Evergreen Adorned Turkey Burlap Door Decor

Evergreen Adorned Turkey Burlap Door Decor
It's that time of the year again, that time where people are feeling thankful for everything and everyone is good - or at least it should be. Thanksgivin Day is quickly approaching, and you would want to be ready to welcome people in your house in a proper manner! Sure, the dinner or lunch will be the main part of the day, with probably a big turkey in the middle of the table, but why would you limit yourself to that? Why not have some decorations around the house or at least on the door? Having something on the door will welcome people in a nice manner! This turkey door decor will serve exactly that purpose. The item is being sold on Amazon for 18,95 dollars, and it's made by Evergreen. Of course it must a turkey, since that animal is basically the symbol of Thanksgiving itself! It's pretty cool and nice, and mostly stylized. Basically a white neck with two small black spots for eyes, and that red thing that turkey have. Its body, behind the neck, is black with some small white dots, and the feathers on its tails are colorful and integrated with the light brown background. And of course it have two small orange legs, but it won't go anywhere since that grosgrain ribbon will keep him hanging on the door! Talking about ribbons, there's also a nice orange ribbon that give this item a bit more elegance. It's very well made, and you don't even have to worry about weathers since it will be safe in sun, cold, rain, and whatever there's outside in any given time! So if you want your guest at Thanksgiving to be given a nice warm welcome from the symbol of Thanksgiving itself, this door decor is the perfect choice for the perfect day!

  • High quality
  • Nice price
  • Looks really good
  • Very cute
  • Looks like picture
  • Very large
  • Arrived quickly

  • Not too heavy, the wind might blow it away
  • Some people might consider it too large if they have a small door
  • It might look too silly and stilyzed
  • The ribbon might be a useless addition, and feel a bit out of place


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Glitzhome "Give Thanks" Burlap/Iron Turkey Wreath Wall Decor

Glitzhome "Give Thanks" Burlap/Iron Turkey Wreath Wall Decor
Thanksgiving is such a unique holiday and day, focused around.. well, giving thanks. People shouldn't be reminded of that, and of course they shouldn't limit their goodness on just one day at year. But at least they could try, and this decoration might remember that for them! If the other turkey looks too silly and nice for you, maybe this is a better choice, a more elegant option. Sure it's still a turkey, but it's more serious somehow (without being too much serious) and with a lot of awesome details. Made by Glitzhome, famous for their home decors, it's being sold on Amazon for 25,76 dollars. As you can see from the picture, if features at the center a round turkey (it looks almost like a plate) with a wing in his middle. It have its long neck, and (a really nice addition) it wears the pilgrim hat typical of this day and its traditions. It also have multiple feathers of diferent colors: green, brown, yellow... basically, typical autumnal colors and they indeed looks almost like leaves. Talking about leaves, the turkey is surrounded by them, alongside with some typical autumnal fruits, giving the whole thing a feel that only this season could give. And finally, the thing that I was talking about before, the reminder of giving thanks: a big writing saying "Give Thanks" on the top, written in white with a green background. This item is pretty big and heavy, measuring 14x2,4x14 inches with 12,8 ounces of weight, and it's also pretty solid being made of iron and burlap. Maybe you can put it outside on the door, to remember people who enter what they should to, or maybe inside the house, on a wall near the dinner table to have the turkey watch you while you're eating. Wherever you put it, it will surely be a nice and elegant addition to your Thanksgiving Day.

  • Elegant and nice
  • You can put it on door, wall, anywhere you want
  • Really big
  • Solid material
  • Wrappep properly
  • Full of details

  • Maybe too heavy, might fall easily
  • The white "Give Thanks" writing somehow looks a bit out of place
  • The price is a bit high
  • The body of the turkey look a bit weird



More Interesting

This one is more interesting of the two. First it has a painted plaque and a 'wreath' of autumn leaves which makes it stand out. The turkey's kinda cute as well. The other decoration on the other hand is very bland and flat. Not mix of textures and colors.
Posted by Rhodolite on 11-02-2017


I don't like any of these decorative items, they are pretty boring and colorless. I really try to choose one of these but it's really difficult, they are pretty ugly decorations.
Posted by cubo on 11-02-2017
I will prefer evergreen turkey door decor,from the image it will be a nice decor on the door to welcome guest. I like the vibrant color,it look so cute and the size is good enough. I believe it of good quality and is reusable. The price is cheap too.
Posted by lovely on 11-02-2017
The turkey is truly the symbol of Thanksgiving Day and I have read in one article that turkeys are given special feed before the Thanksgiving so they will be plump and have better meat. I don’t remember the ingredients of the feed but they are organic. From that article, I also learned that turkeys feed on almost anything so you cannot leave it in your garden for it will eat all the green in the garden.
Posted by Corzhens on 04-09-2018