Don Franciscos Butterscotch Flavored Medium Roast Coffee

Don Franciscos Butterscotch Flavored Medium Roast Coffee
Coffee is a drink that I have loved since I was a child. I remember stealing sips of my mother's coffee when she was not looking. My mother was a huge coffee drinker, drinking it all throughout the day. I guess I get my love of coffee from her! Which is probably why I love flavored coffees so much. If you love butterscotch, then the following coffee is for you. Amazon has a 3 pack of Don Franciscos Butterscotch Flavored Medium Roast Coffee for just under $25. Each can is 12 ounces. This is a very smooth coffee with a buttery aroma and hints of toffee. It is kosher certified. One reason I think this coffee is great is because it comes from a family owned and operated company. The company has been in business since 1870. I find that it is a great way to support hard working families. This coffee is very well balanced. Drink one cup and you will want another. The coffee goes great with breakfast. Have it with a morning snack, or enjoy a cup after lunch. It makes the perfect compliment to a sweet snack, such as a slice of pie or a piece of cake.

  • delightful taste
  • family owned and operated *stronger then store bought coffee
  • rich taste
  • perfectly balanced
  • smooth
  • great butterscotch flavor
  • no artificial taste
  • distinct flavor
  • incredible
  • premium flavor
  • full bodied
  • is not overpowering or overwhelming
  • perfect for breakfast, snacks, or after meals
  • makes a great gift for coffee lovers
  • fresh
  • nice for a coffee connoisseur
  • excellent
  • wonderful

  • bitter taste
  • has an aftertaste
  • over priced
  • felt ripped off
  • tasted sour
  • not high quality
  • tasted old
  • odd tasting
  • disappointed



I Would Like to Try Don Francisco

I have a few very sane and logical reasons for picking Don Francisco, even though I've never even heard of this brand.

For one thing, it's a 3-pack at a very reasonable price. I could use 1 for myself and save the other two to give away as gifts. Coffee makes a great gift.

Another reason is that I love butterscotch and toffee but I've never tried that as a coffee flavor. Sounds delicious!

Last reason? I'm not really a Folger's fan. I buy it as an alternative if I can't get the brand that I like at the price that I like. I don't really like plain Folger's coffee, so I doubt that I would like the Chocolate, Mint and Caramel flavors.

Posted by cmoneyspinner on 04-23-2018


From the description they both sound like they don't taste all that good but if I had to choose between the two I'd much rather just risk trying out the butterscotch flavored one since that at least would most likely have a taste that I might like. If the other one is just plain coffee then I won't get much out of it but at least one with butterscotch flavor might turn out interesting.
Posted by Wubwub on 09-06-2018

Enjoys it's unique taste.

Though, I am not a taker of tea everyday, I have come to enjoy starting some of my days with a cup of Don Franciscos Butterscotch Flavored Medium Roast Coffee as the unique bitter taste is something that I don't enjoy in other coffee. While I was in the university and always wake up early, taking this type of coffee became a way of life for me since I can go days enjoying the way that It works for me.
Posted by Barida on 07-01-2018

Seems better

After going through the pros and cons of Don Franciscos Butterscotch Flavored Medium Roast Coffee which I haven't tasted before, I would say that it's quite impressive which I why I would prefer to having it as my coffee drink. Coffee is good when it's brewed well, so I banking on Don Franciscos Butterscotch Flavored Medium Roast Coffee being a good one.
Posted by Martinsx on 04-15-2018


I love coffee and to combine it with butterscotch ia such a winner. The combination of sweet and bitter is a knock off. With subtle sweetness and distinct flavor of butterscotch is my comfort food. Actually coffee is my comfort drink plus butterscotch is my comfort food. What a way to combine two goodies.
Posted by anchoreztin on 10-01-2018


With this coffee, I remember it's distinctiveness. With its aroma that is so strikingly recognizable, my sleepy head will surely be awakened. The quality of this coffee is what I really like. The richness of its taste is definitely a top-notch.
Posted by theresajane on 10-14-2018


Folgers Gourmet Flavored Ground Coffee

 Folgers Gourmet Flavored Ground Coffee
Coffee lovers, if you love flavored coffee, you need to try this Folgers Gourmet Flavored Ground Coffee. Retailing for $5.61 on Amazon, this is an add on item. It comes in 3 delicious flavors: Mint, chocolate, and caramel. The 10 ounce bag is a naturally flavored coffee without any artificial flavors. The taste and aroma are very decadent. It is roasted to perfection to make the perfect cup of coffee. One reason I love this coffee is that it can help curb your sweet tooth. The chocolate and caramel are wonderful for this and the mint is perfect for relaxing. Drinking a cup of the mint tea soothes the mind and body and helps to add some balance to your day. This coffee is perfectly crafted and has a wonderfully smooth taste. Great to serve as a pick me up after a hard day at work. Enjoy a cup with a plate of cookies or while reading a book. A mug of this coffee is the perfect way to end the day or a great treat for accomplishing your goals for the day.

