Earthquakes remains one of Man's most gruesome nightmares. We experience earthquake when two massive earth bodies glide with each other, the colliding surfaces are normally referred to as fault planes. Hypocenter describes the point where the earthquake originates, which is normally below the earth's surface. When the hypocenter is traced to the earth's surface, the region that corresponds directly to it's location is referred to as epicenter.

The occurrence of earthquake is a stepwise process, the region experiences a less severe effect called foreshock, they are the first impressions felt before the major earthquake arrives. The most energetic and severe part of an earthquake is called mainshock, the region usually experience this larger earthquake after the arrival of foreshocks.

When an earthquake occurs, they don't subside instantaneously, aftershocks can still be felt, even though the mainshock is over. The length of aftershocks vary, and are dependent on the severeness of the mainshock. The structure of the earth consists of the mantle, inner layer, crust and outer layer, each of these layer's are distinguished.

A thin layer which comprises of the crust and some parts of the mantle, are in constant motion as a result of earth's rotation. Faults are found on the earth's surface due to this motion, and the sliding of two separate part's with each other, generates tremendous energy which results in earthquakes.

• They expose some mineral rich earth regions. • Watching documentaries on them can be exciting. • You can detect them before they occur. • People can easily avoid prone regions.

• They claim lives and destroy properties. • Volcanic eruptions can be generated.




Both are terrible, but I'd say earthquakes are more dangerous.

Like someone said, earthquakes tend to take people by surprise. There's no early signs and you can never accurately predict it. That makes it hard for people to prepare and evacuate the affected areas.

In addition, earthquakes can cause a chain reaction and trigger tsunamias. That's what happened in Fukushima and it affected a lot of people. So it's not just the land we have to worry about, but also the tsunami that might come afterwards.

Posted by kataomoi on 10-21-2017
gata montes


Of the two - it would be earthquakes.

Simply because - unlike hurricanes - which as they're linked to the planet's climatic system can be predicted as well as tracked - meaning - there is time to put out warnings as well as to put safety protocols in place - there is no such option with earthquakes - as not only are they virtually impossible to predict or track - but they generally arrive with absolutely no warning at all and sometimes even in the least expected places.

The latter of which - as there is no warning - leads to more deaths/injuries, more collapsed buildings, more broken gas/power lines, more fires/explosions and way, way more damage to the infrastructure than that caused by hurricanes and even more so – when there a large number of repeat tremors or after shocks - which there usually are and of course - as there have been in recent years - if tsunamis should follow the earthquakes.

Posted by gata montes on 10-20-2017


Since I have only experienced earthquakes, I feel they are more dangerous and do not come with a warning. Earthquakes can not be predicted and you also cannot run from it.

I was 12 years old when I experience an earthquake. We were in school on the upper floor when the whole building started shaking. There was no time to think or run and we both had to lie down on the floor until we felt the building was stable. Although it was not strong enough to make our school building fall, some areas and people on the streets were very affected.

Posted by mildredtabitha on 11-03-2017



Hurricanes are normally referred to as topical cyclones, they are powerful thunderstorms carried by strong rotational forces without distinctive boundaries, establishing a weather system with low pressure. Tropical depressions describes a level of tropical cyclone in which the wind experienced at the earth's surface is below 39 mph( miles per hour), when the wind speed exceeds 39 mph, such occurrence are called tropical storms.

Hurricanes erupt when the wind speed of a tropical cyclone exceeds 74 miles per hour, they practically destroy things found on their path. A kind of scale is used in measuring hurricane intensities, the saffir-Simpson scale can be used for this purpose, it is based on a 1-5 scale, each level depicts the strength of the wind carrying the hurricane. When the scale is considered, an increment in scale number, implies greater destructive power possessed by the hurricane, and a decrease in scale number means a reduction in severity.

Atlantic basins are known to generate most hurricanes, a lot of hurricanes can be traced to this region. Surprisingly hurricanes are seasonal, observation shows that they are likely to start from early June and end late November, however some hurricanes have occurred outside this time frame. An effective response to hurricane is usually evacuation, the financial implication is usually huge, but it helps in saving lives and properties.

• Watching documentary on it's occurrence is interesting. • They are naturally induced. • Assist in striking ecological balance in water bodies. • Exposes earth crust for scientific observations.

• They are practically unstoppable. • Their destruction is usually severe.



Both are dangerous

Both are extremely dangerous and awful. But for me, Hurricanes are a lot worse. Earthquakes can be devastating but like we saw from the hurricanes that hit the States and nearby places like the Carribean, they can be awful especially if you are not prepared for it properly. There are things that you can do to kind of prepare for earthquakes. But for Hurricanes, unless you have some extremely strong buildings that have been built for a while, you can't really prepare for it in a short amount of time.
Posted by kingcool52 on 10-21-2017

More Damage

The capacity of the hurricane is so much that it affects both land, air and sea. And in such case you can't run away with anything. In case of the hurricane you can't run away with helicopter or airplane either. So that's something you have to consider when it comes to comparing them. I personally think hurricane is more damaging.
Posted by overcast on 10-20-2017

So dangerous.

