Do you celebrate your birthday with a cake?

Do you celebrate your birthday with a cake?
In our culture it is the custom to have cake when the birthday is celebrated. It is not just for eating but there is a sort of ceremony that comes with the cake. There is a candle or candles that are lighted and then the birthday celebrant would make a wish before extinguishing the fire by blowing. For children the number of candles signify the age but for the adults just one candle will do. Maybe the celebration of the birthday with a cake is for the benefit of the bakes since they are given a job because considering that everyday there is a birthday.


I prefer to celebrate with a bottle of champagne! Nevertheless, if I have to choose a dessert to celebrate my birthday, I'd definitely go with brownies or an ice cream cake. Cheesecakes are also acceptable for me.
Posted by mcnasci24 on 12-11-2018
Hahaha. Well, I would like to have champagne too. In fact, about 3 years ago I went to visit my sister, she was very excited about having me on my birthday and wanted to give me a surprise. So, she took me to a beautiful beachfront hotel and casino, and she pay for a happy hour of drinks, so we could drink champagne like if there's no tomorrow. Honestly, the best happy hour of my life hahaha.
Posted by ballyhara on 12-12-2018
Yes! Cheesecakes are like a comfort food. It's taste is so soothing that it would be enough for me in my birthday.
Posted by theresajane on 12-16-2018
I usually do celebrate my birthday with a birthday cake. But this year was a little different. My sisters made me a birthday plan (pudding), all six of them, because we saw it in an episode of our beloved t.v. series, "FRIENDS", and they thought it would be both funny and sweet. Well, it was peculiarly funny and really really sweet.
Posted by emiaj55 on 12-12-2018
Always. It is very common to celebrate a birthday with a cake as usual. But as I am starting to grow older I might think of changing the whole cake tradition into something different like let us say drinks or pizza! Something creative and different would be what I would want to have in the near future.
Posted by YoloBoy on 12-12-2018
Yes, a cake is a mandatory requirement for a birthday celebration. It is the most important thing in a birthday celebration. Nowadays, people are wasting the cake by putting it all over the person's face and body. A good cake will always make your taste buds dance.
Posted by kaushikangara on 12-12-2018
My family always have a cake for the birthday person. It's like... there's no birthday if we don't have a cake. We like to invite closer friends and family, enjoy some snacks and drinks, maybe some dancing, and before midnight we sing happy birthday and share the cake. That's our regular tradition.
Posted by ballyhara on 12-12-2018
I actually envy people who have birthday cakes all their lives. In my whole existence, I had like 10-15 cakes, I am already 25. So, yeah. After having my first job, I had that sense of buying my own cake on my birthdays because we didn't have the luxury to buy it before.
Posted by theresajane on 12-16-2018
For children it's the norm to celebrate with a Birthday Cake but for adults it's not necessary, but if you have kids the it's better to have one for them to enjoy it. I'm in my 40's and I have kids so whenever it's my birthday I always celebrate it with a cake and I let my kids choose the variant.
Posted by Kakashi2020 on 12-12-2018
No I don't celebrate every year with a cake. I do celebrate it every year with Pancit. Though it would be nice to do so every year since I love cakes a lot! I think cake and spaghetti during birthdays makes the perfect combination.
Posted by knnon on 12-12-2018
Yes, all the time. I don't it's just weird if I don't see a birthday cake on my birthday. It is really nice to celebrate your birthdays together with your family and love ones.
Posted by luv2xacosta on 12-12-2018
I don't like sweets, so naturally I would not eat cake or even ice cream but my family never fails to have both during my birthday celebrations. I think it is more for them than for me and it is a fun running gag every year. One benefit of having cake on birthdays is that my kids would take turns blowing the candle even though it is not their birthdays.
Posted by pencilneckgeek on 12-12-2018
I can't remember a single moment that I celebrated my birthday with a cake. Though it's a common tradition in our country but because of poverty we usually celebrated our birthday with a prayer. There are also some instances where some of my friends treat me a dinner or gave me gifts but I never had a cake on my birthday. I remember one instance where I hold the cake of my friend and pretend that it was mine.
Posted by burgosmichael2407 on 12-12-2018
I'm not a sweets kind of guy. I find that cakes to be so dry and hard to swallow that I have to chug it in with soda each bite. It may just be me but that's been my experience eating different cakes in my life. Even the ones heavy in frosting I have a hard time swallowing. I guess it's because Asians have less saliva than Westerners? I don't know. I just eat what I want on my birthday. It never has been a cake.
