Do you believe in dress code?

Do you believe in dress code?
We get to hear about how today's youngsters dress to please themselves no matter what the occasion. Recently a film star had a meeting with our Prime Minister and she was seen sitting cross legged with her legs showing way above her knees. She was loaded with trolls and yet there were some who were in praise of her saying that what one should see is her contribution and not how she dresses up. What are your views on this?

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Well ever since The Emperors New Clothes fairy tale, people have been tweaking and twisting dress codes. Gone are the days of the Victorian Era where people would dress from head to heels in their finest attires as if their lives depended on it. We have somewhat acclimatized the dress code where even in our schools and work places there are variances that suggest the code has some what portrayed a more personal style. There are notable alterations to the uniforms where in school for example there's acceptable short skirts and baggy pants and acceptable face ware like ski masks?? The dress code is constantly being altered in many ways and also in it's esteemed point of authorization. That is to say sources where the dress code is being influenced include rock bands and super hero movies and movies in general and music videos. As such the dress code now exist as a database where just about any creative dress code programmer can write their own dress program. It's much like an app for that and if it is successful on the fashion market then the dress code programmer (sometimes we're not even aware that a particular fashion trend has gone viral, not even the creator until it surfaces) will supposedly be rewarded for their works in some way.
Posted by Joteque on 07-29-2017
While I do agree with you fashions change and we sometimes do not even catch the trend but one can categorise fashions and it would go by how much skin to show and in what environment. When a young lady meets a prime minister it goes without saying that the dress code there would be, in my opinion, exposing less skin merely as a mark of respect. Belonging to the old school of thought this is my views.
Posted by iamawriter on 07-30-2017
I think some places like school and workplace need to have dress code. Some of the places such as that can be used for the formal work. And for this it's better to have dress code. Not having the dress code often affects the productivity. And also for the same reason people need to have some sort of the productivity rules in the workplace and the education. That's what I think these days.
Posted by overcast on 07-29-2017
Those situations surely call for a common dress code but for example at parties even if they are informal there has to be a limit on the amount of skin one shows. One certainly cannot come dressed in a swimsuit but sadly we do come across situations such as this these days simply saying we are free to wear what we are comfortable with.
Posted by iamawriter on 07-30-2017
I think the celebrity parties and the formal parties in the company are different. Each one of such party brings something new on the show. But I am guessing people choose to wear stuff they like to express themselves. We can't really do anything about their choices though. It's just how that works. We can to some extent think about our own choices for sure.
Posted by overcast on 07-30-2017
I agree with having dress codes in school and the workplace. I think you should be dressed appropriately for these things. At work you must look professional and presentable. Also when attending school I think that you should be dressed properly and nothing too revealing.
Posted by Sue on 07-29-2017
What about posing in Ads or coming on cover pages of well known magazines? While there are magazines such as playboy where nudity is understood it is sad to see celebrities posing in the nude covering themselves with their hand where fig leaves were once used.
Posted by iamawriter on 07-30-2017
I think that we should still use dress codes, they were made for people who represent one company, industry, school or university. This is important because wearing a uniform can make others see where you work or study, it's also important in terms of representation, generally these kind of outfits are made for people to look as professional as possible to give the best image that represents their job or institute.
Posted by luispas on 07-29-2017
I think a dress code is important in some places, like schoools, the workplace, and maybe even church should mandate a basic dress code. People have gotten too sloppy with their personal appearance these days, and a dress code helps to mandate a certain standard of behavior.
Posted by kgord on 07-29-2017
I think that we should still follow the dress code when we're thinking about what to wear to specific events or occasions. We should definitely be dressed differently if for example, we're meeting with the president or if we're walking down the street. You simply have to look professional and up to a standard, especially in the public eye. It is just how the world works.

I also agree with the dress codes in workplaces and schools. They have many benefits such as feeling part of a bigger unity, it's less distractive and so on.
Posted by Mehano on 07-29-2017
Keeping into consideration that some people lack even the minimal basic dressing sense I feel that there should be a dress code for workplace, special events and meetings.

Some people can be turn out to be a big fashion disaster and a proper dress code can keep the mishap under control. It helps to maintain the decorum and integrity of the place and the event.

