Eating with bare hands

Eating with bare hands
How would you prefer to eat food?

In some of the countries, people prefer to eat with their hands as it makes them feel more comfortable and they actually feel like something is going into their mouth. While ancient humans used to eat with hands, this practice is still widely practiced in some parts of the world.

Feels like you are actually eating something.

Chances of contamination of food if consumed without washing hands resulting in health hazards



Bare Hands

I think some dishes say like rice, chicken is worth eating with your hands. How exactly spoon can be a good case in there I am not sure. I find spoon usage limited to some items. Though English people prefer it that way. I prefer to have the bare hands whenever possible.
Posted by overcast on 11-18-2018

Fun and Tastier

I am from the Philippines and one of our customs is to eat using bare hands. I really love to do that because it makes food tastier and it's fun to eat with bare hands. However, I always make sure to clean my hand thoroughly and also don't use my hands if there's a soup because it's nasty.
Posted by jaybee19 on 11-18-2018

to feel fishbones

I prefer using my hands when eating fish. I can easily feel and remove the fishbones by doing so. Swallowing fishbones is never good.
Posted by iambeth on 11-17-2018

Convenient and more delicious

It is a personal preference whether to use spoon or hand when eating. It is not a question of hygiene or cleanliness, after all spoon can be contaminated if not properly cleaned.

Eating with hand is common among Indian, Indonesian and Malay ethnicities. I love eating with hand as it is very convenient and easy, especially one is dealing with fish head or food with much bones.

Posted by cks003 on 11-21-2018


For Filipinos like us, you are not a real Filipino if you haven't tried to eat with your bare hands. Even foreigners who visit our country will never leave the country without trying this. Though we eat using spoon and fork most of the time, there are some dishes that must be eaten with your bare hands.
Posted by burgosmichael2407 on 11-18-2018


I choose eating with bare hands. You can eat many food. It feels like home to me.
Posted by menchuuy58 on 11-17-2018

Respect for Tradition

In some countries eating with bare hands is the norm that's because it's part of their culture. They do have standards that they follow before eating, like washing your hands properly before each meal or having a bowl of water on the table so you can wash your hands anytime. Some meals just taste better when you eat using your hands. Using utensils doesn't necessarily make it seem more cultured, saying so just means you lack respect for other people's traditions.
Posted by knnon on 11-28-2018

Eating with Bare Hands

I really love eating with my bare hands specially when I am at home and comfortable having soap and water. It is like I certainly taste the food and passionately feel it. I usually eat with my bare hands specially when I am going to eat fried foods or sea foods like crabs as my favorite one.

Nevertheless, it is not bad to use utensils as they have said that it looks educated, professional and elegant. However; eating with bare hands gives a different feeling and I enjoy the food better compare to eating using spoon and fork.

Posted by rubeth1726 on 11-28-2018


I choose eating with bare hands. I can really be satisfied. It is very enjoyable to do.
Posted by achikeziah on 12-12-2018


Eating with bare hands are really fun, it's something we Filipinos are doing when we're just in home or in a beach, it's simple and it's something we enjoy doing.
Posted by davedaot on 12-06-2018


Eating with a spoon.

Eating with a spoon.
How about the classical way of eating with a spoon? This looks more professional to some people and also eliminates any chances of bacterial contamination if you end up eating with your hands without washing them.

Feels very professional Eliminates risk of bacterial contamination

Some people find it odd (Not really a con but an opinion)
You do not get the actual feel of eating something.



More hygienic and convenient

I prefer spoon than using my bare hands when eating because of hygienic reasons. Even though I grew up in a country where eating with bare hands is normal, I still prefer using utensils. I work in a waste management solution company and I am prone to virus and disease so I have to always be careful. Another reason is that I enjoy food with soup and curry so it's more convenient to use a spoon.
Posted by Anonymous on 11-19-2018

Raised That Way

I will admit that there are certain foods I enjoy eating with my bare hands like pizza and fried chicken. But I am also very happy that eating utensils were invented. Eating with a spoon, fork, and knife make consuming hot food very enjoyable. I never quite got the hang of ripping up a piece of bread and using it to pick up my food. No doubt it's because I wasn't raised that way. Just like I have no idea how to use chopsticks.
Posted by cmoneyspinner on 12-03-2018


I hate that when I eat with my hands my hands get dirty so I try to avoid it as much as possible. If I have utensils available I'd almost always go for it and I even prefer it for food that is not meant to be eaten with a spoon and fork. I'd say there are only a few food items that I would be okay with using my hands, such as foods like pizza and burgers, but even then I'd prefer if I had some type of napkin to help me hold the food and allow my hands to stay relatively clean.
Posted by Wubwub on 11-17-2018


I think that eating with spoon is a civilized way of eating and this is something that my mom has really helped me to become. I always eat with spoon and don't see any reason I should be eating with my bare hands.
Posted by Barida on 11-17-2018

Eating with a spoon.