Posted by rlpzbeermoney on 12-12-2018
I have celebrated birthdays with cakes twice in the past eight years. The thing is that it is not something that I fancy that much for me as I always enjoy low key celebration with friends and family and nothing more.
Posted by Barida on 12-12-2018
I guess is more a tradition. If your family doesn't have it as a custom or tradition, you don't see it as necessary. The main reason of the birthday is not the cake, but to celebrate someone's life and health, and wish a lot of blessings to that loved one. Also, we have some kids in the family, and they really enjoy and get happy about cakes, so we love to keep that tradition for them too.
Posted by ballyhara on 12-13-2018
We usually do - especially for the children in our life. There’s something about enjoying a slice of cake together that has just become such a big part of our family traditions and it would seem odd without it.
Posted by amelia88 on 12-12-2018
Occasionally yes. Within my circles, it is easily forgivable to not have cake, than to not have alcohol. Most ofy friends will rather drink and party wild, than eat cake. The cake is often there mainly for the wishes and the symbolism cakes carry on occassions such as birthdays and weddings.
Posted by Franzel2oo on 12-12-2018
Well, that's how it usually goes for any traditional family. Even if there are no cakes, we can go for cupcakes. However, for someone like me, Ice cream is the way to go. Just two or three tubs of ice cream will make me really happy for some reason haha.. But having candles are something that really is precious. Candles make children happy as they are given a chance to make a wish.
Posted by Yumyan on 12-12-2018
Awww, that's sweet. I enjoy having ice cream too, but anyway a cake is so traditional. You're completely right about candles and kids, my little cousins just love to wait until is someone's birthday, and they insist on blowing the candles too. I'm not sure they're making wishes, but instead is they joy we all show when someone blows birthday candles. Is so cute to see how happy kids get in that moment.
Posted by ballyhara on 12-13-2018
When you're celebrating a kids birthday it is a must that you have a birthday cake, all kids and kids at heart love cake, but if your an adult celebrating your birthday with a birthday cake is not really necessary. I don't know how other people celebrate their birthday but I celebrate mine with my girlfriend. We would usually just go out and have a dinner and there is no birthday cake present unless she would give me one.
Posted by antonToledo on 12-12-2018
Totally. All the kids love to have a birthday cake. Nowadays, you can see those really beautiful and artistic cakes, with all kind of superheroes, comics, and characters. I have to admit those are really art pieces there. Unfortunately, they tend to have 2 disadvantages. First, they tend to look better than how they taste, and second, they are super expensive because of the hard work and ingredients that are required.
Posted by ballyhara on 12-13-2018
I think celebrating the birthday with the cake is a good option. That way you can share the cake with people around. And having people around with you and celebration is what makes sense. In some cases it can be different in each one of us. In other context it can be different for the people in those context for the celebration based on the culture.
Posted by overcast on 12-13-2018
I don't usually celebrate my birthday with a cake. I always ask my mom to cook me my favorite foods and I tend to buy my sweets for my birthday such as doughnuts. Only if I have friends with me who are invited in my house, I buy cakes for they enjoy them a lot.
Posted by Vinsanity on 12-13-2018
Well, here we have some new trend, which is not to have a cake but a pile of cupcakes. That way, you can sing happy birthday, and then every guest can have a cupcake. Some people love the idea, and some other rather stay in the traditional birthday cake, but both options sounds yummy to me.
Posted by ballyhara on 12-13-2018
Yes, I love to celebrate my birthday with a birthday cake. Even that I am now 34 years old, I would like to have a birthday cake on my birthday. It is already a tradition and it is more fun that everybody sings Happy Birthday to you in front of your cake and then make a wish after and I don't want to remove that part when I celebrate my big day.

Aside from it, I love cakes... its sweetness and fluffiness... taste so good specially mocha cake. Even I celebrate a simple birthday, I prefer to have cake than many menus on the table. a CAKE and few foods like spaghetti or fried noodles will do as long as the birthday cake is present on the table.
Posted by rubeth1726 on 12-13-2018
Oh yes, I love cakes too. Here, we tend to bring cakes not just for birthdays but for any other celebration, like baby showers, graduation, even bachelorette parties. Everybody waits until the cake is shared to leave a party or reunion, because a celebration is not complete, unless the cake is done. My favorite is chocolate cake, but the one that is wet and sponge, specially if it's made with dark chocolate, and also covered in melted chocolate too.
