08-2018

I prefer hard copies

I always prefer reading a physical book, rather than an ebook, though I read ebooks as well. If I am just reading for leisure, I don't mind reading an ebook. But for textbooks, I believe we will have to read it many times, I think reading a physical book will be easier and better for our eyes. It's easier to reference a traditional textbook than a digital textbook as well, I don't think I would like to scroll up and down to look for a section in the book, though I know there might be bookmarks for digital books as well.
Posted by kaka135 on 12-11-2018

Technology Breaks!

I go with the traditional textbooks for the simple reason technology breaks! Yeah sure! You can rip pages out of books. But still ... some of the pages are still there for you to read. If the Internet goes down or your Kindle or tablet breaks you can't read anything!
Posted by cmoneyspinner on 01-01-2018

Hard Copies

You're being forced to study when you see the physical item. In case of digital that is something harder to concentrate. And it makes things harder to learn too. I prefer to make use of the physical copies of the book. Most of them are known as hard copies. I think they should be used as much as possible.
Posted by overcast on 12-01-2017
gata montes

More reliable - don't malfunction

Much as I think that many of the advances we have in technology today are pretty awesome to say the least - this is one area where I still prefer the old way of doing things

Mainly because - for some reason whether studying or reading for pleasure - not only have I found that I absorb a whole lot more content when using a traditional book - but also that - the whole process is way, way more enjoyable - when I can actually touch and physically turn the pages.

Apart from which - traditional textbooks are definitely much more reliable - particularly as - unlike the other option - they don't ever run out of batteries or malfunction!

Posted by gata montes on 12-02-2017

Can't study without them

I HATE digital textbooks. I can never process the information from them. If a class doesn't have the option of a traditional textbook then I have to print all the digital textbook pages out. I need to be able to highlight text and take notes. I just can't do that the same way in a digital format.
Posted by anna on 12-06-2017


I'm in favor of the progress of technology, but in some specific cases like those of the books, I am in favor of the old way of looking at things (in this case, reading things, haha). Hard copies, please.

Plus: I love the smell of new books.

Posted by wiseagent on 11-29-2017
Same here, nothing can compared to the smell of a new book, specially if you are an avid reader like me. I do like technology too, and I know it shows the evolution of knowledge, obviously is more practical too. But some things are better in the traditional way, and books is one of them.

Practice more the traditional textbooks

We all know how fast our world ia changing through technology. Almost all of our works are now running by technology. But in the case of learning, I stay to use traditional book (hard copies) than digital textbooks. Even though sometimes books are heavy, you can read it anytime you want and anywhere you want. But with the digital textbooks, your time is limited in reading it because of the battery life of the gadget even though you have a powerbank with you. And also sometimes, gadgets is hot target of thieves. So I stick with the traditional textbooks (hard copies).
Posted by blank629 on 12-03-2017

not used to reading on a screen

I may change my mind if I get a tablet specialized for reading but as for reading it on a regular tablet I just find it a lot more enjoyable reading on an actual book instead. Also I like having something to hold and feeling the paper as I'm more used to it. I think touching the actual book and seeing the cover adds to the experience.
Posted by Wubwub on 08-26-2018

Familiar with this.

I've been using the traditional textbooks for quite a period of time now and I have to admit that I've not had the reason to change such attitude for its ease of access. I don't get afraid of using the soft copy when the device is low on battery since I can read the hard copies.
Posted by Barida on 12-06-2017


Easier to retain information and easier to access where I need to get information. Digital is convenient on the weight load but it's not the best if you want to retain information or stories. Science has proven that physical books are better.
Posted by Rhodolite on 11-30-2017

Its all about the smell and the Sensation that it

Reading a book create an atmosphere for me that creates a peace in my mind. This would set up my mood to read through each word until I reach the very last page of the book. Touching through pages makes memories that you actually reading the book.
Posted by Jerwin101 on 11-29-2017

Traditional textbooks are the real thing

Traditional textbooks are the original ones, it makes the reader experience the true reading experience. Using digital ones can have distractions since there can be other applications and the emitted radiation from the screens. Reading traditional books satisfies not only the eyes and the brain but also the sense of touch and smell. Traditional textbooks make studying and reading easier because you can highlight important points and write down notes while in digital textbooks you may also do so but I think it isn't just as effective like in traditional textbooks.
Posted by menchuuy58 on 12-13-2018


Digital textbooks is convenient especially if you are on travel and want to read. You could read different books without the hassle of carrying it. With your laptop or mobile devices, you could bring all of your favorite books. It would also be great if traditional books used in grade school will be replaced by digital formats because here in our country, the students need to carry lots of books every day when they go to school. I have a son in grade school that suffers in bringing his books every day. Students here in our country carries huge bags that they seems like they're going for a long travel.
Posted by vhinz on 11-30-2017
It's hard to really pick one or the other because both have their benefits.

Digital textbooks are great for their convenience factor. Often times they tend to be cheaper and easier to acquire. On top of that, they don't put a strain on your back when you have professors who demand you bring the reading material into class.

