Do you stick to your New Year's Resolutions?

Do you stick to your New Year's Resolutions?
As the new year approaches many people tend to spend some time thinking about how the past year has been, and what they would like to change for the coming year. But truth be told few people manage to keep their promise, and after a couple of weeks or maybe a month or two, they forget all about their resolution/s. I have made my own resolution and am hoping to stick to it. I will try to be more patient and less grumpy this year and my hope is to manage to be more optimistic as a result. Have you ever made a resolution that you managed to keep throughout the year?

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Typically, yes. I don't call them new years resolutions though. At the first of the year I review my goals for last year and then write new goals for the new year. I review them periodically through the year and update them. To have success with goals they should not be vague and they should be measurable. A bad goal would be "I don't want to be fat anymore". It is vague and not measurable. It should be "I want to lose 10lbs by March". You can measure your weight daily and update your goal. You should elaborate on the goal as well.

I want to lose 10lbs by March

  • I will do cardio three times per week for 30 minutes (measurable)
  • I will only eat 1700 calories per day until I reach my goal (measurable)
  • I will not eat junk food (sort of vague but can be measured)
When you reach your goal, it is important to update it. If you are happy at your weight, using the above example, you should update it to a maintenance goal. If not, change it to lose more weight by a specific date.
Posted by Lop on 12-24-2016
Wow lop, what a great idea you have here. Yes measureable goals are what one needs in order to succeed. But there are so many that just have goals that are either unattainable or too vague. I will be sure to try writing my goals in this manner.
Posted by angie828 on 12-26-2016
A lot of people practice the 'Making New Year's resolutions' at this time of year but not many know the tradition is based on Paganism, from around 4000 years ago with the Babylonians - during which they would celebrate a 12-day religious festival known as Akitu where they would either crown a new King or swear renewed loyalty to the current King. In theory, this was a good thing as you would so obviously want to participate in a big event for your Monarch. At that time, they would also make offerings, promises to their own local Gods/deities to be more faithful/productive in the upcoming year in hopes the promises would be heard and believed so he (whoever he was) would bestow favor and blessings. The penalty for failing to honor those promises (we call them resolutions) would be falling out of favor with one's God, so very few people failed on resolutions.

A little later, Julius Caesar established January 1 for the start of New Years; January based on their 'god' Janus a deity that looked backward and forward into time and in doing so could see all things. Many offerings were made to Janus at January 1 with similar promises to behave/do good in the upcoming year.

Later on, the practice became popular with Christian/Protestant during the 1700's and now is widely practiced as secular or non-religious by many, though most don't know or understand/appreciate the Pagan roots.

As for myself, I don't make New Years resolutions but strive daily to do better than the previous one. I used to do the resolutions but it didn't work for me. Now, I make tiny corrections to my daily routine (personal, life and work related) as I go along during the year so that I'm not far off course from where I want to be. I will usually look back at my week and ask myself what I could do better. If I see that something is not working for me, then I make the adjustment then or at least make goals, reachable milestones so that i can have the life that I want then and not waiting until a predetermined mark (New Years) to work on that.
Posted by Beverly on 12-24-2016
Beverly, I never knew that resolutions were based on this. Thank you so much for pointing this out.

I have made plenty of New Years Resolutions and some I have not stuck with. I really like your idea of looking back at the week and asking yourself what you could have done better. I think that this would make my life easier. I have many goals that I want to obtain, maybe doing a week in review would be beneficial to me.
Posted by angie828 on 12-26-2016
Jonathan Solomon
Wow, I really learned something interesting today, thanks for that! In life, we form habits (good and bad). No matter the habit, they become spiritual signatures. I generally take your approach towards resolutions. Looking back several days at a time, pondering what I could rectify to better myself as a whole. I shouldn't have to wait for trigger dates like New Years to commence these changes.
Posted by Jonathan Solomon on 05-21-2017
My new year resolution? Em I've made some over the years and I've come to realize it takes reasonable effort to stick to them. Our new year resolutions are usually designed to take us to the next level, we don't want to be stagnant in life, so one of the best ways to make progress is by making new resolutions and sticking to them. I have a little piece I'll like all my friends to ponder on before this year is over. Hi friends, have you ever thought about your life? Like waking up at night to think about your life? Your relationship with people, why you behave the way you do etc. At some points, we realize a need to change the way we do some things, stop some things or start something new. My lovely friends, it a fresh moment or time to make such a decision. Make it a resolution, yes a resolution, so you can stand someday to say since 2017, I resolved to or not to ........, their is a saying that any success without a history is fake. Make a conscious effort to see that the resolution made is kept, but at any point you find yourself going against your wish, make a stop and say no, I am not going back to the way I use to be. Jesus loves you and wants to help you out, tell it to him. Let your resolution change your life, make it a memorable turning point, this could make all the difference.
Posted by Jeshurun on 12-27-2016
I would definitely need to quit smoking (AGAIN). This was my last years new year resolution and I managed to stay off the cigarettes for about 10 months. Hope this year I can make it till 2018 and maybe even longer than that. In essence I want to quit smoking forever, the reason I restarted is because I had a bunch of Cuban cigars one week and that opened my nicotine needs.
Posted by Cristian on 12-30-2016
Well, I do have some new years resolutions:

