Family Matters : Disciplining Your Child

Family Matters : Disciplining Your Child

Nurturing and raising a child has always been the responsibility of the parents.

Parenting is hard enough without outside parties meddling and interfering. Especially that part of parenting where disciplining the children is needed.

All disciplinary measures taken by parents are not of a physical nature. But sometimes physical punishment is deemed to be necessary. The parents make that decision and they do so with love (and pain) in their heart, with care and consideration for the child's well-being, and never with the intent of doing harm and injury to their children. It's their home! They make the rules and enforce them.

It is my understanding that different countries have different laws and that in some countries physical punishment of a child ~ be it a slap on the hand, a spanking or whatever ~ is ILLEGAL.

Quite frankly I think government officials deciding how a parent should enforce discipline in their own home is IMMORAL.

Without families, there would be no countries since the families are the citizens of the nation. Government officials who try to enforce HOW parents should discipline their own children are overstepping their authority. They were not placed in their official government to become meddlers.

The only time external parties need to be called in on family matters is when the child is clearly in harm's way, is being abused, and might possibly be maimed for life or killed.

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Government leaders and officials can work to build a great nation with the help of its citizens. But citizens don't really need the government's help to build their own homes. That's why one can find loving families in war-torn countries.

Regardless of what a government may or may not deem unlawful, I SAY:

  • When a parent develops the love and trust of a child, a child understands WHY discipline or disciplinary action is used ~ even if it's physical. They understand that it's for the purpose of building their character, directing and guiding them onto a straight path, and making them decent and responsible adults who can, in turn, take care of their own children. It's the circle of life. When there is a bond between a parent and a child, even the almighty government is hard-pressed to break the ties that bind them; law or no law.

When it comes to family matters, sometimes the law and the government don't matter.

Agree OR Disagree.

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~ Honor your father and your mother ...

Parents: ~ Fathers, do not provoke your children to anger by the way you treat them. ... ~ A virtuous woman is an affectionate mother and her children arise up and call her blessed.

We don't need a government to tell us this.




Maintaining Discipline

A child needs to know proper from inappropriate behaviors. Without guidance and discipline the child will have no concept of bad behavior. Not correcting one's child just reinforces that these actions are ok and acceptable. The biggest problem with today's parents is inaction, ignoring, or worse, pleading with the child to stop misbehaving.
Posted by Anonymous on 03-19-2018

Physical or Verbal : Understanding Matters

I think people who assume physical punishment is bad have no idea that it can be keeping people in check even from their childhood. Because you can have verbal argument with kids and they may keep it in their head. And so you have to understand that it does not work all the time in favor of parents. So think from adult perspective.
Posted by overcast on 03-16-2018
Sometimes too much physical punishment can affect the child's way of living. It will be carved in the child's mind and might be a cause of having a mental issue. If you show your children how to act and be a model, I think verbal will do.

I agree.

There is no way a government must raise children because it's not their job, meanwhile, it's a parent responsibility. If the parents don't do this job, they're showing a lack of love and they're being irresponsible. Nevertheless, as you say, I think is necessary, within the legal statutes of the country, a regulation that doesn't allow parents to abuse the authority that has been granted.
Posted by cubo on 03-26-2018
I agree with you. The family is the first institution that should discipline the children. There are different views about disciline, in other culture and religion.As for me disciplining a child need not be abusive. There are ways you can talk to children in whatever age to deal with their misbehaviors. It need not be physical.


Building of homes should be the sole responsibility of the parents and not one that should involve the government trying to meddle in such affairs. The home is one that each parent looks at as what he/she has got control over and disciplining of those kids is necessary in the sense that you get to see the need for those parents to do all they could to ensure that the kids are living the type of life that gives them joy. It is not all parents that would be glad to do evil to their kids and that is the reason I can't really understand the need for government to get invloved in such matters.
Posted by Barida on 03-16-2018
JB Fernandez

For the hard headed!

Children nowadays are mostly arrogant and disrespectful. It is because they are lacking of discipline. I guess physical punishment to them will make them realize that there is a painful consequence in any wrong doings.
Posted by JB Fernandez on 03-16-2018
I don't think that's the case. Children now a days are arrogant because they are not raised well and it has nothing to do with physial punishment it has something t do with what they see and experience at home. If you have a kid, it you don't have to raised your hand to raised them right, you just need to be a model to them and communicate well to them.


It is okay to make physical punishment to your children. It is not wrong and it is even written in the Bible. Also turns out that if you don't discipline your child it shows that you don't love your child.
Posted by MomoStarr16 on 03-17-2018

It is necessary for guidance

The Parents are here to properly direct their children from youth to Adulthood. There are times when it is necessary, especially at the beginning of their childhood. At this stage, quick correction (a little spanking) is necessary to keep their mind focused on the deeds that they have just committed. As they grow up, quick correction can take the form of a look of disapproval and being sent to their room for quiet time. Parents should reach out to their child and understand what the child is thinking at the time they did that last good or bad deed. Seek to everyday know your child.
Posted by burnettmlm on 03-24-2018

Discipline is needed

I think this type of approach will enforce in the mind of the child to avoid doing bad things because there will be consequences. Although this will be viewed as ruling over a child using fear. I have been disciplined by my parents as a child and I understand why they have to do those things. I would be leading a different life and it is one that is negative if they did not discipline me.
Posted by EfficientNinja on 05-04-2018

I agree

Parents should be given freedom to discipline their children. We do have different discipline strategies. Children rely on their parents, what we teach to them will be the basis of their behavior. We greatly influence them.
Posted by medelynsumile on 04-15-2018

Just be Loving!

