Do you keep pets?

Do you keep pets?
For some keeping pets is a prestigious issue. Some have them as security. There are a few households who only keep pups just so that their kids can play with them and once they grow up they are given away. What pets do you have and why do you keep them? what problems do you face in maintaining your pets?


Yes, I always have pets. Right now I have a cat. It is one of the many things that make life worthwhile. I like animals more than people and my cat is always happy to see me and hang out with me, unlike people animals are always honest and show on their sleeve whether they like or dislike you.
Posted by kgord on 10-01-2017
I have experienced that. Animals never keep grudge. They enjoy human company unlike human beings who prefer their own company. Cats can be very endearing. Do you let your cat out to be with other cats? And how about her feed? What do you feed her. Is it packed food or you cook food for her?
Posted by iamawriter on 10-02-2017
Yes i am a pets lover i choose dog to be in my home to guard us and also enjoy them as a family member they are very adorable and kind dog specially the German shepherd they might look fearless but kind at heart. we love are dog and now the girl German Shepherd dog is pregnant and looking forward for the cute puppies to come out.
Posted by tophew on 10-01-2017
Dogs do provide company and they watch our property too. Some will only keep them to watch their property but never treat them as family members. I have a neighbour whose dog is in their balcony 24 hours of the day. He is leashed. They take it out to do his job. I have told lthem that they should spend time with it but they do not think it is necessary. I feel sorry for the dog
Posted by iamawriter on 10-02-2017
rose thornes
We have dogs too and they guard our house at night. People are afraid to go near our house at night because of them. If one will bark the other four will follow too. Our baby girl dog is pregnant too and I'm excited to have a litter of puppies soon.
Posted by rose thornes on 10-02-2017
I had dogs in the past, a parrot, hamster and more but I currently have three lovely cats. Why do I keep them? Why not? We rescued them from the local shelter and it's one of the best things that I've ever done. They make me beyond happy and I'd do anything for them. It's just so wonderful to lay in bed and get a warm kitten cuddling up against you. I had no issues taking care of them because cats are quite low maintenance.
Posted by Mehano on 10-01-2017
What they need is love more than food. They give back what you give them. That is the best thing you have done to get them from your local shelter. Wonder how badly they must have been treated before they were put in the shelter. It is sad that there are many who have no idea what comfort pets can provide.
Posted by iamawriter on 10-02-2017
I've had pets all my life. So far I've had turtles, rabbits, fishes, birds and dogs. Yes, it can be very messy but I've enjoyed all of them. They have brought a lot of joy, fun and company, and I've loved them all. The bad part is to take them to the doctor, saying goodbye to them, but is something that we have to deal with when you have pets. For sure I recommend everyone to have a pet, it's a very rewarding and great experience.
Posted by ballyhara on 10-01-2017
That is one thing even I hate when they fall sick and we lose them. They are with us for just a few years and in those few years they create memories for us to cherish and remember. We have birds visiting our garden as we have a bird bath and several fruit trees. We have never kept birds in cages. The only birds that do not survive outside cages are love birds.
Posted by iamawriter on 10-02-2017
I'd love to have a pet, maybe a dog or even a bird but I don't have enough time because of my job and real life problems. One day I'll surely get one because they can be of great company, especially birds. A cockatoo that starts playing around with everything he sees would make me laugh and be pretty funny, but I've heard they're difficult and expensive to take care of.
Posted by Tania997 on 10-01-2017
You are really wise. One must have time to care for their pets. There are some who just neglect them and they keep them more for prestige. Pets need a lot of caring. They have to be treated as part of the family and for that one surely needs time. I hate when dogs are kept in cages and brought out may be for a walk. They need love and a human touch.
Posted by iamawriter on 10-02-2017
At the moment, no I don't actually have any pets because I've grown tired of cleaning up animals' faeces. In the past, I've had a bird, dog, cat, rabbit, fish, and snails which I enjoyed taking care of in the moment, but looking back I am not really trying to be responsible for another life just yet. Now I find plants work just fine as pets and they aren't as messy depending on the plant but leaves aren't that bad.
Posted by AlexHarris on 10-01-2017
I like your honesty about how you hated that part of the job that you actually did not like. If you had a garden perhaps these problems would not have risen as they normally take care of themselves outdoors. Nature can also give us the kind of comfort that pets provide and your decision to care for plants is a good one.
Posted by iamawriter on 10-02-2017
At the moment, no I don't actually have any pets because I've grown tired of cleaning up animals' faeces. In the past, I've had a bird, dog, cat, rabbit, fish, and snails which I enjoyed taking care of in the moment, but looking back I am not really trying to be responsible for another life just yet. Now I find plants work just fine as pets and they aren't as messy depending on the plant but leaves aren't that bad.
