The pretty much own the galaxy. Got a problem? You'd better hope you don't land on the wrong side. If you get Vader, Palpatine, or Kylo Ren angry, you're going to be toast! They got big guns and the dark side of the force has been squashing the light side ever since Palpatine came on the scene.

If you're a Storm Trooper, you have got some major job security and mobility: you could upgrade to Imperial Guard, flame throwers, Ti-Fighters. You'll never be board of the limitless options for advancement.

  • Job mobility
  • Dark side of the Force seems to stay in power for longer, even with a couple of occasional setbacks.
  • The best defense is a strong offense, and they aren't afraid to use their power for a strong offense.
  • You get to blow up things.
  • Clearly defined moral compass...kill people and blow things up.

  • Dark side always looses in the end (although they keep coming back).
  • You might have to work on a Death Star, knowing that in the end you're going to be blown up.
  • You might have to live with a dark spot on your conscience.



Not all for Vader

ok, I'm a clean person, and if you ever watched Star Wars, the empire is cleaner, all the secret bases of the rebels were full of dust and dirty, also, cooler outfits.
Posted by Anonymous on 06-19-2017

Peace, Order, Security

The empire believes in peace freedom security and justice. Only worlds that make a fuss have military government. Many worlds under imperial rule never see a stormtrooper in their lives. The rebellion is a terrorist organization and that’s that.
Posted by Anonymous on 10-30-2017

Vader was cool.

Don't get me wrong but I will go with the Empire. Vader was a cool guy if you ask me! Being part of the Empire army would be quite cool even though eventually the rebels will win because the dark side always loses. I always thought the Empire could have it way much better being run by non-force entities. How is it possible that 2 sith lords can run and conquer an entire galaxy but all the Jedi fighters in the world couldn't make a difference.
Posted by Cristian on 02-03-2017

yeaH vader

I am not big fan of the whole star wars never have but if I had to choose then I would choose vader as he seems pretty cool. It is alway's mentioned on the television programs and cartoons always taking it off. Hell even family guy dedicated a episode to it where stewie played vader.
Posted by reviews4you on 04-25-2017

Rebels. They make the most out of their resources

The fact that the empire lost 2 whole Death Stars to a ragtag army of rebels and guerilla soldiers really is telling on who wanted it more in the end
Posted by Knightmanx on 05-01-2017
Welp, this was pretty much a fail all around. Just like the Empire's defensive strategies of lose to teddy bears.

If we're realistic...

Sure, in canon the dark side of the force always falls to the light, but if we look at things from a realistic perspective, and assume less miracles can occur on the light side, the Empire would achieve victory in every encounter, the galaxy would easily become populated with Empire forces, and any attempt at an actual rebel uprising would be dealt with quickly, surely a true rebel uprising wouldn't be able to defeat a galaxy owned by the Empire.
Posted by Krimzen on 05-07-2017
Realistically speaking as well, it is also true that wherever there is tyranny, there will always be a rebellion.
Fluffy Panda


I think the empire is so much better, although there evil. The empire is like a government and the Rebels are well rebels. When the death star blew up, it kind of became the debt star and it was all the Rebels fault. I could go more in-depth into this but I wont.
Posted by Fluffy Panda on 05-14-2017


my son loves this one so I know more about the story line and characters.
Posted by tinkerlove on 05-16-2017

The Empire built.. well, an Empire

Look at what the Empire have done in all the Star Wars year! Do not look at it in a moral way, forget about the concept of good and evil. They literally built an empire almost from scratch, and if it weren't for just a few individuals they would have won in the end. That rebel scum doesn't have anything to do with the glorious Lord Vader
Posted by Xilkozuf on 07-16-2017

Empire Did Nothing Wrong

If you think about it the Jedi Order was just as corrupt or even more than the Empire. Think about the rule of being a Jedi; you can't find love, you can't show your emotions, and you're taken in as a kid to be forced into the republic. The Empire, on the other hand, allowed anyone to recruit as a stormtrooper and I'm sure they get great service and food along with it. The rebels are just causing trouble in the end which happens in any civilization so I'm going to have to go with the dark side.
Posted by lexcion on 06-04-2017

Hate to be the bad guy, but...

