Digital wall clock

Digital wall clock
The world has gone digital and wall clocks are not left out, digitalized devices are highly in demand. Digital devices solves the problem of approximation, they give precise results. Digitalized wall clocks display time with extreme precision, you can easily know the time of the day without calculations, every aspect of digital wall clocks is simplified.

Displaying other information associated with time is easier when digitalized, days, month and other useful information like temperature can easily be displayed. Digital devices have many color options, the beauty associated with colors can never be overemphasized, they are significant and depict different values.

Digital wall clocks have exceptional color values, this makes them conspicuous even in darkness, you can take advantage of the brilliance of digital wall clocks and give your room a glow even in darkness. The power requirement for digital wall clocks vary, some are solar powered given them longevity advantage, most digital wall clocks are powered by batteries.

The batteries can easily be replaced, the durability of digital wall clocks is incredible, and you can save the stress associated with calling out time accurately, by opting for digital wall clocks.

• Time can be called out with ease. • Different color options. • Those with lighted display are conspicuous even in darkness. • Additional information like temperature can easily be added. • Different power options, solar and batteries.

• When the LED becomes faulty, time is read wrongly. • Some digital clocks have deem displays, you have to come close to see the time clearly.



Digital because I can read time in the night

While I like that I can understand the mechanics of a regular mechanical clock, nothing beats digital in my opinion. However, as a house clock, I like having a mechanical clock. But, during the night, the digital trumps it.
Posted by fushius on 07-26-2017

I support digital wall clock

Peoples are getting off from wall clock day by day. Every body have smartphone or cell phone. Every body have time watching habit from mobile or from cell phone now a days.

Thanks Centurion

Posted by centurion on 07-30-2017

Digital, please

In the vast majority of these "battles" that involve technological aspects, I always choose the more evolved side because I like to always wonder how the future will be, haha!

So, it's the digital one for me, there's no doubt about that. ;-)

Posted by WildSpirit on 07-26-2017


I rather the digital clocks because I'm not used to watch the hour with analogs. It's the most easy way we have to see the hour. I think I only like the analogs when people hang them on the walls, that's all. Other than that I would have only digital clocks on my house.
Posted by luispas on 07-26-2017

Let's get Digital here...

Aside from being the classical, more aesthetically pleasing model of the two, Analog clocks tend to require more adjustment to maintain time and accuracy than digital. With analogs, I've noticed that when the battery power is depleting, the clock begins to drop time. With digital clocks perhaps the display would dim but the time would maintain. The controls are usually readily available for digital clocks and with digital other features like perhaps a temperature gauge or battery light indicator come in very handy.
Posted by Joteque on 07-27-2017

Digital wall clock

I vote for digital wall clock. Its so easy the exact time. You don't have to use your mind and calculate the time. It readily gives you the right time.
Posted by jeffreyjose48 on 11-02-2018


Analog wall clock

Analog wall clock
Analog wall clocks are fashionable, the Orthodox nature gives it preeminence, making it favourite for many homes. Wall clocks are vital in homes and offices. A perfect means of keeping to time is desirable, because it helps you stay ahead of your schedules. Elaborate designs gives our rooms and offices a welcoming feel, people tend to appreciate exceptional designs, they add value to our homes.

Accuracy is paramount in time keeping, slight adjustment to the correct time, can have negative impact on your schedules. Analog wall clocks keep to time accurately, the level of precision of some clocks are incredible, they remain on point for years, no form of variation from the correct time.

The calibrations vary in style, some come without calibrations, calling out time depends extensively on the sight of the observer, and the type of calibration used. When the clock is calibrated stylishly or completely without calibration, the observer utilizes his ratiocination to know the approximate time. Wall clocks with detailed calibrations are easier to read, they save us from time error.

Analog wall clocks takes different shapes, some are spherical, triangular, square shaped and other irregular shapes. You can easily select the one that fit's your wall perfectly, analog wall clocks play significant roles in churches and large halls.