Normally, I would prefer to eat using a spoon because it's an ideal manner for eating. But I also entertain using my bare hands to eat which the kind of food I'm going to be eating would decide.
Posted by Martinsx on 11-18-2018


Personally I prefer a spoon because then I’m not having to worry about mess all over my hands! Some foods are particularly sticky or hard to eat with your hands too. Spoon wins for me!
Posted by amelia88 on 11-18-2018


Its safer and better to eat with a spoon as well as you can eat more dishes with a spoon faster than with hands.
Posted by MittensFX on 11-20-2018


I vote for eating with spoon. It is cleaner to see. Your hand is still clean.
Posted by jeffreyjose48 on 11-17-2018


I am used eating with utensils. It feels awkward for me if I need to use bare hands, but if the situation requires, let's say I am in a boodle fight or there are no utensils around, it's okay. I'm a cowboy anyway.
Posted by NerdIndeed on 11-21-2018

I prefer this!

I'm a Filipino, and I'm proud that we have a tradition of boodle fights that we acquired from military practices. It's main goal is to let the friends or family members to be more closer and form a special bond while eating meals. BUT, I still prefer eating with spoon. When we have boodle fights, I always make sure that I have a spoon with me. I don't really like getting my hand oily and sticky because of the food that's served. I just want to let them straight to my mouth without struggling with my bare hands. Just a disclaimer, we always make sure that we wash our hands before boodle fights.
Posted by theresajane on 11-17-2018

Shows decency

Using spoon and fork makes one look educated, professional, and elegant. Other than that, I grew up using spoon and fork. I wasn't able to fully learn how to eat with my bare hands and I'm actually having a hard time learning it. It's more preferable for me.
Posted by hstinscdln on 11-17-2018


I prefer eating with utensils for hygiene purposes. I also don't like my fingers getting oily and dirty with food.
Posted by astraherondale on 11-17-2018

Spoon all the way

Here in the Philippines it is very common to eat with your hands but growing up in the U.S really made me decide to eat with a spoon and fork. It's more comfortable and easy than using a certain hand technique to pick up the rice and put in your mouth. There are certain scenarios where you must eat bare hand like events and festivals. But when it comes to normal eating then for sure I'll go for the spoon anytime, any where.
Posted by YoloBoy on 11-19-2018

Eat with a spoon.

I would eat with a spoon. I know some people prefer eating with there bare hand just remember to wash your hands before doing that. Eating with a spoon is much more professional for me and I don't like the feeling of using my and when eating it just feels off for me. Try to eat soup with your bare hands.
Posted by antonToledo on 12-07-2018


Eating with a spoon is my most preferable choice because I am a very hygienic person and I don't want my bare hands touching my food. Our hands basically touch almost anything everyday thereby accumulating many germs. I don't want to have germs on my food. Spoon is more preferable also because I don't have to get my hands oily.
Posted by Klint on 12-18-2018