Basically, the dark force is a dictatorial regime for the whole galaxy. How can you NOT join them? I'm pretty sure you get hot water and warm towels ;) For me, it's about being realistic and looking at the timeline. There is some peace for a while, yes, but there's still a major part where the dark force was leading the galaxy. It's about staying out of trouble, staying clean, and getting cooler outfits ;)
Posted by Craap on 08-05-2017

Red Lightsabers! YEAH!

The Empire is great. Not sure why they're not the ones called Rebels because they are the true Rebels. They also have red Lightsabers and who doesn't want those red one. The green and blue light sabers aren't as cool looking so why wouldn't I fight for the Empire. They also have much more power so why not? They're the Empire!
Posted by timstargraal on 06-12-2017

They're just... Cooler?

As much as we are lead to root for the rebels, them being the protagonists and what-not, I just like the idea of being part of the Empire more. Those iconic Stormtrooper outfits, especially the black ones, the guns, the menacing leaders, the RED lightsabers!

Their bases are also rather cool. Giant spaceships and all that good stuff as opposed to improvised bases. And don't forget the sound of those TIE Fighters!

Posted by SashaS on 06-24-2017

Nefarious Intent

I was that kid who always rooted for the bad guys. It's not that I'm wicket at heart, it's just the bad guys always seemed to be the most interesting characters! Mario was just some guy, but the Koopa clan were giant spiked turtles who breathed fire and came in a wide assortment of colors. The Valorians were just regular people on a starship, but the Rulons were weird animal-headed people who had all the best dinosaurs brain boxed for their use. Likewise, in Star Wars the rebels were just vanilla "good guys". The real star of the show was the incredible Darth Vader and the twisted, omnipotent Emperor. Boba Fett was one of the most endearing character designs ever made and Jabba the Hut is instantly recognizable too! The bad guys may always lose, but they'll always be number one in my eyes.
Posted by JaiGuru on 07-18-2017

If that means giving a meaning to my life count on

with the job mobility they just buy me and with that best defence is a good defence, i prefer the empire because he is eternal, he always going to exist.
Posted by Deathisue on 07-12-2017

The world needs order.

I support the empire because the world needs order. The galaxy needs it even more. If left alone the people would indulge in a big mass of crime and anarchy. So
Posted by Marvadaum on 07-17-2017

Empire returns.

I'd say the empire, because it's a controversial opinion and being the bad guy is usually more fun, the villains are the characters that have the deepest background and strongest character development, which is amazing. The Empire also comes with some cool stuff such as getting to blow up things and use the Death Star, that by itself is enough of a reason.
Posted by manmad on 08-16-2017

Empire is better

The Empire has better looking outfits, has better ships and a massive fleet that gives you goosebumps every time you see it. Plus, Darth Vader is on the Empire's side and lets be honest who doesn't like Vader. The Empire has it's bad sides but the Rebels aren't innocent also. They destroyed two Death Stars with estimated 1 148 000 staff members. As Palpatine said good is just a perspective .
Posted by MatejaBogunovic on 08-22-2017

Empire is cooler.

