Dollar stores should sell only $1.00 items--not $2,$3. and $4 items

Dollar stores should sell only $1.00 items--not $2,$3. and $4 items
I can remember when a Dollar Store literally meant that everything in it was no more than one dollar. Well that's a thing of the past because now when you go to a dollar store you have to check each item for a price because more than half of them are more than one dollar. True, everything is getting more expensive and there aren't that many things that can be sold for only one dollar but then why not be honest and change the name of the store. Maybe try calling it the $5.00 and under store and stick with it. Don't start having items that are $5.50 or $6. I'm sure a lot of the original dollar stores have changed their names but for those that haven't all I can say is that it is misleading. I hate going into a dollar store only to find out that most of the merchandise is over a dollar, especially the items that are $1.25. What's with that? Can't they just leave it at a dollar and be done with it? You should be able to walk in and know that nothing is going to cost over one dollar and not have to search each item for a price tag. If all the stuff was only one dollar they could save on price stickers and on shelf labels advertising prices. It must take someone, some time to put them all on. And imagine how fast check outs could be. All the clerk would have to do is add up the items and ring in the total times 10! This would mean you would need less cashiers and therefore lower overhead, making things that are $1.25 only a $1 again like the name of the store suggests.



Stick to Your Name

I agree.

If you are called the "DOLLAR" store, then all of your items should be $1 (+ tax if applicable). Like c'mon, you're not called the DollarS store. Dollar = $1. You can't be called the dollar store and have the majority of your items be more than $1. Some people literally come in with $1 and they hope to get something. But if your store doesn't have $1 items, then you're luring them in your store and hoping that they buy other items.

Yes, I understand that concept of profit. No problem with trying to make a profit. But don't call yourself the dollar store when you're not.

Posted by kataomoi on 10-17-2017

Yes, only Dollar Items

I think if you have the title of Dollar in your store name selling things for a dollar should be done. Dollar Tree is a store I really like because at that store everything really was a dollar. I like that store much more than the types of stores like you described that have things at various price points, and few things are actually just a dollar.
Posted by kgord on 10-15-2017

When Does $1 Equal More Than $1?

If you're doing foreign exchange then of course you want your dollar to be exchanged for more than a dollar. But you're shopping at a dollar store and the products should cost a dollar. That's what attracted you to the store! No matter what you picked off the shelf it was a dollar. There was no brain turmoil. No major decisions over cost. It was a dollar!

Now! If the dollar store wants to have a half-price sale day where everything costs 50 cents, I'm fine with that. Because I'd do double shopping on that day!! LOL.

Posted by cmoneyspinner on 03-28-2018

I absolutely agree

It's true that a dollar store should sold a dollar cost items and not more than a dollar. The misleading information will cause the consumers to feel disappointed.
Posted by Scarlet on 03-08-2018

I agree

Dollar stores should sell everything for a $1. What's the point of advertising that your a dollar store when you have things priced as high as $5. If I decide to go to the dollar store I got to Dollar General where everything's a dollar. =D
Posted by Soulwatcher on 10-17-2017

Totally in support

If it's claiming to be called dollar store, then it should about be forced to sell its gig at $1. There is no point in claiming what you are not if you cannot offer the services that comes with being such things. So therefore, I'm completely in support that Dollar stores should sell only $1 items and not $2, $3 and $4 items.
Posted by Heatman on 10-20-2017



No way

I hate when they sell items priced higher than a dollar in a dollar store. I used to shop at a store which used to be a dollar store but recently started to add items up to $15, and i just cannot stand it as now i have to go over prices before buying anything for fear that they are more expensive than what i want them to be.
Posted by sspi on 10-17-2017

Not really

Most dollar stores (or pound stores over here in the UK) sell items for that exact price. But obviously, they have a few items that are slightly more expensive because they just cannot afford to sell those at a dollar/pound. I don't mind it and I don't really have a problem with it. It's not like all the items in the store are not priced at a dollar/pound.
Posted by kingcool52 on 10-17-2017


Just because it is called a dollar store doesn't mean everything has to be literally a dollar, just that it has to be cheap. Being able to make a profit and to keep the customer base without selling anything over a dollar doesn't sound practical or possible. Them simply having something over a dollar doesn't compel you to buy it, it simply gives you more options. I'd much rather find everything a need at one store than to go to another store just because it wasn't a dollar.
Posted by AlexHarris on 10-16-2017

No way. That's overkill.

