Do you know what your children are watching on the Internet?

Do you know what your children are watching on the Internet?
With the kind of 'explosive' stuff that is there on the net, what is your way to keep a vigil on what your children are watching on the Internet? Or do you bother at all?
Please do share your approach for others to follow.

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I try to monitor what my children watch pretty closely. However, there have still been times where I will hear something or see something that doesn't seem appropriate and have them quickly turn it off. I wish You Tube had better filters or parental control options.
Posted by Mahshiemonalisa on 09-13-2017
You possibly cannot keep a watch on a kid twentyfour hours of the day. Before allowing to upload youtube could perhaps place vidoes in different categories and have a particular segment only meant for kids. This is just thought but I am not sure if this would be possible.
Posted by iamawriter on 09-14-2017
We have children at home and they can go directly to our desktop if they have assignments. I put some security setting like parental control that disallow to visit sites content not suitable for young audience unless they will call me to enter the code to get access. So it doesn't matter to check what they are watching on the internet because it is secured from unwanted content.
Posted by rogel on 09-13-2017
That is the best a parent can do. Also they should not be given mobiles with internet facility. I wonder why parents do not do this. That Blue Whale saga and its horrible consequences is all because children had access through their phones and they did it in their privacy. As you know many have died on account of this game.
Posted by iamawriter on 09-14-2017
As parents, we really can't always monitor what our children are watching on the internet. Children nowadays are smart and some kind of wizards whenever they're facing their computer. Maybe they can monitor by installing a CCTV camera at the front of the computer monitor so they'll be aware what they're children are doing and watching on the internet.
Posted by DanoCath on 09-13-2017
Having a CCTV is a good idea and an occasional surprise visit to watch their history could to some extent keep them in check. But what about mobiles? Do you children use them? That is the place where they can freely watch what they want. Even if they are provided with one they should not be allowed to take it with them when they leave the house.
Posted by iamawriter on 09-14-2017
I must say that it is really scary when I imagine how kids would be feeling watching things such as pornography videos online which is really a bad side to their development as well as watching some other stuff on the internet that brings negative mindset into their lives. I would suggest that parents teach their kids on the need to be careful with what they watch online so as not to fall victim of the bad influence those online files bring into people lives. By making them aware that you know such videos and stuff like that exist on the internet would make them have a reflection before they try to watch those things online.
Posted by Barida on 09-13-2017
It indeed is scary and going by the horrifying news we hear of even raping of infants by minor boys does point to the fact that all is not well with technology. Watching such stuff can also keep them away from studies which is rampant these days. They learn so many bad things even including how to rob and how to cheat.
Posted by iamawriter on 09-14-2017
Actually, I always know what my child does on the Internet because I am checking its history and I am always checking him to see what is he doing. Besides, I have its password from his PC, and he never opens the internet without my permission. I do hope that I know everything, I am trying not to be only his dad I want to be his friend as well, and any problem he has he may talk to me anytime without fear.
Posted by wallet on 09-13-2017
Some are quite smart. Each time they watch they delete history. Is there a way that can stop them from deleting history? Today's parents have this additional burden of monitoring children's activities on the Net which is a huge responsibility. How that can done is a million dollar question specially when both parents are at work.
Posted by iamawriter on 09-14-2017
If I had children, I think I would set up some kind of parent security of some sort to make sure they don't go in "dangerous" sites. But in reality in Internet you can meet danger at every corner, even on safe sites. Facebook is used by everyone, but there are a lot of creeps and scammer there. Monitoring them always might be too hard, and checking the browser history don't prove anything since they might just delete it. Maybe the best course of action, instead of checking what they see, is have a big talk with them about what they might end up to, to be careful, etc... Also, I think that kids younger than 10 are a bit too young for Internet. Maybe even a few years after 10 is still pretty young.