At any workplace, proper dress code will prevent distraction of the employees and will help to increase their focus and concentration and thereby improve the results.
Posted by amitkokiladitya on 07-29-2017
I don't like it, but dress code is important... Stereotypes or not, we are used to judge people just base on the clothes - even if we try not to, even on a little scale we always do. Uniforms, both for school and professional workers... they looks like indeed professional serious people, even if they aren't, and this is the exact effect they want to give. Also in job interviews, believe in dress code or not, in most cases you will do better with a suit than with a tshirt.
Posted by Xilkozuf on 07-29-2017
I believe in dress codes and they should be implemented to public and private places who require to have a formal or specific clothes needed to be worn. For instance, you should not be allowed to wear skirts and shorts and sleeveless in churches or in schools. Also, workplaces such as companies and small buildings should also have a dress code for the sake of formality.
Posted by galegatling on 07-29-2017
There are two truths to discuss here.

1) Dress codes are needed: We can't let anyone dress as they please in different environments. For example, you can't dress for school or for work as you would dress to be at home or to go to the beach, regulations should be made and there has to be order.

2) The dress code system is, most of the time, very unfair to women. Sometimes teenager girls are harassed for ridiculous things, like a sleeveless shirt that shows arms in school, while boys are allowed to wear tank tops. Sometimes the idea of "no-cleavage" in schools is so radical that they basically demand turtlenecks lest the girls will be "showing too much skin".

So while I agree that dress codes are needed, we cannot demand girls to cover themselves up more than men regardless of weather, circumstances, and other things. There has to be a middle ground.
Posted by VintageRose on 07-29-2017
That is quite logical what you say about putting restrictions. But what about in a situation where a women has total freedom. Dress code in that case becomes her choice and all the more reason why she should think twice before deciding what to wear. I have seen women wearing backless attire while attending church service. What is the purpose? That is a place where the congregation gathers to pray and such clothes are bound to be a source of distraction.
Posted by iamawriter on 07-30-2017
That is why I say moderation is key, and men and women should be subjected to the same standards. Regarding your question, the cases where I've seen women having total freedom in their dressing choices tend to be situations where EVERYONE, both men and women, have said total freedom. In my experience, if there is a dress-code to be applied, it's usually harsher on women, because I have never seen a case where men have to obey a dress code and women don't. There is a huge lack of common sense when it comes to people deciding how they should dress up for certain events, both men and women, and we have to appeal to the common denominator and make sure we have rules that regulate dressing restrictions, for anyone. I don't think lack of common sense for wearing outfits is a women-exclusive problem.

For example, I too have seen women wearing inappropriate outfits for church services, but just like that I have also seen men wearing inadequate clothing; men don't wear backless outfits, of course not, but I've seen them wearing shorts and tank tops and that is frankly also rather inappropriate.

I think it's a general population problem that has to be addressed, and I think it can be done in a very general way that includes both men and women. My proposal is that there is a general dress code system for everyone, not women exclusively. To set an example, let me share a potential dress code for church with you: Men and women should have their knees covered (this implies men can't wear shorts, and women can't wear skirts shorter than knee level); shoulders, arms, and back shouldn't be exposed (erasing the possibility of risque tops and tank tops for both); necks shouldn't be exposed below the collarbone (a very gender-neutral way of forbidding cleavage)

That is, in my opinion, an amazing dress code set of rules that don't unfairly discriminate against women while still making sure people look presentable in church.

Like I said, common sense is the least common of senses, and people have to be instructed on what to wear in these special circumstances.
Posted by VintageRose on 07-30-2017
Dress code is important because it indicates what the situation is. You should obey the dress code in the workplace and in places where it's necessary (like wearing different clothes if you're cooking something etc.). However, I don't think the dress code should be as strict as it is for political meetings. If the skirt is elegant and only a bit above the knee, it should be accepted.
Posted by reginafalange on 07-29-2017
Dress codes are overrated. Dress however you like that makes you look and feel good about yourself. However, in certain situations there needs to be a guideline on how to dress like a wedding/funeral or a job interview. But I still think we shouldn't put so much emphasis on wearing the "correct" or "acceptable" clothes.
Posted by fireball916 on 07-29-2017
Well, I think that these dress codes are important because you cannot get dressed like a happy person going to the beach when you are going to a funeral, it is good because it tells you what the situation is and you can dress for that situation. There are rules everywhere and we need to keep them because it could be a problem not to follow this instructions.
Posted by BatmanWayne on 07-29-2017
It depends on the occasion and where one is going. You cannot really control ones dress code, if we did then clothing store companies would run out of business!
Posted by simplym on 07-29-2017
It is important to dress for the situation. Let me present you with a few questions:

Would you wear a tuxedo when you're going to the beach?