I don't watch that much star wars but if i had to chose one of those it would be empire for sure.They are not on the run 24/24 altough they lose everytime. Also vader is really cool with his voice and powers. I would choose empire over rebels everytime.
Posted by AlexJPro on 08-23-2017

I'd Say Empire

Time and time again in the Star Wars universe, canon and EU (now defunct) it just seems that the Empire always ends up being the more stable of the 2 as far as overall government goes. I think the whole 2 sith only rule thing is kind of dumb (canon) and I liked the comicverse version of the Fel Empire- where there were more Force users. Even the Old Republic verse wasn't so bad either. The issue I think with the Republic time and time again is that there's so many systems that bureaucracy is a nightmare to establish and corruption always sets in. Since the Empire is already 'corrupt' and a 'benevolent dictatorship' to speak, it's easy to see the stable transition every time each incarnation of the Republic falls. Though the Empire was a militaristic dictatorship, it wasn't so hardcore to constantly gun after regular citizens for having gripes against the Empire, meaning it had some form of freedom of speech because it was impossible to fully police. Freedom of press is a different matter haha. Only visible figures were under high scrutiny for the most part. Force users of course were either eliminated or added to an extent but never fully trained. Though I'm not a fan of the xenophobia considering just how vast the SW universe is...
Posted by Rhodolite on 09-11-2017

Who doesn't want to be a Rebel? They've got secret bases, spy missions, and the light side of the force, whenever the Jedi hero wants to come out of hiding and show up...which doesn't seem too often. However, when the Jedi shows up, watch out because nothing, and I do mean NOTHING, will stop the light side of the force. That's why the Rebels always win in the end.

  • Light side always wins
  • X-Wings beat Ti-Fighters hands down!
  • The Millennium Falcon is one of the fastest ships in the galaxy.
  • Coolest droids.
  • You get to blow up the people who blow up things.
  • Strong inner compass.

  • It takes a while for the Jedi to find their way into battle.
  • Always on the run.
  • Bases are always getting destroyed.
  • Never know who you can trust or if they're selling out...even if it's temporary.
  • Abide by a sense of morality.



Rebels? I guess...?

Well, I am sure that the Empire offers a much better retirement plan, benefits, and pay scale, but there is a fundamental problem with the Empire: where are all of the women? At least as a Rebel fighter I might get to kiss a princess, or, at worst, get bear-hugged by a Wookie, but was there one woman on the Death Star other than the time Leia was running around on it? Unless there are a ton of female stormtroopers, I think I will fight for the Rebels...
Posted by Anonymous on 07-14-2017


they are fighting for peace not for war
Posted by Anonymous on 05-04-2018
Everyone fights for Peace,War is just a Natural to Obtain the real Peace we've wanted

The Rebel Alliance of course!

The Rebel Alliance of course! For they fight for the justice and fairness and equality for all. They stand and fight against the evil oppression of the dark side of the Empire which wants to carry out its evil and destructive plans. And who doesn't want to fight alongside such characters as Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Han Solo, Chewbacca and C3PO? Who doesn't want to get to pilot and command powerful and fast ships and reign down lazer cannons on the Imperial Armies Storm Troopers in a bid to completely and utterly destroy and annihilate all the Empire's troopers and Ti-fighters? Sure, being on the dark side might have its perks, but they probably wont last that long and you'll be forever looking over your shoulder and knowing you've probably made the wrong life choice. Even if Darth Vader is your father! :D
Posted by idealmikey on 01-30-2017

I really wanted to vote for the Empire

I really did want to vote for the Empire because they are much cooler. I mean who wouldn't want to be on the side of Darth Vader and the others. But then they do always lose and I don't want to end up being dead, do I? Plus, you do something wrong, you're not going to get sympathy from anyone on the side of the Empire, they'll probably kill you for being so bad.
Posted by kingcool52 on 08-23-2017

It's amazing what a determined group can do

I always like to see rebels win (when they are on the right side of things). Even the smallest force of determined people can make an impact when they join together to support a good cause. While this is "just a movie" (or series of movies), the same can be said for real life.

Standing up for what you believe in never goes out of style. The greatest heroes are the ones willing to make the greatest sacrifices.

