Do you laugh out loud?

Do you laugh out loud?
Every person has his own different way of laughing.Some people are fond of laughing their heart out. They are so loud that their laughter can be heard from far off. Whereas there are others who laugh in a calm and composed manner. Though they do not keep away from laughing but we have to look at their face so as to make out their expression.

I feel should be enjoyed to the fullest. Any moment that gives us a chance to laugh should be availed without any delay.I laugh with a sound but it is well under control. How do you laugh?



Laughter is good medicine

Yep, I love it. I laugh right out all the time. I don't try to hold it in or stifle it. I enjoy laughing. It feels good. Go ahead and let it out.

I love when I find something so funny that it literally makes me laugh out loud.

Posted by Zyni on 08-08-2017


I mean, it depends on what's said or done that's funny. If something catches me off guard or is genuinely funny, yes, I will not hesitate to laugh out loud! It's just how I've always been, but even my chuckles are pretty audible.
Posted by TheArticulate on 08-07-2017

Laugh out loud

I laugh out loud! And I laugh really loud actually! I don't think there is a reason to suppress laughter. Let it out and have fun.
Posted by BigDreamer on 08-07-2017

Of course!

If something is funny, why not show it? I always feel much better after I've had a good laugh and as they say, laughter is the best medicine. The only time I try not to laugh out loud is in a serious setting. I have a bad habit of laughing when I'm nervous, even when the situation is not funny, so I have to suppress my laughter during things like interviews, but if the situation is actually funny, then I always laugh out loud.
Posted by lilac123 on 08-13-2017

I do.

People say my laugh is very loud, I do think they are exaggerating, but I really like the way I laugh though, I'm cool with it.
Posted by StolenKid on 08-08-2017

I agree!

I don't suppress my laughter either if I feel the need to laugh I'm doing it and it doesn't matter if it is loud or not. I usually do what I feel in all my actions. The laugh is natural, just as crying or sneezing, you can't stop it!
Posted by wallet on 08-06-2017

Of Course

I laugh any time that I like and in any way that I want. I don't suppress my joy--that might be garrish, but i can't help it. I also appreciate people who laugh aloud and express their own joy, even if it is a bit annoying at times. Life is too short, way too short, to hold back something as natural and therapeutic as laughter--so cut loose, I say.
Posted by JoeMilford on 08-15-2017

I don't always laugh out loud but when i do...

It's not always that I laugh out loud. Something has to struck me really good in order to make me burst. But when I laugh I laugh. I burst and laugh as loud as I can.
Posted by Marvadaum on 08-06-2017

99% of the time, yes.

Laughing is one of the things I do most in my life (I think that's why many people don't believe that my physical appearance matches with the age that I have, haha) and laughing loudly is sometimes a problem for me because when I have some crisis of laughter it becomes difficult to control them, haha!
Posted by wiseagent on 09-17-2017

I love to laugh!

If I find something really funny I can't help it. I will laugh so loud that random people would stare. When I was younger I used to be embarrassed, but as I got older I don't care anymore what people think. If it's funny it's funny I'm not going to hold back. Laughter is good for you.
Posted by tmccoy on 08-18-2017


I do this sometimes and I even find myself laughing even when I'm alone. I only ever do it sometimes, though, and not really consciously so I am hoping that the times I do laugh I am being sincere because fake laughing is a trait I do not like in others. I try not to even give polite laughter sometimes because I feel it is inauthentic and takes too much energy out of me.
Posted by Wubwub on 11-13-2018

It shows authenticity

Laughing out loud shows that you are a real person. You are not hiding anything nor you are faking a laugh. It shows authenticity as a person, as a friend, or as someone who is truly connected to other people. We should have limits on how loud we should laugh, especially when you are in a formal event. But I think it is much better to laught out loud as much as possible.
Posted by hstinscdln on 11-13-2018



I have the ability to suppress my laughter

When I find something funny, I laugh, but not the laugh out loud kind of laugh. I usually am able to suppress my laughter so that only a minimal amount of sound would be heard. I got used to this because when I was in high school, me and my classmates loved share jokes even if the teacher was around. When I heard a very funny joke, I had to suppress my laughter so as not to get attention from the teacher.

