Fall Decor, Thanksgiving Decorations Lighted Fall Garland

Fall Decor, Thanksgiving Decorations Lighted Fall Garland
Of all the four seasons in a year, autumn is probably the most beautiful one. Sure, spring give new life and flower, summer is nice and hot if you like the sea and stuff, winter have Christmas, snow, and hot cocoa... but autumn is just gorgeous to look at. The autumn colors are so beautiful, so wonderful and it's not random that many many famous pieces of art are set indeed in autumn. It's not too cold, it's not too hot... is the perfect season. And of course you would want to celebrate autumn a bit with some themed decoration, maybe? Since the leaves are the most famous thing about autumn it's obvious that a decoration would be set around them. They have such unique colors: sure during the other season they might be green and full of life, but those yellow, brown, red and many other wonderful colors have something unique hidden in them, some kind of magic. This item celebrates the wonder of those colors: those autumnal or thanksgiving decoration are leaves that light up, using two AA battiers (unfortunately not included). Being sold on Amazon for 12,99 dollars, it includes a set of 35 lights that you can put anywhere you want. Maybe you want to frame your window like if it was a framed picture set in autumn, or maybe you could put them around your door, or on your balcony. You could ever put them in the house, maybe on the fireplace if you have one, giving a perfect autumn feel to your whole house. They are gorgeous, they are unique, and I like them a lot. Sure autumn is not a season where you usually decorate your home like Christmas or Halloween, but how could you say no at this splendor?

  • Nice and pretty
  • Fast delivery
  • Look like picture
  • Really long and with lot of leaves
  • Very bright
  • Excellent price
  • Realistic
  • Battery operated, no long cords running around

  • Batteries not included
  • The battery pack exploded
  • The leaves are just orange, not of multiple colors
  • Leave too far from each other, the wire shows up too much
  • Broke really fast



Lovely look

Well, there's honestly nothing more ironic when you think about autumn than leaves. We learn even as children that autumn is the season when the trees lose their leaves.

Therefore, this product is a perfect choice. It is all about the current season and you can easily fit it in the Halloween decorations as well. I love the way the lights look and I'd definitely buy the product myself.

Posted by Mehano on 10-30-2017

This is great

This is a great decoration for Thanksgiving, and it also screams autumn as soon as you see it. When you look at acorns, they're not the first thing that pops to mind, that's why I didn't vote for the other one. This decoration is also pretty cheap and looks beautiful.
Posted by Tania997 on 10-29-2017


I love the look of these - a fall garland really works well for being a decoration for a whole season, throughout various holidays - so I love that versatility and charm.
Posted by amelia88 on 11-10-2018


Fairy String Lights, Impress Life Ice Age Acorn Party Decoration

Fairy String Lights, Impress Life Ice Age Acorn Party Decoration
There is a series of movies that you surely know, Ice Age, and while you maybe don't remember the plot of every single one of them you'll probably remember a minor character that appeared so often to become the most popular thing in the entire franchise: Scrat, that werid squirrel obsessed with the acorn. Now everytime I see a acorn I think about him, and this item, the maker of it and the seller on Amazon probably feel the same since "Ice Age" is even included in the name of the item! Sure, acorns aren't the first thing you think about when you hear "autumn", but they are autumnal and many animals eat a lot of them during the season. Their colors are the ones typical of the autumnal season, and no matter what you see they have a particular look, pretty peculiar and different than other fruits or vegetables, or anything else you could find in the nature. If you don't want to decorate your house with leaves, but you still want something to say "I love the autumn!" this might be the right choice for you. This set of acorn lights is being sold on Amazon for 14,99 dollars. It comes with a good amount of 40 lights, wired with a wire 10 feet long. They require 3 AA batteries, that are not included, and are operated with a remoted - this one included indeed. If you want, you could also set a timer of different hours. They can be used both outside (window, door, balcony... anywhere you want, like the leaves) and inside (what about around one of your plants? They don't go hot, don't worry). They are nice and cute, and a good addition to give your home that autumnal feel that can make everyone so relaxed.

  • Look beautiful
  • They are operated with batteries, no worries about wires
  • You can remote control them and set a timer
  • Sparkle like candles
  • Bright
  • Easy to use

  • Batteries not included
  • Very small
  • The wire broke easily
  • The ones arrived didn't work
  • Arrived with a non working remote



The Remote Control Feature is the Plus

I liked the picture of the other decoration but you indicated that was deceptive and only one fall color was represented. I don't really like either product if I'm being honest. But if I have to choose I would pick the lights because there's a remote control feature.
Posted by cmoneyspinner on 10-19-2018
gata montes

Acorns - more unique

A difficult choice - as it would be easy to pick both - especially as I can imagine just how attractive these two would look combined with each other and even more so - with the addition of some pine cones.

However - although I would generally pick autumn leaves as they’re one of my favorite types of decoration - in this instance my choice would be this one - The Fairy String Lights, Impress Life Ice Age Acorn Party - simply because - not only are they a little more unique - in that they are acorns which not everyone will have - but these - unlike the other option - come with a remote and a timer too.

Posted by gata montes on 11-02-2017


I thnk Lighted Fall Garland is better. It not only costs few bucks less but also has a great look. Fairy String Lights have more lights (40 lights) than Lighted Fall Garland (35 lights), however, Fairy String Lights are very common in ,my place, I have never seen Lighted Fall Garland in real and I want to try this for decorating my house. I wish I knew about this before Diwali. It could have been a great decoration for Diwali.
Posted by vinaya on 10-29-2017
The lighted fall decor Thanksgiving Garland is just it.I love the lighting and it color. it will be a nice decor for the home. it quite affordable and the plenty leaves add beauty to it,it doesn't come with the usual long cord which keeps twisting as the lighting is would keep the home well lighted and lit.
Posted by lovely on 10-30-2017
When it comes to holiday decorations, it is the lights that always get my attention. You can guess that we have countless of lights for the holiday season decorations. And we also have lights for no occasion at all. It is just for lighting up the front yard garden so our house would look appealing to passers by.
Posted by Corzhens on 03-17-2018