Posted by Zyni on 05-15-2017

I like to win

You say that one of the cons to fighting for the Empire is that they always lose. I don't know about you, but I'd rather not fight a battle I know I'm going to lose!
Posted by jmbrundige on 05-03-2017

Republic is cool

I love the republic
Posted by astar.lavr on 05-11-2017

Stick it to the Man

Rebels always! The Empire might offer an attractive career, but do they actually care about YOU? No, you'll be just another pawn! Joining the Empire is for those short-sighted people who just want to have a comfortable life and don't think much about what the system is all about. Joining the Rebels is the way to live a truly fulfilling life. Doing the right thing will always make you happier in the end, even if your end comes a bit sooner than expected!
Posted by kovacs on 05-17-2017

the rebels for me

I'm somewhat of a rebel in real life as I'm not comfortable with just going along with the rules. I like to go against the grain, and stand up to mistreatment and oppression, so the rebel side would be more fitting for me, although some aspects of the dark side of the force are cool, the rebels are true Heroes in my book.
Posted by kamar19 on 06-03-2017

Rebels united

I always choose the good side (although I don't always like all the members that are part of it). The good side can suffer all the worst punishments for a long time, but at some point they'll find a way to destroy evil. Always... No matter when!
Posted by WildSpirit on 05-29-2017

Right Over Might

It may be easier said than done for most but I would prefer to die for a good cause than to die for a bad one. Besides, I always root for the underdog.
Posted by Mark.c on 05-23-2017

If there's any chance of ending up as a stormtroop

While I have no delusions that I would be a Luke, Leia or Han Solo if I DID end up living in the Star Wars Universe, I'd at least like to think I could do some kind of good. ANY kind of good. And knowing how often stormtroopers a) hit their targets b) get blown up c) hit their heads on random steel beams I think I'll take my chance with the rebel alliance, and hope I don't get stationed on Aderaan.
Posted by MzHansan on 05-26-2017

This should be obvious

The Rebel Alliance is the under dog. They're the ones we root for. They're fighting for freedom and definitely have the moral high ground.

Plus, dictatorships always collapse eventually. It's a system that's only functioning for so long before people start getting mad and start fighting back.

Posted by baksam13 on 06-07-2017

Good guys!

Why is a sense of morality a con? :P

I LOVE being with the good guys. I'm a goodie-two-shoes and I would gladly fight for the rebels side if that means making a difference for the better. It's not about winning or losing, is about fighting for the side that seeks justice and fairness. Being good feels good, you know?

Plus, we owe it to our dear General Leia Organa, she who drowned in moonlight, strangled by her own bra.

Posted by VintageRose on 06-30-2017

Rebels all the way

I know that the empires is strong and it can be mean and always have the best weapons, but they are doing bad things to people, I don't know if there are human right, but I like to think that we cannot do bad things to the people, and if someone do something bad I will be bad for him.
Posted by BatmanWayne on 07-30-2017

Vivan Los Rebellos!

Pardon my spanish. I'm not sure if the spelling is totally accurate but the surety is for certain. I would definitely be a rebel. I don't like those quirky uniforms that the dark side forces wear for one and I don't like my boss breathing down my neck in some obscene voice thingy that Vader does! That would definitely make be blow up the Death star for sure. I like the cool rebel ships and every now and then I get to enjoy the great green grass, forest filled outdoors and blow up a couple of bad guys in the process. It's a win win situation with the rebels on my team for sure.
Posted by Joteque on 08-26-2017

Rebels over the Empire hands down.

The rebellion is fighting for a good cause. It somehow turns into a David vs. Goliath scenario. The leader of the Empire are evil and they are always up to no good. The rebellion does their best to stop Empire's plans. Now that's a cause I could get behind.
Posted by airfightermax on 07-09-2017

I Believe in the Rebels

I would be inclined to support the Rebels. I think it's important for us to fight for what we believe. I think that the Empire is oppressive and forcing their ideals on other people. This is not right so I would rise in arms with the Rebels. It's better to die fighting for what you really want than being controlled by the Empire like a puppet.
Posted by fishmonk on 08-03-2017

Rebel of course

We all know that Standing up for what you think it’s right always win any day.Although many things will occur before they win but at the end, it shall speak.And they will always win.
Posted by Gettingmile on 08-08-2017

Rebellion rocks!