I agree that parents are the first people to discipline their kids.Disciplining has different ponts of view in evry culture, families and status in life. The family is the foundation of ones character.Is is where we will be molded as a person. We can say that if you were raised without discipline, you would end up a Brat or worst a menace of society. Without disciple we cannot learn our mistakes. Am against abuse or militarian type of disciplne.
Posted by hazelblue1023 on 04-19-2018

the paddle of love

I grew up in orphanage and all of us experience the paddle of love every time we made a mistakes, it really hurts us but we learn a lot and we are afraid to repeat our mistakes again because of that paddle. I have my own family now and I also did discipline my kids like that way but not in a hard way, but it depends how serious his/her mistakes was. I grew up with discipline and courage because of that experience and I wan't my kids to grow up like me. I don't wan't them to become weak or dependent, I wan't them to stand for their own, accept punishments and learn from their mistakes .
Posted by albino on 05-03-2018

It made me the person I am today.

I still remember how painful it was when my dad hit me with his belt, or my mom making me kneel down in to the floor with salt in it. Those are some of the things they did in order to discipline me. Now, did I retaliate? became a spoiled brat? or became a thug? Ladies and Gentlemen, I didn't. I am a proud senior in college and my course is related to disciplining children - teaching. The reason why a lot of children instead of being disciplined become rebellious after some physical discipline is because some parents doesn't even bother to talk to their children afterwards. With regards to my parents whom I respect the most, they always ask me what I did wrong while I'm being physically disciplined. And so, with that I can say that I grew up realizing what I did wrong while having the fear of being physically disciplined, but in a good way.
Posted by jaybee19 on 05-22-2018

I agree

I'm not a parent but I am an aunt of a 6-year old boy. I lived with my brother and his family for three months and I was observant of how they were raising my nephew. I noticed how similar my personalities are as a child to my nephew's. When he does something that needs disciplinary action, it's like I'm having a flashback. I realized that I was also a disobedient child growing up. I remember being slapped on my legs with a coat hanger by my mother. I cried a lot in pain during my childhood whenever I received that kind of punishment but it didn't make me a violent person today nor did I grow hate towards my mother. I think the way she disciplined me is the reason why I'm afraid to do bad things now that I'm an adult. My nephew is a really disobedient child and I discipline him in my own way. I'm not tough with him. I always show him affection but when it comes to disciplining him I become neutral and let him realize his mistake.

Disciplining your child is necessary because if you don't, it means you don't care about him/her. In my opinion, not all parents are fair when it comes to giving disciplinary actions that's why some countries want to ban it. I think it's important for the parents to learn about this matter. We should be careful not to damage a child's mental health. A parent's action towards their child should never result in physical and/or emotional wounds. In the end, parents should show kindness and compassion towards their child.

Posted by mimacheeks on 07-25-2018

Agree to Discipline

I agree that the government needs to stay OUT of family matters when it comes to raising children. They don't know the reason why a parent may decide to spank their child so they should not meddle! My parents spanked me as a child and of course, when I was a small child I didn't like it but that's partly because I didn't understand the valuable lesson they were trying to teach me. They used to say "If you don't listen then you feel!" Its one thing to spank a child and another to BEAT a child. I do NOT agree with beating a child that's just taking it to the next level, however, I do agree with a spank or pow wow on the tush or the hand.
Posted by Danique on 08-23-2018

Family Matters

I vote for Family matters. Disciplining a child is of the family. the government should have a hand on this.
Posted by jeffreyjose48 on 09-19-2018


The government or law should not have any effect on how parents intend to raise their children, am talking from an African point of view. If the law governs how parents should raise their children i think they will be a parental control problem because all parents don't train their children the same way and also the environment matter a lot in the upbringing of a child.

Parents should be left to train their children the way they desire, the law can only give room for enlightenment of these parent, i somehow support law on parents discipline measures only on those parent with mental cases.

Posted by ElectorAlexander on 10-17-2018

Form of discipline

Being an Asian, we are being stereotyped as people who discipline children with a hanger, slipper, or belt. It is true. It is not entirely wrong for me, there should just be limits. If the violence is too much, then the government should act. A mild pinch or hit is enough to discpline your child. But if you can discipline your child without violence, better. Though I doubt that children can be disciplined well without a little violence.
Posted by hstinscdln on 11-11-2018

spare the rod, spoil the child

A little caning will bring more good than harm to your child. It is good and advisable to use other methods of punishment such as grounding but sometimes it is necessary to pick up a cane and show them that there can be severe ways of punishment when a mistake is done intentionally and repeatedly. The bible clearly states that spare the rod, spoil the child. So you choose whether you want to have a spoilt child who respects noone and will probably end up in problems with the authority later or a child who clearly knows what is right and wrong and will grow with those concepts and live with them as long as he exists.
Posted by jailo on 11-29-2018

