Do motivational books really help?

Do motivational books really help?
Personally, i don't fancy motivational books and i don't read them, do you? because i feel like they all say the same thing all the time. Besides, i bet from the title of a motivational book, an average person can tell it's contents and laws and principle. My point? Half the time, we know what to do and how, motivational books are just a repetition of general basic knowledge. What's your opinion


I don't read them but I know many people do and they find advice or tips that can be useful for their lives. I think these books are good and they have a good purpose, helping others how to find a way to be motivated and teach them how to reach goals.
Posted by reginafalange on 08-04-2017
I read motivational books, But in my experience these books can never help people. Sometime back I read a research on helf help books. It said that self help book is a multi million industry and it never rescues the readers, in fact it makes the readers more miserable.
Posted by vinaya on 08-05-2017
The first motivational book that I had read was “Positive Thinking” by Norman Vincent Peale. I was young and my passion was great that I can say that book helped me gain confidence. But I have to admit that the book only worked for me because I was young and energetic. As I grew older, I feel that I do not need such motivational books because they are just pointing or showing what I already know.
Posted by Corzhens on 10-15-2018
I do believe that they do. Sometimes you may be struggling with something in your life and you just need that inspiration to not give up. A motivational book is great for that. By reading the messages you become inspired to tackle whatever your goal may be. I have read many motivation books over the years and they have never let me down. Everybody needs the positivity in their lives.
Posted by Sue on 08-06-2017
I have mixed opinion on this. Some of the time the Self help books help and some of the time they don't. It all comes down to how the motivational books are converting. You just have to see what works for you. And what does not work for you. In that context, it'd be fair to see that motivational books have their own set of limits to check out. I am not saying it's always possible but it's good enough to read them.
Posted by overcast on 08-07-2017
I think these books do not work miracles, but I think they can help. I think motivation is within each of us, so books can be an added incentive.
Posted by hermessantos on 08-08-2017
I do not read motivational books. I do not find the inspiring either.
Posted by simplym on 08-08-2017
I do not read motivational books nowadays. I am a visual person so I would go and watch some videos to motivate myself.
Posted by fishmonk on 08-09-2017
Depends on the book actually. I have read some great books in the past and they have shared some good knowledge with me. But most of them is just bland. It seems they take the advice from the internet or from other books and just recycle it. We can't generalize there are good and bad things everywhere.
Posted by Marvadaum on 08-10-2017
I'm currently reading Viktor Frankl's "Man's Search for Meaning." It really is a book that helps us reflect a lot on life. It is worth checking out this work of Viktor Frankl.
Posted by hermessantos on 08-13-2017
I seriously think they do, they try to teach you how to embrace yourself or helps you to make you feel better and see life in another point of view. Sometimes I read some of these types of books and it feels refreshing some of them try to make you a better person.
Posted by pizzalover on 08-16-2017
I quite don't like much-reading books, I read a few but never completed reading it. I skip pages and just read parts that interest or inspires me. I have read motivational books, I was inspired by some parts but not completely. I don't know how to say this, well being inspired depends upon the degree you have given reading the book I think that's how it is. In my case, I was a bit inspired by some lines but was never that 100% indulge the books because I skip some parts and that maybe the reason.
Posted by DanoCath on 08-18-2017
Motivational books do not help at all because 99% of the time we already know what to do before reading the book. And we usually don't follow through, not because we're lazy but rather we live such busy lives that we don't have time to do it in the first place! For example most couples have both partners working because the cost of living is so high. And almost every family has both parents working and one or both parents are working two jobs. So how can you find time to do anything extra outside the normal day to day life activities.
Posted by Soulwatcher on 08-20-2017
When I hit the bottom, anything could help is welcome, they can summarize and give you in form of a list some already known facts, some you consider and some have slept your mind, I can be sceptical, cynical, and critical, but I won't discard any human input, something we could be surprised.
Posted by joey98 on 08-22-2017
You are right, I think I tend to forget this sometimes. Even cliches are the way they are for a reason which is because they are true and have always been true and therefore constantly repeated in many different forms. I've always felt like most of these gurus are just regurgitating cliches and repackaging them to be sold for a profit, but you are right in that sometimes people need to hear something even if it seems so obvious because there is just a lot we tend to forget especially when going through hard times.
Posted by Wubwub on 10-04-2017
I don't think they help that much, and maybe sometimes they even could be counterproductive since it gives people false hope without much sense of a technical procedure on how to fix themselves. However, I don't think it is entirely wrong to put out some inspiration. Ultimately, the action will still depend on the individual that is reading the book, and it will be up to them if they will use what they read to help themselves. I don't really get motivational or self help books either, but I also can't knock these authors for just wanting to make some money as long as their books don't contain any shady things in them.
Posted by Wubwub on 08-26-2017
Yes of course, motivational books helps quite a lot with most people not realizing how important it is to human thinking, attitude and behavior. There are underlying principles, advice, strategies and methods which I one can grab them from reading a motivational books tend to have a complete change in personality and character which directly manifest in how the person scope of understanding has metamorphosed.

