Finishing a work on time, not delaying the completion but making sure it's decent enough despite it not being perfect. The phrase was perfectly summarized by an slogan you could read on Facebook's office: "done is better perfect." It's not exactly about rushing, it's about focusing on finishing, properly, rather than obsessing over the details. Many times, we are too hard on ourselves and then waste too much time on simple tasks or maybe we find ourselves unable to complete them at all. It's better to have an imperfect something rather than a perfect nothing. Successful people aren't successful because they're perfect, successful people are successful because they do.

Finishing the work on time, adhering to the schedule.

It could result in a rushed work that will certainly not be as good as it could be.




Nobody's perfect thats why i prefer to choose done. I always make sure ive done everything in time. No ones perfect but everyone can make it done in right time.
Posted by Anonymous on 08-29-2017

Not always

There are jobs that need perfection and there are jobs that could just be done and work well. That is the way I go. I am an impatient person and so attempting a perfect job is not my cup of tea. Nor will I do something haphazardly. Certain jobs will be useless if they are not perfect and so there I have no other alternative but do them perfectly.
Posted by iamawriter on 08-28-2017


I have never been much of a perfectionist so I'd probably rather get something done. Doing something perfectly isn't actually something bad depending on what it is, but to a certain point, some things are just petty. When I said done I mean it's done correctly and not just thrown together. By perfect I mean dealing with details that don't particularly matter just so it is perceived as perfect because nothing truly is.
Posted by AlexHarris on 08-28-2017


I am someone who puts a lot of pride in my work and I like everything to be as perfect as possible. However, I find that often I am not as efficient as my peers because I am such a perfectionist and although they may not be so fixated on the small details, they still do a good job and get way more done in a shorter amount of time. I am really envious of their ability to get so much work done and I would prefer to be done than to have something be perfect. As long as it's decent and up to standards, it doesn't have to be perfect I think, because no one is perfect.
Posted by lilac123 on 08-29-2017

Follow boss instructions

I am not a perfectionist. I don't do my work 100% of satisfaction at all. I would rather just follow my boss instructions to get my tasks done as quickly as possible in order to meet the deadline. My boss dislike slow coach speed. So, no point of making a perfect job that takes up more time and precision.
Posted by peachpurple on 08-28-2017

Done is Better

Lot of things in life are done are better than doing them perfect. You can see that some of the time doing things and getting them done is always better. You may want to control on how you manage the time in between though. That would not be reasonable in such case I think we have to do stuff. And make sure we don't have that in my bucket list.
Posted by overcast on 08-29-2017

Get It Done

If you wait around too long for everything to be perfect, and you never execute and move forward because you are such a hardcore perfectionist, then you might end up not getting anything done at all whatsoever. I have actually abandoned projects after making mistakes here and there, and I know I should have just continued and seen them through. You never know, the end result might be a lot better than you thought if you just accomplish the task. Most things are just learning experiences anyway, and I do not really think there is perfection to be found. We are in a constant evolution.
Posted by JoeMilford on 08-29-2017

Prettu much done

I try to execute my job to the best of my capabilities. Once it's done it's done. I don't see a reason to try and outdo myself if the job is already a quality piece. Nobody is perfect and I am no exception. I live perfection to the machines.
Posted by Marvadaum on 08-29-2017

As needed

There are tasks in offices that need to be done within a given deadline and many of them are simple tasks that do not need to be perfected, but rather should be finished as soon as possible. When it comes to a business setting, I would say that not all should be done perfectly since it would take time and that delay could mean a lot for a business. If objectives are done as needed, there will be time to finish other objectives and this could increase productivity for the day.
Posted by giovanniiiii on 08-28-2017

Get the job done!

As someone being employed, I would say that getting things done on time is more important than perfection. It is important to manage our time as time is so valuable in today's fast-paced world. Routine tasks need to be completed according to set schedules. It is hard to strive for perfection as this is subjective.

Your boss might think that you are using too much time for some trivial matter while you think you are doing the perfect job. At the end of the day, we need to make sure all our tasks are completed within the given time and remain error-free.