• Magnificent designs are available. • Conventionally accepted. • Different calibration styles are available. • Highly simplistic.

• Difficulty in time approximation. • Some are noisy.




I love the design of classical time pieces. Something about them just stirs a curiosity in me that provokes my imagination. Digital wall clocks strike me as weird; why would you want a cheap wrist watch from the 1980's on your wall when you could have something that is both functional and beautiful instead?
Posted by JaiGuru on 07-26-2017

Looks nice on any wall.

Since we're talking about wall clocks, I'll have to go with the analog ones. If you hang an analog clock at your wall, it would look classy and elegant as opposed to hanging a digital clock on your wall.

Aside from looking classy, it's also easier to tell the time on analog clocks when you're far away. My only gripe? Analog wall clocks could be a nuisance to your ears when you're trying to fall asleep. They would go tick tock tick tock. In the dead of the night.

Posted by limberg on 07-26-2017


I prefer the analog wall clock for a simple reason; it reminds me of the past and the good old times where there weren't any digital clocks yet. No house had ovens and microwaves with clocks like we do now.

I actually like the sound of the analog clock - it's a bit soothing if you just focus on that.

Posted by Mehano on 02-16-2018

The analog Clock

I don't know why but I prefer the classic clock, maybe I'm an old fashion guy who likes the old things and to be honest I hate changes in my life, so probably I like things to stay the same. Besides I like to listen to Tic-tac when I'm trying to sleep.
Posted by wallet on 07-27-2017

My name kind of spoils the outcome of my comment.

I mean, it'd be kind of shocking if being named VintageRose I wouldn't choose the vintage option, isn't that so?

I love vintage clocks and I like them analog, for no other reason other than finding them aesthetically pleasant. I think a lovely analog wall clock can be the perfect decoration touch to a room.

Posted by VintageRose on 07-26-2017


The analog wall clock is a standard and it's easy to find them in shops. There's a big selection of those clocks so everyone can find something for themselves. I think of digital clocks as something that is in digital object - there's one in an oven, a tv set etc. The digital clocks are more useful if they have a lighted display.
Posted by reginafalange on 07-26-2017

Analog first

When i was a kid my grandmother bought one, in that moment i dont know how it work that kink of clock, but with time all change and i prefer the analog clock for the style it bring.
Posted by Deathisue on 07-26-2017

I Prefer Analog

I like the look of the clocks and listening to them tick. I also think they are just more aesthetically pleasing to look at. I also think that it is a good idea to have items in your house that remind you of a more organic, and less digital, time. There should be a mix, I think, of old and new in our homes, but I know this idea is disappearing to a great extent.
Posted by JoeMilford on 07-28-2017

Vintage is better

I prefer the analogic system basically because where i live there are many power shortages and whenever the power goes down i have to reset digital clocks. With the analogic system there is no such problem. Plus it's way more classy.
Posted by Marvadaum on 07-26-2017


I'm used to analog clocks and watches. I don't see any problem with reading the time, everybody knows how to do it. Analog clocks look classier. Digital ones are too...cold and modern.
Posted by felabruno on 09-18-2017

Tick Tock

I like listening to the 'tick tock' sound an analog clock makes. Im using analog clocks in all our rooms and I like looking at the clock hands move and revolve. With all the digital appliances around, I think it's best to retain something mechanical like an analog clock.
Posted by Kakashi2020 on 02-16-2018


