Does anyone believe in homeopathy?

Does anyone believe in homeopathy?
Does anyone believe in homeopathy? Does it really work? My husband has been having severe issues with his foot and leg and we have explored many options, but so far, we have not had much luck. I would like to try homeopathy for his nerves. I found a site that sells this, and found a few products for him to potentially try. I would like input from anyone that has tried it to see if they feel if it helps or not. The doctors feel that it may be tarsal tunnel in his leg/foot, but nothing has really helped him relieve any pain.


I believe. Some people say it's placebo but I faced a major depression about a year ago and I can say it has really helped me to overcome my difficulties. There is, however, the good and the bad brands like with any other product. My advice for you is get counseling from a professional you trust on the brands and remedies you should buy. Self-medication is not advised even with natural products such as these.
Posted by Marvadaum on 07-16-2017
Treating yourself with natural substances is a good alternative for a lot of issues. It doesn't work for everything. I would do research on his specific area of problem and see what homeopathic remedies are offered for that specific thing. See if it sounds like something he may benefit from, it can't hurt to try if he's tried everything else. Homeopathic medicine is an alternative medicine that uses natural substances to produce symptoms of the disease. It's based on the idea that the body can heal itself. An important thing to add to this remedy is to have your mind focused that the treatment will work.
Posted by freebird37 on 07-16-2017
I personally have not try homeopathy before, but a few of my friends did, and they told me it's good. The effect might be slow, but it allows you to understand our body better as we have to record what'd happened to it. That's what my friends told me, and they really recommend it.

If you have tried many options but not working, perhaps you can give it a try. But, from what my friends told me, the homeopathic doctor asked them lots of questions, then only gave them the medicine. I am not sure if the pre-made products are helpful. Is there any homeopathic clinic near your area? Perhaps consulting a homeopathic doctor will be good.
Posted by kaka135 on 07-16-2017
I have used essential oils to help relieve small issues such as nasal congestion and headache. I have not tried much else but I have heard that it can work for some people and not for others. I would definitely consult a trusted professional before trying as natural aids can be affected by other medications. I hope your husband finds relief for his pain soon.
Posted by morgoodie on 07-16-2017
I would like to say that I believe in homeopathy since I have seen many instances wherein some of my relatives were cured of their illnesses by just physical therapy with also the use of some kind of herbal oil. Surprisingly they have worked for us although I think it might just be a psychological effect but it isn't wise to entirely rely on homeopathy. You would still have to visit a hospital to ensure your health if homeopathic practises don't succeed.
Posted by Anonymous on 07-17-2017
Homeopathy is witchcraft at best. It is not medicine. You should absolutely not rely on it to treat anything at all. They work on the ludicrous notion that water has some sort of memory, that it can be programmed to have the effects of what it comes into contact with. They take an actual chemical agent and dilute it to the point there is maybe a single molecule of the original ingredient per dose. No one has ever identified any mechanism what so ever that water has a memory. Save your money and spare your husband the risk of putting unverified nonsense into his body. I'm very sorry for his pain, but you need science, not magic.
Posted by JaiGuru on 07-17-2017
As long as the doctor knows what you are trying and taking it will be fine to use, just in case of any conflicts. In general I find it's more of a placebo effect and more of a soothing aid rather than one that cures. My mother believes in it, but I just let her do her own thing. Personally I think some natural remedies are fine for aches and pains, but not for things mentioned by the OP. Maybe use it to relieve pain, but it won't cure things.
Posted by Alexa on 07-17-2017
Why, has he not consulted a doctor first about it? In my opinion, it would be better to ask a doctor about it first so laboratory examinations can be done to the affected parts. By the way is homeopathy the same as naturopathy? I always see on TV , testimonials of people who are sick and when they attended the seminar on that and took those advises of eating raw veggies and those juices made of veggies and fruits, they got better and better. Though, the naturopathic said they should first consult the doctor , so it could be pointed out what is wrong. From there, he would know what to advise to eat and the juices to take.
Posted by SimplyD on 07-17-2017
Yes I believe in homeopathy. Iit worked for me. I used to have severe menstrual pain. I tried every prescribed medication. It worked for a while but the pain is back the following month. Until a friend suggested I try homeopathy. The results were amazing. It lessened the pain to a considerable degree where I only needed to use a couple of painkillers to get through the day.
Posted by joegirl on 07-17-2017
There is no harm in trying it. It will do him no harm but it has the potential of helping him deal with his health issues. I know many people who refuse medication and prefer to go the natural way and they live a happy and healthy life. I think your husband should give it a try. He has nothing to lose by doing so.
Posted by Sue on 07-17-2017
I've never been to a homeopath but I buy a lot of off the counter homeopathic medicines and I definitely believe they help. My mother and I take a homeopathic medicine which is supposed to help prevent colds and flu (or cure them if you do get them) and we rarely get sick. My father, who believed in doctors, always used to get the anti-flu injection at the beginning of winter and he was the one who got sick most often, including two bouts of pneumonia in the last 18 months of his life.
Posted by Gina145 on 07-17-2017
I think some of it can really work. Some doctors would recommend that you don't try it but I have tried some remedies and they worked better then the medicine the doctor was giving me.
Posted by BigDreamer on 07-17-2017
Have never tried homeopathy so I don't have any experience on it. But if some doctors are recommending it then I don't see how it would hurt to try? Then again there still are other ways you could try before trying homeopathy.
Posted by airfightermax on 07-17-2017
I think that homeopathy can work, but by and large the medicine is not as powerful as traditional Western medicine, so if you are experiencing a serious health problem going to a traditional doctor is probably best, unless you can use a combination of the methods to get the effect you are looking for.
Posted by kgord on 07-17-2017
It doesn't work. It's just sugar pills and everyone who believes it's some kind of medicine is severely mistaken. It doesn't do anything. Companies producing it make money on literally selling sugar to people who are naive or desperate.
Posted by reginafalange on 07-17-2017
Homeopathy works some time very good. MY father is a teacher and scientist and researcher and has been passed 10+ years on Europe and American universities for higher study .When I go outside with my father to walk- father take some time homeopathy medicine for leg issue. I said father pharmaceuticals medicine will be better. Father said no. Homeopathy works with my father leg pain issue.

