Does progress and development lead to happiness?

Does progress and development lead to happiness?
Happiness is a relative term. Life is not wroth living if one is not happy. It is not how much we have but what we make of what we have is the route to happiness. Then why do we hanker after progress and development. Strides are made in every possible direction looking for innovations. Take mobiles for example – there could be other examples too – manufacturers are forever upgrading their products. What for? And the gullible fall aprey. Our ancestors lived with very little and surely happiness did not evade them.

Am I happier now than I was say during my early childhood? I keep asking that question and I do get the answer which is I am happy now and I was happy then as well. We did not have electricity. Our toilets were outside. Mother cooked using firewood. We had no tap water inside the house. We drew water from a well. The joy of bathing next to the well when mother poured water on us which was drawn from the well created happy moments. The food that we ate then was simple – no sweet corn and chicken soup which is a part of my diet these days and so are chocolates and that too Ferrero Rocher. We were content with what mother prepared using dal and jaggery to which she used to add coconut juice. We simply waited to be served.

I walked to college almost 3 miles but never felt tired. I breathed pure air then unlike what I breathe today. We did not have a radio nor a tv but were content listening to father singing – he had a great voice. We watched movies may be once a year and today I could watch 10 a day if I want to sitting in the comforts of my home. I could go on and on with comparisons just to highlight that happiness existed even when I was studying under a kerosene lamp.


This is quite the interesting question. Actually what drives us to succeed is the fact that we will be in a better place or at least better ourselves, which itself leads to happiness, however once you have achieve something, your desire for progress might slow down, because you're going to be stuck in a comfort zone, that will prevent you from going hard and succeeding.
Posted by manmad on 11-14-2017
I've being happier nowadays than in the past and it's not necessarily as a result of how rich I am, but as a result of the fact that I see life as the pathway to reaching out to others in the world. Touching souls is what I aim for in life and hope to get better with it.
Posted by Barida on 11-14-2017
Yes well, I believe that this is very relative. Every person will define happiness on its own terms and sometimes there are many different types of happiness. The important thing is to go after your dreams and deal with the rest
Posted by Marvadaum on 11-14-2017
I think I am slightly less happy now as an adult then when I was younger. Which is perfectly natural. But I also feel nowadays it's harder to get simple tasks completed because people are or seem to be - much more incompetent now than I remember. Tasks like paying bills or running errands that were easy to complete in a single afternoon when I was in my 20's - now seem a lot more difficult in my early 30's. It's just like there is a lot more red tape or obnoxious people you have to deal with offline than there used to be.
Posted by NickJ on 11-14-2017
I don't think progress and development will lead anyone to happiness. happiness is the state of mind, material things cannot make you happy. happiness is contentment. You have a bicycle and you can remain happy, you have a luxury car and you might remain unhappy. happiness is not about what you want but related to what you have.
Posted by vinaya on 11-14-2017
I agree that happiness is a state of mind. You can be rich but not happy and you can be poor but happy. I think it is a matter of satisfaction. When our level of satisfaction is low then we can be happy easily but on the contrary, we can earn much and achieve much but still we are not happy. With progress and development, what people get is comfort and convenience but not necessarily happiness.
Posted by Corzhens on 07-08-2018
I think happiness is not in the end product. It is in the journey. As long as you are enjoying the journey. You are going to be happy with the life. And on that note you can see that it may not require much effort on the side. I guess for each one of us it'd be something to consider for the long term happiness. You have to take steps where it makes you more powerful in due time.
Posted by overcast on 11-15-2017
Well for one thing I disagree with the notion that life is not worth living if one is not happy. I value contentment more than happiness. Whenever someone is sad or depressed, people often try to comfort them by telling them "this too shall pass." Well the same applies to happiness as well. It is a fleeting emotion that one cannot rely upon. Contentment is significantly different and more reliable. That being said, no, I don't believe that progress and development lead to happiness. If it did then the first world wouldn't have so many issues with depression and suicide within our populations.
Posted by Denis_P on 11-15-2017
Progress and development can lead to happiness. But it's important to remember that this isn't the case always. For example, let's say you got a new and better job which pays you a lot more. You would consider that as progress because you have moved on from a job to a much better job. But this job may be stressful or it may not be as good as your previous for certain aspects like the other employees who may not be as friendly. That would mean that you would not be happy even though you have progressed.
Posted by kingcool52 on 11-15-2017
To be honest, my greatest happiness is having my family by my side. I can't imagine my life without them. They are those people who have always supported me. I don't believe that progress and development lead to happiness.
Posted by Pixie on 11-15-2017
My greatest happiness is being with those whom I love. No money, progress, or success could ever take the place of being in the arms of my girl or hearing our children laugh. We all need to make money in our lives because of the system we have set up and accepted in this world, and I think things could be different or better, but that being said, we should never become so materialistic that we forget or overlook the most important thing we have--out tribe--those who love us and those we love.
Posted by JoeMilford on 11-15-2017
I think progress and development seems to be a great combo (a really nice one, to be honest) to achieve success / happiness, but... If you don't know how to take advantage of them in your favor, they'll be just useless "tools" at the end of the day.
Posted by wiseagent on 11-15-2017
I have always been happy with my life. I had a great childhood. We did not have a lot of money but there was a lot of love. I had the best parents. I was truly blessed. I have so many wonderful memories from then. I will treasure them always. I am happy with my life today and all that I have accomplished. Life has been very good to me.
Posted by Sue on 11-15-2017
You say “Happiness is a relative term.” But, to me, the words “progress” and “development” are also relative. All I know is that I am happy when I develop my character and grow or mature in my personal and spiritual development. I am also happy if I feel that I have set a course to accomplish a particular goal or an objective and I can measure or judge that I am making progress towards achieving whatever it is that I've set out to do.
Posted by foxchannel on 11-15-2017
I used to say these daily and I will continue to say happiness comes from.within not without. Happiness is an emotion that we would exude both in good and bad times if we want to.I desire to be sad or happy about a thing, period or happening.Yes those two maybe contribute to happiness but that's if one want to be happy with them.
Posted by lovely on 11-16-2017
Who doesn’t want progress? Of course, we all love progress but sometimes progress can ruin the peace and tranquility of a place. When the overhead train system was built in the main avenue here, the view was destroyed and businesses were ruined. The present gargantuan unsolved problem of traffic in the metro is one indication of progress that is undesirable. The mushrooming tall buildings almost anywhere, residential and business condominiums, they make the place congested. Then maybe I don’t like progress at all.
Posted by Corzhens on 11-16-2017
Being content with what we have and being able to enjoy the little things in life will definitely make us happy. Progress and development can make us happy as long as we are moving in the right direction and using honest means to develop ourselves. I cannot say that I am happier now than ever because every new day comes with its own challenges while the past is always there to hunt us. It all depends with someone's view of what happiness is.
Posted by mildredtabitha on 11-17-2017
Jonathan Solomon
In my opinion, your question doesn't involve a straightforward "yes" or "no" answer. Because everyone has their own definition of happiness, to begin with. At the same time, we all strive for different levels of progression and development as well. The moral of the story is, whether we as people are happy or not, progression and development is all around us, and will continue long after we're gone. For example, many people say we're becoming slaves to our electronic devices. Well, these devices are going to continue to evolve at the same rate as technology. Whether we grow more attached or not is a personal choice. It's the principle of progression and development in manufacturing, as well as the increased efficiency in human labor that I appreciate.