It was like a "You laugh you lose" challenge. This habit continued up to this day. Of course, whenever I'm at work and somebody tells a joke, I don't laugh out loud. Even when I'm alone at my room, I know how to control my laughter.

All this sophistication and conservatism goes down the drain though when I'm drunk. Haha!

Posted by limberg on 08-05-2017


No no no, absolutely not. I try as hard as I can to not laugh, because I laugh like an idiot. I don't even know how do describe it, but it doesn't matter since it's not even a funny laugh. It's just a lame laugh that doesn't even sound like a laugh. I can have fun, but laughter is not how I express it. Eheh
Posted by Xilkozuf on 08-07-2017


My laugh it's just stupid , sounds really silly so I tend to suppress it. I usually laugh very little in front of people I do not know much, I control my laugh for make it not to sound that noisy. When I am with my friends and I let my laughter go as it should, I also do not make so much noise.
Posted by luispas on 08-06-2017


I don't suppress my laughter. I let it come out naturally, however, I never laugh loud. Even when I am expressing extreme pleasure, I don't laugh loud. Laughing loud does not come to me naturally. Having said that laughing loud is good for your body.
Posted by vinaya on 08-04-2017
I always laugh loud and hard. I don’t feel right if I am not going to laugh like my usual way. If I do that, I feel like faking my emotion of doing a fake laugh. The only time that I would laugh silently is if to give respect to the place I’m at or if I’m trying to hide that emotion because if seen, someone might get offended.
Posted by Neiltarquin on 08-05-2017
rose thornes
I really can't stop myself from laughing loud specially when the scene is too funny and caught me off guard. The only way to minimize my laughter is to cover my mouth. I do this often when I'm in public and not to get public attentions.
Posted by rose thornes on 08-05-2017
It is my habit to laugh out loud when there is something funny that touched my hilarity bone. But when I am in a formal gathering, say a professional meeting, I don't remember doing that because I am quite tense and my hilarity bone will not be that active to make laugh out loud. But at home, especially when we are watching a funny show on tv, expect to hear my roaring laughter. People in our house enjoy my laughter particularly my husband who says that laughing out loud is good for my hypertension.
Posted by Corzhens on 08-05-2017
I do laugh when possible. Some of the time I can tell you that it is good for our body. You may find that some people wish to laugh a lot. And things such as that can be useful for the health. I have found that most of the TV series online can be effective in that type of the scenarios. I have found that people who are into the humor are going to have a good life ahead. So it's fun to laugh every now and then.
Posted by overcast on 08-05-2017
Jonathan Solomon
I feel I laugh at loud in a moderate tone. I control my laugh and express when necessary during humorous moments. I also wouldn't say my laugh is annoying, nor high pitched. The one thing I have noticed is that most of the time when I type "lol" online, I usually don't laugh out loud.

Regarding health, I've read multiple articles that claimed to laugh and smile improves your health over time. Because of this, I always remember to crack a smile daily or laugh on a daily basis.
Posted by Jonathan Solomon on 08-05-2017
My friends made me aware how and how loud I laugh by mocking me at times when I hear a joke and find it really funny. I did not feel about it though because I see my laugh as a part of me that completes my personality. I have this though that our group of friends regard me as a jester or a clown because of my stupid jokes and that I am the only one to laugh at them.