  • decadent
  • right price
  • 3 wonderful flavors *smooth
  • from a trusted company
  • curbs your sweet tooth
  • divine
  • gourmet
  • consistent flavor *high quality ingredients
  • can be used with a French Press, automatic drip, or a pour over
  • wonderful pick me up
  • fantastic
  • great aroma
  • freshing tasting
  • soothing
  • exceeds expectations *yummy
  • flavor is point on
  • loaded with flavor
  • natural
  • quick delivery
  • medium strength

  • way too strong
  • bland
  • tasted artificial
  • bitter aftertaste
  • tasted like burnt rubber
  • tastes like cheap coffee
  • worst coffee ever tasted
  • tastes stale
  • has a burnt taste to it
  • too weak
  • not pleasant
  • lackluster flavor
  • was a let down




I had to choose the Folgers Gourmet Flavoured Ground Coffee, solely because of the price point. I think that the other one is just a bit too overpriced. And the fact that you felt ripped off after drinking the other one is just not nice at all really.
Posted by kingcool52 on 04-07-2018

Seems great

This one seems nicer because of the flavors. I've tried the caramel coffee ones before and it's yummy! I am not sure how mint would be though since it isn't sweet but it would be refreshing. Could be interesting.

Another thing is that it's cheaper than the other option. I don't like spending too much on just coffee and things that aren't essential for everyday living.

Posted by Mehano on 04-07-2018


Folgers Gourmet Flavored Coffee has a good price at less than $6 for a 10oz pack also it has 3 flavors to choose from, my favorite is chocolate. I don't like butterscotch flavored coffee. For me it has a buttery taste that doesn't really tastes that great.
Posted by Kakashi2020 on 04-10-2018

Mint flavored coffee sounds amazing!

Firstly, I love Folgers because the taste is good and they're affordable. I never knew they had this line of coffee though! Mint flavored coffee sounds delicious and like something I need to order.
Posted by amelia88 on 09-03-2018


I am a coffee lover, however, I do not know anything about these coffee brands as I have not tried these coffees. I have a coffee tree and I use coffee beans produced in my own garden. However, processing the coffee is very tedious work. Roasting and grinding take a lot of time. I also buy coffee from the local market, produced by local farmers. Having said that I am also interested in trying these brands.
Posted by vinaya on 04-03-2018
Probably, it is because dear mom always make tea for us or maybe as a result of not taking coffee that often, for I've come to have a strong dislike for coffee and always see it as a beverage that is not really okay for my body as a result of the that many that stay in my area said that taking coffee can make one lose sleep time. This is the reason I shouldn't be making any pick from the two coffee products.
Posted by Barida on 04-06-2018
I prefer Don Francisco's Butterscotch Flavored Medium Roast Coffee. I like a bit of burned taste with that underlying sweetness. My taste is exotic when it comes to coffee. I like it both strong and sweet. But it does change depending on my mood.
Posted by Steve5 on 04-07-2018
When it comes to coffee, I am not well-versed because I am an occasional coffee drinker although I bought US coffee yesterday in the Duty Free shop. My is a coffee drinker and she had mentioned Folger’s to me, that it is good coffee particularly the roasting is special. And it’s funny because whenever we would eat out, my sister would order coffee for us after the meal. And I never asked what kind of coffee that I was drinking. Maybe you can say that I am just trying to cooperate huh.
Posted by Corzhens on 04-09-2018
I'm not an avid fan of coffee but here in our office, the Folgers was known because my old officemate buy and drink Folgers whenever they arrived from abroad.
Posted by Scarlet on 04-09-2018
One thing that I discovered about the both coffee - Don Franciscos Butterscotch Flavored Medium Roast Coffee and Folgers Gourmet Flavored Ground Coffee is that checking the cons carried by them, it looks like they are both bad deals. I think a better constructed analysis should be done on this.
Posted by Martinsx on 04-15-2018
I've been using Folgers for decades because I only use three brands including Tasters Choice and Nescafe and I like the taste of Folgers, it's not too strong, it's just right for me and it's price is reasonable enough for its quality.
Posted by Kakashi2020 on 04-23-2018
I haven't tried both because I only regularly drink coffee brands that are available locally and these two aren't. But if I were to choose, I'll go with Don Francisco's Butterscotch. It is flavored Butterscotch and I haven't tried a coffee that is flavored like that.
Posted by EfficientNinja on 07-07-2018
I am a coffee lover, so I would choose Folgers Gourmet Flavored Ground Coffee. I drink coffee everyday and this one will be great for me. I love the smell of coffee, perfect for everyday. And I think the price is just good for an everyday drinker of coffee.
Posted by superlicca on 10-05-2018
I'm a coffee lover too. I've known the taste of Folgers and yeah its not that strong and just right taste for me. I've seen Don Franciscos butterscotch flavoured medium roast coffee but I still haven't taste it. But I want to have a try and taste it. And I guess I would still love the taste because its coffee and coffee starts my day.
Posted by romy_ter on 10-12-2018
I haven’t tried any of the coffee. I don’t like flavored coffee. I like my coffee black with no sugar.
Posted by thejoyrevolution on 11-02-2018
I'm a coffee lover and I just loved the pros of Folgers Gourmet Flavored Ground Coffee.I believe I will love its aroma, its soothing effects,it isn't pricey quite affordable and it will arrive on time when ordered. I think it will worth a buy.
Posted by lovely on 11-10-2018