Posted by AlexHarris on 10-01-2017
Yes I do. I have two cats and one dog. They all get along great together and play together, and I consider them family. It has been proven that pets can actually lower your blood pressure and make you even healthier because of their positive affects on our psychology and emotional states. Many pets, especially dogs, give their owners unconditional love. I love my pets like they are my children, and I interact and play with them every day.
Posted by JoeMilford on 10-01-2017
In some hospitals they encourage patients bringing their pets for the same reason you have mentioned. They work as therapy. That saying fighting like cats and dogs needs to be discarded as even we had the experience of both our dogs and cats getting along fine. In fact our cat wamted our pet dog and that too a bull terrier to be by her side when it was time for her to litter.
Posted by iamawriter on 10-02-2017
I am an animal lover and that's the main reason I keep pets. I have two cats and one dog. I love my dog the most. He is always there for me. I am always happy whenever he is around. I can say that my dog is my best friend. I also had a rabbit which I dearly loved. Unfortunately, my rabbit is no more. Having my pets around me prevents me from feeling lonely.
Posted by Pixie on 10-01-2017
I wish the whole world realised what pets can do for their well being. There are so many strays that are neglected and many even ill treat their pets. They have no knowledge of the positive effects a pet has on human beings provided ofcourse they treat with love and care. Sorry to hear that you lost your rabit. That is the saddest part of having pets as they have a short life.
Posted by iamawriter on 10-02-2017
I used to have pets but since I move too much I don't keep them anymore. They're nice to have as company and have unconditional love and the like. Plus they keep pests out haha, but as it stands my lifestyle isn't really good to keep dragging pets around. I'll settle down a bit before thinking on getting a cat or a dog again.
Posted by Rhodolite on 10-01-2017
It is not advisable to have pets if one has to cart them from place to place or if they are left alone to fend for themselves. They need all the care and love and shifting them to new places may not suit them. You are thinking on the right lines. Once you settle down then I am sure you will grab the first opportunity to have your companion.
Posted by iamawriter on 10-02-2017
We don't have any pets at the moment. I had some fish when I was younger but we don't anymore. We are actually thinking about adopting a dog at some point in the next few months but right now we just don't know what type of dog to get. I really want a husky but some of the other family members want a different type of dog so we will probably have to wait until we can all decide on a dog we like. It's great to have pets because they can help keep you company and they can be great at defending you as well in case someone tries to break into your houses.
Posted by kingcool52 on 10-01-2017
There is one thing one has to consider and that is there should be consensus while choosing a pet. If some members of the family disagree on the choice it can affect the pet as they may not show any love or refuse to care for them. I have seen this happening and so it is better if you do not keep a pet until all agree on the breed.
Posted by iamawriter on 10-02-2017
I had a turtle I called him Rockstar. He was cool. He loved to eat watermelon just like I did and he is always busy never just lazying around. His busyness would always get him in trouble though as he would sometimes wander off and cannot find his way back when he is left in the backyard. He wandered off one day and I couldn't find him in any of his usual spots where he would normally be when he got mischievous. He was getting alot of attention from the neighborhood as he was a cool little turtle. He's gone now but I always remember the cool fella Rockstar who I use to hang out with and eat watermelons and talk about what would happen to his little space when he gets older and how his shell would grow and eventually I would find him a female Rockstar so that they could join their own band. 'Rock on Rockstar,' is what I always say when I think of Rockstar knowing how he had so much energy and always responded when I visited him.
Posted by Joteque on 10-01-2017
Very interesting story there about your beloved Rockstar turtle. Not much is known about turtles as very few keep them as pets. When you say he has gone do you mean he died or just left you without notice If latter is the case I hope he will get back one day and give you a pleasant surprise.
Posted by iamawriter on 10-03-2017
I am a huge animal lover and have had pets all of my life. I can't even imagine what a life without pets would be like. They are family. I have two cats now. I love them to pieces. I would never get rid of them for any reason. When I get a pet it is forever. I don't get an animal and get rid of it. I could never do that. Owning a pet is a huge commitment and not one to take likely.
Posted by Sue on 10-01-2017
Keeping a pet is indeed a huge commitment but many do not think that way. They are very callous when taking care of them. Feeding them is all what they think is enough for pets. They need a lot of care and attention. They also need human company but sadly many have to spend their entire life in cages and kennels.
