Do you see Alexis Sanchez doing great at Manchester United?

Do you see Alexis Sanchez doing great at Manchester United?
Early last week brought to an end the long standing transfer saga involving the transfer of the former Arsenal key player, Sanchez, to one of the biggest club we have in England in the name of Manchester United. While many felt that it is a deal that might see Sanchez live up to expectations, others are of the opinion that the lad will do all he can to prove that he deserves such huge fee that he earns at the club and become one of the best player we have in the world.

I am of the opinion, especially considering the debut match he played against Yeovil town on Thursday, that the player is going to be a star at Manchester United and will improve the United attack in a way that is nice and good. What is your opinion of his transfer to Manchester United? Hit or miss?


About the transfer business of Manchester United being a hit or miss with the purchase of Alexis Sanchez from Arsenal with a swap deal as well as paying around €25 million euros, it's definitely a big hit for the club because Sanchez is a born winner. With his exploits in Barcelona, his country Chile and Arsenal football club, he is absolutely a huge asset to Manchester United. About him doing great things for his new club, it's just one match he played in FA cup against a poor team, so he still have ample time to prove himself in the upcoming fixture of Manchester United against Tottenham.
Posted by Martinsx on 01-30-2018
I noticed Alexis Sanchez when he played for his country in world cup 2014. I am not following premier matches, therefore, I don't know about this recent transfer. However, what I know is he will not be playing in the world cup 2018 because Chilie did not qualify.
Posted by vinaya on 01-30-2018
I definitely think he has future. I think there are some of the new players coming up. And so he may have to go through very tough bidding. But there does seem to be place for him. And it can be indeed part of the process there. You can see that there is going to be chance for him in many such clubs.
Posted by overcast on 02-02-2018
Alexis will be a brilliant signing and a much needed workhorse & star studded offensive talent. This reeks of RVP’s move which tipped the scales of the title to United’s favour back in 2012–2013. Both were 29 at the point in time, City were the superior team and are leaving a side which has sucked away their best years. Sanchez will be highly motivated to make full use of tail end of his prime to win some trophies. I have some reservations about Sanchez but I’ll save it for another day as they aren’t significant enough to raise a red flag over the transfer.
Posted by muaaz.93 on 02-18-2018
I've also got my reservations for the type of player Alexis is, but the truth is that adapting to a new team is not always easy and I'm hopeful that he will do better as well in the end. As a Manchester United fan, my wish is to see all our players be at the top of their games every time they are out on that pitch and Alexis won't be an exception. Would be glad to see how he improves on losing the ball for it is not clear that he lost the ball more times than any United player since he came around.
Posted by Barida on 02-25-2018
I didn;t see this but it defintely sounds like a star and a player worth watching. I will probably watch the world cup at least a few times this year. I think it will be worth viewing. Soccer is gaining in popularity here in the US all the time.
Posted by kgord on 02-22-2018
Alexis is a great player that you can get to watch in the English premier league as well. He was the talisman when he was at Arsenal FC and now that he is at Manchester United, I hope he will do better. Truth be told, he has not performed to my expectations, but I am optimistic that as time goes on, he will begin to put in the type of display that made Manchester United to be paying him such a huge fee on a weekly basis. Until then, I wish my darling United club all the best till the end of the season.
Posted by Barida on 03-07-2018