  • Find a new career other than freelancing online
  • Stop drinking so much coffee, limit my coffee intake to at least 1 cup a day
  • Quit smoking (which i plan to do after this pack of cigarettes is gone i will be quitting cold turkey - again)
  • Start my real estate classes part-time
These are goals i have for 2017, 2017 is gonna be MY year to get these things done. So I am truly hoping I can accomplish these goals for myself.
Posted by Everett on 01-10-2017
I have made my own resolutions in the past but even though I've been able to stick with them most of the times, I don't have any new resolutions for this year. Not in the same way at least. That being said, I have a few personal things to work on and also some business related choices to do.. But that has nothing to do with new year's resolutions. What I do know, is that 2017 will be better than 2015 and 2016. That's the only thing I can promise myself.
Posted by hitmeasap on 01-13-2017
I don't personally make New Year's resolutions. At the age of thirty, I have become increasingly aware that the only way I will have the life I envision and desire is by my everyday choices and actions. I have goals for myself and I have to commit to the steps necessary to achieve those goals and that is the same on New Year's as well as July 29th. Relentless pursuit of goals, no matter the obstacle is my new MO.
Posted by Mahshiemonalisa on 01-24-2017
I found that whenever I made a New Year's resolution I would never stick to it. For years I would make the same resolution about losing weight, cutting something out of my diet and once I had reached around mid January early February I had broken that resolution. I now don't make resolutions but instead make goals, for example if I would like to lose some weight I decide on a weight I would like to be at by a certain time and I work towards that, I feel that if I make goals over resolutions I tend to stick to them better.
Posted by Shortie on 03-17-2017
Well, I don't particularly make resolutions anymore I rather let them roll along as the year progresses. In my experience making new year resolutions is a sure way of setting yourself up for failure/disappointment. Why should I wait for only one time in a year when I can self-reflect, reflection and improvement should be a journey, not a destination
Posted by Mambombaya on 04-12-2017
Good point of view Mambombaya! I also think the "new year resolutions" it's just a way to set a preliminary goals for the next year, but in most cases this resolutions will not reflecte in our plans after a month or two. I say that becuase , for me personaly, it's pretty hard to set some rules or expectations for the short future, because I like to take it simple, and deal with the situation without preparations.
Posted by birlaandrei on 05-14-2017
Some of them I do it is the stop smoking one I struggle with but am hoping to get a new e-cig which will help me alot I think. I do want to stick to them all specially the career and business ones I have created and I also made a link building one for this year dedicated to my blogs . Which I have stuck to and its going fairly ok so fair.
Posted by moneybags82 on 04-20-2017
I used to make them as a youngster and my favourite was getting a boyfriend within a certain time frame! I think I was setting myself up for failure as I rarely managed it and as an adult I don't make them any more. Does anyone actually make them these days? I always think what an old fashioned concept it is as resolutions can be made at any time of the year if it's something you really want.
Posted by littlewitch66 on 04-30-2017
Well, not yet. One of my New Year's Resolutions is quit smoking and it is very hard. I've not tried yet because when I get home from work I'm just very stressed and I get very anxious, that's why I want to stop smoking on a holiday.
Posted by wezegan on 05-01-2017
I used to make these resolutions until I realized there was no point in trying to set one on the first day of a new year, but to carry through things you've started from previous years.
Posted by Atropia on 05-02-2017
Not quite, I used to make them until I got fed up and quite making many of them. I chose to focus this year on one resolution, and still, I don't see myself achieving it, sadly.
Posted by Lethal63 on 05-04-2017
It's hard, but I try to. There are resolutions which I can't fulfill but gives me motivation to at least try. The resolutions condition me to be productive and is a great way to check up on yourself if you're having a bad time, to cool down from the fast pace of life and see if you're living to the potential your resolutions present.
Posted by viries310 on 05-04-2017
I always wanted to but never did, ever since my 5 th grade I have been taking a resolution but i have never have followed it strictly, the most common resolution i take is to quit smoking but i never did keep up with my resolution and the worst part is i find myself breaking the resolution the next day itself. It is something i feel ashamed of.
Posted by wikifarmer on 05-08-2017
Its all about consistency, and being focus..My advice is to not plan to do a lot of things just focus on one goal and keep reminding yourself why you are doing this.
Posted by Anonymous on 05-09-2017
Honestly, no. The first few months I try to stick to my resolutions, but the issue is that I keep falling through on promises and get too caught up in any problems that come up. Then my resolutions just get pushed to the very end of my to do list and eventually forgotten... maybe it'll be better for me if I make resolutions monthly instead of just one massive compilation of wishes at new years.
Posted by pastelplastic on 05-10-2017
Fluffy Panda
Generally, I do, one of my resolutions was to eat healthier and go to the gym more, and I did and I already feel so much better. I love to exercise now, I never used to and people always look at me weirdly when I say I love going to the gym but it's true. This resolution is one that I am very happy of deciding to do, and I hope I make better decisions like that again.
Posted by Fluffy Panda on 05-14-2017
Yes. The only thing is, I make sure to only set goals that would make a difference to my life. For example, my resolution for 2016 was to finally get my Driver's License. The fact that I made it my resolution really pushed me and I did indeed get to my goal. Generally if it is something you really care about that would really make a difference to your life, you would definitely be more likely to complete it.
Posted by JanicePlatt on 05-14-2017
Yes I have. I have also not stuck to my new years resolution and through this process it made me realize I need to make an extra effort that I need to be reminded of my new years resolution. I use either a sticky note on my mirror, a note on my whiteboard, or a note on my smart phone. I believe that if its something you "truly" want to do, you should have no problem of executing it as it comes from a genuine desire to accomplish it. Plus its easier that way.
Posted by jeremy-k on 05-15-2017