Keep in mind though, I can strongly relate to your article. Because I feel we as people have lost touch with ourselves through the integration of technology and other things that keep us occupied. Basically, it seems like as we become more wired and connected, a disconnect is simultaneously happening. In other words, no, it doesn't seem like progress and development ultimately leads to happiness. So the question becomes, how do we continue to evolve with things like technological, while still finding our true happiness in aspects outside materialism, altogether?
Posted by Jonathan Solomon on 11-18-2017
Inventions and innovations are intended to make life easier for people. Businesses will continue to develop products that they feel will be appreciated and bought by consumers. The information age has brought radical changes to how people do things and how they connect with each other. It has brought the world closer and ushered in globalization. As a person living in this age, it is only normal to desire to enjoy what it can offer and to work hard to own them. It has become a necessity to own a gadget or device to communicate with loved ones in far away places. Computers and the internet also allow people to work at the comforts of their homes. Technology allows us to know what is happening around us which is important if we want to be warned of strong typhoons or epidemic. Whether we like it or not, there will be brilliant minds who will usher in new ideas and inventions and most will simply be swept by changes. Will they lead to happiness? That would be on a case to case basis but in most cases and with some trade offs, they should make life easier for people and allow them to pursue whatever makes them happy.
Posted by chatbox on 11-18-2017
I don't think so if you look back in history, there were not that many unhappy people. people lived simple lives and worked hard and enjoyed life. because they had self-worth and people today want everything for free and they feel entitled to whatever they want. And truth be told you need to work hard for what you want. before I got sick I use to work 2 jobs and walk around with $100's in my pocket at all times while other people complained about being poor. And I had a lot of self-worth and pride and I was very happy.
Posted by Soulwatcher on 12-12-2017
Yes, progress and development are the two most important things in man's life that lead to happiness and joy. In the world, so many things cause us to be sad and we always look for one thing or the other that can make us glad or happy over those things that make us look unhappy. When a man is failing constantly, the failure becomes his source of sadness. Conversely, when success starts coming, the success begins to turn his sadness into joy and there will be no room for sadness any longer.
Posted by potentialwriter on 12-15-2017
I do believe so because whenever there's an achievement in your life or your progress on something, that will definitely bring you happiness to accomplish something that you've worked hard. That's the purpose of doing something with all you can, to make you happy for your accomplishments and also for securing your future. Anything in this world can easily lead you to your happiness, what more if you obtain it through your hard work.
Posted by ColdFlameChris on 01-16-2018