The pretty much own the galaxy. Got a problem? You'd better hope you don't land on the wrong side. If you get Vader, Palpatine, or Kylo Ren angry, you're going to be toast! They got big guns and the dark side of the force has been squashing the light side ever since Palpatine came on the scene.

If you're a Storm Trooper, you have got some major job security and mobility: you could upgrade to Imperial Guard, flame throwers, Ti-Fighters. You'll never be board of the limitless options for advancement.

  • Job mobility
  • Dark side of the Force seems to stay in power for longer, even with a couple of occasional setbacks.
  • The best defense is a strong offense, and they aren't afraid to use their power for a strong offense.
  • You get to blow up things.
  • Clearly defined moral compass...kill people and blow things up.

  • Dark side always looses in the end (although they keep coming back).
  • You might have to work on a Death Star, knowing that in the end you're going to be blown up.
  • You might have to live with a dark spot on your conscience.



Rebels. They make the most out of their resources

The fact that the empire lost 2 whole Death Stars to a ragtag army of rebels and guerilla soldiers really is telling on who wanted it more in the end
Posted by Knightmanx on 05-01-2017
Welp, this was pretty much a fail all around. Just like the Empire's defensive strategies of lose to teddy bears.
Fluffy Panda


I think the empire is so much better, although there evil. The empire is like a government and the Rebels are well rebels. When the death star blew up, it kind of became the debt star and it was all the Rebels fault. I could go more in-depth into this but I wont.
Posted by Fluffy Panda on 05-14-2017

yeaH vader

I am not big fan of the whole star wars never have but if I had to choose then I would choose vader as he seems pretty cool. It is alway's mentioned on the television programs and cartoons always taking it off. Hell even family guy dedicated a episode to it where stewie played vader.
Posted by reviews4you on 04-25-2017

If we're realistic...

Sure, in canon the dark side of the force always falls to the light, but if we look at things from a realistic perspective, and assume less miracles can occur on the light side, the Empire would achieve victory in every encounter, the galaxy would easily become populated with Empire forces, and any attempt at an actual rebel uprising would be dealt with quickly, surely a true rebel uprising wouldn't be able to defeat a galaxy owned by the Empire.
Posted by Krimzen on 05-07-2017
Realistically speaking as well, it is also true that wherever there is tyranny, there will always be a rebellion.

Vader was cool.

Don't get me wrong but I will go with the Empire. Vader was a cool guy if you ask me! Being part of the Empire army would be quite cool even though eventually the rebels will win because the dark side always loses. I always thought the Empire could have it way much better being run by non-force entities. How is it possible that 2 sith lords can run and conquer an entire galaxy but all the Jedi fighters in the world couldn't make a difference.
Posted by Cristian on 02-03-2017


my son loves this one so I know more about the story line and characters.
Posted by tinkerlove on 05-16-2017

Who doesn't want to be a Rebel? They've got secret bases, spy missions, and the light side of the force, whenever the Jedi hero wants to come out of hiding and show up...which doesn't seem too often. However, when the Jedi shows up, watch out because nothing, and I do mean NOTHING, will stop the light side of the force. That's why the Rebels always win in the end.

  • Light side always wins
  • X-Wings beat Ti-Fighters hands down!
  • The Millennium Falcon is one of the fastest ships in the galaxy.
  • Coolest droids.
  • You get to blow up the people who blow up things.
  • Strong inner compass.

  • It takes a while for the Jedi to find their way into battle.
  • Always on the run.
  • Bases are always getting destroyed.
  • Never know who you can trust or if they're selling out...even if it's temporary.
  • Abide by a sense of morality.



Stick it to the Man

Rebels always! The Empire might offer an attractive career, but do they actually care about YOU? No, you'll be just another pawn! Joining the Empire is for those short-sighted people who just want to have a comfortable life and don't think much about what the system is all about. Joining the Rebels is the way to live a truly fulfilling life. Doing the right thing will always make you happier in the end, even if your end comes a bit sooner than expected!
Posted by kovacs on 05-17-2017

Republic is cool

I love the republic
Posted by astar.lavr on 05-11-2017

It's amazing what a determined group can do

I always like to see rebels win (when they are on the right side of things). Even the smallest force of determined people can make an impact when they join together to support a good cause. While this is "just a movie" (or series of movies), the same can be said for real life.

Standing up for what you believe in never goes out of style. The greatest heroes are the ones willing to make the greatest sacrifices.

Posted by Zyni on 05-15-2017

The Rebel Alliance of course!

The Rebel Alliance of course! For they fight for the justice and fairness and equality for all. They stand and fight against the evil oppression of the dark side of the Empire which wants to carry out its evil and destructive plans. And who doesn't want to fight alongside such characters as Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Han Solo, Chewbacca and C3PO? Who doesn't want to get to pilot and command powerful and fast ships and reign down lazer cannons on the Imperial Armies Storm Troopers in a bid to completely and utterly destroy and annihilate all the Empire's troopers and Ti-fighters? Sure, being on the dark side might have its perks, but they probably wont last that long and you'll be forever looking over your shoulder and knowing you've probably made the wrong life choice. Even if Darth Vader is your father! :D
Posted by idealmikey on 01-30-2017

I like to win

You say that one of the cons to fighting for the Empire is that they always lose. I don't know about you, but I'd rather not fight a battle I know I'm going to lose!
Posted by jmbrundige on 05-03-2017

Right Over Might

It may be easier said than done for most but I would prefer to die for a good cause than to die for a bad one. Besides, I always root for the underdog.
Posted by Mark.c on 05-23-2017


As the say the race is not for the swift but for the one who endures at the end, and although its not looking good for the rebels now, but we know the endgame to this saga gonna be, so I will back the rebels.
Posted by Anonymous on 05-09-2017

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