With todays fast speed and technology, many are finding comfort in using email as a way to maintain contact with others. Email is fast, and there are many different providers to pick from. Email is easy to set up if you do not have an account. Plus it is free. If you have access to a computer with the internet, you can type a message and send it within a matter of minutes.

~Cheaper ~Cost Effective ~Fast ~Free ~Can send the same message to multiple people and all respond together ~Response time if faster ~Best used for casual things ~Can be more reliable ~Photos and documents can be attached to an email ~You can add links to your emails which are clickable

~ Need internet access ~Those technically impaired may not feel comfortable using a computer ~ Once deleted, you have lost access to them



Emails without a doubt

I think that handwritten letters have gone extinct practically. What is the use of taking the time to write it, spend on an envelope and stamps and rnd up waiting several days to have it delivered. Not to mention the possibility of having ut get lost or posted insomeine else's letterbox. Emails are free and quick, and you can even send attachments. They are simply great! I think letters only make sense when one needs to add a personal touch, such as with love letters for example. Or maybe a professional letter that needs to ve handwritten for firmality purposes. Other than that i see no real use to handwritren letters in this day and age.
Posted by EliteWriter on 11-29-2016

Email of Course!

This is 21ist century and technology is growing extremely fast. In this era, I do think emails are far better than written letter in many aspects. It's easier to send, faster and more features. I really find it funny that they could be compared. Written letters also take longer time to get to the recipient and but written and so on...
Posted by Nelson.Einstein.9 on 11-28-2016

Email all the way for me!

With letters nowadays it's becoming increasingly more and more common for them to get lost in the mail, even more so now than ever not to mention the price of postage is constantly increasing. With emails there is no chance of an email getting lost, it's quick and can be with the recipient within minutes and it's also free! With so many email providers now from Gmail to AOL and more it's so easy to set up and account and be ready to email anyone from friends to family. I'd choose email over a letter every time now just so I had the certainty it was getting to the person I was sending it to.
Posted by Shortie on 04-12-2017

Send an email

In today's world emails can be described as being universal, amongst the literate it difficult to find one that doesn't have an email, it delivers accurately and promptly. Email are one of the bed rocks of networking, it makes identification easier, only a particular individual can own a particular email, email opened with vendors that take special care of security it term of limiting the access to an email can help in given the email owners rest of mind in term of tempering or manipulation of their emails. We don't necessary have to type a produce a particular content multiple types, we can easily link and share it with thousands of email users with great ease. Emails can be used to mark purpose as certain email end with certain suffix that help the sender know what the email is all about, without saying much emails link a lot of individuals together because you can check it at your own time and comfort and deliver the required or necessary feedbacks. No matter the location you can still access your mails and it serves as a bank for storing very important documents which can be retrieved anytime if need be, emails are absolutely amazing because they help keep us up-to-date on certain information when we give out our email address to such vendors, if you don't have an email you can't just predict what you are missing, so try out one.
Posted by Jeshurun on 11-28-2016

I love Emails

Hello Have a wonderful day.

I love emails system because its an one second solution. We are habituated all thpes of email user to transfer data from one place to another within a second. Works are getting speed and lifes are going fast by the help of email. Some times we can send thousand of peoples a letter within a second. Now a days every educated people have an email address. Alwsys it is open to send and receive. There are huge email services provider but top populars are yahoo, hotmail, live, outlook and gmail. Now a days on ecommerce marketing section email marketing is the main way. The legal seo white hat seo have important role with email signature by do follow byperlink method or email marketing. By email marketing huge freelancers are selling their property and they are earning a huge.

Thanks Centurion

Posted by centjoseph01 on 04-13-2017

Emails are faster

It makes us feel more happy if we get a hand written letter from a relative or a friend.But when we come to today's busy lifestyle, we cannot depend on hand written letters because they take more time and cost more.And also we can send audio,video,pictures and other attachments via email.... So according to today's busy lifestyle emails are more efficient.
Posted by achi007 on 04-13-2017

Far better

Emails because it's the way of the future. They're far more conventional and therefore the better option.

It takes a few minutes to write an email and send it to whoever you want. They can live across the globe and it won't matter. They will get your email within seconds.

The same can't be said for letters. It takes a lot more time to write a letter. Then you must buy a stamp and pay the post to even send it... not to mention it can take several days for the person to receive it.

Posted by Mehano on 12-25-2017


I really appreciate a handwritten letter and it is certainly something classic and beautiful. But there's no denying that emails are so much more practical to write, send, and receive.

My choice is undoubtedly the email because I currently use this option daily and I do not know what it would be like if I depended only on the letters hahaha

Posted by hermessantos on 06-11-2017
gata montes

More efficient, quicker and easier all round.

No doubt about it - definitely e-mails - as apart from being way less time consuming - as well as a whole lot less hassle than hand written letters - they more efficient, quicker and easier all round.

On top of which - as e-mails generally reach the recipient in minutes - unlike letters which can take days to reach their destination as they have to go through the postal system - a rapid response - often on the same day - is virtually guaranteed.