If it comes to that, you'd only be doing it the on

100% to everything you said, my wife only had to discipline our daughter physically that one time and never did it again. We never had a reason to, anyway. A child's memory is not fully developed until they are 3, so while they are at that age, repetition and practice is crucial. By the time they reach 3, they would be developing their own personality, and that will be it. Ages 1-3 are the formative years parents have to take advantage of if they want their child to be of the best behavior, discipline and personality-wise. Unfortunately, I think we did not do that well with our second child, hahahaha!
Posted by sonnyisabeast on 11-04-2018

Discipline is mandatory

Discipline should be at the forefront of upbringing. Children must be taught how to behave and how to handle situations. They should be warned of their wrongdoings and should be punished if repeated several times. My parents were strict and I proudly attribute them for being a person that I am today. You cannot just be nice and continue being nice to your child even he/she is annoying you with his/her habits.
Posted by kaushikangara on 11-20-2018



No need

I don't think that any type of physical punishment is a good idea if you want to discipline your child or even teach them a lesson. I think it just leads to problems down the line and can even result in your child resenting you. There are other ways to discipline them and I don't think doing something physically is a good idea
Posted by kingcool52 on 03-27-2018

No to violence.

If you use physical force that's only going to lead to retaliation sooner or later. You can definitely put some fear in your children like so they would respect you, but beating them isn't really going to solve anything. Personally I know a lot of families like this and they do not have a good relationship.
Posted by manmad on 03-16-2018

If you have to resort to physical punishment

I think if you have to resort to physical punishment then you were never fit to be a parent in the first place and probably have no idea what you are doing and it is right for the government to meddle in this case even if I dislike it immensely for them to meddle in as much as they do already. A well disciplined child is trained to be so by example and respect and not by fear of physical pain.
Posted by Wubwub on 03-15-2018
I agree with you, I don't understand people who try to justify abuse by saying it is a way of discipline. Physical punishment can cause mental issue, so they should stop it and raised their kids right.

I don't agree with physical punishment

If you really think hitting a kid is appropriate, then I think that you need to assess your life. Just because someone's smaller than you doesn't mean violence is right. Imagine we hit every adult we disagreed with or found frustrating?! It's not right.
Posted by amelia88 on 10-18-2018

Physical punishment is a faulty "quick fix&qu

First of all, let me preface the argument by saying that I would agree that the discipline of children in regards to their parents has seemingly decreased in the last 15 years. Proper discipline is a positive, reinforcing experience that prepares children for the challenges of adult life - this is something we can all agree on. And while governments can and do sometimes unjustly overstep their bounds, I don't think this is the case here. The action of physical punishment is neither efficient or justified. The reason such behavior is looked down upon and generally punishable isn't an overreach of government - it is perfectly justified and reasonable. Using physical force for discipline is a cheap and morally reprehensible cop out to actual, long-term, planned out parenting. Risking a child's mental health that way is unwarranted - and don't get me started on the opposing argument of "Well I got physically disciplined and I turned out fine". Yeah, you can turn out fine, even if you go through that - but there is also a chance that children in those situations develop far-reaching and comprehensive issues - simply put, it is a bad risk, for little reward. Do children nowadays need more discipline and an adjustment in behavior? Yes, they do, but this requires more thought and planning than simply employing methods that we're not even sure worked as intended in the past - a lot of the issues and challenges of modern day children and young adults are totally different compared to say, a decade or two ago. I may not know the answer to the question of what should be done exactly and down to the details, but I am sure of the fact that physical discipline is not the way.
Posted by Iblissian on 09-19-2018

It's pointless and damaging to the child

First of all it's problematic to divide kids from adults in terms of violence. If a person hits another one it's considered unlawful , but if a BIG adult does it to a SMALLER person it's ok? That doesn't make any sense whatsoever.

Secondly physically punishing a kid is proved to be psychologically damaging in mainly two forms : either the kid will retaliate unavoidable , to the parent or many years after that to someone else , or will become a timid person. None of these two are functional. Another problem with discipline in general is that it teaches to the children that there is an absolute power (first in the form of parents, then in the form of some higher power) that none can stand against. These fearful , not fighting for their rights citizen are not what we are looking for. Also a parent is not some special entity , is just a person and must show respect especially to the ones younger than him/her. The role of the parent is not to discipline a child (many people cannot even discipline themselves) but to GUIDE it through the child's OWN choices. Finally I would call spanking just plain lazy parenting. You would not hit your friend for not doing what you want , why hit YOUR OWN child?

