Does music determine your mood?

Personally, I love playing music! The music I play determines the type of mood I’m in. If I feel like studying, I’ll put on instrumental piano jazz compilations. If I’m not feeling the highest about myself and slightly depressed, I’ll put on rhythm and blues. Simply put, whatever type of vibration I’m emanating, I’ll attempt to match it with the music I play. What I’ve also noticed, is to become aware of the music I play if it doesn’t match my mood. For example, I’m not going to put on rhythm and blues if my energy is high. I feel listening to music that doesn’t match your mood could ill affect your overall attitude. Especially if you’re in an upbeat mood and you put on something kind of sad. Does the type of music you play determine your mood?

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Not really. I feel music can sway your mood sometimes but doesn't determine it. The music you listen to is determined by your mood not usually vice versa. If the song is an emotional song it can maybe sometimes change how you feel depending on how emotionally... (I don't want to use the word unstable but I am trying to find a word that is like swayable if you understand what I mean) a person is. More times than not I listen to a song depending on how I currently feel.
Posted by AlexHarris on 06-22-2017
You are right that music doesn’t determine our mood but sometimes when we feel so emotional and we hear music that reminds us of sad moments in our life it can really affect our mood. Some psychologists say that music can affect our moods. That is the reason why you can hear Christmas songs being played in the malls here as early as September. That happy music is meant to give the shoppers a happy feeling so they will buy more.
Posted by Corzhens on 11-05-2018
Not really, it could influence my mood but it will never be the pacer of my mood.
Posted by Neiltarquin on 06-22-2017
I totally agree with you, when I'm sad I tend to hear to Lana del Rey, Adele or any artist who has melancholic music.
Posted by luispas on 06-22-2017
Hy Jonathan, music does not determine my mood. In fact i would say that my mood decides what music i need to listen. When i am happy i like to listen pop music or something to dance on, but when i am sad i need to listen old music because the old music makes my mind to react somehow.
Posted by wallet on 06-22-2017
I think that you meant the other way around based from what you have written. You wrote that you put on different music depending on your mood but then you are saying that music determines your mood - that is contradictory :)

Anyway, I agree with the people that wrote that it is my mood that determines the music I listen to and not the other way around. I think that is a very common thing. I doubt that anybody listens to happy songs when they are extremely sad. It is a natural thing to do. Your mood is even reflected in your general activities - when you are sad you usually stay in bed or inside and you do not go out and party.
Posted by Mehano on 06-22-2017
Sometimes when I feel tired but could not fall asleep , listening to Korean ballads helped me to sleep easily instead of counting the sheep. However when I am in foul or grouchy mood, music does not heal the mood at all. Only food does. Music helps me to feel calm but it is quite irritating when I could not concentrate in blogging when I listen to my favorite ballads. I could not focus on my online job. So, I do not listen to music when I am working, too distracting for me.
Posted by peachpurple on 06-22-2017
I think music is definitely an excellent therapy for stress. Through music we can relax, bring memories of the past and even sleep. When I'm stressed I just like to listen to my favorite songs and like magic, I end up relaxing a bit.