I think the earthquake's capacity for destruction is uncontested, but the level of problems a hurricane can bring is unspeakable (honestly, I find something impossible to measure).

The power of a hurricane can reach things more broadly and with a supernatural force. It's quite scary sometimes.

Posted by wiseagent on 10-20-2017


I grew up in earthquake prone areas my entire life and have lived through a few large ones-6.5 and higher on the old richter scale. The scale of damage and death from an earthquake in a 1st world country is minimal compared to a hurricane. You can build buildings that are earthquake resistant, you can't build buildings that are hurricane proof. That's a fact.

Earthquakes are just quick and done, hurricanes linger. You not only have winds that go 100 MPH and higher, but you also have hurricanes that spit out tornadoes by the dozens and massive flooding. So you're getting literally 3 natural disasters in one massive go. It's been more than a decade since Katrina and the areas affected by that hurricane never recovered and honestly never will- not for another 50 years. Puerto Rico was pretty much wiped of their entire infrastructure for decades to come.

Posted by Rhodolite on 10-22-2017


Both Earthquake and Hurricane are birds of the same feathers in terms of destruction. I wouldn't be disposed to choosing one over the other in terms of which one I think that is more devastating to human beings. They are both 100 percent evil to me and none is deserved to visit man.
Posted by Heatman on 10-19-2017
I guess when it comes to messing with mother nature there is not really a safer alternative. The best we can do is sit tight and hope that the damage done is minimal and that there are little or no casualties
Posted by Marvadaum on 10-19-2017
I agree that we should be calm and observe what is happening. Some of the deaths in an earthquake is caused by panic and stampeded. When we are calm, we have presence of mind so we can think very well for what course of action to take especially when the situation is already getting worse. When our country was hit by the devastating typhoon Yolanda, some died because of not having the presence of mind to run to higher grounds. The sea water surged like a tsunami and those not thinking of what to do were drowned.
Posted by Corzhens on 07-06-2018
I think these two natural disasters are just too destructive that one can't really say which is a lesser evil but for this piece maybe one can tow toward hurricane because earthwuake to me is more scary and devastating than hurricane. People hardly survives with earthquakes and what ruined is always unquantifiable.
Posted by lovely on 10-19-2017
I think I can survive a hurricane, it's the earthquake that worry me, it happened once in my city, I was't there at the time, and I was angry cause I didn't witness it first hand.
Posted by joey98 on 10-19-2017
Jonathan Solomon
Personally, I think they both can be equally destructive in their own ways. So it's not the easiest to choose one over the other. However, I do think a hurricane possibly presents more damage than an earthquake. Remember, everything changes once a hurricane has come through. Especially if we're talking Category 3-5. Structural damage to buildings can be equally devasting (if not more) as an earthquake.
Posted by Jonathan Solomon on 10-19-2017
They are both natural disaster so they are giving dreadful destruction. But because I need to choose, I will pick Earthquake. An earthquake has a lot of a number of deaths than a hurricane and massive damage to the infrastructures. It creates after shocks in different places and don't forget the eerie tsunami that no man can predict when and how big it will hit in an exact town.
Posted by jkeypad on 10-19-2017
They are both scary and disastrous. Earthquake happens suddenly without a warning and people could not prepare for it that's why there are earthquakes that left many casualties. Hurricane although it is destructive also, you can still go to a safe place to save your life.
Posted by vhinz on 10-19-2017
Earthquakes are strong ground movements that result from ruptured crustal faults. Earthquakes are unpredictable; the ground shaking from an earthquake generates inertial damage internally within the building. In an earthquake, damage can range from devastation to a portion of a building’s components to the outright collapse of the building. Fires following earthquakes from broken gas mains can lay total waste to structures that survive the earthquake itself. The winds of a hurricane place pressure on the outside envelope of a building, putting forces on the exterior components. Damage to the exterior component windows or roof can result in significant damage and, in extreme cases, collapse of the building. Flying debris can cause further damage to buildings and people. Torrential rains following the hurricane can lay waste to the interiors of the buildings. Scientists are not able to predict when an earthquake may occur. Hurricane cannot be predicted but the development of a hurricane can be monitored in advance of it landfall. Both can cause extreme damage to buildings and life .
Posted by honeybabe on 10-19-2017
I don't think that I would have to make a selection when it comes to earthquake and hurricane. I mean both events come with devastating consequences that always leave many dead and injured as well as loss of properties. However, on a light note, earthquake seems to come with mild consequences than hurricane.
Posted by Barida on 10-20-2017
I have experience earthquake so I won't chose earthquake. I wouldn't chose also hurricane based on the result of the severe damage it can cause also. There is no light or heavy damage when it comes to disasters. The damage it can bring would not only cause damage on materials things but also emotionally on the part of the person who experienced it.
Posted by Scarlet on 10-20-2017
I have experience earthquake so I won't chose earthquake. I wouldn't chose also hurricane based on the result of the severe damage it can cause also. There is no light or heavy damage when it comes to disasters. The damage it can bring would not only cause damage on materials things but also emotionally on the part of the person who experienced it.
Posted by Scarlet on 10-20-2017
This is a really good question, and I honestly am not all that sure as to what the answer might be. I know that earthquakes have an extreme amount of destructive potential, but in an area that is prone to earthquakes you can account for it and build earthquake proof infrastructure. However, if there is a tsunami you're probably boned anyway. As for hurricanes, if an extremely strong hurricane rolls in I think it is practically impossible to hurricane proof an area, because how are you going to protect and area from flooding and things being tossed around at high speeds? Tough question. I think both are pretty equal.
Posted by Denis_P on 10-20-2017
Earthquake can really deal more damage than Hurricane. Earthquake can ruin every houses, buildings, bridges, and road while in Hurricane, it can also ruin some houses, make a flood, but not as devastating as what the earthquake does.
Posted by ColdFlameChris on 10-20-2017
Both of that have a massive impact to our land for earthquake it can cause many building collapsing if the magnitude is very high and for hurricane it can cause big floods that can even make a city sink if the water level is to high with matching strong winds it can also destroy houses due to strong wind. so for me nothing is more disastrous they are all equal.
Posted by tophew on 10-20-2017
Earthquake can be damaging but it only damages the people on ground. So if anyone is in air then they are free from the damage. So they are not going to have any issues with it. Many people in nepal survive by going into helicopter and other places. So that seems to be the option for many to survive. I don't think it's that bad.But its' definitely reasonable to say that such damage from both can be damaging.
Posted by overcast on 10-20-2017
Yeah, but how many people can get to the air in time? There are no warnings for earthquakes. Only people who are lucky can be lifted into the air in time. Some families are immediately crushed by buildings that fall over. They have no chance to get into the air.

