Do You Believe You Have Angels Watching Over You?

Do You Believe You Have Angels Watching Over You?
Many years ago I used to drive to work and listen to the radio on my way to work. There was an Amy Grant song that I used to look forward to hearing. The DJ for the radio station played it every morning without fail. The song was Angels Watching Over Me.

I loved that song! It energized me. It would take me through the work day and all the way back home.

I often wonder if there are angels watching over me OR is it just that I like the words in the song.

Song lyric: I never see with human eyes the hand that leads me home.

I want to believe that there are angels, ministering spirits, that watch over me.

What about you? Do you believe you have angels watching over you?

Angels Watching Over Me )

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Yes they do

Angels do watch over, but that doesn't mean they stop you each time something bad happens or it you do something silly. I get annoyed when people say they ask them for a parking space or to find their keys as these are just lazy and people who want things done easily. That isn't what angels do!
Posted by Alexa on 12-14-2017


Yes, I believe I have angels watching over me both in a physical and emotional form. These are simply the ways that we can feel more comfortable in our world.
Posted by kgord on 12-14-2017

As the songs says, "I believe in angels"

Yes of course I believe in angels even though I didn't see them. I know that they are always their to protect me. Even my father believe in them. He tell some story about an accident. He believes that he will have a severe injury that time. But a miracle happened. He just have only few scars in his body and healthy to look. I believe his story because I know that he will have a severe injury, even other people, if that kind of accident happened to them. I once also save by my angel. So I don't agree on the saying, "to see is to believe".
Posted by blank629 on 12-28-2017

Absolutely right.

The truth is that angels have the ability to watch over us as have been written in the scripture about how they care for us and all that. One important thing to note is that they watch over how we do things in life and give feedback to God.
Posted by Barida on 12-19-2017


I do believe that there are guardian Angels who take care of us and guide us in anything that we do. There are times that children missed to have a tragic accident whenever we take out our eyes on them. I've experienced an unexplainable thing that has happened to kids who survive a possible tragic accident. I do believe that whenever there's no one is watching them, they're always there to save them and to take care of them always. There are guardian angels.
Posted by ColdFlameChris on 12-25-2017




I feel like this concept is just something that the previous generations conjured up as part of their belief or myth but it's outdated to think of it as real now. It's fun to think about, but ultimately I think to believe it is a little selfish and self centered. After all the coincidences that had to line up just to get the Earth at the right place and time and temperature, it is difficult for me to believe that there were also invisible humanoid creatures with wings placed here just to make each person that isn't in Africa or some other third world country feel safe.
Posted by Wubwub on 12-14-2017
I would like to break up your comments and tell you what I understood you to say. That way if I'm wrong you can correct me.

(You) I feel like this concept is just something that the previous generations conjured up as part of their belief or myth but it's outdated to think of it as real now.

  • (ME) I feel the same way about Egyptian and Greek and Roman and other gods and goddesses from ancient and modern civilizations. However the angels I read about never claimed to be god or an entity that should be worshiped. They were messengers and are ministering spirits. When I say “angels” that's who I'm talking about. You seem to think they are just figments of the wild and fertile imaginations of humans. Whereas I believe they are real and all the humans who saw them were not imagining them.
(You) It's fun to think about, but ultimately I think to believe it is a little selfish and self centered.

  • (ME) I'm not sure I understand how having a loving spirit watch over you is being selfish and self-centered. (O.o) Isn't that something that parents do for their children?
(You) After all the coincidences that had to line up just to get the Earth at the right place and time and temperature, it is difficult for me to believe that there were also invisible humanoid creatures with wings placed here just to make each person that isn't in Africa or some other third world country feel safe.

  • (ME) Coincidences? I don't know what you mean by that.
Who said angels have wings and if so, what's wrong or bad about with having wings?

Are you saying people in Africa or some other third world country DON'T believe in angels? (O.o)