Although I think laughing loud should be avoided in professional setups like in business meetings and conferences. There are also those people that seem to force their laughs loudly just to be the center of attention. I feel bad for them.
Posted by giovanniiiii on 08-05-2017
I laugh out loud and sometimes have tears in my eyes while laughing. Maybe because I'm overjoyed or very happy with the good jokes I had read or heard. I felt good after I laugh out loud because I felt like I release some tension or stress that I'm feeling on that moment. But I don't usually do that, especially when I'm with other people, I only do that if I'm with my family or friends. Because I know that they won't judge me by the way I laugh.
Posted by jbernardo2145 on 08-05-2017
It depends on what happened and whether other people are laughing too. I will laugh out loud but not over the top loud. Sometimes, things will strike me funny and I will laugh until there are tears in my eyes and I can hardly breathe. This happens a lot when I am around my family or friends. I love when that happens because it makes you feel so good to laugh like that. After all laughter is the best medicine.
Posted by morgoodie on 08-05-2017
I confess that sometimes I do this, but I do it only when I'm in my house. I particularly hate it when people do it in public so I avoid doing it too when I'm not in my house.
Posted by hermessantos on 08-05-2017
Oh yes, all the time , I get to laugh ut loud. Even at the office, most of us officemates will always be laughing out loud because of our jokes. But when the boss is around we only laugh out loud when she makes a joke. lol At our house, laughing out loud is always done by everyone. lol
Posted by SimplyD on 08-05-2017
I laugh out loud but in a way which is not too outrageous. It's important to control your laughter depending on the scenarios. Laughing too loud will draw everyone's attention to you.
Posted by fishmonk on 08-06-2017
gata montes
Its a mixture of the two for me - as although I'm one of those horribly happy people with a tremendous sense of humor that can always see the funny side of life and have a an extremely vivid imagination too - that does laugh a lot - I don't always laugh out loud - simply because - there are some situations where however funny something is - its just wouldn't be appropriate to do that.

That said - as laughter does have some very real health benefits in that - it can improve overall health and fight disease, be an aid to lowering blood pressure, help fight depression, strengthen the immune system, tone internal muscles, help relieve pain, reduce stress levels and increase brain function - its something that we adults should do way more often than do - especially bearing in mind the fact that - the average adult only laughs up to17 times a day if that - compared to children who laugh approx. 300 - 400 times a day.
Posted by gata montes on 08-06-2017
I'm definitely a mix of both spectrums, haha. It honestly depends on the whole social situation and context. I feel like in certain situations, we shouldn't be laughing extremely loudly because it would attract unwanted attention. For example; if there's something very funny and I'm at my workplace, I try to suppress my laugh and not disturb everybody that's trying to work. But if I'm at my home or with my close friends, then I just laugh from my heart. Even if it's loud or weird, it doesn't matter!
Posted by Mehano on 08-06-2017
I would say that it depends on where I am and who I am with. If I am at home or with my family or friends, I would burst out laughing and rolling on the floor and nobody can stop me. Lol! :D And I easily lose on those 'you laugh you lose' challenges. I don't know. Maybe I am weird. XD
Posted by galegatling on 08-06-2017
It depends on the situation but if something is extremely funny, yes I will laugh out loud. But I do not say "LOL" verbally though. I know some people who think something is funny then they say the text version of "LOL" that I do not do. And they are not even laughing so it's so weird!
Posted by simplym on 08-06-2017
It all depends! Sometimes I can't help but let out a huge laughter, the kind that makes my lungs collapse and I end up gasping for air. Sometimes it's just a dainty giggle that is more suitable to the environment. And from time to time I even end up snorting while laughing, it's a mess.