Posted by GeorgeDr on 10-27-2018


I totally agree parents. are the rightful people to discipline children without any interferences. Children needs to be directed on the right path of life and how to live according by disciplining them even the holy Bible admonish parents to train ths children in the way they should go and they will no t depart from it.
Posted by lovely on 03-15-2018
JB Fernandez
Exactly! Letting your child grow wild will just make them exposed to wrong doings and might end up being hurt or even killed by others. So its better to discipline them while they're still young. Let them realize the consequences of whatever they will do. Discipline when they've done wrong, and reward them if they did right.
Posted by JB Fernandez on 03-17-2018
This is the best thing parents can help.children achieved discipline. It helps a child to grow into a responsible adult,it actually start from.the home and parents. A badly behaved child is a shame to thr parent becsuse they have fsiled in their responsibility.
Posted by lovely on 03-17-2018
JB Fernandez
A child's attitude is a reflection of their parent's attitude. That is why they have all the rights to impose discipline on their child.
Posted by JB Fernandez on 03-18-2018
parents are the first teachers for the children. Children first learn from parents. Therefore, parents have a great role in developing the child. Parents are like potters. Whether the potter wants to make a vase or a pot depends on his skills and intent. same is with parents. It is upto parents to make the child responsible individual. Nor just disciplining, many things rest on the hands of parents.
Posted by vinaya on 04-08-2018
I get irritated when I see unruly children in public places with their parents who don’t do anything about their children. One time we were in church and the mass service was going on. We saw one little girl running near the altar. Worse, she was followed by a boy that maybe her brother. They played near the altar. When the 2 children went back to their parents my husband approached them and reprimanded the mother. It was a bad move of my husband because he is interfering with family matters but I have to agree tha the parent needs to be disciplined.
Posted by Corzhens on 12-12-2018
I think every family is different. And if you are judging the world based on your interpretation of how things should be. Then you have not really lived in real world. So how people raise their kids is their approach. And that's something you have to understand as well.
Posted by overcast on 03-16-2018
Every family is different because every family has its own values. People belonging to different cultures have a different set of moralities and ethics. Things recommended in one culture are not appreciated in other cultures. I belong to the culture where the child can never disagree with parents and the children will have to bow to their parents. This might be considered wrong in other cultures. It is better to understand your cultural values before you start parenting.
Posted by vinaya on 04-08-2018
Exactly what might seem rude in a culture might be very normal in.another and as. such there are no permanent fixes anything and if this is the case then parents should be allowed to discipline a child as the,no need going against another way of doing things.
Posted by lovely on 04-24-2018
I agree. Uncle Ben should stay out of family matters unless they could endanger the life of the child.I think most people who have children want know what kind of discipline you want to instill or what kind of person you want your child to be. If you don't I feel sorry for you and the child. A child will generally turn into the person they have been brought up to be. If they have been spoiled then they will behave like a spoilt brat.The state is not the best person to bring up a child as evidenced by the many wards of the state who turn out to be criminals.
Posted by jaymish on 03-16-2018
Well, It should be put on the hand of the parents to discipline their kids. They are the one who has the power to control and guide their children the way they wanted. But there are always limitation for everything. If a thing is too much then it is bad. Even in raising your children.
Posted by MomoStarr16 on 03-16-2018
Nowadays, there are many children who don't respect their elders. I was previously working as an assistant teacher and there was a group of children who were mannerless and didn't even respect us. They used to talk while the lecture was going on and throw papers on their friends. They were fearless and didn't care about the circumstances. We even talked to their parents and they told us that their children were unmanageable and even they find it difficult to handle them. Parents are the first teachers and had they raised their kids in the correct way this wouldn't have been the situation. However, we cannot put the whole blame on the parents as we have the ridiculous laws against physical punishment of children in my country.
Posted by Pixie on 03-16-2018
parents are the ones that have the full right on how to discpline their children t have proper behavior without government support.
Posted by babyright on 03-16-2018
The attitude of the kids is based on their parents, if how the parents disciplined their kids. You can't blame anyone from that, like schools, friends, or relatives. The family actually is a small form of government, the father is the president inside the house, and should know how to teach and discipline the kids. Oh I forgot the grandparents, they are the responsible why some of the kids become spoiled brat.
Posted by ion on 03-16-2018
I think it is best not to spank a child but sometimes parents lash out in frustration. I think that you should never spank while you are angry though. When you spank a child, you are basically saying might makes right., that is probably not the message you wish to send.
Posted by kgord on 03-16-2018
I think there is nothing wrong in disciplining your child through punishment if its in the best interest of the child. If a child does something wrong it is wise to verbally correct them first and explain that what he did was wrong but whenever such actions are repeated a certain punishment is in order, it could verbal punishment like raising your voice or even scaring a child. But if the child misbehave s regularly and verbal punishments and other non physical punishments doesn't work like grounding, no tv or computer etc., I think physical spanking is in order to correct the his attitude.
Posted by Kakashi2020 on 03-17-2018
It’s sad to think that we now have a law that prohibits parents to hit their child which means corporal punishment to children is punishable and can bring the parents to jail. In the olden days, we were afraid to be spanked when we committed a mistake so we always try to be on the righteous path. But now, I have seen some children threatening their parents of a complaint to the authorities if the parent would hit the child. I’m also against child abuse but there are times that a child needs a good spanking.
Posted by Corzhens on 03-17-2018
I think that people have forgotten how to tell the difference between discipline and beating. Without going into details, I received both ends of the stick growing up. Yes, my father became physically abusive as I grew older (due to certain circumstances, mainly alcoholism), but as a child, the physical punishment I received was well within the line of discipline. I was spanked and I was slapped, but it only happened when I misbehaved so severely that a talking-to didn't help. It didn't leave me with any lasting physical or psychological harm, and I'm not at all bitter about it. I realized that with some children, physical punishment is just necessary. But the line between physical discipline and beating is very distinct, and it is not easily crossed without bad intentions.
Posted by Denis_P on 03-17-2018
I don't want the government to establish strict laws that give guidelines on how parents should treat their children. I think it is up to the parents to decide as they know how to raise their children. Parents will spot their children's mistake and will try to correct it in an appropriate manner. In extreme circumstances, parents will have to beat their children because there is no other way to make the child understand. However, this doesn't make them bad as they do it out of love and compassion.
Posted by TheInsaneSakif on 03-17-2018
That's right. The government should be outside on taking part on child's discipline. It's the parent's job. The government must take off their hands upon such raising a child.
Posted by timothyP on 04-12-2018
The government has no right to tell me how to raise or rear my child. If I am abusive to my child or something of that nature, I should expect the government to intervene; however, other than a circumstance like that, which would never happen, the government needs to keeps its hands and eyes out of my home and needs to respect the sovereinty of the home. I know how to discipline my own child, and I do not use physical discipinary measures--although, I was raised getting spankings, etc. I am pretty sure that I deserved every spanking I ever got, but I do not use that tactic with my own child.
Posted by JoeMilford on 03-17-2018
I have a 10 months child. In my parenting journey, I have discovered so many things. You don't learn how tom parent by reading books, listening to the experienced parents or experts. You learn to parent by becoming a parent. Sometimes you have to be strick to discipline your child and some times you have to exercise freedom and let them do what ever they want to do.
Posted by vinaya on 03-17-2018
Disciplining a child is a must if parents want them to grow up as responsible and productive people. Discipline, however, does not translate to inflicting physical harm on a child. I've never believed in physically hurting a child to control his behavior. For me, withholding of privileges are sufficient to drive home the point. The laws against corporal punishments were enacted to protect children against abusive parents who may be taking the 'disciplinary action' way too much than what the child's body can take. These laws don't actually prevent parents from spanking their children inside the home but they make sure that parents who overdo it and harm the child are punished.
Posted by chatbox on 03-17-2018
Disciplining a child is important. How do we discipline is more important? If the right tactics are not used, the child will never be disciplined. When I was in schools, the teachers used punishment as a method to discipline. This method did not work because the children were rebellious by nature and they rejected the strick rules. You should always set moderate rules to discipline your child. You should also never use punishment as disciplining method.
