Do you think there are too many superhero movies?

Do you think there are too many superhero movies?
Years ago, the most popular superhero movies were the Superman ones. They are classic movies, although some of them are not that good. Then Spiderman came in, with the trilogy by Sam Raimi: a good first one, an amazing sequel and a disappointing but still nice third and final chapter. Both series were really popular, but there weren't that much movies of this genre at the time. Then, one year after Spiderman 3, it began: Iron Man 3 started the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Year after year, movie after movie, they built up this huge universe with lots of character, lots of movie which were actually good. DC followed up, with their movies and their superheroes too. Today, "superhero movie" almost became its own genre! Every year there are at least 2 new movies about some guy with superpower, not only by Marvel and DC. Maybe we live in a golden age of superheroes, but what if it's too much? Do you think the market is oversaturated by movies of this genre? Would you like to see more, would you like to see less or you are fine the way it is?


I agree... there are a lot of superhero movies now. I like superhero movies, but at the same time, things are starting to get boring and cliche. I wish they'd do something different instead of the same formula. Hopefully the upcoming moves will be something new.
Posted by kataomoi on 05-21-2017
Yes, there are definitely way too many superhero movies being made lately. I understand why they're constantly making them and that they're trying to squeeze out as much money as possible from it but it's annoying. Some aren't bad but the rest are same old same old. Nothing new or unique in half of them. Not to mention how much they cost to be produced.

I'd much prefer a good mystery, psychological thriller over another superhero movie.
Posted by Mehano on 05-21-2017
I don't know I mean people seem to enjoy them, and they are great escapist entertainment. As long as people want to see them, I don't think there is anything wrong with them. I think just having the option around is helpful to most people. I have enjoyed them in the past, but not sure if I will go to any more of them.
Posted by kgord on 05-21-2017
My opinion is that there are maybe too many Superhero movies, but that's because people seem to like those films. It should be nice if there were more action/science fiction films produced. I doesn't like Superhero movies a lot, but they are really good to attract families because they are for both children and adults. I hope I gave you a good opinion!
Posted by RobbeGames on 05-21-2017
I agree that they are too many of these movies. The frequency in which these movies are being produced is taking away some of the intrigue. It's becoming a case of more of the same, I have seen similar scenes before. The creativity is been greatly diminished.
Posted by explorerx7 on 05-21-2017
No, obviously not because if there were "too many" superhero movies they wouldn't continue to be made. If there were too many superhero movies then no money would be made and that reason alone would decrease the number of superhero movies being made each year. The law of supply and demand is very much in full effect on all types of movies.
Posted by DeeFree on 05-21-2017
When we saw the last Avenger movie, that's when I realized that indeed the movies is full of super heroes. How many are they in the Avengers? So many, right? And if you will count all the superheroes that you have seen then you might get a big number. But in fairness to the movies, there were already those superheroes in the comics when I was young. My brothers were buying those comics if Superman, Batman and the rest of the league. And maybe people are watching the superhero movies as respite from the stressful world.
Posted by Corzhens on 05-21-2017
NO.even if there are they're awesome
Posted by Gabe-Greninja on 05-22-2017
Yes, I agree! There are way too many super hero movies being made. I fully understand why they keep making them and it's understandable why. If they are going to make them and they are going to make money from them, then they will continue to keep making them. Fan's of super hero movies will go and watch every movie released meaning they are always making money from each new release. The one thing I do fear is that they will soon run out of idea's for new movies with them releasing so many so quickly.
Posted by Shortie on 05-22-2017
The thought of being or seeing a superhero is popular, man is fascinated by the supernatural always have been, and by the way these new superhero movies are being made more in this day and time also because technology has caught up with the minds of the comic book concepts. They can do more now in Hollywood than in the past.
Posted by kamar19 on 05-22-2017
That's for sure and to be honest, I think even the fans of that kind of movie agree with that.

Probably with the speed that companies fight against each other and release movies behind movies with the same theme without adding anything new to the final product will result in a saturation in the movie market and those movies will have virtually no specific niche to be sold anymore.
Posted by WildSpirit on 05-22-2017
Nope, as long as people pay to watch them it makes sense to keep making them. They just happen to be really popular right now. Some of them needed to be modernized a bit (while others have gone too far, completely changing them).

I think superhero movies are a bit of fun, especially when they are made for pure entertainment (instead of agendas). So, why not?