It's no big deal if a dollar store doesn't have all items for a dollar. In fact, even the stuff that is over a dollar isn't that much - so it isn't a situation where things are out of reach for bargain-seeking customers. Anyway, such a store will always have most or a lot of its inventory as a dollar because otherwise, they'd be lying. That's not good for business.
Posted by jyy on 10-16-2017

Not Always Possible

Some of the products cost more than 1 dollar. And selling them at dollar means the loss. So in due time there are going to be things that may not always be in the sync the way we see them. So we have to consider that the price change is necessary. So we just adopt it as it is. And not going to push our own view on the store.
Posted by overcast on 10-16-2017
Why not just stock up on items that are $1 then? If it costs more than $1 to produce the product, then don't sell it at the dollar store. Simple as that.

Don't think that it would be convenient

Just think if you were the business owner what sense would it make for you to sell only one type of merchandise? It's always best to diversify and sell the greater amount of items as possible
Posted by Marvadaum on 10-16-2017

Not practical

I think that would be a logistical and planning nightmare. For example, should a supplier increase the cost of a best selling item by lets say 10c, it would not make sense for the business to remove item or absorb the extra cost. Customers tend to go to Dollar Stores expecting a good deal, and while the naming of stores would not have accounted for inflation, they should not be penalised for it.
Posted by Rhombus on 10-15-2017

It's fine

I think the meaning of their name should be allowed to evolve and not just always represent the literal translation. As inflation happens dollar prices will become more and more irrelevant and soon there will be not many items that can be offered for only one dollar flat anymore, and considering they have already built the brand name they really shouldn't have to change the name in my opinion. There are lots of brands I like that have evolved into something else over the years and I don't mind.
Posted by Wubwub on 10-16-2017


In our present generation the prices are getting high so it is hard to keep up with one dollar store only even thou the market name is dollar stores we cannot really expect that all of there products are at one dollar price we should accept the fact that it's only a name of the store and try to consider there pricing because they also need to gain money from there products so that the stores can keep earning profit.
Posted by tophew on 10-17-2017


Not because it calls Dollar store, means that they should only sell products for just $1. It can mean things like they sell products only to pay in dollar currency, $2 higher is still considered dollar. We should not take the meaning literally. It sounds like a Fireman should be bringing fire, not water.
Posted by ColdFlameChris on 10-23-2017