Posted by fishmonk on 09-07-2017

Depends on the task

Most of the time I would rather have it done then perfect but there are certain tasks where perfect is better.
Posted by anna on 09-02-2017

done is done!

I used to seek perfection, every time. That's in the past. Honestly being a perfectionist can be really stressing and gets the best of you. I will always try to make it perfect but if I don't know I won't stress about it and just make it happen. Perfection can be stressing and not at all good for your health.
Posted by Pink_Turtle on 08-28-2017

Below than perfect but atleast done

No one is perfect in this world except the things made by the GOD. Now you might say that GOD made us so it is meant to be perfect but the question is do you think yourself to be perfect. NO, because GOD made you perfect according to his wishes but you want to be perfect in the eyes of your peers. As far the question goes even if you take hundreds of hour to do something it is always "done" never "perfect". You might say look at the first iPhone it was perfect, well if it was perfect why did we need the next version. So nothing is perfect except what GOD does and GOD wants.
Posted by muaaz.93 on 08-28-2017

I Prefer it to DONE than PERFECT!

Words that somehow mean a like but sometimes suggest different outcomes. Being done doesn't mean it's perfect and being perfect doesn't mean being on time. Which is which? As for me, I'll choose it to be done, less stress and hassle. Wanting things to be perfect might arouse more dilemmas because of your so called perfect obsession.
Posted by DanoCath on 08-29-2017

Seems better to me

Doing a perfect job sure is important but in my opinion respecting a deadline or being punctual for that matter is much more important. If a job isn't perfectly done but it is taken acceptably far, I prefer that than being late just to make it perfect.
Posted by AlexLapusan on 09-12-2017


I'm not a perfectionist, I don't really like my work and I just do what I've been told in the quickest way. Being a perfectionist only happens if you have a really fun job and your boss likes to wait so you can do everything to perfection. But that's not the case where I work, they'll be happier if I do something fast.
Posted by Tania997 on 08-28-2017

Finishing things on time is a lot better

One of my favorite quotes is "Done is better than perfect." That doesn't mean making crap – I believe you should always strive for the highest quality you can – but you have to finish. I think a lot of my friends in this situation don't realize how in-demand their skills are. I think if you follow through on projects and just put the tiniest little effort into promoting yourself and have the tiniest bit of self-confidence, you can get the job you want.
Posted by Vastor122 on 08-29-2017

Time management!

I do not see the reason I should be trying to make things perfect when I know that no matter the amount of time spent to make it perfect, there are persons that might still see faults in it.

Getting the work done in time matters more to me. if there are corrections to be taken, it can come later on with reviews from the boss or clients.

Posted by Barida on 08-28-2017

So Done!

I vote for getting things done. What's the use of something being perfect if it won't ever be finished? You can always revise or modify later if possible.

One example is with writing, novelists often make a rough draft meaning it's not perfect but the ideas and flows are in there. After the rough draft, they go through numerous revisions to make it more perfect. Perfect wouldn't be achi8eved then without first having "done" that the first rough draft.

Posted by yieesh on 08-29-2017

On Time

People work with deadlines, so basically, one should consider of creating a quality project at a given time. Deadline is given to see how we can complete a job professionally and it's about managing your time wisely to be able to come up on a realistic outcome. For me, it is not about perfecting a project as long as the objectives has been attained then its a work done plus making it on time is an advantage to client to not overspend due to extended deadlines
Posted by Istine on 08-28-2017

make it happen!

I usually make it done than to make it perfect, because in area of work, it would not necessarily to make it right, or perfect at all, simply just to make done, after another day, you will just finish it to make it perfect. There is no such thing a perfect task, but rather a perfect way of work. When you rush doing such thing, and always rely on deadline, sometimes, it will affected the current work .

I agree of what you said: "Successful people aren't successful because they're perfect, successful people are successful because they do."

Not all what we do usually works, neither be perfect. But, rather to follow, and make it happen will usually makes perfect afterwards. Simple, but meaningful.

Posted by jaysolano12 on 08-28-2017

Done and Complete

I agree with every points in these, not everyone is gifted and has a pure talent for perfectionism. Personally I'm on printing and advertising business, we print in different media like large format banners, stickers, brochure, business cards, shirts and lots of material and I'm quite a perfectionist guy. But not to certain point that I'll check every detail of any product we produce.