Posted by Xilkozuf on 09-13-2017
I don't have kids yet but this topic really concerns me, i have niece and nephew and i always talk to my siblings about this issue. It is really bothering cause kids now have their own gadget and they can access anything in the internet without the knowledge of their parents. Even those who rents in the computer shop. I've seen some videos and news about those kids that access porn in computer shops. I hope computer shop owners can be responsible enough to block the sites that should not be access by kids. While parents, i think it would be really hard for them to watch what their kids are doing all the time, so i think the best way is to talk to their kids properly and teach them to be aware and careful of the things that they should not access yet. And be open to their parents about everything.
Posted by zheh on 09-13-2017
Our child was already in college when internet was introduced. Thus, I never had the chance to see what she is watching as a child. But , I have 2 nieces and still young. I can see that what they are watching are animes. Also the older one is into reading books like Harry Potter. She even barely use Facebook. But her very younger sister is into Facebook and keep posting anime. Their mother and father monitors them when they are using their tablets. They can see that they are into fun things at the internet or researching about their assignments. :)
Posted by SimplyD on 09-13-2017
For me if i will be having a kids in the future i should monitor what they are accessing on internet online because maybe they are using it in a wrong way going to porn sites doing illegal online and reading wrong article leading to a wrong beliefs so we need to observe them or maybe put some tracker on the computer to secure them and we know what they are doing.
Posted by tophew on 09-13-2017
I think the best bet is just to give them normal phones without internet access for just calls and games .Maybe when they come of age you could just see what they are seeing through the history of the phone and either them or educate them on the danger of what they're seeing.I think educating on the consequences is better than restricting them because that might not be possible
Posted by lovely on 09-13-2017
When my son was young I used to worry about what he was watching online. I even put some spyware on the computer at one point. It was all pretty innoccent, but you never know. Older kids and teens will sometimes get into porn watching or discussing inappropriate things with their friends online. It is best to try to nip that in the bud if possible.
Posted by kgord on 09-13-2017
I have a 14 years old daughter she loves watching in her i pad. I wonder what she was watching, sometimes she laughs loud I don’t know what blog or site she’s watching. Sometimes I saw her watching you tube of American blogger. Every now and then I check the site where she was watching and I’m happy because she’s not watching any pornography site.
Posted by honeybabe on 09-13-2017
I don't have children on my own but I do have a little brother, 5 years old, he likes watching youtube videos on the computer. So I try to keep an eye on him whenever he is watching his videos because I'm afraid something not appropiate for his age will appear on the screen. I think all parents must do this. A good way for everyone to help you keep an eye on them is having the pc in the living room and not in the bedroom. that way everyone in the family can see what the kid is watching...
Posted by Pink_Turtle on 09-13-2017
There are filters that can be implemented on your router if you are a serious parent and wish to shield your children from what is on the internet. Now, of course, there are a lot of websites that will slip through the filter since new websites are made every day and you can't shield your children from the world without making them completely socially awkward. I'd suggest rather than making a filter of what they can't go on make a filter of what they can go on and limit it to those sites and if there is something else that they want to go to they can go through you to get there.
Posted by AlexHarris on 09-13-2017
This is also the problem to the parents who doesn't know about technical computer. Even myself don't know the wide knowledge about computer restriction. I always asked it to the technical computer literate, so that I would carry out how to banning porn sites. It's not good to the children to see those inappropriate website, because it will just poison mind, and interpret unnecessary things.

It's pain the head to see those children accessing not good website to them. I always asked my brother of how to set up such thing in my router. He even recommend to monitor my web into accessing only for children. When ever we do something it's good to the children beneath our roof. It's also our responsibility to guard them from web porn.
Posted by jaysolano12 on 09-13-2017
My children are grown but when my grandchildren are over to visit they spend little time on their devices. When they do I am always there and I know what they are doing at all times when they are online. Their parents are the same way when they are home. I think it is all a part of responsible parenting.
Posted by Sue on 09-13-2017
I don't have any children yet so I don't have to supervise anybody but I do monitor my cousins when they visit. They are still young so I feel like I am responsible for making sure that they aren't exposed to any weird or inappropriate content.

If I was a parent I would definitely monitor them daily. We all know that the internet is full of things that children shouldn't be seeing. It is it your job as a parent to keep them away from such sources.