I don’t really know that song but I tend to believe that angels do exist and that there’s an angel watching over me. That is a positive mentality that sometimes gives me the confidence when there is a crisis. Imagine that an angel is above looking at me then probably that angel will help me bail out of my problem. I was born and raised in a Catholic home and angels are part of our culture.
Posted by Corzhens on 12-14-2017
I would like to believe there are angels watching over me. There have been many instances where I have been "lucky", that angels make more sense than pure luck. I even have angel ornaments in my home. We all need something good to believe in, to give us hope and comfort. I am not familiar with that song however...
Posted by Rhombus on 12-14-2017
I believe that there are really angels watching over us because God commanded His angels to to guard us in all our ways. I have encountered many instances since I was a child and that might cause me a great accident but it didn't pushed through.
Posted by Scarlet on 12-15-2017
I believe also that there are angels watching over us, the angels are messengers of God sent by Him to protect and guard us.
Posted by babyright on 12-15-2017
Angels are spiritual beings with a much different frequency compared to humans. Increasing your present moment awareness of the angels is one of the best ways to start noticing their guidance, especially when you know some of the common signs to look for. Angelic guidance can and does come in the form of channeled messages, dreams, and directly receiving insight… You may receive flashes of inspiration, learn from your angels during meditation, or experience the angels profoundly through your psychic senses. Guidance from the angels also comes more subtly. Angels are constantly drawing our attention towards signs, and they leave clues and hints which serve to nudge us in the right direction. While many of these angel signs may seem small at first, when focused on, acknowledged and appreciated, they often increase in frequency and size.
Posted by Anonymous on 12-15-2017
I don't believe in guardian angels, even when I was a child I did not believe in guardian angels. I always thought that God does not need a messenger to watch us, he can watch us by himself and he will always be with us.
Posted by vinaya on 12-15-2017
I believe in angels, I feel that we can't just go on living without someone or a mythical being watching over us, angels do exists I guess that's why some of us are still alive today.

Having an Angel doesn't mean you are better than someone else, or that Tue person with it is better than you , I feel how you communicate with your personal angels depends on how you get saved. I am not a prayerful neither am I a religious person but they do listen to my needs and demands all the time. I am not the best person I have in fact broken so many laws but am still alive, this a strong proof of the existence of angels and their supreme guardians over us..
Posted by Adesuwa08 on 12-16-2017
Yes, every child of God has an angel watching over day and night as revealed in the word of the Lord. When a person surrenders his life to Jesus, he gets baptized and receives the gift of the holy spirit instantly and will become of the few people God is watching and protecting in the world. God asks His Angels to go to the world and protects His children against evil or devilish attacks.
Posted by potentialwriter on 12-17-2017
Not at all. I guess some people do, might or believe they do? I personally believe angels might be watching over some people. But there are too many people who believe this to be true in their own personal life - for it to actually be correct overall. Some people are blessed with good luck or good karma. That's vastly different from a spiritual being hovering over your life.
Posted by NickJ on 12-17-2017
In our culture and as a catholic we do believe Angels do exist and Angels is blessing given of our Lord Jesus Christ to help and guide us in our daily path .Angels is watching us above and they whisper us in our heart what are the right things to do. Protect us from evil acts and wrong decisions. Spiritual blessing by GOD though Angels above.
Posted by honeybabe on 12-18-2017
Anyone who has given his life to Christ has this zeal upon himself and that's the zeal of the Holy Spirit. It's stated clearly in the bible that when you confess with your mouth that God raised him from the dead, you shall be saved and never come to judgement. On the exact day you get saved, the spirit of God enters your life instantly and you are no longer alone. You have swallowed Him and He lives in you. Angels of God are then assigned the duties of watching over you day and night.
Posted by potentialwriter on 12-19-2017
It is true that their are angels watching over us. You just have to be in tune with yourself so you can learn to sense when their is danger or if something bad will happen. Some will say it is their gut feeling while some will say it is their angel protecting them. Whatever the case,we can always stay safe and be moved from difficulties if we have faith in God.
Posted by mildredtabitha on 12-21-2017
No. I don't believe in the Christian faith and I honestly feel that it's creepy that there's a belief that someone's always watching. Do good and good will come to you, that's the philosophy I live by. I don't need the belief of someone watching me to live my life with honesty and as much kindness as possible.
Posted by Rhodolite on 12-23-2017
I am not aware of that song and I will try to see if I can find it on YouTube. I believe that there is an angel watching over me and protecting me against all evils. At each time that I feel low, I know that they are there telling me that God is there for me and everything will be fine.
Posted by Pixie on 12-27-2017
Yes, I strongly believe that I have an angel or, angels watching over me wherever I go in life. This is the promise made by the Lord when He was getting ready to ascend back to heaven. He actually made a promise to send a comforter to us so that we wouldn't be all alone. The comforter is referred to as the Holy Spirit in the scripture and He may appear like an angel when he comes to visit us anytime. God does not forsake His own children He died for neither will He ever leave them alone. This just explains the goodness of the Lord to His saints on earth.
Posted by potentialwriter on 01-04-2018
I believe so. In the bible, this is one of the beautiful verses that tell us there are angels watching over us:

Matthew 18:10 “Beware that you don’t look down on any of these little ones. For I tell you that in heaven their angels are always in the presence of my Heavenly Father.”

These words are from Jesus himself. I've always felt that I have a guardian angel because of those words. I don't think that my guardian angel has left me when I grew up into an adult.
Posted by chatbox on 01-05-2018