People seem to think new year's resolutions have some kind of special power. They don't. Easter's resolutions, or birthday's resolutions would have about the same effect. I only make a resolution when I feel inspired to go through with it. Yes, there's a whole lot of symbolism around the turn of the year, and it's a time when people are generally feeling happier and more motivated than normal. But is that alone a good reason to make resolutions? I feel most people just go with the flow - everyone's doing it, so you just do it too. You don't need any special pretext to make resolutions for your life. You can make them at any time, as long as you feel you can stick with them. Now, if the new year gives you inspiration, that's great, but don't you just go with the flow!
Posted by kovacs on 05-15-2017
I've managed to stick with my new year's resolution this year. I set out a goal to lose weight and so far I've already lost 33 pounds. I'm almost at my goal weight, which is 152 pounds (only 2 pounds to go). So this year I did well. However, It's the first time I actually stick with my new year's resolution. So, to answer your question, no, I usually don't stick with them. And from what I hear, I'm not alone. Most people also drop their resolutions halfway through February.
Posted by FatManX on 05-16-2017
For many people, a new year's resolution is just a mere wish list for fun. In many instances, after the new year celebrations are over the resolution is completely forgotten and life just goes on as before. There may be others who may seek to live up to the promises in their resolution list but more often than not, many of them may not be achieved.
Posted by explorerx7 on 05-18-2017
Rhomhie Morelh Campo
Not really because, sometimes there are instances that you think it is not applicable to that situation and you disregard what you had created in your new years resolution.
Posted by Rhomhie Morelh Campo on 05-18-2017
I try to do my best but I'm never able to stick with the new year resolutions for more than 10 days.
Posted by youbiz on 05-22-2017
I keep my new year's resolution easy so I can stick with it until the end of the year. My current new year resolution is to lessen junk food/processed food. So far, I'm still on it.
Posted by rvnaclw on 05-25-2017
I personally don't make New Year's resolutions because I find it difficult to stick with them. There's always something new coming up in something that is more important at the moment. I find it okay to make New Year's resolutions but me personally I prefer not.
Posted by Anonymous on 05-30-2017
Every year during the New Year time, I make resolution, however, in most cases I fail to keep up with my new year resolutions. Even though I always make realistic new year resolutions, I am unable to work the resolutions for me. Interestingly, I never fail to make new resolutions for the new year. This year, I made couple of resolutions. Five months gone and none of my resolutions have been materialized.
Posted by vinaya on 06-02-2017
I didn't make the resolutions... I made a list of things that I wanted to focus on more instead. I have been doing it for the second year in a row and yeah, it works better than resolutions.
Posted by eva.ling on 06-05-2017
I never keep any, I find that if you're not able to follow them, it ends up making you feel disappointed when you reach the end of the year and look back. I just let my life go with the flow, improving as I go, making plans when they're needed to be made. Stressing over what you should be doing isn't going to help. It's better to just keep going, accepting any faults or unexpected events, and just hoping for the better. Let it go with the flow.
Posted by BlueFray on 06-05-2017
The date just changed to half of this year gone and I can say with confidence, I did not keep my resolution. I only had one, and that was to meditate every day. I even got an app to keep track so I was doing everything in my power not to set myself up for failure. Am I mad at myself for not keeping it up? Absolutely not. I definitely put in a good effort and even though my goal was to meditate daily, I am still meditating on average once every few days. That is doubled compared to this same time last year.
Posted by Lizzyib on 06-07-2017
I never do. I've actually quit making them the last few years because its just not a system that works for me. I make goals and work towards different things my own way, and it's usually a lot more complex then just deciding do stop doing or start doing a thing on one day a year.
Posted by baksam13 on 06-07-2017
I used to make new years resolution but then I thought to myself, why make them when you can make any resolution at any time not just wait until the new year to do so.
Posted by simplym on 06-08-2017
I really wish that I could keep my New Years Resolutions. I've stopped making them for myself due to my inability to keep them. Plus, I'll find myself waiting until January to start new things or lifestyle changes. Start now!
Posted by Madelyn on 06-10-2017
Yeah, I never do any new year resolutions because whenever you have "resolutions" or targets, why do you need to do it only on new year and then set it in increments of one year. I think creating short term targets and goals are better because you can update it and you can keep track of it easier. For example, I track my weight training in increments of 2 months and I update my weight loss goals every 6 weeks or so. I think this is more realistic.
Posted by lordrenly on 06-11-2017
usually I do that on my birthdays, That's when I make plans for my new year and Look back what I was Able to do and not!! I try to stick to it But Never finish them, There is always dome pending goals to finish then they become my priority in the following year :-)
Posted by Clara1993 on 06-11-2017
Every time I make a new years resolution I fail at accomplishing it, however to my surprise this year I made just one New Years resolution and have been keeping up with it. I am so glad that I decided to challenge my self one last time with this resolution because I truly think its the core of the resolution. I feel so accomplished and motivated and I will continue making new resolutions each year.
Posted by lyudmilka78 on 06-12-2017
My New Year's Resolution was to stop drinking coffee. Its not that I think coffee is bad for my health. It's just that I wanted to prove I had will power and was not addicted. Drinking coffee is like a water faucet. I can turn it on or off. People can give up cigarettes. I can give up coffee. It was the first day of the year and I didn't even make through the morning. I had to have a cup of coffee. I'm weak! Ah well! Hopefully, there will be another New Year! :)
Posted by cmoneyspinner on 06-13-2017
Not really. I just don't make new year resolutions, since I know i would probably not stick to them. I just live every year as it comes, trying to do my best without any specific goal in mind, any specific improvements or something similar. I don't even see why I should wait the next year to achieve a project or become a better person.
Posted by Xilkozuf on 06-14-2017
I've never been very good at sticking to New Year's resolutions but I'll keep trying until I get it right.

