EPIKGO Premier Series Hover Self Balancing Scooter

EPIKGO Premier Series Hover Self Balancing Scooter
The whirligig of balancing boards have set stiff competition amongst companies which produce the board, EPIKGO Premier Series Hover Self Balancing Board Scooter, is a felicitous option equipped with latest technologies for a smooth and stress free ride. A lucid account of it's features exposes tremendous benefits, available when you purchase this scooter. Campus walk can be frenetic at times, especially if you have to cover great distances on foot. People opt for alternatives which can make their lives better, that's exactly where EPIKGO comes in, since their balancing board scooter can be used in reducing human energy, expended by foot movement.

Series of tests reveals the safety level of this device, as it proved to be entirely free from fire hazards, having passed over 158 test as regard safety. The company adhered strictly to protective measures outlined by regulatory bodies. The power capacity of a scooter, serves as a yardstick in determining what to expect from the scooter, EPIKGO Premier Series has a power rating of 400 Watts, this is a reliable backbone that propel it's inimitable services.

When the balancing board is fully charged, it can cover more than10 Miles, climb jaw dropping slopes up to 18 degrees, and move none stop for 1 hour. The EPIKGO has incredible speed control, excellent balancing, reaches top speeds, charges very fast as you can charge completely in just 2 hours. The scooter is also water resistant and extremely powerful.

• Charges fully in just two hours. • 400watts power capacity. • Climbs heels as steep as 18 degrees. • Can cover more than 10 miles when charged fully. • Functions continually for more than an hour. • The wheels are streamlined to easily navigate through mud, grass and sand.

• The scooter require charging. • They cannot move as fast as cars. • Cost $499.



Looks better

I would never ride any of these because I've seen Mike Tyson fall riding this and it was enough to scare me off these devices forever. It's not that I think they are all risky but I just think the risk is not worth what little enjoyment I would get from them considering I am okay with riding a skateboard or electronic skateboard which is a bit more stable. If I had to choose I'd pick this one though just because I like the look better as it looks a bit more industrial whereas the other one kind of looks more like a toy.
Posted by Wubwub on 03-13-2018


Megawheels Hoverboard Self Balance Scooter

Megawheels Hoverboard Self Balance Scooter
Megawheels has produced one of the most efficient movement supports, by releasing Hoverboard Self Balance Scooter 2 Wheels UL2272 Certified. The magnificent balancing board has proven beyond reasonable doubts, it's durability having passed all safety tests. The scooter has anti shock fittings, so users can easily navigate through rough terrains. The balancing board is free from fire explosions, the design ensures less friction and heating of the scooter.

Slippy tyres and pedals are disastrous, since users can easily fall off from the scooter, the design of Megawheels Hoverboard provides firm grip of pedals and tyres, thereby eliminating the possibility of slipping off the balancing board.

The batteries have excellent protection against excessive discharge and overcharging, as these conditions could lead to battery damage. The distance covered by a scooter is very important, those with the capacity of covering long distances, are preferred above the rest. The Megawheels Hoverboard can cover an astounding 15 to 20 kilometers ( 12.5 miles) when charged to it's full capacity.

The wheels can climb slopes up to 25 degrees, this is a huge advantage for those living in sloppy regions. The board can support up to 120 Kg, and a lot of individuals falls within this range. Any gender is allowed to enjoy the benefits associated with this scooter.

• Supports up to 120 Kg. • Can climb 25 degrees slopes. • Non slip tyres and pedals. • Can cover 12.5 miles ( 15- 20 Km). • Excellent control of charging and discharging of batteries. • Water and shock resistant.

• The batteries takes time to charge. • Cannot carry weights above 130 Kg.


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I'll be completely honest and just say none. I wouldn't buy any of the two scooters/hoverboards because I see them as really unsafe. I have used my friends one a few times and sure, the feeling does feel pretty good but the whole thing is extremely unpredictable. If you're bad at balance, you will fall over. I have seen some kid randomly riding one and without any notice, he fell off it because it stopped working. Those are my reasons why I avoid the hoverboards.
Posted by Mehano on 11-12-2017
That's the same thing that happened to me, I tried it because one of my friends is pretty crazy about these things, and falling off of this hoverboard hurts pretty bad. People are talking about it like it's a modern times skateboard, but it's pretty dangerous for a child.
Posted by Tania997 on 11-12-2017
Hover boards are neat, but until they make them safer I don't see a reason for people to be using them especially children. They can be dangerous and they are just something that shouldn't necessarily be used for those who are looking for fun. I Think unless you are wearing proper gear and have one guaranteed not to catch fire they should be avoided.
Posted by kgord on 11-12-2017
I never had any of these scooters. However, I always have this desire to try these things. I am not sure whether these are safe or not, I am adventurous by nature and I want to try these hover self-balancing scooters. Since I have never used any of these scooters, I don't know how these products compares.
Posted by vinaya on 11-12-2017
I don't trust these things because I saw a video of Mike Tyson taking an awful spill on it once and it looked terribly disastrous. I'd only buy one that has a safety feature like a small third wheel at the back or whatever else they could come up with but as it stands I would just prefer to walk or even just use a skateboard instead of this. I don't see it as being that much fun to ride on anyway so I don't think the risk is worth it.
Posted by Wubwub on 11-13-2017
These hoverboards are a waste of money. I haven't bought me one yet and I don't pretend to buy me one either. This kind of instrument is just for a trend. When the trend of having a hoverboard pass away people who bought one will think these items are garbage.
Posted by cubo on 11-13-2017
Totally agree with you. This is just a commercial catch, is going to be trending for a while, and then it will be something in a corner of your house, getting a lot of dust, doing nothing. In case you want to experience the feeling, I know there are places like malls or parks, where you can rent them for some time, so you can ride them, take pics, and just pay some bucks. That's more than enough for me, but I won't buy any of these things, they are really unsafe also, and don't want to waste my money for something that can hurt me either.
Posted by ballyhara on 11-13-2017
This technology easily comes and goes. I mean, they became popular only for a while because of the explosion incident which is not just an isolated cases but happens around the world, that makes the people think that should they still wanted to have an expensive product that has a possibility of an explosion which might harm anyone and can also cause fire in your home. This is really a cool device only if they totally secure the battery.
Posted by ColdFlameChris on 01-02-2018
Whether is it a balancing board or a hover board, it’s practically the same to me. Those toys got into fashion here a few years back and it only lost its popularity with the consumers because of the bad review that it got in social media. That the hover board had caused so many accidents and I think there was even one death reported. And although those are only posts in social media that were not really verified to be true, the rumors greatly affected the sales of the hoverboard.
Posted by Corzhens on 03-13-2018