What I do is make sure about the consistency of every product like shirts and are produced the exact same way the first one made. The consistency from start to finish on creating these products makes us more competitive than other businesses in the same field of ours.

Posted by narutos3nn1n on 08-29-2017

More logical

Nobody or anyone or anything is ever perfect in this life we live in this planet earth. Even life it's self is not fair or perfect not to talk more about any other things.

Now one can strive to get things done at the best of their knowledge and not get carried away by the trivialities which comes with life. It's only God that is perfect, although I expected it being disputed by some group of people for one reason or another.

Posted by Heatman on 10-06-2017

Striving for perfection can be crippling

I think as long as what you're getting done is of a good standard, it's completely normal and acceptable to be okay with that. Perfection can often be impossible to reach and I think a lot of the time it puts significant pressure on a person...and even hampers their overall work output. Done over perfect any day!
Posted by amelia88 on 09-17-2018


Whenever I'm into a project that has a certain deadline, I would rather to pass it on time than to pass it late. Nobody's perfect, we can only get things done and pass it on time or late. Otherwise, you won't consider it done unless you are finish right? You just have to double check everything before passing it, if you still have time. I would rather pass it as done and on time rather than perfect but late.
Posted by ajahcuizon on 10-10-2018


Well, it all depends on the work that is to be done. If its something which is required very urgently then I will always prefer it to be done on time in the best manner possible. It is better sometimes to complete the task on time instead of waiting for getting it done in the most perfect manner. On the other hand there are some things that need some sort of perfection in order to look good. For instance, the interiors of our house. I would most probably, wait till the time I am satisfied and get the perfect result.
Posted by jpk0007 on 11-09-2018



Focus on making sure the work has no mistakes; check all the small stuff. Striving for perfect, getting second opinion on all work output. Delay as much as it is necessary to make sure the end product is perfect.

A delayed thing might be good, a rushed thing will always be bad.

All that time you spent perfecting the work could have been spent in a different work.



The pursuit of perfection!

I guess I'm a perfectionist even if I am very similar to Delboy Trotter in a lot of ways lol. But I've been said I'm a bit of a perfectionist as I like to pay a lot of attention to detail in some things sometimes you know. Well, I mean, it's true what they say when they say the devil is in the detail and that it's the little things that "count". Of course, the big things count too, but when you have them, you look for those little things that make them fully complete you know? So for me, it's more about being perfect than it is just getting the job done. I just like it when I get that kind of service or treatment, and I give what I expect back if you know what I mean. Paying it forward and being the change you want to see and all that. All in the pursuit of perfection! :)
Posted by idealmikey on 08-29-2017

I like perfect of the work

Every work should need to be done perfectly in this world. By perfect work you will get a perfection life every time. I like to do every thing on perfectly and its make me happy.
Posted by centurion on 08-28-2017


It all depends really on what the task is. Sometimes it is better to just finish something as quick as possible in which case the other option is better. But in most cases, it is just better to finish something properly and to perfection than to rather just finish it as quick as possible. But most of the time you just have to combine the two, you need to make sure that you finish something that is almost perfect as quick as possible!
Posted by kingcool52 on 08-28-2017


When I have a job to do I always do it to the best of my ability. When i do something I want to be proud of it and feel good about it. Just having it done is not good enough for me. I have always neen a perfectionist but to me that is a good way to be.
Posted by Sue on 02-05-2018

I am a perfectionist

Definitely perfect. I am a perfectionist by nature so this is the only right choice for me. I don't do my work just to get it done - I do it to the best of my abilities and to as perfect as possible.

I want to always deliver the highest quality products and I have been like this ever since I can remember. Even back in high school. I was one of the only people doing their homework to near perfection. I can't help it, haha!

Posted by Mehano on 08-28-2017

If you can do it perfect....