Posted by ballyhara on 12-13-2018
I love cakes so much that I wouldn't mind not having different viands on the table. I just love desserts and cake is one of my top picks. I especially love flavors like strawberry, pandan and mocha.
Posted by theresajane on 12-13-2018
Do you celebrate your birthday with a cake: To be honest I never experience to celebrate my birthday with a piece of cake but as what i can see in the old photos in our family album , I had a cake in my birthday it was in my toodlers days but i can't remember it maybe because I was to young that time and don't know yet whats happening arround me. Even now that i have my own work I didn't buy a cake for me I rather send the money to my family than to spend it to buy a cake.
Posted by mhingnhormz on 12-13-2018
Well, I always love cake! I would always want to have cake on my birthday. Partnered with ice cream, it would be heavenly to eat both of them.
Posted by theresajane on 12-13-2018
Sometimes I do celebrate my birthday with a cake but if I choose to travel rather than prepare some food for celebration, I don't buy a cake anymore. Most of the time, I prefer travelling or going somewhere to relax and unwind for my birthday.
Posted by jessie271 on 12-14-2018
Yes, it's like traditional to us to prepare cake when it is someone's birthday, growing up we always celebrate birthdays by having cakes, I love cakes too and everyone around me loves it.
Posted by davedaot on 12-14-2018
Yes. It seems like a birthday will not be complete without a cake. I celebrated my birthday a week ago and I received two cakes. I am so happy that time as I've been able to blow a candle. It is like a tradition for us that when there's someone celebrating their birthday, there should be a cake.
Posted by ajahcuizon on 12-14-2018
Exactly. Every birthday celebrant will always a birthday cake.
Posted by luv2xacosta on 12-14-2018
I don't. I mean I used to when I was like 6 or something. But these days I usually just go outside with my friends and family... at a fast food restaurant or at a bar and sometimes I don't feel like celebrating my birthday much like Christmas I don't pay attention to it sometimes. lol it sounds sad.
Posted by ivandelrey on 12-14-2018
Not always! I like cakes, especially cheesecakes, but it's not really a tradition in our family to celebrate birthdays with cakes. Sometimes, instead of a cake, there are boxes of pizzas, sushi platters, pasta trays, or an entire buffet!
Posted by astraherondale on 12-14-2018
I do celebrate my Birthday with a birthday cake right from my childhood. The only difference is that when I was a kid I used to always insist on getting me my Favorite flavor and color every year, which usually used to change every year. after I became older I never had any choice when it came to the choice of the cake. Usually, my friends and family decide amongst themselves and order the cake for my birthday and I am very happy to celebrate the day cutting that cake and enjoying the birthday party.
Posted by jpk0007 on 12-14-2018
I'm not much of a birthday celebrant. I usually forget my birthday and have to be reminded. When l am reminded, l tend to switch off my phones and just continue my normal activities. I've always been that way and will probably always be that way. I don't understand the hype people usually raise about their birthdays. I guess I'm just different that way
Posted by Tehilah27 on 12-15-2018
Yes, I celebrate my birthday with cake but sometimes if we only have to eat outside, I don't have to buy and prepare cake as it is okay for me even if I don't have cake on the table.
Posted by nekonieden on 12-15-2018
I really don’t like celebrating my birthday. However, my family and friends usually give me cakes so I have no choice but to rejoice. It’s quite fun really, celebrating your birthday with a cake.
Posted by Klint on 12-16-2018
I think it’s the tradition in most places to celebrate your birthday by eating cake. I know that when I was growing up, my mom would always bake whatever cake I wanted for my birthday. That being said, we eventually ended the tradition when a lot of us just started getting tired of eating most traditional cakes. These days, we’re more about things like brownies, cookies, and pies, so whenever a family member’s birthday comes along, that’s usually what we celebrate with. Sure you can’t stick a candle in most of those, but it’s the sweetness that counts.
Posted by Denis_P on 12-17-2018
Since I was a child my grandmother would bake ma my favorite birthday cake, the markiza, a chocolate cake with cream on top! Brings back good memories!
Posted by blindwitness90 on 12-18-2018
It is really nice to blow a candle on a birthday cake once a year. But for me its really not necessary to have it not unlessnif someone buys it for you. But to have it or not is not really a question, the fact that you added another year in your life means more than to me than to have a birthday cake.
Posted by Carrascoshiela on 12-18-2018