I like to listen to music when I'm exercising, because some songs simply motivate me even if my fatigue has hit me. For me, music can definitely change a state of mind.
Posted by hermessantos on 06-22-2017
Yes, it defintely helps when I need to speed up as in terms of doing housework I put music on. It also helps when I am in a down mood. I put on music and it helps to make me happier. By the same token, if I put on music that has a somber tone it might make me depressed.
Posted by kgord on 06-22-2017
It doesn't influence me as such, but certain songs either remind me of a good time or a bad time. I have favorite tunes that I listen to that cheer me up and if there is a song I dislike and it comes on in public I leave as that can put me in a bad mood. Most people use music to cheer themselves up or to help them concentrate because silence for some seems weird.
Posted by Alexa on 06-22-2017
Actually, my mood determines the music I play. Its not like I play rock music and my sad mood alters into happy mood. In fact, when I am sad, I listen to blues, my sadness will be expressed by sad music. When I am happy, I listen to rock and pop. People can determine my mood based on the music I am playing. Music has a tremendous impact in my emotions.
Posted by vinaya on 06-22-2017
If I am listening to Rock or Pop music I tend to be more upbeat and silly. If I put on Classic Country music, it makes me want to relax with a cold drink. Music does seem to alter my mood.
Posted by BigDreamer on 06-22-2017
I think it does! For example, sometimes I'm listening to an upbeat band like The Mowgli's or something like that and I'm ok, I feel happier but then comes a song like Happier by Ed Sheeran and god, I begin to feel sad, I think music determines my mood sometimes.
Posted by StolenKid on 06-22-2017
I think my mood determines what kind of music I am playing most of the time. I used to like playing music when I am studying or working, but now I prefer silence as I can concentrate more. But whenever I play rock music, I find myself getting more motivated. Instrumental music or soft music perhaps allows me to be calmer and concentrate better.
Posted by kaka135 on 06-22-2017
Sometimes my mood is based on what I listen to or my mood can change from the songs I listen to. I prefer to listen to music when I am freelance online on quiet, when I am shopping online louder music can be on. If I have to study, I prefer light less singing music.
Posted by simplym on 06-22-2017
Sometimes it does, it always depends of how I'm feeling when I play the music, I could have a very random mood and just play whatever comes to mind or whatever is in the way. There are some days when I have a certain mood therefore I play certain music according to my mood.
Posted by reginafalange on 06-23-2017
I think music does help set the mood. You may find that some of the issues with your mood or the stress can be fixed with the music. Some people make use of the music for setting the tone for their everyday life. I guess music may also help some people heal in their life. You may not find that easier. It just takes time for things to change though. I think music can change a lot of things in our mood but not many people try it for healing purpose.
Posted by overcast on 06-24-2017
Sometimes it does, when I want to feel good, I listen to happy songs. When I feel down or emo, I listen to sad love songs. But sometimes when I want to cheer up, even when I listen to happy songs, it doesn't cheer me up, so it doesn't work for me all the time.
Posted by BeardedMamba on 06-24-2017
Absolutely, and that is exactly why I stopped listening to very aggressive and angry music. As a teenager I used to listen to a lot of music from the heavy metal, grunge, and industrial genres, because of their angry nature which was relatable to me at the time. However, I soon realized that the music was usually just fueling a fire that I didn't want burning. Going into my 20's I picked up listening to softer music, such as instrumental orchestra, smooth jazz, and music intended for relaxation and meditation. I haven't looked back since, as this music promotes the calmness and ease which I look for in life.
Posted by Denis_P on 06-26-2017
I don't think it's a determining factor (at least not for me... it's 50% to 50%), but it sure is something that is related to the mood at that time. However, if it's not part of your profile... It will always be something momentary. Of course there is nothing wrong with that, but it can't be seen as a determining factor.
Posted by WildSpirit on 06-26-2017
Musics Does not determine the mood you are in but instead it can help You to change your mood or keep your mood for example when you want to get crazy, Some soft rocks can help :-) Sometimes I listen to musics just because lots of silence is disturbing me :-)
Posted by Clara1993 on 06-29-2017
Music does not really determine my mood. I listen to all kinds of songs no matter what mood I am in. In fact I listen to songs mostly when I am working out. I prefer to listen to meditating music as they help me feel motivated and happy.
Posted by Pixie on 06-30-2017
My mood usually determines the music which I will listen to but there are times when listening to a piece of music sets the mood. As we reflect on our journeys and influences around us, we tend to relate to this in many ways. This could be the clothes we wear, our hairstyles, the type of food we eat and definitely the music we choose to listen to at that particular point in time. I think one of the reasons for this is that the music tends to tell a story exhibiting just the way the melody hits our sensations. Just like throwing a stone across the waters and causing the ripple, disturbing or entertaining the interjection by speaking to our circumstances without saying a word, but gracefully adapting a likely melody!
Posted by Joteque on 07-03-2017
I find that when I am in a certain mood I will put on a specific type of music. I will put something up beat if I am in a good mood, something mellow if I feel like relaxing, and something with a lot of emotion in it when I am feeling down. I believe music can help you change your moods too. There is something in the way the beat of the music just makes your mind and body respond to it and it can uplift you if the music is uplifting.
Posted by morgoodie on 07-03-2017
When I listen to EDM i tend to have lots of energy I just never get tired and this isn't because am not tired but the song just uplifts me but when I listen to melancholic songs I tend to think more positively and this helps me when it comes to decision making. Sad songs do not make sad they only brighten my mood and give me hope, when I listen to Enya I get goose bumps.
Posted by Westbay on 07-13-2017
Never. The opposite always happens to me, it's my mood that defines what kind of music I'm going to listen to. Musically, I'm very eclectic and it would ease my mood swings, but it never happened to me.

My mood always speaks louder (and I think it will always be this way, haha).
Posted by wiseagent on 08-22-2017
Music makes wonders. Whenever I feel grumpy when I wake up in the morning, I would just listen to happy and upbeat songs that would make me sing along and dance with it then my grumpiness disappears! Music creates my mood and my mood goes along with the music I listen to.
Posted by Istine on 08-25-2017
Not entirely but I think sometimes it could.Sometimes Music determines my mood especially whenever I hear a good music or an uplifting songs my mood goes up. It makes me start my day with a smile and makes my day more optimistic.
Posted by jeiyyy on 08-26-2017
Yeah, playing music contributes to the mood I feel in at a particular moment. I use hip hop songs to lighten my mood whenever I feel down or depressed while playing blues is for moments when I am with my fiance so as to help lighten up our romantic feelings.