I think it depends on the occasion. You can eat with your hands but first you have wash and sanitize it first before eating. It's actually a lot more enjoyable eating with hands if you're having a picnic with your friends or having a bonding with your family. In the Philippines, people use to their hands to eat their foods and we even have boodle fight. In a large table, there are different viand on top of the rice. It's like a bonding and spending quality time with our family and friends. But off course we wash our hands first before and after eating.
Posted by luv2xacosta on 11-17-2018
I agree with you. It could be depending on the occasion. But, most of the time I prefer to use a spoon while I'm on a boodle fight. It's weird, but I feel comfortable eating with spoon.
Posted by theresajane on 11-18-2018
You are right that depending on the occasion you can eat with your bare hands. We sometimes hold a small party at home. The food that we prepare is seafood and barbecue. There are no plates because what we use are banana leaves. How wonderful to eat on banana leaves that our guests would exclaim that it is one unique experience to eat with your hands on banana leaves.
Posted by Corzhens on 12-10-2018
I choose to vote eating with spoon. it feels classy when you use the spoon. It also feels very clean in your hands.
Posted by jeffreyjose48 on 11-17-2018
It really depends of the time, occasions, and the kind of the food your eating. If eating with family or close friends in home, I usually eat with my hands because for me i really enjoy the food when i use my hand. But, in special occasion ofcourse i do really used spoon, in was also showing a respect to the occasions that been held.
Posted by mhingnhormz on 11-17-2018
I think eating with utensils is a must if you are outside. Nevertheless, you're right. Let's say you're out and you're eating crabs. You might need to use your bare hands. Just make sure you wash your hands before doing so, and everything will be fine.
Posted by NerdIndeed on 11-21-2018
I choose eating with my bare hands. You can eat many rice and viand. Here in our country there is a store that offers unlimited rice. You can use your bare hands in eating in their restaurant.
Posted by menchuuy58 on 11-17-2018
It depends on the food I will be eating. If it's fish, then I prefer using my hands to be able to feel and remove the fish bones more efficiently. If what I'll be eating has soup, then I would go and use a spoon.
Posted by iambeth on 11-17-2018
I do both. When I eat chicken or barbecues, I usually end up with greasy hands anyway so I end up using my hands in eating. But most times , I use spoon, out of habit. As for the bacterial contamination, a lot of it can be prevented by proper hand washing, before and after eating.
Posted by emiaj55 on 11-17-2018
I do both, depends on occasion or place. For some people, eating with bare hands may be unhealthy or nasty. But for me, I enjoyed eating with my bare hands when I'm at home with family or closest friends. It boost my appetite. Of course, there's always a time that we have to show proper dining etiquette, spoon and fork is a must.
Posted by KIRZZ on 11-17-2018
Some foods have to be eaten with your hands. They aren't meant to be eaten with a fork or spoon. I eat what requires a utensil, with a utensil...And what doesn't? I don't. That simple.
Posted by NickJ on 11-17-2018
Even though I'm a Filipino and we have a tradition of using bare hands while eating during boodle fights, I still would choose to use a spoon. It is because I can eat easily when I use it and my hands would remain dry which I prefer.
Posted by theresajane on 11-17-2018
I eat using my bare hands only when I'm at home and use a spoon when I'm at the restaurant or have been invited to a party.I was born in a rural place where people usually use bare hands in eating. People use only spoon as a serving spoon. But as I'm growing up, my parents taught me how to use a spoon and fork when eating so every time we eat in the restaurant, I could use them. It would be embarrassing to eat in the restaurant using only hands. But in our country, there are restaurants now for people who want to eat with their bare hands. One popular restaurant is called "Kamayan", which means eating with bare hands. But of course you could ask for a spoon if you want to.
Posted by vhinz on 11-17-2018
I don't need to choose since I do both when eating. It will just depend on the type of the meal that I am going to take. If the food is dry like fried fish, pork, and chicken then I will eat with bare hands. And for the soup, I will use a spoon to enjoy this. I have the feeling that I can eat more when I am eating with bare hands.
Posted by superlicca on 11-18-2018
I love to do both eating with spoon and eating using my bare hands.

