Disney Parks Beauty and the Beast Ceramic Mug

Disney Parks Beauty and the Beast Ceramic Mug
Beauty and the Beast is my all time favorite Disney movie. It has great characters and the ending is so happy that it makes me want to cry. One of the characters that I adore in this movie is Chip, the chipped teacup. He is simply adorable and I love his little voice. He is so innocent about love and it just makes him that much cuter.
Which is probably why I love this teacup! The Disney Parks Beauty and the Beast Ceramic Mug is found on Amazon for $30. It is an Amazon choice and it has free shipping. This sculpted mug features raised design elements. It has an angeled rim with a chip out of the cup just like Chip himself. It is ceramic and should be handwashed well before for the first use. Sadly it can not be used in the dishwasher and should never be placed in the microwave. The mug itself holds 10 ounces. This mug would be great for coffee or hot chocolate on a cool day. Or tea as well. It would be the perfect gift for someone that loves this movie and hot beverages. It can be made into a gift pack by adding some individual packets of hot chocolate or coffee with it. Perhaps even pair it up with the movie or some cookies and tell the giftee that you plan to make it a date with them.

  • adorable
  • nice bright colors
  • is a great likeness to Chip from the movie
    • clever design
  • even has a chip in it *solid and sturdy
  • has Disney park logo on the bottom
  • beautiful
  • fantastic
  • high quality
  • great gift
  • decent size
  • shipped quickly
  • great packaging
  • nicer then expected
  • impeccable condition
  • just as described

  • looks a little off
  • is not dishwasher or microwave safe
  • pricey for a cup
  • on the small side
  • received it with a blemish on it arrived with paint chipped, even where it was not suppose to be gold paint flakes off too easily
  • handle on mug was quite rough
  • chipped on the nose
  • came off of the base


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Chip Mug with Gold Foil Printing

Chip Mug with Gold Foil Printing
This mug just makes my heart melt. Chip here is so adorable that I would want to drink hot tea or coffee even if I did not care for them. There is just something about Chip's face here that makes me love the character even more. On Amazon, this Chip Mug with Gold Foil Printing retails for $17. Free shipping can be all yours if you spend $25 or more. It is an Amazon choice product with sculpted raised elements. It is Ceramic and measures 4.75 Width x 4 Height x 3.75 Diameter. It holds 8 oz.. One thing that I love about this cup is the colors. At the base of the cup, there is a design with blue, pink, and purple. The colors are light and pleasing to the eye. As an added benefit, they were trimmed in gold, which looks darling. I also like this gold coloring more then what I have seen in other Chip Mugs. This gold does not look off and is very attractive. Chip's facial features look pretty darling as well. He has a light pink cheek that compliments his eyes and smile very well. This cup can not be used in the microwave or the dishwasher.

  • way too cute
  • makes a great gift
  • facial expression is adorable
    • great value
  • great quality
  • great details
  • just as described
  • very animated face
  • perfectly wrapped
  • well made
  • fast shipping
  • superior packaging
  • funny
  • good collectors item
  • nice gold trim
  • worth every penny
  • quality is spot on
  • precious
  • awesome
  • highly recommended

  • more decorational then functional *fragile
  • arrived in poor condition
  • there were bumps on the base and fracture lines on the rest of the cup
  • has a wonky face
  • broke in two days
  • costs $15 to send back
  • was smaller then expected
  • could not be glued back together



more closely resembles the real chip

This mug more closely resembles the real "chip" character from Beauty and the Beast. Chip is one of my favorite Disney characters. I love how Beauty and the Beast brought inanimate objects to life and gave them such wonderful personalities. I would love to have tea out of this teacup. How fun and cute! I love the pastel colors and the gold detailing. This was well crafted.
Posted by Mahshiemonalisa on 05-16-2018


The other one just looks weird, to be honest. For some reason, it just looks a bit flat. I can't remember what the character looked like in the Beauty and the Beast film but I'm sure it did not look like that and looked more like this, the chip mug with gold foil printing.
Posted by kingcool52 on 04-06-2018


These cups have a cute factor to them and I guess that's what they are interesting for. This cup looks a bit more refined like the art is of better quality and it looks a bit more cute, so I'm gonna go with this choice.
Posted by manmad on 04-13-2018


I like this because I like the cartoon look and I also prefer the gold accent. The other one looks okay and I would be alright with receiving or giving it as a gift but when put beside this gold option I think the choice becomes much clearer and to me this one just looks much better.
Posted by Wubwub on 10-02-2018

Better choice.