One thing I've decided is that any day is a good day to set new resolutions if you want to achieve something badly enough. Right now I'm trying to cut down on the amount of time I spend online but I'm not doing a great job so far. However I've been successful in switching off my computer before 10pm every night for over a month now and I'm determined to stick to that habit.
Posted by Gina145 on 06-14-2017
I really dont stick to what I have planned on the last day of the year, I wonder why. I guess sometimes I just get distracted. I guess sometimes it takes just some time to realize that I might not know what I want. I mean, I know what I want in life, but I have no plan, a procedure to follow, anything. I am very hapy to have come across this topic. It makes me feel good, I think from now on I will just plan and follow my plan. It doesn't matter if half year have passed already. I can always make a plan right now and just start doing what I should do.
Posted by AntwanCeja on 06-15-2017
I never take up any new year resolutions. The main reason is that I always badly fail in pursuing them. Like this year my resolution was to exercise regularly and lose weight. Around half of the year has passed and I have not lost even a pound of weight.

I would love to read measures that can make me start and stimulate me to stay stimulated.
Posted by amitkokiladitya on 06-16-2017
I stopped making new year resolutions when I was in high school. No matter how hard I try to stop smoking, I just can't. I stick to the goals that I know I can achieve, but I don't feel that I really have to follow through them abruptly. People are creatures of habit. We want to change, but in the end we really have a hard time doing so.
Posted by missionreport on 06-16-2017
I don;t really make resolutions anymore, simply because I just can't follow them at all. I would list down a lot on my resolution and end up stressing myself over something because I just can't do it with all the work I'm already doing. So I stopped making a resolution, and now that I haven't made any I found out that I get to do them after all because with less stress, I'm more able to focus on the things I needed to do, therefore I finish ahead of my expected time.
Posted by Anonymous on 06-20-2017
I've never done anything from my "New Year List" and that's because I've never do that list, I think it's silly, if you really want to make a change in your life, you can try to do it everyday, it doesn't have to be at the start of a new year.
Posted by luispas on 06-22-2017
I usually end up following them up with a less-effort version of the goal or resolution. For example, when I wanted to change my diet to 100% healthy food and only water, I ended up spending that year eating a lot healthier, but not ONLY healthy food. I still had the occasional coffee and cake. But at the end of the day it made a big difference. The best way to stick to these sort of goals is to set mini steps along the way to achieving those goals. Don't just go for the top position. Other than that, I think just trying to live better in every way is much more effective than setting crazy goals that contradict the way you've been living for the past few years.
Posted by SashaS on 06-23-2017
I didn't, sadly, my year was busy, I promise my new year will be get more profit.
Posted by StolenKid on 06-23-2017
In my country it's not a tradition to make a New Year's resolution list. Instead, we make wishes that may or may not be in our hands: Ask for health, perhaps more wealth or a successful job offer are common wishes to make at midnight. I think this is a better tradition because it doesn't force you to make a list of goals that you may or may not make, and, if ignored, will only end up making you feel bad about yourself as the year progresses.
Posted by VintageRose on 06-25-2017
Most of us want to go into the new year to change things for the better and have better discipline over certain things. Not a lot of us succeed, mainly because life gets in the way and we are so busy and stressed that we forget about our new resolutions or don't have the energy to carry them out. We all have good intentions and want each year to be better than the last, but we have to be able to get our will under control. I will be honest and say I have rarely ever kept my New Year's resolutions. I don't have a tight grip on my will power. When we make our resolutions we should make them realistic and have a reasonable time frame for them to make them more achievable. Sometimes we set ourselves up for a fall by making impossible demands on ourselves.
Posted by freebird37 on 06-25-2017