Posted by gata montes on 12-25-2017

faster and better

I prefer emails because it's a lot more convenient and a lot faster. In the past few years the interface of email services have made it even easier to keep threads of conversation going which makes it even more convenient. With letters you'd have to wait for a lot longer to get the message and even longer to send out a reply. Email is just too convenient that it overshadows the charm of handwritten letters.
Posted by Wubwub on 02-19-2018


Today, it's so fast to receive information not only through emails but also through any social media sites. I did experience to send and received a handwritten letter to someone through a snail mail and it takes several months to receive which is really a hassle and I don't want to go back on that kind of era which is so inconvenience. I now easily send and receive a letter through email in a matter of seconds.
Posted by ColdFlameChris on 12-06-2017

Less stressful

The question is who still wants to put himself or herself through the stress of letter writing when there is a technology out there that makes thing very easier for one to pass one's information across to anywhere in the world with just a few clicks of the computer system or smartphone. So, having said that, it's only logical that I'm going to choose email over written mail.
Posted by Martinsx on 10-06-2018


I choose emails. This is the trend nowadays. It is easier and quicker to do.
Posted by jeffreyjose48 on 12-12-2018


Hand Written Letters

Hand Written Letters
Handwritten letters are something that generations past have done for years in order to maintain contact with others. Letters are then delivered by hand or mailed, which can take some time, depending on who the recipient is.

~more personal ~can personalize with different kinds of stationary ~Emotional connection takes place when holding a hand written letter

~ you need stamps on hand to send them if you are mailing them ~ Need to wait for letter to be delivered, which can take a few days or more ~Can get lost in the Postal System ~The recipient may see the letter as "junk mail" if they do not recognize the name or the address ~Response time is slower ~not environmentally friendly



Rather get a letter!

If you're talking about which you prefer to receive. Then I would much rather receive an actual hand written letter than get an email! I'm a bit of a sentimental kind of guy, and a little old fashioned. But I like that. And I find that emails are so de-personal. They have no soul. Where as a letter that is hand written, not only takes longer to write, but also has to be hand written so is much more "personalized". Plus. they're much more fun to open and read. Unlike emails! Open the wrong email and it can ruin and destroy your computer! So if I had to choose between receiving emails or letters. I'd probably go with letters. Even though emails are more convenient and I guess, kinder to the environment? Or are they harsher seeing as you need to use electricity which produces carbon to turn on your PC and write/send or receive/open an email. Still letters are better than emails in that respect so I'd rather get a letter!
Posted by idealmikey on 11-29-2016

Letters are Best from Mails

When postmaster comes and loud shout name on the letter, and we got instant excited who sent the letter, now for what I got this letter, any promotional letter or something really interesting one, or workable letter that I was expecting.

Many questions come till we get not in hand that and Open it. A hand written letter is time taking but much more spread a time care love and honest words from someone to someone in favor.

Majorly we can say, emails took a place in form from Hand written letters, But still the Level of 1 Hand Written level so many emails cannot compare.

Emails are as much as many without any sense, we daily basis, receiving, that bunch of our interest to open or read. But still, out of a hundred times to in a 1 letter if comes generate more interest to read out and think about it.

Yeah, this is the 21st century, but instead of getting daily X number of topic mails in your mail box, better to get still a 1 good hand written letter with proper information or details we want and looking for.

My love and forever love are always handing Written Letters.

Posted by babbar86 on 04-12-2017

More Personal

I think it's priceless when someone write you a letter. And it can bring you more closer to the person. And another thing is that such letters can be good for the understanding too. I think being personal often makes things lot more valuable.
Posted by overcast on 02-01-2018


As a child, I stayed in a boarding school for two years Later, I went to a city and began living with father, my mother was away in the countryside managing our farm. During these two years in a boarding school and a couple of years living in a city, I sent many hand written letters to my father and mother. Then we got a telephone, it was easier way to communicate with my mother livine in a country side. When mobile phone was intriduced, communication became easier. I have not written or sent a hand written letter since I left my childhood days.
Posted by vinaya on 09-07-2017
I am now asking some grade school teachers in our village the prospect of the children regarding handwriting. Will they be like us who were trained to write using pen and paper or will they be savvy with the keyboard? One of the teachers admitted that grade school pupils tend to veer towards the computer that they say it is easier to type than to write long hand style which gives them painful fingers.
Posted by Corzhens on 11-20-2018
I prefer writing emails because it very fast and can get to any one provided the person has a mail address and an internet connection.. Email has no word limitations like others.Handwritten letters takes ages yo reach recipient or get missing in transit but thus can't happen with emails.
Posted by lovely on 12-09-2017
I also prefer to write emails, however, I believe that emails are hard cold and handwritten letters are filled with warmth. Sometimes it is just impossible to send emails. I cannot send emails to my mother and father because they don't use internet. If I have to type a letter and send it to them.
Posted by vinaya on 12-28-2017
I love emails no one have the patience of going through hand written letters, emails are cheaper, faster and easy to access at any place and anytime. You hardly see anyone writing letters anymore because emails have taken over, the only disadvantage emails have caused is the fact that so many people now misspell words and shorten their sentences as they write, this have caused massive failures on the path of learning and the educational system.
Posted by Adesuwa08 on 01-11-2018
This comment may be a one-sided affair in my favor. When I need to write a letter, I prefer to use the email because it is easier to write using the keyboard and I also can review what I had written and there is a facility to edit. With a handwritten letter, that would be very difficult so it is not easy to write. But when I am the receiver, I prefer a handwritten letter than an email because a hand-written letter has a trace of the writer’s soul, so to speak.
Posted by Corzhens on 01-15-2018
Email is more automated. And it has no soul. But the letters where people write things on their own. And make sure to get their feelings across. I am sure it can add some value into the content. And for that reason you can see that emails are more fun. And you can get things properly work around. So emails are out of question for me.
Posted by overcast on 02-01-2018
I vote for emails. It is the fastest and easiest way to give and receive letters. It is keeping up with the trend.
Posted by jeffreyjose48 on 12-12-2018