Would you wear a swim suit when you're going to climb Mount Everest?

Would you wear a Sailor moon costume when going to war?

Would you wear pajamas to the prom?

Would you wear nighties when playing a basketball game?

Different occasions and situations call for specific dress codes. You're not required to wear a uniform. You're just required to dress appropriately. Is that too much to ask?
Posted by limberg on 07-29-2017
These days apart form some restrictions where uniforms are recommended everywhere else the individual has the freedom. But sadly this freedom has been totally misused and it is shocking how some people dress up disregarding what occasion it is. I have seen some wearing jeans at weddings and some such queer outfits.
Posted by iamawriter on 07-30-2017
I agree that there has been an abuse to this freedom. I don't know what's going on in the heads of these people. Are they trying to portray who they really are? Or are they just doing it so that they would get noticed Generally, it would be the latter.

People dress differently just to get noticed. Some might disagree, but that's what it really is. They want to be "different" by not going with the standard. They try to go to different lengths just to be separated from the norm. Is that good? Is that what you consider freedom of expression? Or is that just sheer disrespect?
Posted by limberg on 07-30-2017
I think women have always been more heavily scrutinised when it comes to clothing choices and this is not a first. Dress codes are just another form of control and unnecessary one at that. The world needs more freedom not more laws and rules to further hinder people. And women especially need to be able to explore the boudaries of society. Having dress codes is part of an older society dominated by the few. A society that nine if us really wants to be a part of but on the outside looks very romatic. I think people should dree in ways they feel comfortable and express themselves in ways they wish. How we dress is ine of the last true freedoms we have in society. If we take aways that we may fall into going backwards and not forwards. We can not continue to embrace an elite society where we see others as superior and so needing to be pleased. We are all humans with unique tastes and purposes and so we should be able to express this always.
Posted by Anonymous on 07-29-2017
Sticking to a dress code and being reasonable about your clothing choices according to the occasion or who you are going to be with is very important for me. I place a great deal of attention to what I wear because it effects my image and how well or badly I feel about myself at the time.
Posted by sspi on 07-30-2017
rose thornes
There should always be a dress code. You should ware you clothes appropriately and consider the event you are going. This reflect your personality and people tend to judge you the way you dress yourself. You can always have your fashion sense without wearing too short skirts and showing to much skin unless you are in the beach. Consider the event you are going and know their culture because it might be offensive or disrespectful for them. It can also show your are a professional by the way you dress.
Posted by rose thornes on 07-30-2017
Jonathan Solomon
I agree that dress code can be overrated. However, it's needed in certain scenarios of social settings in order for everyone to dress accordingly for the event. For example, a dress code isn't required in casual settings unless it's a theme party. But if it's a formal get together, then it should be noted on what's appropriate and what would be seen as inappropriate to wear. It shouldn't be stressed upon. Though if someone wants to have a uniform theme for their event, nothing's wrong with that.
Posted by Jonathan Solomon on 07-30-2017
I have been an employee all my adult life and I am used to the uniform or office dress code. With social events, it is important for me to be in the proper clothes whenever I would attend a gathering. For formal affairs like wedding or even funerals, I make it a point to be in the proper dress because I hate people who ignore the dress code of the occasion. It is silly to attend a wedding in rubber shoes and shorts. That's why occasions are classified as formal, semi-formal, casual or any other name just to give the invitee an idea of how to dress.
Posted by Corzhens on 07-30-2017
Some times dress code works with every one. Like on a sunny day if you take a black T shirt that will be a foolish matter. On a sunny day white t shirt or any light color T shirt will be fine. TO wear full dress is a gentle matter in this sub continental area. The woman who had been shown her legs- she has been acting on Hollywood movies and there small dress is not a matter of fact. So I think its not a matter of act. For the short dress the actress will be blame by the conservative people for long time.

