Enesco Jim Shore Heartwood Creek Austrian Santa

Enesco Jim Shore Heartwood Creek Austrian Santa
The world is big and beautiful: many countries have different traditions, and in many places you can find different versions of the same thing. Everyone have their very own way to celebrate Christmas, for example, and of course this means that each country have a slightly different Santa Claus. Sure the basic might be the same all around: a big old man with a white beard, happy and joyful, always bringing gift to the good children during the Christmas night. We know him as the big man dressed in red, but the collection of Enesco Jim Shore figures prove that it's not always the case, and that the Santa that we can find elsewhere is slightly different. For example the Austrian Santa that I'm describing in this versus! This Santa, sold on Amazon for 33,96 dollars, is wearing a cape red and in gold, that also have a hood covering his head. The dress he have is decorated with very nice flowers - typical of the alpine art. He's holding, besides the classic sack full of wonderful Christmas gifts, a bishop's crook. He appears to have a very calm expression, with close eyes. Maybe it's the bishop's crook that gives this impression, but he almost look more like a priest than a powerful being that brings presents. Anyway, it's a very nice figure, extremely well made. With size of around 7'', it's made entirely in stone resin and it's hand painted. A lovely work for a lovely figure - this Santa might be either the only entry in your collection of Santas around the world, or the first one of a small army of Santa Clauses, ready to conquer the world with their "Ho! Ho! Ho!". Or it can be a nice souvenir if you visit Austria. Whatever the case might be, it's the proof that no matter how big the world might be, there will be always room for the Christmas spirit.

  • Beautiful
  • Nice and well made
  • A good addiction to a Santa collection
  • Charming design
  • Lots of details

  • Arrived with some scratches on his back
  • Painted badly
  • Price a bit too high for its quality
  • Very small




This looks like a gorgeous piece. I think that it is charming and reminds me of when I was in Germany, we went to a Christmas shop. So in that aspect it would bring me good memories.

I would not mind having this piece to decorate with at Christmas. It looks very attractive to me and you could use it in a few different ways.

Posted by angie828 on 11-22-2017


Jim Shore Heartwood Creek from Enesco Russian Santa Figurine

Jim Shore Heartwood Creek from Enesco Russian Santa Figurine
What is Christmas? Besides being the most wonderful day of the year, besides being a time to reunite with your family, a time to give gifts, the Santa Claus time or whatever else? Christmas is.. COLD! Yes, it's in winter and therefore in many areas of the world Christmas will be a very cold day, maybe even with some snow outside. And while there are some places where the cold can be actually manageable, there are other countries where the cold can be very, very... well, cold. One example is Russia, a country known for his unpleasant weather and famous in history for its tremendous winter. With so much cold, it's naturally to have a Santa of their own! And this small statue, sold on Amazon for 23,99 dollars and made as well by Jim Shore, is exactly that. A nice, little colorful Santa Claus that screams "I'm Russian!" on every single detail. Just look at the drawing on his dress: the drawing is clearly a building very similar to the famous St. Basil's Cathedral (that many confuse with the Kremlin). Colorful, tall, wonderful! Being Russian, he's not holding a sack but instead one of those little doll with other dolls inside, called matrioska. He wears also a green dress and a staff with some nice typical Christmas plants on it. And of course the hat, the typical Russian Ushanka. completely white! This Santa is very colorful, and it looks less serious and solemn than the Austrian one. Not only for all the colors and the various nice details that you can spot on the figure, but also because of his face! Just look at that smile, and tell me if it doesn't bring you joy! The big white beard, the close eyes, and the moustache on the top of the small smiling mouth surely bring forward the typical Christmas spirit.

  • Extremely colorful
  • His smile brings joy
  • Tiny but extremely detailed
  • It shows a lot of typical Russian elements

  • Smaller than expected
  • Arrived in a terrible state, with bad painting
  • Arrived broken



Going With the Russian

I saw the Russian Santa Claus by Jim Shore and it immediately went on my wish list. Didn't know there was an Austrian one. But even though I know it now, I still want that Russian Santa.

P.S. I can't believe it was broken! Extra care should be given to shipping any of the Jim Shore products.

Posted by cmoneyspinner on 12-21-2017


I have an aunt who is so fond of figurines that sometimes I gift her with a figurine that I find in the Sunday market. Maybe those figurines that are featured above can be a nice gift for her. She has a big display cabinet with 6 floors, I think, for her figurine collections. And I’m sure her figurines are growing in number because everyone knows that she loves figurines so most of her gifts are figurines.
Posted by Corzhens on 04-08-2018