Do you buy Christmas gifts for your pet's?

Do you buy Christmas gifts for your pet's?
I personally do. I think that my pets are a part of the family, and like any other loved one they deserve a gift. My kids enjoy buying the gifts and packing them up with a tag and everything. Even though the pets themselves do not understand the value of a gift, it is nice to have them 'unwrap' something, and it is fun for kids too.

However I have heard people laughing at this idea. They think it is ridiculous and silly, and quite a waste of money too. I believe that it is not. And at the end of the day, I do not really care that they might think it is an absurd thing because for us it is a sweet custom, a way of showing our love for a pet, who is not just an animal, but a friend.

What is your take on this? Do you agree? Do you buy gifts for your pet's?


Not at all, toys are only chips and wires, they are non living. I can't imagine myself buying gifts for a toy, I'll rather buy toys as gift for real human.
Posted by Jeshurun on 12-09-2016
I think he's asking if you would buy a gift for a dog or cat or other family pet, rather than buying a gift for a toy. And, I do agree in theory with what you are saying, that you would not buy a gift for a toy - after all, not real. And, thus no need for gifts. But, he's not asking about gifts for toys. As for gifts for pets, they are not really that relevant either as most pets will just find something they want to play with, like cats jumping into a shipping box or batting a milk jug lid around the kitchen floor. All these things are free and can be easily obtained from your own home. The best gifts for a pet are those which keep them happily entertained of their own choosing, not the ones that drain your wallet.
Posted by Beverly on 12-09-2016
I would if I had a pet. Currently where I live I'm not allowed to have pets (it's a long story) and I for sure would be type who would spend a day or two at the pet shop looking for toys and other treats for my pets. Pets are family, so why let them go without?
Posted by Everett on 12-09-2016
I remember doing a lot of that for my first two cats when i was in my twenties, lots of pampering and spoiling them rotten and buying treats and little things to make them happy. And, I think a lot of that was just for my benefit, not sure if they appreciated what I was doing. Since I had my own baby, she's the one that I'm putting all that love and affection into rather than the cats (which are now mostly for her enjoyment). :)
Posted by Beverly on 12-09-2016
Yes, pets are family! I often spend time at the pet store, or even Walmart and online looking for gifts for them. If I see a really cool pet bed, or a new food that I think that they would like, I get it for them. After all, they can not go out and buy stuff themselves, so why not spoil them? And who really wants to eat the same food day after day?
Posted by angie828 on 12-09-2016
Probably not, because as with children, most cats will just randomly adopt a toy they like rather than something they are given. For instance, my cats have adopted one of my daughter's stuffed toys and now drag it around the house playing with it. Another one of my cats adopted a pink haired troll and carried it in the house by it's hair and would randomly drop to the ground and play with the troll on the carpet. She would grasp it with her front paws and mouth and then kick it with her hind legs. It was really hilarious to watch. You can't always get that kind of reaction from the 'gifts' that stores specifically sell for pets. I'm not against the idea, but I think it would work for a dog better than a cat.
Posted by Beverly on 12-09-2016
We have always bought Christmas presents for our cats. They are our family as well, so why not? We buy them treats, soft food (as they usually eat hard food), toy mice, catnip spray, new bedding. All of our cats have their own stocking as well and they have ornaments on the tree. We even have in memory ornaments for our cats that have gone to the Rainbow Bridge. Some may say that is going overboard, but these cats are our fur children, and really and truly are extremely spoiled.
Posted by angie828 on 12-09-2016
No, of course it's not going overboard! Not when you consider them as your children! Before my daughter was born, my cats were my children and I had two at the time for almost a decade and said 'if' i ever have a baby, she will be my third child. And, I actually said those words outloud! I did not think i was able to have children and felt sadness over it, and my cats really filled that hole in my heart from where i wanted to nurture and be a mother and could not. I really think it's great what you do for your cats and see your point of view on this as i was there too. It's great you can share your love in that way and express your nurturing instincts. Nothing wrong with that :)
Posted by Beverly on 12-10-2016
Awe thanks Beverly! These cats mean the world to us, and many do not see that. They see them only as pets, which in my opinion, pets are family, so essentially they are like our children in fur coats :)
Posted by angie828 on 12-10-2016
I personally don't have pets in my house or around, but my sister does have nice malteser dog. I can't even explain how cute this dog is and i can clearly see and feel how happy he is every time he see me coming. I just can't resist to not buy something for him on occasions, food or toy, whatever. And YES Christmas is one of these special occasions when i buy few things for him. I really enjoy watching his enjoyment, his tail shaking for hours... Guys, wish the animals could talk really. I don't like him licking me, while i know it's kind of kisses and showing his love and joy, but we play for hours, specially with his new toys :) Awesome feeling