Posted by iamawriter on 10-03-2017
I have a cat, it's called Tom. I like cats they are very humble and calm you can hardly notice they are in the house. The only problem is their fur coming out wherever they lie or sleep, but I handle it with a lint remover. Actually, cats are good to keep as pets.
Posted by williamk on 10-01-2017
The problem we have cats is that they do not stay in the house but roam around which can harm them. Some neighbours do not like cats and there are reports where cats have been poisoned by these type of neighbours. We have strays visiting us. We feed them daily but have not adopted any of othem.
Posted by iamawriter on 10-03-2017
Dogs provide you with pleasant company. Just as we find it enjoyable to fellowship with other people, dogs provide a type of loyal association we get from our closest friends and family. A dog’s loyalty is legendary. I have owned a german shephard for the last ten years and the love in its eyes for me and family is phenomenal.
Posted by muaaz.93 on 10-01-2017
I always had the pleasure of raising dogs (they always were, they are and always will be my favorite animals). My relationship with them is always very close and began when I was just a child.

I just love dogs... Very much. I think that liking dogs is like a family heritage because my family has also always liked dogs.
Posted by wiseagent on 10-01-2017
I love cats and dogs, and I've been having pets for a long time already. At the moment I have four cats and a rescued dog. I don't have many issues with them to be honest, just sometimes when the cats decide that is time to play the run and jump everywhere and things start to fall off. I see them as my kids so I've grown some patience. The dog is very calm and she spends a lot of time sleeping and being chill so no complaints.
Posted by felabruno on 10-01-2017
Yes I do keep pets, they are the best company one could ever ask for in today's recent times. I do keep a dog as my pet, his name is Billy and he is 8 months old now. I love watching him play and jump around especially when we are playing fetch with a tennis ball. He is such loving and sweet animal which I have been a happy person ever since I got him.
Posted by Heatman on 10-01-2017
We have a lot of pets in our house. We have 3 dogs, 7 cats and one kitten. They take a bit of my time every single day. I have to feed them, and I have to walk the dogs two or three times a day. It could be a bit tiring, but at the end of the day, it's also pretty rewarding. It's nice to see the cats play with each other. They're so cute. I also love walking my dogs because they're so playful. They keep on jumping and running around. They're so carefree. Though it's a bit tiring to take care of lots of pets, it is also kind of therapeutic. They can brighten up my lonely days and can remove my stress after a hectic day at work.
Posted by limberg on 10-01-2017
I wish, I have the same thing happened in your house. In my house dogs and cats are not usually both friendly, and they often times hurt one another. I don't understand why our pit-bulls keeps killing my cats, that's why I beat my brother's dog when ever the dog kills my cats. I only noticed when I was gone, for long week of work, for field area exposure, my 2 of cat's is already buried. I always complain it towards my brother, and sometimes I threat that dog to expelled in the house, if he can't control his dogs.

Today, my brother keep monitor his dogs, as of now, they behave themselves unexpectedly. They found themselves to behave, otherwise they will be sent to the dog shelter. I love all animals, but their behavior sometimes discourage me a lot.
Posted by jaysolano12 on 10-02-2017
I live on a busy road and it would not be safe to have pets here. If they got outside without being on a leash they could easily get run over. My neighbor has cats that seem to stay in her yard and don't wander into the road. This would make me much too nervous, however. I also don't like that you have to get someone to watch your pets anytime you travel, even for a brief weekend getaway.
Posted by Mahshiemonalisa on 10-01-2017
I have a stray cat who is over 80 years old in human years. She had been with us since we moved into out house 20 years ago. We had only one cat and treated her as part of the family except that she has a bad temper and likes to show off her prizes which we don't like at all. Nausea all the time
Posted by peachpurple on 10-02-2017
I've always had pets growing up, whether it was dogs, cats, or even fish. As an adult I still own pets, so you could say I've had pets my entire life. At the moment I have one house cat, one outdoor cat, and two dogs in the backyard. I can't say that it has really been a challenge raising them. Thankfully they all have been in consistently good health so caring for them hasn't been all that hard. I just feed them, play with them, and the rest sorts itself out.
Posted by Denis_P on 10-02-2017
Heck no! When I lived with my parents we had ridiculous pets, from the usual cats and dogs to chickens and racing pigeons. This was hell for me because not only did I have to do chores and feed, water and clean up after all these animals, but I was allergic (well, I still am) to dust and pigeons are especially bad at making tons of dust everywhere. So I vowed that when I move out I'll never get any pets because they were just plain annoying.