If you don' have any limit (like a date where you have to submit your work) why would you have it just "done" when you can have it perfect? When I do something, I want to do it good! Not just do it... Maybe perfect is a bit too much, but I don't like to leave a work just "done" without putting any other actual effort in it.
Posted by Xilkozuf on 08-28-2017

I like perfection

I like my work to be perfect and I ensure that it is error free before submitting it. This means that I spend a lot of time to work on specific projects. My perfectionism has helped me to get more jobs. I like to submit work of high quality as sometimes I get paid more. There were many instances where the customers extended my contract as they were pleased with my job.
Posted by Pixie on 02-03-2018

Always perfect!

I like to make my work perfect because I don't like to make the same thing over and over again. If I am doing a thing perfect from the first time, I can invest the rest of my time in another thing that I must do. Rushing will influence my work and I may do some mistakes, that is why I prefer working slower but better!
Posted by wallet on 08-28-2017
gata montes

100% Perfection - always

Nothing short of perfect will cut it for me - as not only am I a natural born perfectionist who takes great pride in everything I do - but as its something that I do automatically without thinking - it applies to all areas of my life too - even when I try not to.

Fortunately however - as I’m also one of those naturally methodical extremely organized types - virtually everything is generally on time too.

Posted by gata montes on 08-28-2017

That's how the game works.

I'm very perfectionist with my things (whether in personal or professional life), but at the same time that I respect all the deadlines that I have to fulfill, then... It's a somewhat difficult decision to make.

But in the end, I'll always cherish perfection.

Posted by wiseagent on 08-28-2017

it has to be perfect

Perfect, whenever I do something I like it to be perfect, that's why I start having enough time and not at the last minute. I'm the kind of a person who doesn't work well under pressure, my brain tends to block and I can't do my best even if I try. That's why I like to do things with time, check my mistakes, take opinions and get it done perfectly and if it's not perfect it is really close to it.
Posted by felabruno on 09-11-2017

Make a excellent work

A perfect job doesn't mean that the job doesn't have any mistakes and works perfectly, also means that you finished it on time. Some jobs demand effectiveness, I mean, the jobs have to be in perfect conditions and it had to respect the scheduled time. If we want to do perfect jobs all the time, we have to respect the scheduled time and be organized all the time.
Posted by cubo on 08-28-2017

Perfection matters

Well, my job requires being perfect but it's not a criteria for the job commencement. Because you are also required to get the Job done on time. But even if you can't get it done on the right time, make sure you make it perfect, it matters more than getting it done.
Posted by Authord on 08-28-2017

Work Ethics

As a Real Estate Agent, I am expected to deliver the best quality of work both to my superior and client. I could never have a Million Dollar dreams with a Minimum Wage Work Ethic.
Posted by MushyPhilip1822 on 08-28-2017


I want it to be perfect.I believe If it's for the betterment of your work we should take an extra miles and make it even more perfect. Since i am already doing it I should do it properly.
Posted by jeiyyy on 08-29-2017


I vote for perfect. Its because I love perfection. God is perfect so I must try my best to also be perfect.
Posted by jeffreyjose48 on 11-04-2018