Posted by xabid on 12-10-2016
aww! The way you describe it, makes me want to have a little dog in the house again. Just to be able to pamper and spoil them rotten. That would be so great! :D
Posted by Beverly on 12-10-2016
Before we had kids, we use to get our dogs and cats a small bone or toy and put in a stocking. We haven't done that in years though.
Posted by Lop on 12-10-2016
Of course I buy a little gift for my pet! It is so nice to see it opening up the wrapper, in the case of my puppy. Then if it is a pet that comes in a cage it is nice to just give it a treat such as a toy or some extra comfort. Christmas is that time of year when you share and enjoy with all those you love. And my pets certainly fall in that category!
Posted by sspi on 12-21-2016
I think this is a very cute thing to do, I had done this before, not a big deal but I do consider my pets part of my family and it's a very nice idea to include them in the Christmas present. I wish more people to do this for their pets. Christmas is always a great occasion to build memories with the people you love and of course our pets can be part of this.
Posted by reginafalange on 07-29-2017
I have always considered my dog to be part of my family and I always buy gifts for him for Christmas. I always try to buy something different for him each Christmas. There are some of his toys which he seems to like more than others. I feel so happy when I actually see him play with the toys as I know that he is having fun. My dog has always been my best friend and not buying him a gift on Christmas does not seem to be fair.
Posted by Pixie on 07-30-2017
I am not ashamed to admit that I do buy my cats toys and treats for Christmas, why not? I see them as part of my family. I treat them as a family member. They're with me every single day. They cheer me up when I'm sad. They make me happy and smile and I simply love them. Me buying them something for Christmas just shows my affection. I don't spend some silly amount of money on the gift. It is more about the thought. I try to find special toys and treats that they absolutely love! I don't see anything wrong with it.
Posted by Mehano on 07-30-2017
In my opinion, buying gifts for pets is the most skill thing to do. Instead of spending on gifts, I buy treats for my pets, I would feed hom fried chicken instead of a hat or tie.
Posted by vinaya on 08-14-2017
Haha buying gifts for my pet.Well,I give treats every now and then .Don't know if they could be classify as gift buying but the good thing is that I treat them.well.I give them good food and pamper them.
Posted by lovely on 11-25-2017
I don't have pets because it's not allowed or practical to have one where I live, but I've had one in the past when I lived somewhere else and I never bought them gifts. I always thought that was a peculiar thing to do but I guess I understand it because people just love their pets and want to do something for them even if they won't realize it. I just try to give them better food during these occasions and that's about it.
Posted by Wubwub on 12-10-2017
I have a dog and a cat but I favor my cat more than my dog. It's not that I treat the dog poorly but I'm just more attached to my cat. How I wish it's possible to go to all my days activities with the cat around me. I do buy both the cat and the dog Christmas gifts but not every Christmas season. Last year, I got both of them necklace and I'm pretty sure they both like it.
Posted by Martinsx on 03-09-2018
I don't buy my pets Christmas gifts but I do give them treats every now and then. I only have one child and I have so much love to give for my fur babies. It always feels great to see my cats and dog happy and they are surprisingly easy to please. They feel insecure whenever we have to be away for hours or even days and we try to make up for our absence by bringing home some special food. Our cats love to play with balls and we bought some small colored balls for them to play with. The younger ones like to play with each other and it's always a joy to see them play like kids. As their mom, it's my responsibility to make sure that they feel secure and loved in my home.
Posted by chatbox on 09-17-2018
Well, I don't and I'd rather give them a lot of foods during the Christmas.
Posted by jayjaydimson on 11-11-2018
I sometimes buy gifts for my dogs during Christmas although it is more on the need and not the occasion. When the flexible ball that emits a sounds when bitten got broken, I tried looking for a replacement. My favorite dog was excited upon seeing my gift to her. For Christmas my usual gift to my dogs are treats particularly the “milky sticks” that they love. It is like pretzels that are made of chicken meat.
Posted by Corzhens on 11-19-2018
My daughter has a little dog. I'm sure she will buy Lola a gift. Me? I grew up with pets and never got them anything for Christmas. My brother brought them home. It was his job! When I got married and had my own family, we had a dog once. The dog was the Christmas gift. My son brought him home to give to his little sisters.
Posted by cmoneyspinner on 12-07-2018
I only get them really yummy food to eat during Christmas Eve, New Year's Eve, and their birthdays. I did buy my cat a toy once but he ignored it so I never attempted to buy gifts again unless it's food. At least food they'll eat happily and without complains.
Posted by knnon on 12-10-2018