Do you have a garden at home?

Do you have a garden at home?
When you enter a building and the first thing that you get to notice is a nice garden that is in the building, it makes one feel at home. There are families that spend a lot of money and time to ensure that they have a nice garden, are you one of them?


I don't have a garden at home I am longing to have one. I enjoy seeing flowers and various plants near me. Once I get enough money, I will consider allotting a certain amount for creating my own garden. My garden will then serve as my safe haven that I can always look on to whenever I want to disconnect from technology.
Posted by Klint on 12-19-2018
Yes. We have a front garden. This allows a fresher air, and even visits from wild animals like birds are very calming. Though, the maintenance is quite tedious, it is very much worth it. The color green is known to relieve your stress, also trees allow a cooler sensation. Overall, having a garden is a pleasure since this will not only enhance the house but it is great for one's mental health.
Posted by Yumyan on 12-20-2018
rose thornes
Yes, we have. I love to be surounded with flowers and green plants. I love to plant some flowers and watch them grow and bloom. Gardening is very tedious but once the flowers blooms, it gives you the feeling of fulfilment and satisfaction. Having a garden at home is quite refreshing and relaxing especially after a tiresome day where you can sit back, relax and enjoy the view.
Posted by rose thornes on 01-16-2019
I have a small garden at home but I don't really go there very often. I am not someone who like flowers or plants and I don't really do much there.
Posted by MasterA on 01-17-2019