I've been a fan of Star Wars like since forever, and my favorite parts are the ones when Resistance fight back and makes Empire eats dirt. Also Empire has like a lot of guns, and machines, but Rebellion has the strategy and the intelligence. Besides they have the handsome/beautiful followers right? So, there you go, Rebels are my bet always.
Posted by ballyhara on 10-01-2017

Team Rebels.

I'm not much of a fan of the Star Wars franchise, but it's impossible not to be on the rebels side because they have a noble cause to be achieved. No matter how and when... Good always has to overcome evil, always!
Posted by wiseagent on 09-30-2017

Good side always wins!

The empire might be really attractive but they don't act for a good cause, they just want the power to dominate the entire galaxy. But the good side, the rebels have the light force on their side and they care about all the people that suffer throughout the galaxy.
Posted by Rebelssis on 08-18-2017

I rebel.

I'd join up the rebels real quick, I will fight for freedom and who knows I might be force sensitive. I'd tell Luke real quick then LOL
Posted by MichaelSoriano15 on 08-16-2017

My Choice, My Vote

I'll go with the rebels. I'll make this short and simple; When injustice becomes law, rebellion becomes duty.
Posted by MushyPhilip1822 on 08-28-2017


I always like the ones who fight for peace. They usually have more effects and different costumes. I also like the twist and storyline. Especially when the rebels are on their way for their fight for peace.
Posted by ajahcuizon on 10-09-2018


As the say the race is not for the swift but for the one who endures at the end, and although its not looking good for the rebels now, but we know the endgame to this saga gonna be, so I will back the rebels.
Posted by Anonymous on 05-09-2017
I have some sympathy for Vader. I don't think he is necessarily an evil person. He's just a realist. I mean, the world is full of such men who haven't give full sway to the cries of dreamers cause they realize the dreamers are idiots, sort of PC overkill types. For instance, if PC overkill types had their way, the US would probably be overrun with radical Islamic terrorists.
Posted by jyy on 06-04-2017
It is too hard to say who wins since the battle between the dark side and the light is still waging. The light side has not had a firm grip on the galaxy since Anakin cut off Windu's hands! It seems like the first order was born from the ashes of the empire which means they still haven't defeated the dark side. If anybody has been winning it's the dark side for 4.5 out of 7 movies
Posted by thedadinomicon on 06-06-2017
Everyone should follow their morals in the first place. If you consider yourself to be a good person, you just cannot choose the dark side and you cannot fight for evil. Even if it would be hopeless and you thought that evil would win. You will fight for good (or light), which were represented by Rebels in Star Wars movies.
Posted by Mole on 06-09-2017
My vote is for the rebel. I like people who would stand up for their right no matter what. Movie or not, I'm their side.
Posted by Neiltarquin on 06-15-2017
I'm on the side of the Rebels. Light always overcomes darkness. Good always overcomes evil. The Rebels are the most interesting because they have to come up with innovative ways to overcome the forces of the evil. The Rebels actually have a mission that is meaningful, while the Empire only seeks to destroy. The Empire may seem more powerful, mainly because of their evil tactics, but the Rebels have light on their side which ultimately cannot be defeated, they may go down, but they don't stay down.
Posted by freebird37 on 06-25-2017
I'll definitely have to side with the rebels on this one. I've never been a fan of the empire in Star Wars. Mainly because of Darth Vader. He's always scared me as a child.
Posted by Okaviator on 07-01-2017
I think people have the wrong idea about Darth Vader. He's a realist. He sees that there is no such thing as a free lunch. He would say, "If you want civilization, then there will have to be a price.". Nonetheless, though, civilization can be highly abusive. In that case, I would be tempted to fight for the rebels - even though, I don't necessarily believe Vader to be an evil guy.
Posted by jyy on 07-06-2017
I will go for rebel, well maybe because I am literally a rebel myself. But on a serious note, the rebels fight for the right course, saving the world. And that is virtuous and noble. On the other hand the empire are the antagonist and the bullies. More so the rebels often come out as the victors.
Posted by Laiportal on 07-11-2017
You don't know the power of the dark side! I'd join the Empire because wearing the storm trooper armor would be cool. Morally I'd have to join the Rebels though because they fight for "freedom" and "justice".
Posted by fireball916 on 07-22-2017
I'd rather go with the empire. I can't for the life of me suffer as a rebel. And at least you got toys to play with as a guard. Better that way.
Posted by maria_c on 08-01-2017
To be frank, the explosive nature of “Empire’s” success has always been something of a mystery in this quadrant, other than that the timing was just right for it, representing a mix of elements that haven’t been assembled in a package quite this attractive in some time. Even so, there’s a sense that the storytelling has fallen into a bit of a rut as the writers tackle how to keep introducing new threats to alter the fundamental power dynamics, only to watch Lucious, Cookie and the kids seek to gain (or regain) the upper hand.
Posted by Authord on 08-18-2017
empire always the bad guys and rebels are good guys, i really love watching every episode of star wars.
Posted by jan on 08-24-2017
Jo-Anne Saribay
I also go for empire because they are more powerful than the rebels. Suffer for the rest of their life, unlike empire. It's fun to be on the side of the empire.