And you also forget that earthquakes can sometimes trigger tsunamis. Tsunamis can wipe out towns within minutes.
Posted by kataomoi on 10-23-2017
I have never experienced hurricanes in my home country, I think my home country is not prone to hurricanes as the country is not connected to sea. However, the country is in earth quake zone. One of the most deadliest of earthquakes that ocured in our country was in the April of 2015. The country was rocked with earthquakes of 8.1 M and 7.9 and 6.5 for three consequitive days. There were more than 3000 aftershocks.
Posted by vinaya on 10-20-2017
Both are dangerous for the humanity, the truth is that we cannot avoid any of them, this is nature and we cannot run them if it happens, personally I really hope none of them will happen in my country, we haven't had an earthquake since "77 and no hurricane here and I hope things will remain the same!
Posted by wallet on 10-21-2017
They're really both dangerous and devastating supposedly they hit a really large and well populated cities. But based on the information and news that I've watched, hurricanes and typhoons are more devastating as it ranges really large enough to destroy or wreak havoc to an entire city and maybe province and they tend to travel from one province to another not to mention it can cross-travel between countries here in the asia-pacific regions. And yes I think the number of recorded devastating earthquakes cannot be compared to the numbers of hurricanes and typhoons that emerge every year.
Posted by narutos3nn1n on 10-23-2017
Earthquake is more dangerous and deadlier than hurricane, the earthquake can swallow mililons of humans at a go and bury them at once than the hurricane , i pray for God to show mercy to those that are living in earthquake region and protect them.
Posted by babyright on 10-27-2017
Both are dangerous, but I feel like a hurricane can be predicted adequately - allowing more people to escape. However, though, due to money, a lot of people, unfortunately, can be trapped anyhow. Anyway, even though, earthquakes cannot be predicted to save lives, I do think we can build earthquake resistant buildings, but again, poorer areas often cannot afford them.
Posted by jyy on 10-30-2017
This is literally impossible to pick. They are both extremely destructive and can not only destroy towns but also many people's lives. I have never experienced either one but I have seen what they can do in different footage and videos. The tornado and the earthquake are different in the way it happens but they're both absolutely horrible.
Posted by Mehano on 11-03-2017
Both are horrible and destructive but on the alertness and preparedness level ,hurricanes are way better than earthquakes because it can be predicted before it hits and devastates certain areas allowing the community to get ready,and take precautionary actions for their safety unlike earthquakes that strikes in no time frame giving the probable victims clueless.
Posted by Anonymous on 11-17-2017
I don't want any of them at all. But if i need to choose one ill go for hurricane. Unlike earthquakes, hurricanes are predictable. You can have enough time to prepare for the worst if the information is given to you in the fastest time. Earthquake is more of a prepare and wait and you will never know when it will happen. You can prepare all you want but, you will never know what will happen until it happens.
Posted by fishbate on 04-27-2018
How am I going to choose that, they are both destructive. But I think hurricane is a little better, because you can predict and be prepared before it hits you compare to earthquake. Earthquake is a traitor disaster or back fighter, it's hard to predict and don't know exactly where it going to hits you.
Posted by ion on 07-05-2018