Music is a food for the soul and I am a testament that one acts according to the type of music he/she plays. That is a fact we can't totally rule out for we are like animals but a higher level of animals.
Posted by Barida on 09-02-2017
If I'm feeling down and I listen to music with a lively upbeat, then I begin to feel better. If it's intense, then I feel like jumping around and dancing. If it's depressing, then I don't want to listen unless I am sad.
Posted by Juliemonkey on 10-20-2017
If I am listening to upbeat music it makes me feel happy. I will be singing and dancing right along with the tunes. It makee me feel good. If I listen to sad music it gets to thinking and it mart bring me back to a difficult time in my life and make me feel sad even if I wasnt sad before I started listening to the song.
Posted by Sue on 12-09-2017
Most of the time it is the other way around and I usually play the music that I am in the mood in. If I'm feeling particularly angry or stressed, I will play some rock music just so I could hear something good that represents what I'm feeling at the moment. If I'm feeling relaxed then I will find a soothing song. Sometimes I guess the reverse works as well too though since if I'm not feeling anything in particular and I come across a song that catches my attention then that sets my mood and determines what type of songs I seek out for the rest of the playlist or even the rest of the day.
Posted by Wubwub on 12-09-2017
In my case, my mood determines the music I listen. If I'm feeling excited or happy for sure I will go for some pop, or maybe a trendy song. When I'm feeling more sad or low down, then I would go for some blues or slow pace songs. I love music, so I'm always checking out several online radio stations, and I like to check on new artists too. Sometimes I just feel angry or in a rage crisis and for sure heavy metal rock will come to be my company.
Posted by ballyhara on 12-11-2017
Certainly, I'm a music freak and lover and it always uplifting for me when I play my favorite music.In fact the kind of music I play determines my mood.If I need a lively mood I just switch to hip-hop songs or fast music,if I need to mediate then I just twitch to the gospel and worship songs.Music helps me twitch my mood to whatever mood I need to be in,so yes it does help.
Posted by lovely on 12-12-2017
The kind of music i play does not always determine the mood i am, i play music to relax myself and to give me inspiration and motivation.
Posted by babyright on 12-20-2017
Maybe yes and maybe no. I think music depends on my mood and not the other way around. When I feel good, I would listen to music and no matter what kind of music is playing, it would be fine with me. But when I am not in the mood, even the best of my favorite songs is played, I wouldn’t be affected. However, when I am alone and there is nothing to do, I would listen to old songs and I would be affected sentimentally. Maybe it is the feeling of nostalgia that makes me cry sometimes.
Posted by Corzhens on 01-07-2018
Does music determine MY mood? LOL. No! I determine my mood. But I can use music to change my mood. If often do. Or should I say … my husband often does.
Posted by cmoneyspinner on 01-29-2018
No, I'm not. I used to listen to my favorite genre without any particular moods, and it helps me to change my mood actually. People like you I think is very organized person, or something like OCD. :) Most of the time if I'm not feeling well, this is about time for me to stay in the room for many hours to listen to my favorite genre, and that's it. Oh, I forgot, If I want to meditate, I used to listen to flute song by Leo Rojas.
Posted by ion on 04-23-2018
Definitely yes,music make a big difference in our mood especially to me. Whenever I listen to the music that I love my mood changes either am sad or happy. I cant imagine what would happen without music. It might be the boring world the we live in.
Posted by mark86 on 09-19-2018
Sometimes, it can. An uplifting catchy song might boost my mood and give me some more motivation. A sad song might make me reflect on sad things in my own life. I think music is powerful and it can transcend the song itself! I think the important thing is not to let any negative/sad feelings sit with you too long.
Posted by amelia88 on 09-24-2018
I really like listening to music. Music defines what I am currently feeling as I treat music as my emotional treatment whenever I am into something. People who really know will know my mood on what kind of music I am currently listening.
Posted by ajahcuizon on 11-21-2018
Yes it does. When I'm in a bad mood, I usually listen to rocks songs or anything that is very noice. When I am in a good mood, I listen to EDMs that lifts it up even more. When I am thinking about things and making realizations, I listen to songs that are pleasant to the ears. But there are times that it is the other way around. For example, when I am angry, I listen to songs that would calm my mind.
Posted by hstinscdln on 11-26-2018
Definitely sometimes music makes change my moods. I love music so much and I cant imagine life without musics.
Posted by mark86 on 12-15-2018
Yes it definitely does, amazingly sometimes out of nowhere you've listen to a certain song and it instantly changes your mood, it makes you feel good and emotional towards it and you visualize these things in your mind while the music is playing.
Posted by davedaot on 12-16-2018