That is the way that it use to be and I liked it more back then. You knew going in there that everything was $1. I get that they had to increase prices because their cost for purchasing these products and other things like wages, electricity, cost of running the business has gone up over the years to so in order to keep earning a profit they had to up the prices. The name of the stores are not misleading because many things sell for much more then $1. Some stores have changed their names to The Dollar Plus stores so that it isn't misleading for consumers.
Posted by Sue on 10-15-2017
The dollar stores that are advertising one dollar product and when you now enter the site you end up seeing 1.50dollar or 2 dollar product, this is like deceiving the customers that want to buy your product. If they cant sell at one dollar as advertised then they can just stick with 2 dollar store or 3 dollar store with all the products there showing that they are all 2 dollar or 3 dollar product, honesty will help them to sell better.
Posted by babyright on 10-15-2017
I think the issue in the States is that 2 major chains started off as purely dollar stores but soon changed their format. Dollar General and Family Dollar come to mind. They used to only have $1 items but over time added more stuff that was over $1. They honestly should rebrand to different names. Right now the only true dollar store chain that still operates as everything $1 is Dollar Tree and a few mom and pop dollar stores that are barely still existing. However prices of everything is going up so I mean soon we may equate Dollar Stores to $5 Stores at the rate we're going. 40+ years ago it used to be called 5 and dime stores because everything in those stores were 5 cents or 10 cents.
Posted by Rhodolite on 10-15-2017
You know, I had forgotten about the old five and dime stores. Thank you for mentioning that. I do still think that calling them dollar stores is misleading and a lot of the products that are in them now can be bought just as cheaply in other stores because they are no longer restricted to selling for just a dollar. And too much of the stuff is starting to be priced above what it is worth because of the price restructure. I think a good name for them would be something like Everything under $5 or $10 depending on the market they are after and then sticking with it and not going above that by even 10 cents.
Posted by LeJayJ on 10-16-2017
We don't have dollar store here, instead we have 99 rupees shops. The local currency is called rupees and 104 rupees make one USD (based on today's forex). When I was a teenager I used to visit 99 shop. I did not have a lot of money them and I could get so many items for 99 rupes. However, these days, there is nothing that I can buy from 99 rupees. The 99 shops have not converted to 199, 299, and 399 shops.
Posted by vinaya on 10-15-2017
I think we are expecting a lot from the dollar store. And that's something we have to avoid thinking. Because some of the time such dollar store are not going to be any good. And they may have products at higher price because they have to price them for what they are. And that's where we have to understand limits of such store. There is nothing wrong if they price higher. That's completely reasonable.
Posted by overcast on 10-16-2017
We don't have the dollar store because that's not our currency but we have similar shops that are called things like "1 Euro shop" and similar. Whenever you enter though, the items aren't all literally one euro. Some are but some are a bit more expensive. I think the whole idea about these shops is to simply sell things cheaply and that's why they use this name. I think that it's impossible to find many good items to put inside the shop that you can sell for a dollar and make a profit as a salesperson.
Posted by Mehano on 10-16-2017
Ruppes is our currency and hundreed rupees equal to one USD. There was a time when 100 rupees (you can call it a dollar store because it was equivalent to one dollar) stores were very popular here. However, these days 99 shops such as 199, 299, 399 and 499 are mor epopular. If you are visiting these stores, you should get the products for the stated price.
Posted by vinaya on 03-31-2018
There is power in the inflation of products and that's the reason prices of things have skyrocketed to a level that is unimaginable heights. The world we live is such that we have to understand that prices of things are getting more expensive and there is nothing we can do about it at the moment.
Posted by Barida on 10-16-2017
Jonathan Solomon
Well, I get your point. Because as a kid, I would always ask my mother pretty much the same thing. What I came to realize is that, it's not about holding the "Dollar" store up to its name. It's the principle of ridiculously low prices per item. Believe it or not, you can get some pretty good deals at the Dollar store. Especially if you know where you're looking.
Posted by Jonathan Solomon on 10-16-2017
I completely agree with you. The name should completely correspond with the products being sold. Whenever I go to such stores, each and everything that I pick never falls in the $1 category. Everything appears overpriced and this always leaves me in a dilemma whether to buy it or not. I have seen dollar stores with price as high as $5. This is so weird and completely falls out of place.
Posted by amitkokiladitya on 10-17-2017
Though we don't have the dollar store in my country but I totally agree with you, the activity of the store should depict or work in consonance with the name.Why name a store a dollar store but sell more than a dollar items,it sounds dubious and misleading
Posted by lovely on 10-17-2017
We had a dollar shop over here but after some years they started selling both cheap and expensive items. During the last financial crisis the owner started selling his products at more than one dollar claiming that it was not profitable for him to sell at one dollar. His business is doing much better today. Unfortunately the costs of production have increased now making it difficult to sell at low prices.
Posted by Pixie on 10-17-2017
In Japan, most "dollar stores" (we call them 100 yen stores) sell ALL their products for $1 (100 yen). They don't lose anything and they make profits every year. They continue to expand and are super popular in Japan. They produce a lot of their own products, thus they're cheaper. I think America can do the same if they really wanted to.... just avoid stocking up on the more expensive products and sell those that are only worth $1.
Posted by kataomoi on 10-18-2017
I remember whenever I see the name of the shop, say Dollar Shop or 100 Yen, I always assume the stuff selling inside the shop is all one dollar. I understand the price of everything goes up, but I think it's good for the shop to stick to this, or perhaps they should get other name for their shops. There's another shop Daiso, which used to sell things at MYR5 (slightly more than $1), but ever since we have included GST, the price has gone up to MYR $6.30 now. Though they have changed the price, as the name doesn't indicate they always sell items at MYR5 only, so I think it's still fine.
Posted by kaka135 on 01-30-2018
Over here, we also have a similar store that is called 99 which means the items sold are for 99 pesos, that is about $2 in conversion. But, of course, not all the items are priced such because there is no uniformity when it comes to costing of commodities. And what I there is a price increase? Sometimes I am thinking that such a store is not a good idea because it is beholden to the cost of the products that they sell. What if a customer is looking for an item that is worth much more than $1? Oh well, might as well go to another store.
Posted by Corzhens on 02-21-2018