It's wonderful when you may be able to perfectly complete a task, however, there are instances when completing the job satisfactorily will be good enough. When there are tight deadlines to be met, it's mostly required that the job is done satisfactorily and on time because failure to do so could result in loss of goodwill, credibility, and money. Perfection is great but in many instances time may not allow for it.
Posted by explorerx7 on 08-28-2017
I'm not sure if delay and perfect go hand in hand when considering perfection. I can see the need for extra time but one thing I have learned about perfect practice is that the actual execution of the task to which is practiced for is apart of attaining perfection. If there is a delay in which to attain the task or finished product then the perfect experience will be compromised. As such I always say 'our perception of perfection is at times imperfect due to our presumed interjection on our initial response to the interpretation of this execution.' In other words no one is perfect but work with that at best perfectly!
Posted by Joteque on 08-28-2017
Whether I make my work done or perfect depends on how much I am getting in return. In case the job pays me through cash, I try to check how much I am being paid for the work. If I am getting average payment, my work will be of average quality if I am getting paid nicely, I try to make it perfect. Why should I spend my time and deliever perfect work, when I am receiving low payment.
Posted by vinaya on 08-28-2017
I have not thought about it. I liked your point of view. I think it's a good thought on this subject and it makes a lot of sense to me.
Posted by hermessantos on 09-07-2017
rose thornes
I agree with you, why spend a lot of time and effort in something you get less in return? Its better to spend it on other things that worth your time.
Posted by rose thornes on 09-11-2017
I totally agree with you,it better to get the perfection work on things with high returns than wasting it on low returns things.Some people just need things done and then move on, no need wasting it on less valuable things it a total waste of productive time.
Posted by lovely on 02-20-2018
It is hard to reach perfection. I am not a perfectionist by nature, so I will go with the good enough model. This however, has it's own problems. Your work may not be up to the standards of those who take more time to try to make their work perfect. Also, the fact that you didn't put enough effort into the project may be noticed by others, and you could end up with problems in the end.
Posted by kgord on 08-28-2017
It really depends on what's needed. In regards with work, When i have a deadline i see to it that i have done my job on time, though it may not be perfect but i see to it that what is asked of me is done. While there are instances that i have enough time for doing my work so i see to it that i take my time to make it perfect. We can't really set a rule for our work if the one setting the rules are our superior. So for me i just do my best with every job assigned to me and see to it that they won't find flaws. While with regards on my personal life, when i want to do something, ofcourse i see to it that i will also take my time and do it perfectly.
Posted by zheh on 08-28-2017
I prefer well done because even God didn't asked for our perfection but our ability to exert effort to finish to do His will. No matter how hard we try, we can never be perfect in all our ways whether its our self, job or other things because God is the only one perfect.
Posted by Scarlet on 08-29-2017
There was a time when our office had a guest technician who is Japanese. From him, we learned that in Japan, it is always perfect for the output and not just done or finished. In other words, the Japanese are after the quality that's why their economy shot up when their electrical appliances became popular because of high quality. But the problem with that kind of output is that the workmen have placed too much expectation on themselves so they had to work double time or even triple time. And that's where the excessive stress come in such that suicide is not a rare occurrence in Japan.
Posted by Corzhens on 08-29-2017
The hard reality is that you owe both if you want to be competitive. It's not enough for it to be right. It's not enough for it to be on time. Both qualifications are required to be met for your work to be considered standard. This isn't even grounds for extra credit here; this is just boiler plate what you owe the world, your employer, and yourself. It's exhausting,b ut that's life. If you weren't wearing yourself out at the grind, you'd be wearing yourself down chasing down an antelope for dinner. You can rest when you're dead. Life is for productivity!
Posted by JaiGuru on 08-29-2017
Jonathan Solomon
Personally, I prefer perfection over being done on time. But truly, it comes down to what the project is and how important is the deadline itself. In my opinion, nothing should be rushed. Even if it's delayed for weeks, the finished product would be to such perfection, any time loss would quickly be forgotten. At the same time, when you set a deadline that people are anticipating, it's always best to have that work done on time so everyone involved knows they can rely on you to produce work when it's time.
Posted by Jonathan Solomon on 08-29-2017
I try for both on time and perfect. I mean, there is really no such thing as perfection, but I do have a perfectionist streak. Sometimes, I have to say good enough is good enough. I don't like to be late though. That just feels irresponsible. Avoid procrastination for better and more timely work.
Posted by Zyni on 08-30-2017
A perfect work it is for me,no need finishing a job and it is riddled with all sorts of mistakes and error.I know we are always after finishing a task on time but I believe taking time to present or have a perfect job is the best.A done job is only good for a task that needs no perfection but completion,anything less than that is a wasted effort.
Posted by lovely on 08-31-2017
No one is perfect. And even the best of technology is prone to unforeseen errors. That means that it's also not perfect. Trying so hard to be perfect not only wastes one's time but it also takes a whole lot of unnecessary energy. Thos can lead to depression, anger, anxiety, and so many other negative emotions. Who wants to live that way. I say give everything your very best, work hard and leave the rest to nature. Perfection is an illusion that people allow to rule their life and at the end of the day, destroy them.
Posted by evash19 on 09-02-2017
I do like to make something perfect. But that is if there is no deadline to beat like in a job. When it comes to meeting deadline, I would like to be ahead of the deadline. So, I do what is being asked of me in a timely manner, taking care of the details that is so needed and making it good even if it isn't that perfect. At work, what is important is that a work is done that is of standard quality and on time or ahead of time.
Posted by SimplyD on 09-05-2017
In the past I was a very perfectionist person, but I honestly lost a lot with that. Today I have become a productive person and I think that done is better than perfect. Of course I like a job well done, but I prefer to prioritize the action.
Posted by hermessantos on 09-07-2017
for me i prefer done on time rather than perfect but late because majority of the boss don't want late submission they want it on time always as a professional, but it also depends on your boss if he/she is not easy get angry maybe he/she can consider you for tha, but for me i go on time so that if i have another task given i can perform it on time also.
Posted by tophew on 09-10-2017
rose thornes
I'm more of making the work done on time. Some works need to be done on time than being perfect. I just do what my boss tell me to do and finish it on time. I just try to deliver my work with highest quality but not to the point of being perfect. No one is perfect. I'm not stressing myself to make my work perfect.
Posted by rose thornes on 09-11-2017
The main thing is for the work to be decent even if it is not the best of all , but make sure it is decent all the time to save your time to be able to do other things or work.
Posted by babyright on 09-27-2017
The Japanese are very strict when it comes to quality and I guess the Germans have that attitude as well when it comes to the quality of the product and performance. Decently done is not in their vocabulary. Even if the work is decent to us the Japanese will not stop in trying to improve it. They say that there is always room for improvement until the job is done perfectly.
Posted by Corzhens on 09-23-2018
Done is better than perfect. This fast moving world has deadlines whether they're official or not. If you don't get the work done on a timely basis, you lose or suffer the penalty. Hence, it is better to get the work done and make adjustments later if that is still necessary. Not being perfect doesn't always mean being mediocre. Sometimes, something imperfect can turn out to be better than what was thought of as perfect.
Posted by chatbox on 12-26-2017
There is a phrase, which I confess not knowing who it was that said, where the great concept is to show that perfection does not exist: done is better than perfect. For years (or just a few months) I reluctantly accepted this in my projects.