Posted by vinaya on 03-27-2018
You are very correct. Disciplining a child is vital. If you cannot discipline your children when they are young, then you should not complain when they are grown. A disciplined child will always think twice before an action. Although there are some who were disciplined but are still naughty, most of them have chosen so, but still, uphold the values.
Posted by Focusedwriter10 on 11-04-2018
In more primitive times and eras, it may have taken beatings or violence to discipline children. But these days, parents and other adults should be able to get through to their children without using physical force.
Posted by NickJ on 03-18-2018
i prefer to discipline. even if i have not yet build my own family my parents nurtured me to know what is right and what is wrong. yes maybe in some other aspects i still make mistakes and sometime i don't get to achieve things that i know will make them proud but as a daughter it is better to be discipline and to know all the things like respect, kindness, being humble and all of these things were imprinted in my mind and in my personalities being these were a lttle violence and discipline inflicted to be. but i get rewards when i do somethings good.
Posted by Anonymous on 03-19-2018
I agree that parents should be the one who discipline their child because their child/children came from their flesh. The reason why a lot of children now adays is disrespectful and no manners because they feel life superior and no one can ever harm them so they can do anything they want. They become abusive as time goes by. It's not violence, we should know the difference between violence and discipline. But of course se should be mindful when disciplining a child because they might thought that your doing such violent to your child.
Posted by nekonieden on 03-19-2018
JB Fernandez
Well, there's a certain boundary on initiating physical discipline in your child. You just need to impose your authority towards them and make them acknowledge that they will be punished if they will going to go against your rules.
Posted by JB Fernandez on 03-20-2018
Law and government does matter, but it's the responsibility of the parent to provide the values and information's about it. There is no one capable of bringing a child except her/his own parents. Why? because it's the law of's been that way ever since. A government is not anywhere close to being a human... its an institution of men. Therefore its not capable of raising a child, but being a part of the institution which is govern by a certain country states that every man is responsible in following the law of the government . Therefore it is the parent that is responsible to make sure that the child is to be aware of the law in the government.
Posted by fishbate on 03-22-2018
Parents have a great role in disciplining a child. Parents are the first mentors to the kids. The second mentors are the teachers. If the right methods are not used, children are likely to become undisciplined. having set a tough rules does not mean the child will follow all of these rules. In order to make your child follow rules, you should have moderate rules.
Posted by vinaya on 03-27-2018
I have to sit on the fence. Discipline is one thing and abuse another. My brother was raised the no physical punishment route with all positive reinforcement...and now he's in jail with a string of crimes a mile long. He was taught that there would be no consequences to his actions. I was raised with old fashioned with spanking and learning that everything I did had a consequence. Did I resent it? Yes, but at the same time I think it made me really sit down and contemplate why I got punished the way I did. I think that moderation is a good middle ground and sometimes a stronger stance has to be taken a times as distasteful. I've personally seen first hand both sides of the spectrum.
Posted by Rhodolite on 03-27-2018
It's been believed, and as a jest, that many juvinile delinquents are youngsters who have been given a free hand, but not in the proper place. I think, there's a balance between freehand permissiveness and parental discretion-- when to give and when not to give in within reasonable boundaries. It all boils down to parenting in constant love with patience, kindness, understanding and without instilling fear. There should be that sense of security, protection, standing by your children with their father/mother or husband/wife no matter what. I think, our children will know and understand what loyalty and faith on moral grounds within the family unit means.
Posted by ZevJabo on 03-31-2018
I remember my childhood. I was rebellious by nature. I was angry with so many things. I always felt that I was not treated properly by my parents, teachers, and elders. I am a parent now and I do not want to repeat all the mistakes committed by my parents, teachers, and elders. Time has changed. Parenting styles have also changed. In my time, a punishment was the only method to discipline a child. However, these days punishment is not tolerated.
Posted by vinaya on 03-31-2018
Corporal punishment done by sane parents isn't wrong. But, note the word sane here. There are a lot of idiots out there! Anyway, as far as school is concerned, corporal should only be reserved for bullying, fighting, and very naughty behavior, not incomplete homework.
Posted by jyy on 04-01-2018
I agree on this article that it is the primary responsibility of the parents to raise their children properly and to discipline them in order to be a good abiding citizen in the country because I believe that the parents has great contribution on how the way children will be raised their attitude and habits. Disciplining their children is a good way to show to them that discipline is very important and one of the fundamentals that a children must learn in the family. Many children now a days grow wild and being disrespectful to their elders or to their fellow children because of lack of proper discipline by the parents by the time that they were still young.
Posted by junrose123 on 04-01-2018
nature and nurture, both play an important role in an individual's life. While you can teach so many things to your child (nurture), the way child develops is in their genes (nature). No matter what you do, some child are always bad, that's on their genes. Some child grow up to become a responsible human being, that's in their nature.
Posted by vinaya on 04-01-2018
I don't like the idea of hurting children for the sake of punishment. But we have no control over what other parents do. So it's best we encourage them to speak calmly to their children. Our priority is our families. We can't always intervene with other people's lives. Still, I'm against physical violence as a means of discipline.
Posted by Steve5 on 04-01-2018
Sometimes these physical violence become the good means to raise some children, they some children that you talk to that will never listen and keep on doing the same exact thing you cautioned him about last time but physical violence or rather beating the child sometimes pass the message and show seriousness when passing an information to a child. Beating a child in Africa is not a bad thing but its a big deal in Europe that is why we have more respectful young men in Africa because the means we learn from our parents is through the hard way but not all beating can be regarded to as a good one o because some parent can beat a child to the extent that the child may even faint that is where the law should come in and rescue the child from cruel parents.
Posted by ElectorAlexander on 10-17-2018
Yes I do agree that we should calmly speak to our children whenever there is some misunderstanding between them to settle disputes or any problems in a good and acceptable manner. Making a harsh punishment is not really advisable for the parents since it might only encourage children to be disrespectful and take revenge for every action that their parents are doing for them. Children now a days are very intelligent because of what they see in the television or any other social media sites that influence their emotions and attitude.
Posted by junrose123 on 04-02-2018
Being a parent is really a hard thing to do as well as a big responsibility for the parents but at the same time your son and/or daughter is the most precious gift in life from God. I am not a parent yet but I'm already an adult that understand about parenting responsibility and building a complete and harmonious family. By the way, I came from a broken family but it teaches me how really a family should be, and it reminds me and motivates me to do not repeat my parents mistake with us. One thing I observed when it comes to your son or your daughter's dream in her or his future, I think parent should not force their child or children to get a career that she or he does not like especially if it isn't his or her passion because I believe you are only giving both of lives a hard time instead of walking on the right path smoothly. Just guide them not to do the bad things that might ruin their lives and let them feel that you really support them in their dream. Actually, there are a lot of things a parent must do but what I said is what I really want to emphasize. This is just my opinion based on my experience and criticisms are much appreciated.
Posted by mitan143 on 04-08-2018
Being a parent is complicated task to do because it entails a big responsibility in raising a kid or children because of being too possessive of some children now a days because of the influence of social media sites which teach them how to think aggressively towards their parents. It is really sad that sometimes children are being disrespectful to their parents which they really owes their life and everything that they have for now. Sometimes it is very hard now to discipline children because of being to rude on certain things.
Posted by junrose123 on 04-08-2018
Parents should be the sole individual who will discipline their children. How good or bad a person is, depends on how he or she was raised. An individual who habitually has an iron fist among his family, was the result of how he saw the situation during his childhood. Parents in my country has their own ways of disciplining a child. Some are explaining the matter in the most patient way possible, while others have their child "face-the-wall" or spank them as a form of punishment. Though other countries view little punishments illegal, it is just a form of preventing child abuse which are hidden inside a home.

