Do you know there are stories hidden in your wardrobe?

Do you know there are stories hidden in your wardrobe?
Some have walk in wardrobes and some steel cupboards but most have those wooden well designed wardrobes that can hold tons of clothes. Every item that hangs in there has a story to tell depending on who you are. Some buy designer clothes, some stitch their own. There are those who depend on their partners to choose for them but some are independent and know what they goes on.

Is there any item in your wardrobe that has an intense story? There could be stories for all that hangs there but each time you open your cupboard something strikes you and you go down memory lane. I have this one that has an intense story – a saree. We had an argument that early in the morning. We were getting ready for work and somehow did not make up before leaving. It disturbed me no end. I did not work properly on that day and it must have been the same with my husband. I got back home and when I opened my cupboard – a steel cupboard which was a wedding gift – I saw a packet there. I opened the packet and there was a saree n there. I was a peace offering from my husband but there was no note. I was expected to understand. I waited eagerly for his return from office and the rest I leave it to your imagination. Then that quote came to mind “After the storm comes the calm, afer the calm comes the sunshine” There are more items in my cupboard that take me down memory lane. The pant suit I dared to wear for the first time was quite a stir among my friends and family. There were comments galore but some laced with “that is for Westerners and not us” not uttered but I could understand.

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I think there is some story with every clothing. And we learn from many of those stories. Some people got the clothing as a gift. Some had it as a their job salary. And some of them got from the loved ones. And thing just pile up. You can see that in that context you can easily map out the way things are. I would say lot of things we learn as we go ahead in life.
Posted by overcast on 01-11-2018
You surely must be having intense stories that each time you open your wardrobe those stories play in your mind. One can really bring out a book writing short stories on each and every item that hangs in the wardrobe.
Posted by iamawriter on 01-12-2018
I remember a shirt that was given to my by my father. It was an ordinary shirt with a printed design. Whenever I would wear it I always remember my father. I was in college at that time and my siblings, all 11 of them, were envious of my father’s attention to me but they could not blame my father because I am the youngest in the family. Anyway, that shirt got lost in the clothesline and it was really big deal for me.
Posted by Corzhens on 12-15-2018
I would love to hear if there is but I don't have any wardrobe because I just put away my dress in my dad's and mom's wardrobe. Sounds fun and I would love to have my own wardrobe and I will put my things there until there will appeared story about it. :D
Posted by mar06 on 01-11-2018
What about stories on clothes you are wearing. May not be kept in a wardrobe but each time you possessed an outfit it surely would have a memory. May be you bought from the bonus you got, or someone dear to you could have given it to you as a gift or may be some outfit you just did not like or may have had an an issue with your shop and so on. The discussion asks you to tell your own story.
Posted by iamawriter on 01-12-2018
I still have my last day worn shirts of College and University. It genuinely tells a lot of stories. As I have got dozens of signatures from my friends and teachers on it. Well, when I see them. It makes me remember about all those nice memories that I had with them. As well as those nasty ones I had with my teachers. But never the less, a touch brings me some sort of nostalgia either good or bad.
Posted by muaaz.93 on 01-11-2018
Getting signatures is indeed a big achievement and all those signatures should also tell you stories of the kind of people they were. Some may have been your best friends, some who you lent your shoulder. And last but not the least your life in the college itself.
Posted by iamawriter on 01-12-2018
One wardrobe in a lifetime is filled with clothes that have memories and also have stories of the present.In my wardrobe have got clothes that remind me of my childhood when I had my first ever interview because I bought a new suit for that, clothes that remind me of fun days and even those that would kick my head to remain I'm a mother and as such should dress properly.
Posted by lovely on 01-11-2018
You must be a collector as you say you still have clothes that you wore as a child. Would you remember any particular story about any of those clothes that you wore as a child. May be you did not like it, or you created a tantrum till yo got it. There is no end to what happens when it comes to owning clothes. Would you like to elaborate on atleast one of those clothes that you still have?
Posted by iamawriter on 01-12-2018
yea, one of it is a party dress,I really used to like attending parties then and I saw this fanciful dress that I needed to show off with,I told my mum about it and she was like wear your old clothes,I had to phone my call my big cousin that felt it would be inappropriate to give me money to buy a dress my mum didn't want to buy for me.instead,she suggested to get me the dress and presented it as a gift for me before my mum and that was a perfect idea.I directed her to where she could get the dress and the description of the dress, she bought it and brought it to the house and my mum didn't know it was the exact dress I had wanted.She was happy that I have a new dress that I would wear to the party I earlier talked about.still have that dress because it a very beautiful dress.
Posted by lovely on 01-13-2018
This is the story of a souvenir t-shirt that we bought in Jakarta. Our wardrobe closet has a section for my clothes and another section for my husband’s clothes. There is a middle section that contains bric-a-bracs and some other things like gifts, etc. This red t-shirt was in that bric-a-brac section for some months already until I asked my husband why he isn’t wearing it. I was surprised when he asked me the same question. In short, we didn’t know whose t-shirt it is although we know that we bought it during our trip to Indonesia last August. And then I realized that I was the one who bought it which means it’s mine.
Posted by Corzhens on 01-12-2018
This indeed is a very interesting story specially not knowing who it belonged to, initially. It should remain a souvenir and just as well as if any one of you start wearing it will wear out and you may have to discard it. We all have stories to share and if you peep in again I am sure you will have more stories to tell.
Posted by iamawriter on 01-12-2018
The entire items in my wardrobe have stories to tell. These stories might be unimportant for other people but the stories just like my items hold a special place in my heard. I have a green shirt in my wardrobe. This shirt actually belongs to my sister's husband, however, my sister gave it to me. I have a custom made Jacket. I wanted to use it as a summer jacket. However, my wife did not allow it for rough use. There are stories like these/
Posted by vinaya on 01-13-2018
This post is so true. I can look at the shirts hanging in my closet, and they do all tell different stories. I remember the shirt I wore to my grandfather's funeral. I remember the shirt I was wearing when my ex dumped me. I remember the shirt I was wearing when she fell in love with me. I remember the shirt I was wearing when I just got my new job. I remember the winter two of those jackets got me through. I remember the old jeans that I wore while painting my mom's house. Yes, our garments do tell such stories. I buy a lot of clothes at thrift shops, and I often wonder what adventures those clothes had been upon before they came to me.
Posted by JoeMilford on 01-19-2018
Every clothes that I bought has a story. Most of the people has story to their clothes too. It is better to buy a clothes that has purpose so that in the end you will remember the sentimental value of it.
Posted by mark86 on 11-13-2018
I can relate to this. Some of my clothes have stories. I still have the clothes that I have worn on my first job interview. Some are lucky clothes and I even have the uniforms that I used when I worked at the mall. I still keep them since these are memorable and have sentimental value.
Posted by superlicca on 11-18-2018
Yes, I think there are some clothes we really want to keep, even though we do not wear them now as you said, there are stories behind the clothes. There are also a few dresses that I liked when I was young and they are still in good condition, I am keeping them and hoping my girl will like them and still be able to wear them when she is older. As I am organizing my home, I try to get rid of those clothes that I am not wearing anymore even though some of them I would like to keep, as I am trying to just keep the stories in my memories and leave the clothes to those who are able to wear them.
Posted by kaka135 on 12-08-2018