Posted by Mehano on 09-13-2017
I don't really give attention on it. But most people observation will be also my basis to give attention to it. The only thing I do understand is that, they usually surf into the INTERNET like cartoons. Because, for them it's more fun to watch those things, and watch them whole day. They more prefer to search about cartoon network, and animated movies. My little sister usually search, like Elsa of Frozen movie. Because she was the fan of that movies since 3 years old.

When it comes of inappropriate content. I usually scold my little sister. Because she usually hide it while I noticed her surf further from the INTERNET. Theres bad side also to the side of parents, and brothers to it. I would like also to ban INTERNET to those children who uses computer in my house.
Posted by jaysolano12 on 09-13-2017
I monitor what my daughter is watching for the most part. She loves watching those stupid videos of kids opening toys and playing with them. We have YouTube Kids downloaded on her tablet and I think for the most part that the videos are safe for her to watch there.
Posted by BigDreamer on 09-13-2017
I don't have kids but have a younger brother who is still in his teen age. Whenever I feel that my brother is doing something he isn't supposed to do then the first step I do is sit with him for a while or raid into his privacy for a few minutes. Try to peek into his web browser and if I find via any means that he is watching forbidden things then I try to explain to him that it's bad to do such things and treat him to tell the parents about the incident. After that, he generally doesn't do that for atleast a month. This strategy is to be easy on the kid at first but if he still does the same thing then the hard action is necessary.
Posted by muaaz.93 on 09-13-2017
I don't have any kids so I don't really have to do anything. But I do have a little sister and I'm in charge of making sure everything is alright. She's still a bit young (nine years old) so I don't really have to worry too much for the moment. We haven't really ever had any problems with her so we don't check up much because we trust that she knows the right thing to do and what not to do. It's important though that you make sure that your child knows what is right and what is wrong.
Posted by kingcool52 on 09-13-2017
It worries me now that the internet is all over and most of the devices are internet enabled. I always get goose bumps if I think I might find my teenager watching x-rated stuff. Information is quite important if well shared with our children when we educate them of the vices that can be found online. With that they can make a choice to do the right thing or wrong, it's up to them because you can never be a police to everything they are doing.
Posted by williamk on 09-13-2017
Well my nephew's tablet is checked routinely by his mom and sometimes she would randomly surprise him and ask him to give her the tablet to see what he was doing . Outside of that he has a curfew where he is not allowed to use the tablet beyond a certain time. This is one area that will always be a work in progress because kids are always looking for ways to hide and workaround their parents vigilance. My nephew has gotten in trouble a few times for breaking the rules and this resulted in him loosing access to the tablet for a while. The restrictions seem to be working though as my nephew seems to be engaging in more educational and inspirational content and sometimes he is even eager to show his mom what he was up to and both of them enjoy the tablet nowadays quite often.
Posted by Joteque on 09-13-2017
I have a child however, he is not at the age when he can use the internet. Once he grows up, he surely wants to use the internet. Until the age of 15, I will not let my child use the internet without my wife or mine supervision. I will also make sure that he cannot access illegal sites (porn, drugs, weapons etc.). The Internet is a source of information, however, when the information is not right, it will cause harm.
Posted by vinaya on 09-13-2017
Kids to a certain age should be monitored and mentored, the parents should not feel bad if they find themselves playing a police role, after that, their education is enough to guide them when they're alone.
Posted by joey98 on 09-14-2017
I don't have a child. But when summer vacation and Christmas vacation my nephews came here in our house and they like watching on youtube. And I make sure they will only watch a child thing or cartoons. And yes they are only watching some cartoons like BoBoiBoy, Pokemon, Tom, And Jerry. and when they are watching I'm on their side for to see they're not watching something that not belongs to their age. We should really monitor children watching videos on the internet. because some of this is bad and maybe they will do it also.
Posted by jayken on 09-14-2017
This is a nice thread for parents. One friend had complained to me that she discovered her 8-year old boy watching pornographic video in the internet. That's the sad fact that parents are facing now because the children have their own phones. Some parents provide phones even to their pre-school children just to make them occupied so they wouldn't bother the parents. And it is the reality that the internet is a wild place with almost everything in it - spammers, scammers, pornography, violence, and any other undesirable contents. I really don't know how parents could protect their children from unsavory contents of some websites. Maybe they just have to monitor the phones.