I have nothing against animals per se, and I still donate to shelters when I have spare cash, but I'm happy to live without them. My home isn't too big anyway so there's not much room for pets to begin with and I'm not around long enough every day to take care of them. Since I'm the only one in the house I don't have the luxury of having someone else take care of the pets when I'm not around either. I'd love to have a cat or two one day, but this would only happen if the above criteria changes.
Posted by Sp3ctrum on 10-02-2017
I only keep cats , I don't like dogs, nor hate them, because they are usually taking poop everywhere, and often times we have an extremely aggressive dogs such as pit-bulls. I like cats, because when ever I got fall sleep, they usually lick my hair to fell me asleep immediately, sadly they were all killed by my brothers pit-bull, and it always makes me sad most often times. I have native cats that, only exist only in the wild like tiger looks, sometimes people mistakenly refer my cat, as small species of tigers, because of its color thing.

Today we have dogs that my brother keep it in our house, but my only problem with these dogs is, they keep killing my cats, and the populations of my cats reduce to 10%. I like the old times that my wild dogs was always kept in my house, because the people always hunt them down. This is the reason why I always keep wild pets in the house, but today I don't have any interest keeping animals in my house.
Posted by jaysolano12 on 10-02-2017
I have one cat, one dog and 4 birds. I think I have kept enough birds that I don't have much interest left in them anymore. I am going to keep fish from here onwards. Because you can go to another country or city. And this won't change the way pets are going to affect your way of living. I am sure that as time goes on. There are going to be things that you have to take care of as well. So I think on that note It'd be reasonable to have pets around.
Posted by overcast on 10-02-2017
For me having an intelligent, cuddly and cute pet could be the most wonderful thing in this world. I have been raised as a dog lover and in the family, we have 6 dogs -4 adults and 2 puppies. I would definitely agree that dogs are man's best friend because every time I sit on the balcony to have some reminiscing, all the dog races to come and lick my legs, sit on my lap and show some tricks like sitting down and rolling over. I would not consider them as a pet but a member of the family. They even have a room inside the house, eats when it's dinner time and watch movies or listen to the radio at the same time.

An individual need to work harder to sustain the needs of your own loved pets-dog. It is expected that daily expenses will increase but you the fun part is it is an amazing stress reliever. Watching them play, touching their furs, washing them at least thrice a week is worth everything. We even go to the veterinarian when the dogs get really sick. Maintenance wise would be quite expensive but there is nothing expensive when that is already part of the family.
Posted by IamMaven on 10-02-2017
Never been a pet owner in my life although I really want to have a pet dog some day when I had the luxury to go to a pet shop and find the breed that I'm looking for. I know its hard to become an owner and being responsible one too. For now I'm just having fun with my boss pet dogs whose lurking around the compound. Sometimes when we had time on Sunday, we take our boss's dogs to the bath and have them cleaned from every fleas and ticks aside from the dirt that turn their white furs in brown. Its really cool seeing them so clean and white while running around after having their baths.
Posted by narutos3nn1n on 10-02-2017
rose thornes
I'm a pet lover. I have a dog and a cat since I was little and our dogs are great great grandchildren if our dog. We have five dogs and still counting. Our baby girl dog is now pregnant and she's not a baby anymore. She's going to a mom soon. We also have a kitten. They're part of our family.
Posted by rose thornes on 10-02-2017
I used to keep a sweet lady cat. When I say keep I do mean that because I only kept her as I wasn't her real owner (She belonged to the neighbor) But then again cats are their own owners. Nevertheless, she was so sweet and affectionate and having her around brightened my day. She died about three months ago and that broke my heart.
Posted by Marvadaum on 10-02-2017
I do have puppies now but I have been having a pet since my childhood a dog and she was like a friend to me because it took my mum several years to have more kids so my pet molly took the place of my siblings for a while lol
Posted by lovely on 10-02-2017
I have a dog that I keep him for security and protection, but not only he became a member of my family. We also have a smart cat, an aquarium with fish named scalars, and we have two tortoises that I keep them for luck. These are my animals and I love them all. I take good care of them all and I do not intend to give up to any of them!
Posted by wallet on 10-02-2017
I dont keep pets actually, but my neighbor keeps pet and i feel that they don't even take care of the pets very well since the pet usually go out to search for food to eat.
Posted by babyright on 10-02-2017
Of course, I keep my pets. Actually, I have two dogs that we adopted because my cousins were moving to another country. Their food is really expensive right now, so are their medical issues because they are both old dogs. But that's a responsibility we have. We see them as babies, and they are like kids.