Traditional, hard copy textbooks are less convenient but I feel that the textile experience of holding a book in your hand and flipping through the pages somehow helps in the learning process. For one reason or another, I feel that I absorb information better when it comes off the pages of an actual book.
Posted by Denis_P on 12-01-2017
Led by exclusive schools for the wealthy, classes are now using the tablet instead of the traditional textbook. The rationale is that textbooks are heavy to be carried by the student when only 1 or 2 pages are needed for the day. And to relieve the students of the burden, some schools are shifting to the digital version of the classroom textbooks. I go for the digital version for purposes of convenience.
Posted by Corzhens on 12-01-2017
I think the traditional books are still the best. You can see that traditional books have their own set of the changes that may make you wonder. I have seen that digital textbooks require some level of the storage and also need the light all the time. I think on that basis I think hard copies is something I'd not much hold in near future. But I hope that they remain in the market.
Posted by overcast on 12-01-2017
When I was a student, there were no digital textbooks for us. From the kindergarten to my master's program, I used hard copies of text books. Howeve,r these days digital textbooks are becoming popular and I believe my child will be using digital textbooks instead of hard copies. However, I see a drawback in using digital books. Overuse will drain the battery and you may not be able to use digital book.
Posted by vinaya on 12-01-2017
I prefer the digital textbooks now, one doesn't need to spend money buying voluminous books everything is compressed into pages and are stored in a systematic way that one can retrieve it another. if one needs to discard an old storage, which could be an device one simply copy the files to a memory card and that's it.It doesn't wear or tear.
Posted by lovely on 12-05-2017
For me i will like to use more of hard copies of textbooks than to use digital ones, this is because the traditional copies of textbooks is always available for you to read at any point in time without relying on any power source to charge batteries like in digital textbooks and it cannot be corrupted even for thousands of years.
Posted by babyright on 12-05-2017
I grew-up using traditional textbooks. On this new generation that digital textbook is widely used, nothing can replace the traditional textbooks wherein you can have a real book that you can move the pages.
Posted by Scarlet on 12-06-2017
Digital books are not in trend with the schools yet. If Education ministry had implemented it, I am sure the pupils and students would be happier to bring along Ipad than hard copies book to school Do you know how heavy are text books? 25kg for a 35kg school boy to carry, that is 2 packets of rice for a kid to carry to school.
Posted by peachpurple on 12-07-2017
I like traditional textbooks. I think there is soemthing to be gained from being able to hold a book in your hand and turn the pages. Many people grew up with these kinds of texts and really appreciate them as a way to learn.
Posted by kgord on 12-12-2017
I would prefer old textbooks but it is better to welcome the new technology. The schools I went to as a kid have all been using old books and so I aam so used to them. Though I feel the modern books and the internet have made reading to much easier.
Posted by mildredtabitha on 12-14-2017
I prefer the traditional textbooks for many reasons. It is very difficult to study from those digital textbooks. I get headaches whenever I read from those digital textbooks for extended hours. It is more convenient for me to carry physical books around. I really love to read books while I'm at the beach and I can't carry my laptop to the beach. I prefer the physical books.
Posted by Pixie on 12-31-2017
I like the idea of being able to read books on a computer, tablet or cell phone. But I confess that I am a big fan of books in paper format. I like this format because with them I do not need to rely solely on a computer, tablet or cell phone. I just need to have the book on hand so I can read it anytime, anywhere.
Posted by hermessantos on 01-30-2018
I prefer to read in traditional textbooks, this will help me to focus and concentrate on what I am studying for and not be distracted by the applications and social media that was in the same setting of your digital textbooks. And I can also put some highlights on what is important, you can do it on digital textbooks too, however, I can't stay too long while looking at the screen, it gives me strained eyes and just fall asleep. And I can also be distracted because, in just one swipe, I will just scroll through media.
Posted by vivalavanda on 02-21-2018
Traditional textbooks is still the best way to read or study. I have nothing against digital books and i think its a good technology. But traditional textbooks cannot be replaced by a digital one just because its a tradition. Also some people find traditional books more enticing because of the overall properties that it gives... the interactivity , the pages , and even the smell of a real book.
Posted by fishbate on 04-24-2018
I think it is better to have digital textbooks. I think this is pure common sense, how much paper would the world save ? Alot. I live in a country that is constantly updating the syllabus and thus the books. Students have to keep buying new books every year. This makes no sense to me. It is just wasteful. It is better to have digital texbook that can be updated and sold to students. What should people do with the old books. I believe that this completely destroys our environment and they will no tress when future generations are born. Just my two cents.
Posted by jaymish on 07-10-2018
You just raise a perfect point there that is why I believe that books should be digitalize so save cost and other environmental cost. i dont think technology was innovated for fancy it was to assist us of. modernize things and bring about more creativity. Some traditional ways of doing things should be dumped.
Posted by lovely on 08-26-2018
This is really true! But of course producing traditional books is a business. Big companies will be greatly affected if all books will be digitized. Maybe this is one of the hidden reasons why textbooks are still in use in this modern society.
Posted by vhinz on 10-31-2018
Traditional textbooks are a lot more better compared to digital textbooks. In digital textbooks, your eyes would be easily damage due to radiation form the gadgets compared to the traditional books, we can make important high light, write something on the side and make important notes.
Posted by luv2xacosta on 12-13-2018
Traditional textbooks is beyond just reading it but it creates a whole different experience than reading from digital textbooks. Digital textbooks can cause harm to our eyes due to radiation and also distractions while reading because of other applications that may be present. Traditional textbooks can be more effective and efficient than the digital textbooks.
Posted by menchuuy58 on 12-13-2018
I fully agree with what you said about the harm that can do to you when you are reading digital textbook. Especially for the young students their eyes may suffer from the glare of the monitor. But I have to agree that the digital textbook is very convenient and you can even read it when you are anywhere as long as you have your phone or tablet with you. But for older people like me I would prefer reading the printed form whether it is a textbook or even magazine or newspaper.
Posted by Corzhens on 12-17-2018