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Do you still enjoy your morning news paper?

Do you still enjoy your morning news paper?
We all have access to news through our tv channels and our favourite sites on the Net. As for me I still like my news paper. I like the sound of the cycle bell that belongs to our newspaper boy, every morning. . I go to the gate and there will be our paper. I prefer reading the headline sipping my tea but sometimes these days there will be half a page dangling blocking the headlines and this annoys me. I have taken this up with the newspaper owners.

Do you still buy the newspaper?

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I still enjoy reading newspapers early in the morning especially when I am on a vacation. I only miss this occasionally, particularly when I am on official or personal trips. I try to keep myself up to date with the current events and happenings both locally and internationally. Whenever I can't meet up with the news before checking out of the house, I use the car radio rather.
Posted by potentialwriter on 10-27-2017
Despite there being other modes it is strange that we still want our morning paper. Even a local paper can be found on the Net these days. Old habits die hard they say and this is one old habit I suppose will not go in a hurry. Newspapers have other uses too.
Posted by iamawriter on 10-31-2017
Reading newspaper is a very good way to relax and read some information around your environment and the world. I dont have enough cash surplus to buy the papers but whenever i have i will buy.
Posted by babyright on 10-27-2017
I have to be honest on this. I have stopped reading newspapers since some years. I have subscribed to various news channels online and I get my daily news from them. The advantage of getting your news online is that the news are up-to-date. Moreover you will have access to a variety of news. Another good thing is that online news are available for free.
Posted by Pixie on 10-29-2017
I do both. We also have tv news channels that keep updating news. It is an old habit without which I feel I am missing something. As I pick up the paper I will look for headlines although as you have said I would already be knowing about it as the tv news channels get the news faster than the printed newspaper.
Posted by prolificwriter on 10-31-2017
I am reading the online version of the news. Not really to save money but it is more convenient. First, I don't have to buy. Second, no need to open up the large pages. With my smart phone, it is easy to read particularly during my slack time in the office. I am predicting that the online version will be the standard for the news in the near future.
Posted by Corzhens on 10-29-2017
I do check for news online and yahoo is my standard where they keep updating news by the minute so to say. And then there are the tv channels too. But this habit will never die. That early morning ritual that i have been following for years will stay with me. .
Posted by iamawriter on 10-31-2017
No, I don't buy the newspaper anymore. Not for years... I think over 5-6 years at least. It's honestly just a waste of time since the news is now so easily accessible everywhere you turn... on the television, the internet and more. The newspaper is overpriced in my country and nobody buys it anymore except the elderly. I guess they are used to it and they don't really use the internet too much. I simply prefer finding the news on the internet - easy, quick and I can read whatever I want without paying a cent.
Posted by Mehano on 10-29-2017
My father still has this custom. To be honest, I have not bought a newspaper for years, because the internet has simply replaced it all for me. A lot of the news that comes out in the papers has been out for about a day or two on the internet. I think the newspaper has become very outdated and few people still buy it. At least here in my country is like this.
Posted by hermessantos on 10-29-2017
We have newspaper in the local language which is what makes us stay relevant with the local stuff. So for that reason I'd say that reading newspaper which is local is a good thing. And I'm surely going to read as much as possible. I think for many among us it could be a good thing to read the news. I don't know how many people prefer to read on the internet. I like to read local news through paper.
Posted by overcast on 10-29-2017
We no longer have a daily subscription of the morning paper. But when I eat breakfast at a fastfood, I always request for a newspaper to read. I know I can easily read the news using my smartphone but it's more satisfying to flip the pages of a newspaper.