Thanks Centurion
Posted by centurion on 07-30-2017
I believe that dress codes are important. Let us take the workplace for example. Since the employees usually represent the company, having the right dress code and being smartly dressed can leave a lasting impression on a customer which in turn will be beneficial for the company. There are also many advantages of school dress codes. Sometimes those from poorer families may not be able to keep up with the latest trend and they may feel outcasted. Those students may also be bullied by others. To conclude having dress codes both at work and at school is definitely a good thing.
Posted by Pixie on 07-30-2017
Generally speaking dress codes are a good thing, but it can be taken to ridiculous extremes. I find dealing with fast food employees to always be uncomfortable simply because they make them wear those ridiculous uniforms. As a customer, I want the people who work there to be eager to help me when I need it, and allowing them basic human dignity of decent clothing absolutely will make them more likely to be that type of employee. It's one thing to limit someone from showing too much skin or having profane words and images on their clothing. I don't particularly care one way or another, to be honest, but I get the argument. There's a whole world full of pent up prudes out there. But simple street clothes are almost always appropriate for most service sector jobs.
Posted by JaiGuru on 07-30-2017
I think that dress codes are a good thing, just so long as they do not promote or represent some sort of Fascist or oppressive agenda. They call them a "code" because they clue people in to the decorum of the situation at hand. Obviously, when you are attending a casual event, you still have to keep a sense of professionalism about you, but if the dress code is casual, it lets people know that you can relax a bit. On the other hand, if you are going to a job interview, a certain dress code makes sense because you are trying to impress a would-be new employer. Dress codes are necessary in our society, and I think that they are a useful way to establish business and personal relationships through a silent communication.
Posted by JoeMilford on 08-01-2017
I believe some places require so. But those are exceptions. You certainly wouldn't wear a tank top in a court. But still, it seems that people tend to judge others on their appearance too much. Outside those specific places, we shouldn't care much about what other people wear.
Posted by Marvadaum on 08-01-2017
Dress code should be followed if there's one. It's just a way of being respectful. You should also check out the venue of the occasion, so you'll know which dress code is appropriate and which isn't.
Posted by BeardedMamba on 08-01-2017
Well, this depends on the occasion but if there is a serious meeting, Imean with someone important then yes there should be a dress code. A dress code shows respect for the person near us if we behave and dress correctly than we show responsibility and respect. Any other behavior is showing disrespect and a bad character!
Posted by wallet on 08-02-2017
When I was in school, I had to wear uniform. There was zero tolerance policy for not following the dress code. I hated this policy. One of the things that I liked about college is I did not have to wear uniforms, I could wear anything I wanted. I don't believe in dress code, but I do believe that we should dress properly according to the occassion. It does not look cool when you appear with shorts in a wedding.
Posted by vinaya on 08-07-2017
Personally, I totally agree that dress code is very important and of great value to any field or walks of life one find himself or herself. Dress code improves professionalism and adds prestige to anyone who deems it necessary to maintain wearing such attire.

All different fields of profession has its own dress code. For example, doctors have their own dress code which is absolutely different from lawyers, engineers have their own dress code which is totally different from teachers own, police/military have their own separate dress code which very different from all of the other profession we had earlier outlined.

So therefore, these different dress code adds uniqueness to the existence of each profession, thereby making them easily recognized and properly differentiated from one another without much stress.
Posted by Heatman on 09-09-2017
Each profession and industry has its own dress code and it is often an unwritten rule for members of the profession. A movie star meeting up with a top government official in her normal glamorous dressing style is not something I'll find offensive. She doesn't owe anyone an apology. I'm sure that she will be criticized or scorned anyway even if she did try to dress 'conservatively'. I would rather focus on her sincere contribution than on her dress and I wish that people can get past their prejudices.
Posted by chatbox on 04-15-2018
It depends not only on the occasion and the place that you wear the proper dress but it also depends on the kind of person. In your example a movie star can be dressed in whatever attire she wants because she is a celebrity in the world of arts. For an athlete particularly a basketball star may be going to a formal affair in shorts and rubber shoes. That is also pardonable because the basketball player may just want to emphasize his line of work and his athletic personality.
Posted by Corzhens on 10-16-2018
Yes, because I think some places function better with a nicer wardrobe by the people, and I think establishments need to push this although now more and more I am finding it unfortunate that most don't because they want to get as much business as they can. I do like walking around in comfortable clothes a lot of times but I wouldn't mind not being able to enter certain establishments because of it because I prefer the standards to remain as high as possible.
Posted by Wubwub on 11-02-2018
Yes, I do, and even on work, there's a dress code where you can wear a specific shirt or pants every Friday.
Posted by jayjaydimson on 11-19-2018