If someone doesn't care for the genre, they can certainly find something else to watch.
Posted by Zyni on 05-22-2017
There can never be to much superhero movies. Who enjoys watching movies packed with drama all day long. Remember the Deadpool? Wasn't that a kickass movies. Give me a superhero movie that I haven't watch am sure it'll be more interesting than watching soap opera.
Posted by camshaq23 on 05-22-2017
I don't think there can be to many superhero movies. Sure, there can be bad ones such as Green Lantern, but I don't think there can ever be to much.
Posted by Sino989 on 05-23-2017
It's like people back in the day saying there were too many musicals. It's the time we live in. We have the technology now to create amazing visual effects and bring these characters to life like no other time period has. And it's not like they are stand alone superhero movies, they are actually building up to something. Something huge. It's kind of like saying there's too many comics out there, they tell a story. Let them tell the damn story.
Posted by Githmaina on 05-30-2017
What we see time and again with super hero movies are the greats of their time, Superman (1978) Batman (1989) Spider-Man (2002) Iron Man (2008) etc. then all the pretenders put out to just make a buck. What's different now is that like many people have said a lot of these films are being given time to breath and develop as audiences become more accepting of them. Marvel puts out about 2 or 3 movies a year to give them and audiences time to breathe while setting up the hype machine for the future in universe. DC is trying to take it's shortcuts and it was really showing when Batman V Superman came out last year. Thankfully Wonder Woman seems to be a step in the right direction, and while we aren't getting any other Justice Leaguers in their own features any time soon, at least after the commitment to the League is up DC can get back on track with introducing the world to the DCEU properly with its various characters. And who knows, maybe by the time the need to make the Justice League sequel the world will be ready to introduce characters like Martian Manhunter to the film universe and adapt the same story the beloved 2000s cartoon was based on. The problem isn't too many superhero movies, it's too many made for the wrong reason. We don't need a cheap Jonah Hex movie because the character exists in comics, Sony doesn't need to cram too many characters into one movie because they want to make 5 more movies too quick. We just need proper patience and planning to keep the market just interested enough in good story telling to keep audiences coming back for more
Posted by Knightmanx on 06-01-2017
In recent years, we have seen more and more superhero movies. But in my opinion, there is still much to be explored in this subject. I would like to see a lot more Superhero movies in the next few years.
Posted by hermessantos on 06-07-2017
As long as the movies are good, I don't have any problem with it, since every character have their own background story. They are trying to do a movie for all superheroes, they even created a movie for the Guardians of the Galaxy, and it turned out to be great. But when the time comes where they would create a movie per every member of the X-men, I think I'm out.
Posted by BeardedMamba on 06-10-2017
Lately the amount of superhero movies has increased, but I like it and I think there are a lot more films of this type that can be produced. They could make a movie with only Flash or Arrow, among others. I think superhero movies are always successful and many people would like to see more heroes in the movies.
Posted by Cauohashi on 06-10-2017
No, I think it's just right as long as it's good. I think it's alright that they now have their own genre (hooray for geeks like me). The comic book industry isn't selling as much as they used to back then, so I believe it's only fair that they're in the scene now. Besides, the target audience for superhero movies are basically people who are into superheroes, so whether there's a superhero movie or not, people won't watch movies if it doesn't spark their interests.
Posted by arachnophobik on 06-14-2017
Yes! I totally agree there are too many superhero/comic book character movies in the last decade or so. Every summer it seems like at least 10 come out and they are all supposed blockbusters. I'm of the generation where Jack Nicholson was the Joker and that was about it. Now the market is over saturated with every superhero or villain from every comic book. There's spin-offs, prequels and sequels! Who can manage to keep up with all them, much less stay interested?
Posted by Lizzyib on 06-16-2017
I am totally into superhero film genre and doesn't think that they are oversaturated. Whether they are bad ones like Fantastic four I would still love to see a hit Fantastic four film. In last one decade, my favorite was Captain America series as it was more targeted towards mature people as compared to Iron man, Thor, and Amazing Spiderman.
Posted by muaaz.93 on 08-17-2017
I enjoy watching superhero movies, however, I believe that there are too many super hero movies. I enjoyed Spiderman movies, however, when Amazing Spiderman was relaeased, I was not interested to watch it. Recently, Spiderman Homecoming was released. I watched th movie but there was nothing substantial. I am getting bored watching spuerhero movies
Posted by vinaya on 08-22-2017
Actually yes, I think there are too many superhero movies, and some of them made by Marvel started to be so unrealistic that makes me wonder if these movies give the same feelings that we had when we saw for the first time the original Superman movie. I don't like the series of Spiderman is just a movie for kids, and there are the Iron Man that is so unrealistic and so boring...I don't like these movies, are too many superheroes and they started to be a usual subject in the movie section.
Posted by wallet on 08-28-2017
you're right, there are too many superheroes, and watching somebody with super powers while I can't even do 20 push ups in raw is a bit frustrating, I like movies that have losers as heroes.
Posted by joey98 on 10-22-2017
Yes of course, there are too many super hero movies that I could count and there are still more that are yet to be released which have already been acted. The latest which I watched on 16th February known as "THE BLACK PANTHER" was actually a good one by Marvel Movies Industry.
Posted by Martinsx on 03-05-2018
I absolutely do not think that there are too many superhero movies! I love the Marvel Universe, and we all have our favorite characters there. If they make a movie that you are not interested in about a superhero who you do not care about, then just don't go to that film. However, that being said, Marvel is genius at tying all of the films together with cross-over moments and character development across the whole Marvel Film Universe, so you kind of have to see ALL of their films in order to really feel connected and tapped into the entire complexity of all of the stories which weave in and out of one another!
Posted by JoeMilford on 03-08-2018
No. There can never be too many superhero movies. Actually, there's only a few superhero movies if you compare it to other genres like comedy movies or horror movies or drama.