I also find the writing on newspapers to be more refined and well edited as compared to the articles found in the internet. This makes reading the newspaper a lot better.
Posted by limberg on 10-29-2017
We still have this custom, due to my parents, specially on Sundays. But actually, it feels good to have the news on virtual or physical way. We used to get the newspaper to give it another uses, like for cleaning windows and mirrors, cover some storage items or bird cage's floor. Now, with the recycle bin, and to stop unnecessary wasted, we prefer to get the news on the TV or straight from social media.
Posted by ballyhara on 10-29-2017
My parents' house stays that way, too. On Sundays there is the custom of buying newspapers. I think my parents do this because they do not surf the internet. It would really be a lot easier.
Posted by hermessantos on 10-31-2017
Not anymore. I remember how I used to read the newspaper every morning to ensure that I knew what was happening in the United Kingdom and around the world as well. It was also a good thing to read whilst on the train so that the journey wasn't too boring. But nowadays I just use apps to catch up on the news and tend to just go on social media as well. I can't remember the last time I touched a physical newspaper.
Posted by kingcool52 on 10-29-2017
Yes! I do! I love doing the crossword puzzle, and I also love the ritual of the paper in general. I think I got into this because of my grandfather, but there is something about your hot coffee, your paper, and your quiet time and thoughts in the morning that is pretty special, if you ask me. I love the tactile experience with the printed word, and there is something about receiving this in the morning which is really cool and affirming.
Posted by JoeMilford on 10-29-2017
I never really enjoyed reading print newspaper because I always found this reading mode very annoying (but sometimes, very unformative). When I want to read some news. I prefer to read them on the internet using my laptop or my smartphone because it's more comfortable and faster.
Posted by wiseagent on 10-29-2017
Not a paper per se but I do enjoy starting the day with some news. I usually log on my Facebook account and check the news on a few sites so I can start my day up to date. A good way to help me wake up also. It's a good morning routine
Posted by Marvadaum on 10-29-2017
I don't necessarily read the newspaper not with all the tabloids that are all online now.I read news daily but not from a newspaper but from my phone.I have subscribe to all my favorite news online and I read from there daily
Posted by lovely on 10-29-2017
Nope, I do not subscribe to newspaper anymore after since I knew how to find my daily news at CNN and Yahoo news. Get them free and updated online before the next day. Furthermore, I cna watch the video like the tv news too
Posted by peachpurple on 10-29-2017
I use to read morning newspaper regularly when I was living in a city. I moved to my farmhouse four years ago. I don't get daily papers here. Therefore, I did not have the option to read a newspaper. These days I rely on the internet for news. I read online newspapers and magazines.
Posted by vinaya on 10-30-2017
gata montes
I don't - as mentioned in a previous post on a similar topic just a short time ago - I gave up buying newspapers decades ago - as not only are they now almost obsolete where I live - but with news from all corners of the World now being at your fingertips in seconds - I much prefer to read my news online.

As apart from being more convenient - its way better - particularly as - you can at least select the news topics that are of interest to you - rather than have to wade through pages and pages of topics that are of absolutely no interest whatsoever.
Posted by gata montes on 10-30-2017
Nothing starts the morning off better then the morning paper and a nice cup of coffee. It is a way to get the morning started calmly and enjoyably without rushing around. I enjoy having that little bit of me time before I rush out the door to begin another day of work. I also enjoy starting my Saturday morning with the paper. Newspapers aren't as popular as they one were because so many people read their news online but there is just something about the smell of coffee and the print of the morning paper that makes my mornings complete.
Posted by Sue on 10-30-2017
it's been years since I read an actual news paper. I just wake up and see the news on twitter, facebook or any other social media. It's easier, cheaper and you get to avoid all that sensasionalism of some news paper. You get to see the "important" news and the media usually filters everything for you so you don't have to see what you don't want to see.
Posted by Pink_Turtle on 10-31-2017
I have long gone enjoying breakfast with a tabloid or newspaper. These days, I only drink coffee and head up to my small office room. I open my laptop and work. Looks boring but actually, I find these routine enjoyable. I read news online now through websites and social media platforms. At least I am helping save trees.
Posted by tiffiecute on 11-01-2017
Can't remember the last time I read a morning newspaper. I usually just scan the news sites on my phone to see what happened overnight while I was asleep. When I was in Junior High School and High School I used to never be without one though. Mostly for sports results and finals from the night before.
Posted by NickJ on 11-02-2017
Actually, I don't use to read any kind of news, I don't even watch television very often because I'm always busy so, I'm mostly uninformed about everything that has happened in the world, in my country or, even, near of me. Sometimes, social networks help me to keep myself informed but I believe it's not enough.
Posted by cubo on 11-07-2017
My parents have their morning newspaper delivered every day and they do read it. I think it is cool because the articles there are better than on news sites but I don't have enough time to read so I wouldn't buy the newspaper. Maybe if I really wanted to but I don't need it. Reading it is enjoyable though.
Posted by felabruno on 11-11-2017
No, I never read the morning newspaper. I have at times look at evening paper but not the morning edition of any papers. I might look at one if I have to be out for breakfast or something but that would be the only time really. It is just one of the things that I might consider doing. I just get most of my news online.
Posted by kgord on 11-11-2017