Jonathan Solomon
To be honest, I really don't have a preference when it comes to wall clocks. I consider myself part of this new age generation. So I guess I slightly like digital over your conventional analog. Though, growing up, my family kept both in our household. Mainly digital clocks in the bedroom and analog clocks in the kitchen. Despite this, I generally don't use either one of them for checking the time. Nowadays, I'm always on my smartphone so I can check in the top right corner of the screen if I have to. Otherwise, my phone is near by so I'll still pick it up.
Posted by Jonathan Solomon on 07-26-2017
When it comes to wall clocks and even wristwatch for the matter, I prefer the analog. I have grown to the face of the clock with the 2 hands and later on 3 hands that includes the second hand. The digital is okay as far as knowing the time is concerned but for the aesthetic purposes, the features of the analog is still the best. There's no need for children to be taught on how to tell time with the digital because they simply read the numbers. But with the analog, it is fun and thrilling for a child to learn how to read the analog clock.
Posted by Corzhens on 07-26-2017
I prefer both options. I think the digital watch combines with a more modern environment and the watch combines with a more classic ambiance. Either way, I think the most important thing is to have access to the right time when you need it.
Posted by hermessantos on 07-26-2017
I prefer digital clocks. The best part is that we can see the time even when you are the lights are turned out. Apart from this, for people like me who move by the watch they give a precise time with a count of every second.
Posted by amitkokiladitya on 07-26-2017
I personally do not prefer one over the other since both are fine with me. I could live with any of them although I think it is practical to user digital clocks if one has poor eyesight. With this, viewing time will not be difficult in places which are dark or the clock is far away. Although there are variations of analog clocks that have large hands. For the aesthetic feel I would use analog clocks since it feels more like a home to have an analog clock.
Posted by giovanniiiii on 07-26-2017
I honestly do not mind between digital wall clock or analog as long as it serves its purpose which is to tell time. :)
Posted by simplym on 07-26-2017
My preference is the analog wall clock because I like the way they look. I still like the digital, I'm just stating my preference. I like the traditional wall clock with the hands because I'm not a very techy person, but I also like the digital because of the convenience of telling the exact time easier, and using it to time things like how long to leave hair color in ,and I'm into seeing synchronizing numbers, some of you may not know what I'm talking about, some of you might. I mean like seeing 11:11, 12:12, and so forth, I find it fascinating because it happens to me on a daily basis. Not only on digital clocks but on numbers that I see everywhere.
Posted by freebird37 on 07-26-2017
rose thornes
I prefer analog. I'm used to watch analog clock the wall. I like watching the hands of the clock as it moves. I also like the sound it make and I can hear it clearly at night. It help me to sleep unlike others who find it noisy.
Posted by rose thornes on 07-27-2017
rose thornes
I prefer analog. I'm used to watch analog clock the wall. I like watching the hands of the clock as it moves. I also like the sound it make and I can hear it clearly at night. It help me to sleep unlike others who find it noisy.
Posted by rose thornes on 07-27-2017
I don't mind either. I have found out that digital seems to be better for clarity. In case of the analog clock you can see that some of the time you may have to understand that analog clocks in past were dominant. So that is another reason why digital clocks are just coming out as fad. But either way, I am fine with both designs. I don't think it matters most for any specific places in that case.
Posted by overcast on 07-28-2017
I think that every clock can make their purpose and if it is analog or if it is digital it doesn't matter to me, I can have any clock and it will be very good for me. Now I have an analog clock that I like very much and it is the best clock, but if it get broken I can buy an analog or a digital, it only have to be good and cool.
Posted by BatmanWayne on 07-29-2017
I never have had a digital wall clock. I always had an analogue clock. I still have an analog clock. I have worn digital watch, even my table clock isdigital. However, I never used digital wall clock. I don't know why I never had a digital clock. I am interested on digital wall clock.
Posted by vinaya on 08-07-2017
The analogue clock is stylish and a beautiful object to hang on the wall, the paradox is that I find digital clock more intuitive than analogue one, I still get confused with analogue sometimes. Now cell phones make us forget about all that.
Posted by joey98 on 08-27-2017
I like the digital clock in this time and age I think owning a digital clock is the right way to go at least there is ease of usage, the time is mostly correct and one get to see other important information on the clock, it has different designs and color to choose from and it can lit a dark room especially those with solar energy.
Posted by lovely on 02-07-2018
I prefer to use the digital wall clock. You will be able to know immediately the exact time with this clock. Unlike the analog clock you will read where the right and the left hand of the clock is to be able to know the exact time.
Posted by jeffreyjose48 on 11-02-2018