Twitter Replies

Posted on Twitter by YungfeekBcm on 12-25-2016
[@SuperiorThan] Only made one, once. Didn't keep it, so never made another.😂
Posted on Twitter by SardisStorm on 12-25-2016
[@SardisStorm] They don't work for everyone :P ^BJ
Posted on Twitter by SuperiorThan on 12-26-2016
[@SuperiorThan] Balderdash
Posted on Twitter by M_Cookchin on 01-01-2017
Suzanne Ariel Byars
[@SuperiorThan] I don't make any New Years' resolutions I try to be a good great person every Day all the time I don't take breaks from it
Posted on Twitter by SbyarsA on 01-02-2017
Suzanne Ariel Byars
@SuperiorThan if you take breaks from improving yourself or from doing your best I think you're a loser my partner can never take breaks
Posted on Twitter by SbyarsA on 01-02-2017
Suzanne Ariel Byars
@SuperiorThan me & a partner can never take breaks from doing our best for each other why stop doing your best at any time?
Posted on Twitter by SbyarsA on 01-02-2017
[@SbyarsA] When you're focused on the people that matter, your priorities and objectives are always in order. :)
Posted on Twitter by SuperiorThan on 01-02-2017
[@SbyarsA] Just do your best every day! It's a good way to go. Thanks for your input.
Posted on Twitter by SuperiorThan on 01-02-2017
[@SbyarsA] That's an amazing outlook Thank you for sharing it with us and have a great New Year! :)
Posted on Twitter by SuperiorThan on 01-02-2017
Suzanne Ariel Byars
[@SuperiorThan] I don't take breaks from. Being myself I always do the best that I can
Posted on Twitter by SbyarsA on 01-02-2017
T Karney
[@SuperiorThan] Why the fuck would I make any?
Posted on Twitter by pecunium on 01-02-2017
Red Dirt Ready
[@SuperiorThan] I dont make any. So...
Posted on Twitter by SwTkthe1 on 01-05-2017
[@SwTkthe1] New Years resolutions don't work for everyone. So long as you have a good direction already, you might not need one.
Posted on Twitter by SuperiorThan on 01-05-2017
Red Dirt Ready
[@SuperiorThan] Nailed it.
Posted on Twitter by SwTkthe1 on 01-05-2017