What I think, parents need are yearly counseling to refresh how they discipline their children without physical abuse.
Posted by trendjing on 04-10-2018
I do not really agree of giving harsh punishment for children in order to discipline them if they have done something wrong. I think the most best solution for it is to talk with them calmly and politely so that the problem of the children could be properly addressed well and find a best solution for it. Everything could be settled in a good conversation it is only up to us on how we will deal on it. As much as possible we must be open minded to our children and establish an open communication with them so that they will guided accordingly.
Posted by junrose123 on 04-11-2018
I absolutely agree. The governments are overstepping their bounce when they take part on trying to discipline a child. It's the parents job no matter what the cirmcumstances are. Every child in every home needs their parents alone since they are the ones who had raise their children with love. It's not where the government should take part unless abuse occurs inside the household.
Posted by timothyP on 04-12-2018
I think that the children should learn to respect their parents and not to do bad things to them because as I observed now a days that most children now are very disrespectful to their parents and elders. The time now is really changing, before it was really rare to see children that answering to their parents but now it turns now to be just an ordinary events or happenings. It is really sad to know that parents are doing their best to discipline their children but sometimes children now a days show bad behavior or attitude towards their parents.
Posted by junrose123 on 04-12-2018
Discipline is one fundamental that each and everyone of us should inculcate in our minds because an individual who don't have discipline for his/her self is really prone to some problems and might have a bad behavior as well. Discipline to our selves should as much as possible come to our selves not anymore to our parents since it is our responsibility to behave and act accordingly. Doing good things to our fellowmen would be a good choice so that we can set our selves as an example to others.
Posted by junrose123 on 04-14-2018
The Bible gives enough teachings on how to raise a family but we have to know that most people or "families" don't read the Bible.

