Evergreen Turkey Time Sculpted Double Sided Burlap Garden Flag

Evergreen Turkey Time Sculpted Double Sided Burlap Garden Flag
Garden flags are a wonderful way to jazz up any yard. They are small but attractive and very easy to stake into the ground. This Evergreen Turkey Time Sculpted Double Sided Burlap Garden Flag can be found on Amazon from $12.95. This flag measures 12 -5”W x 18"H. It can be spot cleaned and is made from weather proof, fray resistant, waterproof material that is durable.

I like this flag because it is simple. It would look great in front of any house. It would also be great to take as a housewarming gift for the one that hosts Thanksgiving dinner.

  • chic
  • rustic looking
  • adorable
  • affordable
  • easy to place in the ground
  • timeless
  • waterproof material'
  • durable
  • comes as described
  • spirited/ festive
  • makes a great gift
  • arrived quickly
  • classy
  • thick
  • hangs quickly
  • colors are true
  • did not fade
  • vivid colors
  • gets positive comments
  • two sided
  • worth the money
  • holds up well
  • cuter in person

  • has a tendency to flip around a lot
  • very narrow
  • colors are different then shown
  • edges have frayed




I prefer this one even though that the other flag is very cute. But this Evergreen Turkey Time Sculpted Double Sided Burlap Garden Flag is the real deal - the way that I'd want my own flag to look when I put it up in my garden or my front yard.

I really love that it's waterproof since we get rain very often in my country. The colors are great and it's quite cheap. A great product.

Posted by Mehano on 10-30-2017

It looks more traditional

When I first look at both design, I prefer this garden flag. I like how the feathers of the turkey look like as compared to the Gobble Garden Turkey Flag. I just think this flag looks nicer when it's hung in our home. The Gobble Garden Turkey Flag might look have a more modern look.
Posted by kaka135 on 10-29-2017
gata montes

Better - double sided

Of the two - I much prefer this one - the Evergreen Turkey Time Sculpted Double Sided Burlap Garden Flag.

Simply because - not only is the the overall look more attractive - in terms of both design and color - but its double sided too - which of course means that - unlike the other option - it looks the same - whether looking at it from the side or in fact any angle - which to me is how a flag should be - the same on both sides.

Posted by gata montes on 10-31-2017


Evergreen Burlap Gobble Garden Turkey Flag

Evergreen Burlap Gobble Garden Turkey Flag
Welcome friends and family this holiday season with this heartwarming turkey flag. This Evergreen Burlap Gobble Garden Turkey Flag retails on Amazon for $12.95 with free shipping on orders over $25. This flag is made from durable polyburlap. It is fade proof and will not fray. It measures 18 inches by .25 inches by 12.5 inches. It features standard flagpoles, which are sold separately.

This little flag is just the cutest. It is colorful in fall colors. His feathers are brown and orange. He features a burlap bow on his neck and underneath his body, it reads “Gobble Gobble”.

  • adorable
  • inexpensive
  • festive
  • fade proof
  • weather resistant
  • durable
  • makes a cute gift
  • fits standard flag poles
  • quality material
  • perfect size
  • accurate image and description
  • great burlap feel
  • arrived super fast
  • holds shape well
  • handsome turkey
  • better then expected
  • has a handmade look

  • does not come with flag pole
  • not two sided
  • bow was uneven
  • poorly put together
  • bunches to one side
  • seems smaller then other garden flags



I like this one!

I really like this one. The only bad thing it would be that it doesn't come with the pole but apart from that I like the colors better. The bright of the orange really gives it that especial touch. It will be excellent if it included the pole!
Posted by Pink_Turtle on 10-31-2017


Gobble Garden Turkey Flag uses orange color, thus it looks bright and attractive. Turkey Time Sculpted Double Sided Burlap Garden Flag has a better design. Both are good and both have similar pirce, however, I am confused about which one to choose. I cannot make a choice between a good design and better color. I wish bright colors were used with the Turkey Time Sculpted Double Sided Burlap Garden Flag.
Posted by vinaya on 10-29-2017
I think this one looks traditional as well as festive. This is the one I would pick to make sure that I had my Thanksgiving bases covered. I am all for this. As someone pointed out it looks exactly the same on both sides which makes a great design for a flag. I think this is an exceptional design for a flag and one that I really like for the accents we like around Thanksgiving.
Posted by kgord on 11-02-2017
The garden turkey is nice to look at. Buy I don’t know if that will look good on our front yard because the turkey is not really a symbol here. Anyway, I understand that the turkey is a big deal for the occasion of Thanksgiving. And for sure, those products that are featured in this discussion will get big sales because people want to decorate their homes for the occasion. Do you think that the garden turkey will encourage the sales of real turkey for the occasion?
Posted by Corzhens on 04-10-2018
I like the Evergreen garden flag since it is easy to make and its colorful , it does not fade easily there by making it to last long. It makes anywhere it is hanged to look great.
Posted by babyright on 07-23-2018