My decision of what way im going to use when I eat depends on the ocassion and the types of food that Im going to eat. For example, if Im in a boodle fight, ofcourse Im going to use my bare hands because it is what the event requires. What I love about boodle fight is the fun and joy it brings when you eat with a lot of people with your bare hands and it is one of the great traditions here in the Philippines.
Posted by agbuyarashel on 11-18-2018
I know in many cultures they consume food with their bare hands. And it works out for them. I have found out that in some cases it can be funny to see how some foods are easy to consume with hands instead of spoon. Like say noodles are easy to consume with fork instead of those sticks. it differs on how we see the same.
Posted by overcast on 11-18-2018
I think it would depend on the situation. There is a time for eating with your hands, and a time for eating with utensils. I’m not one of those people that always chooses to eat with a knife and fork. If something could remotely pass as finger food, then you best bet that I’m going use it as an excuse to eat with my hands. That being said, there are definitely situations where I’d rather use utensils. For example, I wouldn’t eat rice with my bare hands the way they do in some cultures, and would much rather use a spoon. The same goes for other foods like noodles, salads, and boneless meats.
Posted by Denis_P on 11-19-2018
Eating with the spoon not only classy but healthy because you can not ingest bacterias in case you have touched something that has infectious bacteria
Posted by Focusedwriter10 on 11-19-2018
Not true. It's not like that bacterias don't stay on spoon or so. In fact bacterias are more likely to be on metal than bare hands. That's the thing about the bacterias where they can find better place than hands.
Posted by overcast on 11-22-2018
Eating with spoon is much healthier than hands. because spoons usually made by silver. Silver works as an Anti-bacterial shield. One the other-hand our hand contain the most amount of germs than almost any other part of our body. So, eating by hand means eating germs as proteins.
Posted by csk81 on 11-19-2018
Our usual way of eating is with fork and spoon. That is the standard in our society although the last time I dined in a classy restaurant, there was no spoon but just fork and knife which is the American style of dining. For our native style of eating, we use bare hands and the food is not on plates but on banana leaves. If you haven’t tried eating on banana leaves yet then you are missing a lot.
Posted by Corzhens on 11-19-2018
Fork and spoon is colonized approach in society. That was brought by the England to the rest of the world. Other people around the world make use of the hands. And that's the most natural way. In fact americans too are moving to hands for eating instead of knife and fork. That's what I have found out in that case.
Posted by overcast on 11-22-2018
If you are planning to eat outside with family or friends and you want to have fun like having a picnic or an outing, I suggest you eat bare hands because it is fun. Especially when eating fried chicken, fried fish and the like. If you are going to eat outside on a serious or formal manner, using spoon is the best way to pay respect or to have formality like having a business meeting and such.
Posted by gutzman on 11-20-2018
I experienced eating using my bare hands when I was a kid but now I personally prefer to use spoon and fork because it is much more decent and tidy. Sometimes It depends if it's a finger food then I would have to use my bare hands. I use spoon and fork even if its a fish, shrimp or chicken but larger than that it would call for the use of my hands. I mostly use spoon and fork all the time, and I like it not to be messy after eating something regardless if I am just eating at home or outside like in a restaurant or fast food.
Posted by Marako0406 on 11-20-2018
Eating with spoon and fork is more hygienic. It prevents bacterial contamination of the food we eat. But eating with your bare is more fun. It makes the tood more delicious for me. You just have to wash your hand thoroughly yo avoid contamination.
Posted by thejoyrevolution on 11-21-2018
I missed eating with bare hands with my relatives. We love to eat when we were kids using the banana leaves as our plate and eat all we can. Though there are restaurants these days like this now and they provide small warm towels or water to wash your hand before eating. Even we eat to restaurants that used utensils, I still wipe it with napkins just to be sure.
Posted by romy_ter on 11-28-2018
I usually eat with a spoon, but I don't mind eating using my hand! Sometimes I do both at the same time, depending on the kind of food that I am eating. For example, if I'm eating fried fish or chicken, sometimes it is easier to get the food from the plate to your mouth using your hand. Also it's a tradition in some events in my country, the Philippines, to eat with purely our hands as a symbol of camaraderie. Of course, one must remember that the place of eating is always important! Obviously you should not eat using bare hands in a formal event, as this can raise eyebrows among people.
Posted by teremisuu on 12-03-2018
I think it depends on what you are eating. I don't buy the theory that eating with your bare hands is dirty. I think most people have water and at least a bar of soap and can wash their hands. They are some meals that you can't help but use your hands. E.g if you are eating chicken that has bones, you can cut it with a spoon to get all the meat off the folk. They are also some traditional meals in my Country that you just have to use your hands for them to taste right.
Posted by jaymish on 12-06-2018
Family or cultural custom certainly differs from country to country. In the West, cutlery is widely used at the table. In the East, they are not used, or not used in the same way. It all depends on where you are eating, and what type of food you will eat as well.
Posted by mcnasci24 on 12-10-2018
It is possible that at certain times you can dispense with the use of cutlery. Pizzas, hamburgers, sandwiches, mozzarella sticks, tacos... The list goes on. Nevertheless, these are separate cases and more often than not, this type of food is not consumed daily. The kind of food that I eat daily usually requires the use of cutlery. In addition to knowing perfectly the use of cutlery and its importance at the table, a person should also know what foods require the use of hands or a spoon/fork and knife.
Posted by mcnasci24 on 12-10-2018
I will choose eating with bare hands as I was raised in the province of Mindanao in Philippines. We usually do this when we had to go to the beach and we just used the banana leaves or a plastic plates. I just missed the old days where in we lived in a simple life in province. It's really delicious if you try eating fish and grilled pork and rice using your bare hands. Try it sometimes and it depends if you like it or not.
Posted by nekonieden on 12-12-2018
There is a restaurant that lets you eat with bare hands. It is best to eat in Mang Inasal with bare hands. You can really be satisfied.
Posted by achikeziah on 12-12-2018
It depends on the occassion. If it's more formal, I will go for spoon. But if it's more of casual, it's okay for me to use my bare hands in eating. It actually makes your food more enjoyable. Food seems to be more appetizing when you eat with bare hands.
Posted by jessie271 on 12-17-2018