The government has set such rules because some new parents don't know how to punish children. They promote violence in the name of punishing children. This is why government intervenes
Posted by mildredtabitha on 04-15-2018
In my childhood corporal punishment was not yet illegal, if we commit mistake we given due punishment depending on the severity of the things we done, They say it is for us, so that as we grow learn how to give respect to where respect is due. Nowadays the government intervene in all family related discipline for children, sometimes it becomes the cause for the children to become undisciplined.
Posted by renilisan2 on 04-16-2018
I think that children now a days are being influenced by these social media site that they are using or being exposed with. They get their attitude to what they are seeing in the television or in the internet which is sometimes not a good source of good attitude. They tend to agree that what is they see or heard is right just because it is now the trend or maybe because many people are doing it exactly as what they think. Sometimes it is not the family that are the main reason why children is causing bad attitude or undisciplined behavior but sometimes it i the environment that they exposing or growing with.
Posted by junrose123 on 04-16-2018
I think parents should really learn to discipline well their children in order to be good abiding citizen of the country because discipline starts in the family, if a child is exposed to disrespectful habit then there is a high possibility that it will grow badly. Teaching them how to do things in a good manner is I think can be considered as step in giving them discipline for their self. Avoiding corporal punishment is one thing to refrain them from taking revenge for the physical punishment that they are experiencing.
Posted by junrose123 on 04-17-2018
Every child imbibes what he sees around himself. If parents want their child to be disciplined it becomes extremely important that they themselves adopt a disciplined lifestyle. Simply giving instructions to the child will lead to nowhere.
Posted by amitkokiladitya on 04-17-2018
If parents really want to show discipline to their children then they must show as a good example because what the children see to his parents are the ones that they will do when it grows up, what they see is right even if it is wrong that is why it is very important that parents should make extra careful for all the things that they will do especially if there children are still young. Many children now a days are very creative in such a way that they will do everything to pleased what they want to do so parents should put due diligence about it.
Posted by junrose123 on 04-18-2018
I just realize that to be a parent is really a big responsibility and a hard thing to do because you will need to do a lot of hard work and patience to discipline your children. Raising your children is abig a challenge for parents since they need to give their full best in order to raise their children
Posted by junrose123 on 04-20-2018
I know how hard it is to raise kids into a well-disciplined human being since there are a lot of influences that is out of the parents’ control. It is important that in every bad thing he picks up from his environment, a parent will be able to explain it to him and why he shouldn't do that. Understanding what he/ she should or shouldn't do can help to influence them in making a decision to do well. I guess there is really a certain age where kids are being difficult to handle, so it is just right to discipline them. Physical discipline needs to be avoided as much as possible. It is something that the kids will remember. Not all kids can understand how painful it is for a parent to punish them that way but they just need to so that kids can learn their lesson. Let them know you love them and why you were able to do that.

I always hear an advice that if you tell the kids you are going to do a certain punishment for what they did, you have to enforce that or else you are just giving them empty threats. So every time you tell them "this will be the consequence if you do that---" they will just ignore you because they know that those are just words and nothing really happens.
Posted by mdayrit on 07-03-2018
I think it will be better if you will set the rules inside the house and be firm in implementing those rules. Id the children disobeyed, then maybe verbal warning will work. It's all right to discipline your child as long as you make sure that they understand why you are doing it.
Posted by RhealaineS on 07-12-2018
If you don't discipline your sons or daughters whenever they do wrong, you only let them know that what they did wrong is right and acceptable. So making them scared as you give them painful but with love spank is really a healthy way to raise your sons or daughters.
Posted by MomoStarr16 on 07-12-2018
I couldn't agree more in every point that was raised. I share the identical belief and I can tell that it's from a biblical standpoint which was confirmed further when the biblical verses were shared. The parents are the authority in their homes and it's their responsibility to raise them in love and discipline just as how our heavenly Father loves us and disciplines us.