I've always been a guy who sought, and somehow still seeks, perfection in the projects I do. I like to adjust the burrs, to hit the colors, to think and to rethink how could be better what was already good. But this is, in addition to a form of progress, a trap when we think about progress.

Perfectionism, although some people do not agree, is something that fucks the lives of those who need to produce to grow. Well, I actually think that everyone needs to produce to grow.
Posted by hermessantos on 03-18-2018
I think we should always make it perfect what ever things we're doing, and I always do that. Do your best as you can. The word done is just for ego, you don't want to hurt your feelings by not recognizing your works after you spent times to make it perfect. If your works not appreciate the way you expected, the defense mechanism word "done" is the best answer.
Posted by ion on 07-17-2018
I think we should always make it perfect what ever things we're doing, and I always do that. Do your best as you can. The word done is just for ego, you don't want to hurt your feelings by not recognizing your works after you spent times to make it perfect. If your works not appreciate the way you expected, the defense mechanism word "done" is the best answer.
Posted by ion on 07-17-2018
I think we should always make it perfect what ever things we're doing, and I always do that. Do your best as you can. The word done is just for ego, you don't want to hurt your feelings by not recognizing your works after you spent times to make it perfect. If your works not appreciate the way you expected, the defense mechanism word "done" is the best answer.
Posted by ion on 07-17-2018
As we grow up, we need to catch up with the deadline and do the things we should do before it comes. How can you pass a perfect work if you are late? What if it will not be accepted because you didn't follow the deadline and you just follow with your own time? Time is precious to everybody, a person will not wait for you perfect work if it will not reach the deadline.
Posted by vivalavanda on 11-04-2018
I prefer perfect. God always does things perfectly. God is perfect so I must also try to be perfect like him.
Posted by jeffreyjose48 on 11-04-2018
We cannot be perfect but we can do things with our best. Perfection is different from person to person because each of us has his or her own level of perfection. What is perfect to one may not be perfect to another so it's about doing our very best... our "own best". When we do something, we should give it our best and not be a mediocre.
Posted by jessie271 on 12-17-2018