The benefits of reading motivational books can never be overemphasized because it's very effective in helping one change his or her mindset towards life. It builds ones inspiration from nothing else but experiences of several successful individual in the society that actually read some motivational books themselves and worked observing the principles and strategies therein, and have it practically change their lives for ever.

I have manged to read three motivational books as of late, Think and Grow Rich, Attitude is Everything and Talent is not enough. All these three separate books have impacted so much on me than I had learnt even during my schooling days. It's been very helpful with how I view things in life today and also how I go about trying to carry out my set goals and objectives.
Posted by Heatman on 09-15-2017
Well, my opinion is that the change must come from within. So a motivational book might help yes but it's got to be 90% of attitude from yourself and the other 10% might come from a book. At the end of the day, the only thing that it takes to turn your life around is willpower
Posted by Marvadaum on 09-17-2017
Though it might look as if motivational books are repetition of knowledge but it still contains some special things that we might still need to apply in our daily life to help us succeed in our work and in life.
Posted by babyright on 09-17-2017
I do read some motivational books, I also observe your assertion and I will say, you are quite correct.Some writers and authors are not creative, there are mere copycats, They just copy paste some other person idea on a book, the only difference is the cover and the name of the author.Well, motivation books just depict it name,it just to encourage and motivate one and probably maybe that is why the sound same.
Posted by lovely on 01-10-2018
It depends on two things. 1) The actual book itself. Not all books that are labelled as motivational truly are but you can still find plenty. 2) How open is your mind? If you want to be motivated and inspired you need to open up your mind to be able to see things differently and to accept them. You can't just go pick a book and expect a miracle.
Posted by Mehano on 01-10-2018
I believe the first step is to choose a suitable location where you can be comfortable. This place needs to be fresh and airy to keep you from transpire. Cleaning the place is also critical as this can prevent allergies. Your clothes are also important. Try to wear light, clean clothes and make sure they do not cause allergies. Lastly, I believe that to avoid the itchiness you should focus. The itches can be a barrier within your mind preventing you from meditating. So force your mind to focus. Relax and pay attention to your breathing.
Posted by hermessantos on 01-27-2018
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Posted by hermessantos on 01-27-2018
Been reading motivational books for the past 5 years. It just offers some aound principles in life but nothing really beats if you take actions first. Reading sugar coated words from a motivational books does not do the trick. In all my life I found out that there are only a few things that a man get motivated. It's either be love, power, sex and money. So if you want to be motivated you dont need to read books just look on this 4 motivators based on your preference Im prettt sure you will be motivated.
Posted by bee.rthooyah on 11-04-2018
I think that they do. However you need to remember that all motivation books are the same. Once you read one you have read them all. So choose one author, stick to them and follow what they tell you to do. Its easy to get caught with all the different authors out there and get caught with all their different teachings. Its easy to get confused when essentially you are being told the same thing.Motivational books helped me to decide what I want in life.
Posted by jaymish on 11-08-2018
Yes, it really helps us to open up our mind, reading an inspirational book can really help us to be successful in life.
Posted by jayjaydimson on 11-11-2018
Yes, I actually read them and I believe that those books somehow helped boost my motivation. One way or another, motivational books served as my guide in various aspects of my life. However, I've realized that even though you are reading motivational books, if you yourself is the problem, then nothing actually changes. You'll never improve.
Posted by Klint on 12-17-2018