Yes, there has been a spike of superhero movies in these past couple of years. The Marvel vs DC rivalry has began to pick up steam and us fans of superheroes have been treated to one superhero movie to the next with relative consistency.

But you know what? I still gave for more. I such a fan of marvel and DC comic books and I still can't get enough of Thor and Cap and Ironman and Wonder Woman and batman and superman.

We need more superhero movies!
Posted by limberg on 04-07-2018
Yes, I think so because it's pretty much all the studios are investing in these days and a lot of the smaller or more original titles that we used to see are now being ignored and just going to Netflix. I don't mind that much though because I understand since it's a lot harder to get me to go to the movies these days and I don't know how much I'd want to get up and go out to pay for a movie if it were just an obscure one that I don't know about. Still, it makes me miss the days when a good gem of a movie that was original would get a lot of buzz and it would make me want to go out and see it.
Posted by Wubwub on 04-20-2018
Let me share the recent news that the creator of Marvel Superheroes had dies yesterday. Stan Lee was to turn 96 in December. He died of a complication, I think, and was already sick for a time. What’s interesting was that his wife of 70 years died last year. That was one heck of a marriage to last that long. I admire the guy’s longevity in love that I think that is more interesting than the super heroes that he created.
Posted by Corzhens on 11-14-2018
As a fan who have been hooked with Marvel Universe, I would like to see more of Iron man and Black Widow. I am not really against with more movies coming out every year. I am not actually thrilled when Black Panther came out, but after watching the movie, I sort of loved it better than other Marvel movies (Iron man is still the best though). So I am not really against it. But I would like it if they only introduce those that would play part in bigger movies like the upcoming End game of infinity wars.
Posted by emiaj55 on 12-12-2018
I don't think that theres too much superhero movies being made rather I think that theres a lack of it. Superhero movies has become a new genre in movies and for Marvel and DC Cinematic Universes, it's only the beginning.
Posted by Kakashi2020 on 12-14-2018
I guess there are really a lot of superhero movies nowadays. But there is a huge market for it. I enjoy watching superhero movies. The abundance means there is variety so you can choose which ones you want to watch.
Posted by thejoyrevolution on 12-15-2018
It's entertaining and it's partly due to our modern day CGI effects. In the past one can't really make good superhero movies because there weren't computers yet but nowadays everything can be manipulated and that makes it cheaper and more easier to make better quality Superhero Movies.
Posted by Kakashi2020 on 12-16-2018
I do think it’s a popular genre, but is it overdone? I’d say that’s only the case if people are no longer watching them; in which case they wouldn’t be making those movies.

If the movies are getting made then clearly the demand for them is still there.
Posted by amelia88 on 12-17-2018
I have to agree with you. There really are a lot of superhero and it increases even more. But I think that it is fine as long as the people are entertained by them. Also, if the characters aren't just alone in their movie and gets a crossover with other superheroes, it makes it even more entertaining to watch.
Posted by hstinscdln on 12-18-2018