Drone is the future mode of delivery

Drone is the future mode of delivery
If you don’t know what a drone is, it is similar to a toy helicopter but just a little bigger and designed to carry things. Right now the drone is mostly used in photography and filming where the camera is installed on the drone that can be operated via remote control. Instead of using the so called “filming crane” which is expensive and inconvenient, the drone can take its chore since it can fly to any desired angle for the camera. But now delivery by drone is being tested by several companies. Even Amazon is doing its own testing because they intend to deliver their goods via drone. But how about the safety of the public against the drone? Can you imagine if all online stores would use a drone in the delivery of their products? The airlane will be crowded and accidents couldn’t be avoided.


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At the upcoming future days drone will be necessary every time. Drone is an automated system or remote control system where it can be control by staying large distance. USA got a success at the time of war operation by drone. This is nice that online shop companies are using drone for product supply.

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Posted by centurion on 06-16-2017
I'm not entirely sure if it's going to be the dominant form of delivery as I'm sure the system is a lot more complicated than just saying "flying robots will take stuff to your house from our storage facility." Actually come to think of it that statement alone does sound complicated, ha. Between safety and security measures I'm sure there will be a lot of kinks to work out, and in that time it is possible that new and even more efficient/safe delivery methods like via self-driving cars might become an option.
Posted by Denis_P on 06-16-2017
EJ Burg
I completely agree and how amazing wouln't it be to be able to get deleveries wherever you are just imagine ordering a pizza while camping or a cocktail while on the beach with a drone bringing your order. Even a overnight delevery. Just imagen how quick things will go if post couldn't be delayed by traffic.
Posted by EJ Burg on 06-17-2017
I can't imagine drone delivery will become an incredibly widespread service. If you take a look online, you'll find many maps and locations that cover the usage of drones in various locations and many of them outright disallow their presence. For example, anyplace around any airport, most likely out. Many military installments? Out. National parks? Not happening. There's also distance and the weight of products to consider as well - for a distance that's incredibly long or a shipment that's very heavy or bulky, drone delivery is impractical.
Posted by Linen on 06-17-2017
The drone is a good invention and it has very practical uses. Delivery of food and medicine is in my opinion the best use of drones. But like everything else, its use should be regulated so that a drone doesn't fly into an airplane and kill 200 passengers!
Posted by cmoneyspinner on 06-17-2017
Our country is far from using drones for delivery. We are using drone to draw map and inspect the security. However, I think it is a nice idea. This saves time and money.
Posted by vinaya on 06-17-2017
I think that drones defintely are the way of the future. It is just one of the many ways that you can get the options that you need. It is just a fast and secure delivery service so why wouldn't people take advantage of this option? I see no reason why not to use it.
Posted by kgord on 06-20-2017
Well, flying or using drones is illegal in India. So as of now, I can't see it delivering stuff in my country. However, there is always a possibility if other start doing it successfully. However, we should also consider the possibility of drone crashes and someone to clearly layout their flight plans.
Posted by lifeasitis on 06-24-2017
It's stupid and developing this technology will also introduce all new sorts of dangers. I think it will be okay as long as they are registered. I'm not comfortable with the possibility of this technology being available to just anyone. It could be used as a tool of an assailant or someone who just wants to spy on you.
Posted by missionreport on 06-25-2017
You are right and the air would start to get congested with drones which would affect aircraft. That is a safety issue in itself. Then the more we use robots to do things for us, the more jobs we diminish. So the post workers and couriers would start to lose their jobs. Already shop assistants are losing their jobs due to the self-service checkouts. Mankind is getting a bit silly with all this robotic craze.

Yes, I do think that they will use drones in the future. And not too distant future either. Then more people will be out of work. So less people will be able to afford to send a parcel by drone!
Posted by JMS on 06-27-2017
Other then the safety issues, drones have so many usage now, they are here to stay, and sure some regulations is in the way. I want to get me one off those, in the same time I'm afraid it would be taken down by somebody, cause drone hackers already exist.
Posted by joey98 on 09-14-2017
Drones are huge right now and they are super useful for videos, photos, news coverage and now they might be used for delivery. I think it is a great idea because they don't have to worry about traffic. I hope nobody shoots to them or anything like that, the companies that will use them should make sure that it is a safe way of delivery.
Posted by felabruno on 09-14-2017
I can agree with this for as long as it intends to bring convenience to us, then no problem at all. Besides, we are in the age of fast growing technology and I think it is just appropriate that companies think of good innovation to sell their products. We have regulatory boards that will study and implement rules for such initiatives, of course they would not let any incidents to happen.
Posted by geloi on 09-15-2017
I think so yes. The problem with drones nowadays is their guidance system which is unfortunately manned. Once they manage to put an AI behind a drone then we won't even need to worry about making it get there. As soon as the costs drop of course
Posted by Marvadaum on 09-15-2017
There is now an ongoing argument here about the drone because of the unfortunate incident that a drone had landed on a car. The damage was not so big but the owner of the car was wondering who owns the drone. In other words, the culprit had escaped with his identity. That is one problem with the drone. It can fall without warning and cause damage to property and even can cause injury to people.
Posted by Corzhens on 11-07-2018
I do think drone definitely do have some future. But everyday delivery would be harder. And for this reason alone it'd be reasonable to see that drones are properly handled. In some cases drones are not easy to operate and work with. And for that reason It'd be too much costly to make use of the drones. I am not sure how some people can choose them in that case.
Posted by overcast on 12-08-2017
Simply put, drones are tools of spy work by the government agencies and it's quite a good one because it has helped in getting useful intelligence that ordinarily would be very difficult to access and which ultimately aid the prevention of most impending terror attacks. Although businesses are now trying to incorporate it in product delivery which I believe would be a good one as long as all variables are well checked out before using it to deliver products.
Posted by Martinsx on 02-20-2018
There's a company who said that they are the uber of drone delivery, I think the company name is darado? I forgot but anyway, I didn't invest with it during its ICO since I can't still imagine how it is going to implement its service successfully. I read its whitepaper and I found it a little vague and I am quite skeptical about it future existence.
Posted by gavinci13 on 03-20-2018
I have seen some companies testing out drones as means of deliveries, although the system is not yet perfected i think it's very promising. I guess the future is not far when drones are used for basic deliveries and means of transporting goods.
Posted by fishbate on 08-13-2018
In the near future, drone will be performing a lot more other functions. I have been thinking about drones being used for advertising. And with the way things are looking, it is realizable; and, in concurance with what you say, drones will be taking away the job of delivery from human couriers. And that will be a plus in the list of the many jobs AI will be taking away from man.
Posted by mosesoscar on 11-04-2018