I think it all depends on who is with us and if we feel we can laugh freely and honestly, that conditions the time of laughter we let out. Or, at least, that is my case.
Posted by VintageRose on 08-06-2017
It really depends on the occasion. Watching a funny video would make me laugh like a lark , feels good when the people around me laugh together, the more the merrier. It would be embarrassing to laugh on my own because it sounded weird and the echoes are scary. Laughing is the best way to let out my depression and to feel relax, at ease even for a dry joke that my son had told me .
Posted by peachpurple on 08-07-2017
I am not one to laugh out loud. I laugh but it is usually a pretty quiet one. There are few occasions where I have really laughed loud. My fiance on the other hand is a really loud laugher. When he laughs you can hear him everywhere. He has one of those big belly laughs. Everybody has a different kind of laugh which is so cool. I love listening to laughter. It always makes my day.
Posted by Sue on 08-08-2017
we cant notice the way we laughed during our funniest moments. If some people think that laughing out loud is disgusting and they don't like the way you do it. Laughing is our freedom and there is no one could say that it is prohibited. Yes there are certain places where you need to control the tone of your voice but, it is not a reason for us stop from laughing as we want to show that we are really happy as we enjoy each and every moment that is imprinted to our mind.
Posted by rogel07 on 08-18-2017
I laugh really loud, even when I'm alone or with friends. When I am watching any comedy movies I can't really help but laugh out loud though sometimes it sounds very annoying to others. I just can't help to laugh like how everyone else is laughing moderately. I have a big voice so when I laugh, I always get the attention of others. It has always been the way I am since I was a child. It's hard to suppress a laughter so I just go all the way.
Posted by DanoCath on 08-22-2017
Usually, I don't. Depending on how funny something is, however, I just might let out a loud laughter. Most of the time, however, I let out a chuckle and go back to seriousness.
Posted by Marvadaum on 08-22-2017
Well I'm really a type of guy that always want to be happy and yes I easily burst out laughing once I have seen or heard a joke with my friends. The thing is, I'm also a very serious guy who always completely believe what anyone says even he/she is just joking. So if someone has tried joking while being serious its kinda really hard for me to trust that guy anymore as I can't seem to be sure if what he/she's telling was either a joke or the truth.
Posted by narutos3nn1n on 08-25-2017
I confess that sometimes I can't help it and I laugh very hard. I think it depends on what or why you are laughing. There is sometimes where you are in a place where you need to be quiet and you can not laugh quiet and someone tells you to be silent. It is embarrassing. For me, it is very hard not to laugh, I laugh mostly all the time for any reason.
Posted by pizzalover on 08-26-2017
Laughing out loud at times is not intentional,you can't just help it and you let it out.In fact people should be laughing out loud more often than not because laughter is medicinal.I don't think anyone should restrict people from laughing out loud unless the person is constituting a nuisance with the laughter.
Posted by lovely on 08-29-2017
I usually laugh out loud when I enjoy watching a comedy movie whether on the tv or in the cinema. Especially when the gag is so funny to me, I would roar in laughter and I don’t care of the other people if they are annoyed. You are right that letting your emotion out is one good way of de-stressing yourself so it is encouraged to laugh out loud even only once in a while.
Posted by Corzhens on 10-14-2018
Out loud seems more fun I personally don't have any issues laughing out loud so long as the occasion calls for it. It actually a nice feeling to let the laughter all out without holding anything back.

I have actually observed that really laughing out loud is more fun when done with group of friends whom you are comfortable being around. With such company of friends, you have nothing to hide as you all be your real self with no pretence. Laugh out loud is fun.
Posted by Heatman on 09-08-2017
I dont usually laugh out loud as i try to control the sound from the laughter but if you cannot control yours then there is nothing wrong with that. Laughter helps to drive away hypertension.
Posted by babyright on 01-10-2018
If I am in an office environment or talking to a customer then I have to suppress my laughter. I don't want to appear as being unprofessional. However, on any other occasions if I find something to be funny then I usually laugh out loud. Most of the time when I laugh out loud I eventually have tears rolling down my cheeks. I think that laughter is very important. Nowadays there are people attending laughter therapy sessions just to relieve themselves of daily tensions/stress.
Posted by Pixie on 03-04-2018
Do you laugh out loud: Yes I do laugh out loud specially when I am with my friends, family and loveones, with those people I used and comfortable to be with. t Those people already know me don't mind how I laugh but to someone who just heard the way I laugh may think weird for the thin like girl and will laugh out loud such type. I recieved many compliment, comments which is negative and positive regarding the way I laugh but I don't need to change it, it is me and I don't need to change my self just for them to like me.
Posted by mhingnhormz on 12-15-2018
Depends on the joke and the person I'm with. If it's a stranger or a new acquaintance then I give a calm, restrained laugh but if I'm with my family then it's rolling on the floor in laughter. You're more likely to laugh uncontrollably with people you feel comfortable with. Sometimes it doesn't matter who you're with if the joke is very funny. I've gotten funny looks in a bus for laughing out loud from a message I received on my phone.
Posted by Tehilah27 on 12-15-2018