Thanks Centurion
Posted by centurion on 07-18-2017
I haven't used homeopathy until now, but a friend of mine did use it and he was very satisfied with results. His treatment was for an allergy to a plant. Homeopathy didn't heal him but it relieved symptoms, and now he is feeling much better than before. I heard that homeopathy is good to treat many affections. Maybe we should try it since all is natural and we should remove the medicines from our system!
Posted by wallet on 07-18-2017
I feel for your husband. Nerve pain isn't an easy thing to live with. I've yet to find any substance that really does the trick, and believe me, I've tried. They have experimented on me with all kinds of meds that have all kinds of terrible side effects. So far, the best things I've found (for me) are specific exercises and ice packs.
Posted by Zyni on 07-18-2017
Before trying any sort of homeopathy, especially if it involves a product bought off the internet please talk to you the doctor so he is aware of what you are doing. Even if he disagrees he should know just in case.

Do I believe in it? To some extent. I haven't tried it myself but I have read so many stories where it worked for certain people. I guess it really depends on different factors such as: every individual reacts differently, what sort of issue it is, and more. Just be careful with what you or your husband takes :)
Posted by Mehano on 07-18-2017
I use natural home remedies in my household and what I learned about being healthy is that prevention is the key along with a diet full of fruits and veggies, which will go along way in staying healthy. I'm not saying Traditional meds don't have a purpose, I just don't trust meds for long term use because of the side effects.
Posted by kamar19 on 07-18-2017
I am proof that homeopathy works. It may not be the solution to all problems, but it can certainly help many sick people. I've had an allergy in the past and got better with a homeopathic remedy, so for me, that just works.
Posted by hermessantos on 07-18-2017
For the most part, no. I believe that there are probably some legitimate homeopathic treatments out there, but for the most part there is a reason why homeopathic treatments are not approved by the government in North America, where regular medication needs to undergo years and years of rigorous testing and studies before it can be approved for human use. It's because most homeopathic treatments have never undergone testing and there is no proof that they are at all effective. There are many scams online nowadays of people who try to sell homeopathic medicine to people who are extremely vulnerable and who are willing to give up their life savings to try and save a loved one or themselves and it's a terrible business. It makes it really hard for me to trust the industry as a whole, although I do believe that there are probably a small minority of homeopathic treatments that actually have some use.
Posted by lilac123 on 07-20-2017
It may work at times. I think it all depends on what we are treating. If we are using homemade remedies to cure colds and coughs this might work. I tried to to take lemon ginger and ginger tea on various occasions and they worked wonders. However it might not work for other diseases. In most cases medicines are more effective and can cure the disease more quickly. My dad suffers from ulcerative colitis. He did try homeopathy at some point of time but it never worked and he had take his drugs again. If he is on remission today then it is all because of the drugs.
Posted by Pixie on 07-21-2017
Homeopathy is Greek medicine system. I have tried homeopathy. It works. However, I will trust homeopathy only for minor health conditions and ailments. For major diseases I will go to allopathy doctor.
Posted by vinaya on 08-24-2017
It works for certain things, not for everything. Homeopathy is about natural and traditional medicine: plants extracts, oils and things like that. It's like when people tell you that ginger and honey are good for a sore throat or that arnica is a good anti-inflammatory. But, if the illness is too severe, the best option is to go to the doctor and take the medicines they prescribe to you.
Posted by Dkaraly on 08-30-2017
Naturally, I like to go with natural remedies because it most times very effective without side effect unlike white drugs with all it effects So if there's any natural remedy I would recommend you try it out. it works most times and I'm sure this will work for you.
Posted by lovely on 11-27-2017
I like the idea of trying alternative medicines and homeopathy is a good example. For those who do not know, homeopathy works with drugs diluted in water to the point of no trace left in the liquid. As the substance almost disappears when diluted in water, the effectiveness of the treatment has always been questioned, however, I believe it can be very beneficial to our health because it is something more natural.
Posted by hermessantos on 02-02-2018