Posted by Corzhens on 09-14-2017
My girlfriend's son loves to watch things on the laptop and the desktop, and we constantly monitor his searches and viewing activities. He knows that we also check his traffic and history after he gets off the computer, and if he has gone to any weird or inappropriate site, even though we have put parental safeguards on the computers, then we have a discussion with him, and, depending on the severity of the situation and how he is handling the discussion, he gets punished. For example, we usually revoke his internet privileges for at least a week. We have only had to do this twice, because he hated it so much he started following the rules. In any case, there's so much non-kid-friendly stuff out there, and we really have to monitor our children in order to keep them safe.
Posted by JoeMilford on 09-14-2017
Nowadays children are really intelligent. They know that we are constantly supervising them and some of them even delete the internet history. So clever they are. Fortunately there are many apps available now which can help in monitoring your children online activities. We have all heard about cases where teenagers joined the ISIS and their parents were even unaware about this. Many teenagers many also watch things which are inappropriate for their age. Moreover, there are also some dangerous games available online. Many teenagers lost their lives playing the blue whale suicide game. It is vital for all parents to supervise their children's online activities.
Posted by Pixie on 09-14-2017
I think there are some of the sniffing tools which keep an eye on the sites being accessed. But you can't really control the way things are going to be. If kids are going to watch things then they are going to watch the things they would do. I think on that basis, I'd say that children need to understand what to watch and what to ignore in that case as well. That's what changes things.
Posted by overcast on 09-14-2017
Jonathan Solomon
Well, I don't have a child or children yet. However, based on what I experienced growing up in the technological era of being on the internet. I want to be very much so involved with my future offsprings activity. It's not that I had one thing, in particular, happened or I witnessed. More so the fact that as a child or young teen you can sort of lose course and end up in very dark places on the internet. Places that you really don't want to be. So I support general monitoring. Trusting them, but being aware of the activity they do conduct.
Posted by Jonathan Solomon on 09-14-2017
It's very important to be aware of what your children are looking at on the internet. I don't have kids but if I had I'd be checking what they are doing on the computer often , probably I would set some software to block some sites that they shouldn't have access to and see inappropriate things. The internet can be very dangerous if you have no idea what you're doing. Everyone has to be careful no matter the age.
Posted by felabruno on 09-14-2017
It is true that you cannot always monitor your children's activity on the internet and that a child's curiosity is inevitable. I recommend installing the lighter version of YouTube called YouTube kids. It is specially designed to filter YouTube videos that are not recommended for children. Another software that I recommend is the K9 porn blocker which I am personally using. As the name suggests, it automatically blocks your computer's access to any pornographic site.
Posted by johnrajiv123 on 09-14-2017
I consider myself very fortunate because, by the time we got a computer in our home with Internet access, my kids were old enough to understand the danger. However, now I have to consider my granddaughter and we do our best to monitor what she is exposed to by way of the Internet. Of course, when my kids were younger it wasn't the computer, it was the television. We still had to be careful of the programs they watched.
Posted by cmoneyspinner on 09-15-2017
I honestly think that parents should instruct their children about bad content on the internet but I don't think they should mount a network to spy on their kids. A little bit of privacy and trust never hurt anyone
Posted by Marvadaum on 09-15-2017
This stuff is new to me - as when I was a kid and teenager the net didn't exist. However, though, I'm sure lots of teenage boys are wanting to peek at adult websites. I mean, who are we kidding here? Anyway, if I was a parent, then the best course of action would be to filter internet access. Anyway, even worse than teenage exposure, would be child exposure. That would be horrible.
Posted by jyy on 10-09-2017
I installed a software on my children's computer where I could see on my computer what they are currently watching/reading on the internet. Then I could close the browser when they stumbled websites that are not suitable for them. But I could only do that when we are connected to the same internet connection/wifi access. When they are outside, or in other people's house that has an internet connection, you could not really be sure that they will not visit websites that are for adults.
Posted by vhinz on 01-28-2018