Rebels are always hiding and no permanent home. They always lose! That's hard! lol!
Posted by Jo-Anne Saribay on 08-24-2017
i choose empire because they have so many powerful weapons!
Posted by jan on 08-25-2017

I think the Empire's style is definitely a little cooler. The Stormtroopers in their black and white outfits are pretty futuristic and would look dope in a dance competition. The blacked-out Stormtroopers on the other hand, as we have seen in the newer movies, are a whole another level of awesome. They're damn menacing and would definitely make me soil my jeans. But if the movies are anything to go by, they don't see victory very often. As usual, the bad guys fail and the good guys prevail.

So if I'm looking to survive or win a war, I'd stick with the Rebels as they tend to win a bit more often.
Posted by Sp3ctrum on 09-29-2017
I've seen so many films on star wars am beginning to loose touch on it. I haven't really been a big fan of Star Wars in recent times, but I think I'll go with Vader anytime any day...his just too cool.
Posted by Rumu on 10-09-2017
If given a chance, for sure I will fight with the Rebel Alliance. Even how deadly it can be, even how scary it can be, we need to sacrifice ourselves into fighting for the common good, to save human kindness. That's what makes us humans. To choose from right or wrong.
Posted by tiffiecute on 11-04-2017
It looks like the Empire has more fans than the rebels but maybe I will go for the super villain Darth Vader. He is one of the most popular villain here. In fact, one of my colleagues had named his son Darth in honor of the Star Wars villain. It’s not funny to be named Darth because your friends will make fun of you. But in this case, it looks like the boy was popular because of his name.
Posted by Corzhens on 03-04-2018
Being born in 1972, and seeing my firs Star Wars movie at a drive-in theater on the top of a Volkswagon van, while eating hot dogs, and then anxiously awaiting the sequel--well, i am the wrong guy to be asked this question, lol. I loved the old Lucasfilm franchise so much, growing up, that i can not help but to be hyper-critical of the new franchise. The new movies are awesome, do not get me wrong, but I am still partial to the original trilogy, I must admit.
Posted by JoeMilford on 03-10-2018
I don’t really know much about the extended universe of Star Wars, but from what I do know…has the Empire actually really ever done anything that bad? I mean sure Palpatine massacred the Jedi order and all, but the Jedi were kind of religious nuts to begin with anyway. The Sith technically aren’t evil, even if they’re portrayed that way. They kind of just believe that victory goes to the strongest. The Empire kept order throughout the galaxy under the Rebels started stirring things up.
Posted by Denis_P on 10-06-2018