"Whoever spares the rod hates their children, but the one who loves their children is careful to discipline them", Proverbs 13:24 says.
Posted by Chinet23 on 07-28-2018
Of course parents must discipline their children. Me and my husband, doesn't just scold our son, we explain to him why he has to be scolded. We explain things to him so that he will understand and avoid doing the same bad thinga he has done in the future.
Posted by lei08pineda on 09-02-2018
Who else will discipline them while they are kids? the teachers? the nanny? Of course the parents. Do some says that we can discipline the kids by just talking with them but that's actually don't work to all kids. I used to grew with my Uncle coz my parents are separated. I never get scolded with my real parents. But my uncle was a very disciplinary parent and I never got exempted with spanking and I admit I'm a trouble maker LOL. I remembered that day when I was out to play but I haven't yet asked permission and my uncle was looking for me. So after playing with my friends then decided to get back then a neighbor told me that my uncle was looking for me a while ago, I was like Naruto running back home. Finally Im already 2 steps to our home but its my uncle who opened the door I'm so busted! My lesson here was I never felt any anger to my uncle. I know why I've been punished and I'm glad he disciplined me in a spanking way. He just want me to be responsible because I know he loves me and one of his daughters. He 's just worried like what if something happen to me and he was not there to depend me. I am grateful, blessed that I stayed to his home because I've learned so many things and never missed to remind us every single day which I adopt that today and I love my uncle for that.
Posted by romy_ter on 09-03-2018
I agree. It is bad for governments enforcing what mode of punishment parents shoukd give. Unless parents are drunks and quite brutal, it is better ti have parents enforce the duscipline they know best
Posted by stbrians on 09-12-2018
I believe that parents should be the one to discipline their kids. Its not a work of the government. Disciplining kids are delegated to the parents by God through the Bible.
Posted by jeffreyjose48 on 09-19-2018
Nurturing and discipline their children is the main responsibility of a parents. They are accountable on it and it is not by anyone else. Discipline is easy if you letting your children to be in proper way raising them. It is all about proper parenting and good discipline.
Posted by mark86 on 10-07-2018
Tremendous disciplines may take away your capacity as a parent. On the off chance that you ground your child or girl for multi month, your youngster may not feel persuaded to change practices in light of the fact that everything has just been taken away. It might set a few objectives that children can meet to acquire back benefits that were taken away for bad conduct.
Posted by jetselle on 10-11-2018
There are values that cannot be totally learned in the school unless it is being inculcated at home. Parents play a big role in nurturing and disciplining the children. Children copy what they see especially at home. So, parents really have to be careful no matter what. Sometimes, I just want to reprimand parents who solely rely on teachers on disciplining their children and teaching them values because they cannot make time. Parents should really know that teachers are just the "second" parents. The "first" and original should do their roles to the children as well.
Posted by theresajane on 10-15-2018
Well, the primary responsibility of inculcating good habits in a child is obviously of the parents.The biggest influence on the mind of a child while growing up is bound to be his parents. I don't think that there is nothing wrong if the parents are strict with there child in order to teach there some very valuable and necessary lessons about life. basically when parents always wish the best for there child and everything they do is in the best interest of there child's future. I don't think that Governments should normally interfere with too many rules and regulations about childcare. however, they must ensure that a child is safeguarded from physical abuse and violence if it is, unfortunately, happening at the home.
Posted by jpk0007 on 10-20-2018
They say that kid now a days need discipline and it needs to be physical discipline for them to learn. Which is I don't agree with it. If you raised a child, you don't need to buy a whip and used it to have a well mannered kid, what you have to do is be a great model to them and talk to them regularly. I noticed that a lot of ill mannered kids are those kids with busy parents or kids who are living in a toxic household. Also, disciplining your kids with the use of physical pain can develop a mental issue when your kid is old enough, which will have a bad effect in their way of life. And everyone, please stop justifying physical abuse.
Posted by nrnlss on 10-31-2018
Child's manner and attitude depends on how you carry your child. It depends on what environment you are in and it depends on the upbringing of the parents. That's why whenever your child ask questions in everything that they observe you have to think it first on how to interpret it to them without harboring bad attitude. It is always the parents responsibility to look with utmost care and always teach a lesson about life. Child's attitude when they grow will reflect as to how their parents teach them with manners and how they discipline them.
Posted by luv2xacosta on 11-16-2018
I think spanking is only okay when the child is too young for reason/explanation and it is preventing them from doing something potentially more harmful. (Like running out into traffic, reaching for a hot pot etc). Your 2 year old will not understand "don't run out into the street you will get hit by a car and die" but they will understand a little sting of a smack on the bottom if they try. I think spanking should be done sparingly and never out of anger or for "bratty" behavior.
Posted by Caguioa747 on 12-17-2018