Posted by Rebelssis on 10-03-2017
I was not a pet lover before until we got our first puppy in 1996. It was from the litter of my sister-in-law’s dog. We named the puppy Jedi who lived with us for 10 years. I have 3 dogs now and they are treated as part of the family. Aside from the good grooming that they regularly get, I also buy them treats. And whenever possible, we bring them along on vacation trips. Two of them sleep in our bedroom and ther other one sleeps in the bedroom of our housemaids. We don’t use our dogs as house guard and the expenses incurred in keeping them is worth the joy that I get.
Posted by Corzhens on 10-04-2017
I am a dog owner. In the past, I had a cat and a parrot as pets. When I keep a dog as a pet, security is also one of my major concerns. However, more than security, I am concerned with companonship. When I had a cat as a pet, companion ship was my basic concern, as well as controling mouse population.
Posted by vinaya on 10-05-2017
I think in terms of pets, I'd say dogs are best because they keep the company. And they can be good in terms of the habits too. They can get spoiled too.But if they are attached to the owner then they are something worth being around as well. That's what I have found out in that case. I think pets like cats and birds are good but one needs to be keep eye on what they bring at home.
Posted by overcast on 11-04-2018
Yeah, I do keep pets, and my pets is a dog, and it's one of the best thing that ever happen to me, so I do keep pets, and they are part of me, and I can't imagine my life without them, because they are part of life. Like when I'm having a good day and I remember that my dog is at home waiting for me , then I have to hurry up and get home in other to meet my dog and keep him company.
Posted by Authord on 10-05-2017
I want one but I can't because I live in condo and I would feel bad that the pet wouldn't be able to go outdoors or have much room to play in, and also I worry that they would only ever see the same small environment everyday and also if I just got one I'd worry that they would get lonely and I would feel guilty about it. I feel all of these things just thinking of getting a pet which is why I always feel so perplexed when people think they can just buy an animal and treat it like it was an object and just put it in whatever environment they feel like with the most minimal of effort.
Posted by Wubwub on 10-06-2017
We have two dogs, the first was a labrador then we got a companion for her. We also have a rescue cat. The dogs sleep inside and are useless watchdogs, although having said that if a frog were to break in they would bark. They are not high maintenance animals except for the cat who has had numerous medical issues. This has cost us a fortune on vet bills and he is now on a special diet for the rest of his life.
Posted by Rhombus on 12-19-2017
Of course yes, I do keep pets and my favorite happens to be the same with my grandmother who also loves keeping cats. We are cat lovers because they are so adorable when you look in their eyes and I enjoyed their curling around my skin so much.
Posted by Martinsx on 02-17-2018
Right now our family has 2 dogs, 7 cats which we don't actually know where they came from, several hundreds of small fishes like Mollies and Guppies, an undetermined number of hamsters since they always getting pregnant, 2 roosters and a hen which my kids bought as chicks a year ago. We like having pets around its fun.
Posted by Kakashi2020 on 03-25-2018
I sometimes wonder why a home has dogs and cats. I am also wondering whenever I would see a dog and a cat sharing food. We have 3 dogs and I don’t think they can co-exist with a cat. In your case, isn’t it difficult to take care of so many cats that are obviously stray cats? Stray animals can bring in dirt to the home from outside and it can also bring disease. That is one reason why we don’t let our dogs go out in the streets because of the stray dogs that may have a disease.
Posted by Corzhens on 08-10-2018
I have dogs. This is for security purposes however I also like them as pets. They are truly man's best friend. When you come back home they are jumping up and down looking for a pet. They are like kids when they are young and are excited to see that you have come back home. I'm lucky that dog food is not that expensive in my Country. So it is not that much of a hardship to get them some food. My neighbors have cats and they are always fighting my dogs. I don't really like cats they are always on the attack.
Posted by jaymish on 10-05-2018
I don't have any pets at the moment. I am still learning to manage my time and organize all my stuff in my life, with three young kids at home, hence I can't afford to spend time with a pet at this moment. I would like to have a dog if possible, perhaps when my kids are older and are able to take good care of the dog later. I used to have a Labrador. It really requires time and energy to take care of the dog. I was still working outside and without my children when my dog was still around. We always tried to play and walked her everyday. Sometimes we were too tired to play and especially walk her in the park or neighborhood. But I felt like she was like part of a family, or my child, no matter how tired we were, we still tried to spend time with her. When she was sick, we were worried as well. It was also quite costly to take care of a dog. The dog food, vaccination, and if she was sick, we would have to take her to the vet, which was not cheap too. Another issue always encountered was that we couldn't really go out for long vacation as we had nowhere to locate our dog. We used to put her in the "pet hotel" when we went for a longer vacation, but I felt bad for our dog as she was like imprisoned.
Posted by kaka135 on 12-15-2018