I have taken a closer look at the chip mug with gold foil printing and I have to admit that it is one that has got more quality than the other. First of all is that you can use this mug in the microwave without fear of the mug melting. This higher quality will make the mug to stay quite long as well which is a good development for the users.
Posted by Barida on 06-30-2018


I think I'll choose Chip Mug with Gold Foil Printing because of the Gold Foil Printing. It looks better and the gold print does stands out than the other ceramic mug that has a regular print. It's really hard to decide because they both look alike except for the gold print.
Posted by Kakashi2020 on 04-08-2018

Looks so much better

This looks professionally made compared to the other one, with the better quality, design, and color pattern. The other one looks dull.
Posted by treecko142 on 05-10-2018

Has a better quality

I looked at both products on their Amazon page and I like this one better. The Ceramic mug looks like a rip off of this version. This Mug with gold foil printing looks more genuine. You should go for this one.
Posted by EfficientNinja on 04-22-2018

This one to me is much more eye catching

If I was choosing one of these as a gift for a loved one or even as something for myself, I'd pick this one. It's more eye catching and looks better designed - and more realistic to the actual character. I'd probably check more reviews online about it to ensure the quality was good, but from a visual appearance perspective this one is my winner.
Posted by amelia88 on 05-19-2018

Cute gift

Both of these mugs are adorable. But I prefer to have the Chip Mug with Gold Foil printing. It looks so cute and I think everyone would love to drink a hot chocolate using this mug. This is also a good gift to a kid. Its friendly face is just perfect for kids who love cartoons or Anime. The only thing that I don't like is the fact that it cannot be used in a microwave.
Posted by superlicca on 10-10-2018

Cute Mug

Chip is the cutest among the characters of Beauty and the Beast. This mug resembles more than the other one. It also looks like expensive and with class. The designs were more like accurate to Chip on the movie. It is really a cute mug I can say. Hope that I could get one someday too!
Posted by ajahcuizon on 09-27-2018


Beauty and the Best is close to my heart it is the first Disney movie I have ever watched. I adore this Chip Mug because it has a spitting resemblance with the actual Chip. I really do not mind if this mug is more of the display type than functional type. I would love to put this mug on display and as part my collection.
Posted by anchoreztin on 11-06-2018

Fits my imagination

When I imagine the cup from Beauty and the Beast this looks more like it. The gold rims looked better. Something was off with the other that I can’t figure out but this looks a lot nicer to me.
Posted by thejoyrevolution on 11-08-2018


It is very difficult to choose between these two mugs as both have beautiful designs. However, I am not going to have any of these mugs because I find them too pricey. I am also concerned with the cons mentioned on these products. When I am going to pay a lot of money on a cup, I want it to be durable and useable. However, these cups are more of ornamental.
Posted by vinaya on 04-06-2018
The two mugs looks great and cute but the chip mug is cuter and I will just have to go for it,it will make a good gift for a loved one.Nice facial expression and good quality too.I love the detail on the mug and the pricing is great too.
Posted by lovely on 04-06-2018
The chip mug is very cute especially with the pretty face on it, its also of great quality, its affordable and someone can buy it as a good gift for kids or to a special one that you cherish most.
Posted by babyright on 04-07-2018
To be honest with the products that are featured above, I still like mugs but our display cabinet in the dining area is already full to the brim. Mugs are great collections but when there’s already a lot then it’s probably time to stop buying mugs. The problem with mugs is that they last for a lifetime unless it accidentally breaks from falling. Anyway, those mugs are great with their designs and I would probably buy a mug or 2 if possible.
Posted by Corzhens on 04-09-2018
I like the second mug. But the first one looks more durable. I usually use my mug for cold drinks so I need something that's sturdy. I'll see if the Beauty and The Beast mug can last for long.
Posted by Steve5 on 04-10-2018
I think you can't really use these kind of cups perhaps, you may use this as a decoration because of how it looks. I think the materials used here were not as safe as the mugs we usually used to. It's way too cute to be true and I think if you are going to use this everyday I think the design will be fade so I guess this can only use for decoration. so I think these mugs can only use either for decoration or as a gift.
Posted by nekonieden on 04-11-2018
The chip mug with the gold foil painting looks much more classy whereas the Disney mug looks quite cheap and cheerful. If it was going to be used daily by a child then the cheaper version may be better. You wouldn't want it to chip or get broken if it had the gold plating on it as that one should go in a display cabinet.
Posted by JMS on 04-12-2018
I guess both are fine with me. It really depends on how you take care of the chip mug right? Most avid fan of the movie Beauty And The Beast will still get those two for their cabinet displays whatever the cost is. Its nice to see and view this from your dining area. Just don't let your kid reach the mug or better keep the keys somewhere they will never know just to be sure.
Posted by romy_ter on 10-02-2018
I am not really a Beauty and the Beast fan. I would think that the second one is the better. But as I really am not a fan, I think both are too pricey for my taste so I think I won't be voting on this one.
Posted by emiaj55 on 11-01-2018
I think, the second ones better. Just for the sole reason that it's pretty and interesting. It ctually is pleasant to my eyes.
Posted by theresajane on 11-19-2018